Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Mar 26, 2007 snuggles19973
Ohhhh I wih I were in Germany.....what a beautiful little pup. Everyone of them on that website are gorgeous. I hope and pray that they all get adopted.
Mar 26, 2007 untbunny
What beautiful soulful eyes! Sweet baby deserves a great new home.
Mar 26, 2007 doxietail
Melchior is soooooooo adorable and gorgeous! The eyes are soooo beautiful and expressive! and I love the markings -- that little goatee is so cute! Melchior looks a little like a field spaniel, except maybe a little too you know how big he/she is supposed to get?
I soooo wish that I could adopt Melchior, and Tetris, and pretty much everyone at the shelter........they all deserve wonderful, caring, loving homes.
Mar 26, 2007 jenbeagle
So cute!!! I'd love to adopt this cutie pie, but I don't think I could talk hubby into a trip to Germanyy to adopt a pup.

Super cute!!!
Mar 26, 2007 coco9
try to make ur website in english
ps butueifl puppy adorable how olds is he today
Mar 26, 2007 allimarie
Coco9, that website is in German because it represents an organization that is located in Germany and deals with people who speak German. Meanwhile, THIS website is in English...maybe you should try to comply with that.
Mar 26, 2007 sue
what a little cutie
Mar 26, 2007 yujismom
that is one gorgeous puppy-i hope he gets the wonderful home he deserves...spay neuter rescue adopt
Mar 26, 2007 hsquared2005
I love the white rings around his eyes and the "beard"! If I didn't live in a dorm I would definitely adopt this baby!
Mar 26, 2007 DogMom
Oh my goodness, what a pretty puppy! I am sure he will find a good home -- what a lovely face!
Mar 26, 2007 nancy o'connor
I have a really bad case of love at first sight!! Melchior and I even have the same color hair! We are meant to be together. I tried to go to the website to get some easy info about adoption but had a hard time. Michael, could you email me directly please to give me info? Thanks! I would also like to know a little about his personality and character.
Mar 26, 2007 MommyOfEldri
Oh, Melchior... come and play with me and my Eldri, we would give you all the love you deserve!~ Here's to hoping that you find a home that you deserve with a welcoming lap and a cookie every day :)
Mar 26, 2007 CCB
I would love to adopt one of these dogs, but Germany is just too far away. I would also hate to put a little puppy on the plane for such a long trip. I reall hope someone adopts them. They are adorable.
Mar 26, 2007 SpikesDeb
I am completely taken with this little puppy; as the mummy of two Springer Spaniels I would love to take this one home - but bringing him to the UK would mean quarantine :( Absolutely gorgeous with his tufts of white fur. I so hope he and his kennelmates find good, loving homes.
Mar 26, 2007 1000RainyDays
It's really nice to see a rescue organization take this kind of time to really promote themselves and the dogs. Most places get so caught up in the day-to-day that they never even think of doing stuff like this. All of the pictures on your site as so well done. Whoever takes them (AdaBirk?) is a wonderful person to dontate their time and skills like that. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pups, and I hope they all find wonderful homes very soon!
Mar 26, 2007 anon
It's official... spaniel puppy's have the most ADORABLE faces ever! [and this is also speaking from personal experience ;)] Melchior has the sweetest, saddest little face... If only Germany were closer...
Mar 26, 2007 Loizhanne
what beautiful pictures! they look right into the heart of the dog. I am so glad that Tetris and Melchior have such talented, caring people working on their behalf. Kudos!
Mar 26, 2007 tish
HOW could such beautiful pups be without homes?!?! Wish I were in or near Germany. I'm looking for a Pomeranian but with lovely guys like these in need of a home, I'd change plans in a snap.
Mar 26, 2007 K80
My "puppy" is the same colour.. she even has the same white stripe. We know her mom was a springer spaniel, but we never realized that her brown colour could come from a spaniel. We thought the brown came from the mutt (the dad). Her stripe doesnt go up to her chin, but her gray hair makes it look like it does. I saw this pup and almost saw my dog. Very beautiful. People can't get enough of the colouring. Whoever adopts this pup... enjoy him/her. You might end up a 'celebrity' at the park you walk in.
Mar 26, 2007 Cheryl
What a beautiful puppy and what a wonderful use of the Daily Puppy site to promote adoption. Kudos to Michael.
Mar 26, 2007 Fran
Melchior is so very beautiful. Melchior looks sad. I am sure this pup would be a great companion and I hope someone will take him home soon. Good Luck Melchoir!
Mar 26, 2007 henryrules
awwwwwwwwww, i love her! surely someone will come to this pups rescue! i hope you find a wonderful and loving home!
Mar 26, 2007 feltlabbit
hey Melchior i wish i could bring you home with me right now, together with the gazillion other homeless doggies..! i'm sure you'll find a loving home soon cos you're a CANDY!
Mar 27, 2007 fluffypup
Just plain sweet and smart ;-)
Mar 27, 2007 puppylove17
OMG!! Just too too much! I LOVE the sweet and sensitive side profile photo. I'm in love....
Apr 7, 2007 Mustang
What a darling dog!!! Hope you find a dazzling home, Melchior, along with the other dogs at the shelter!!
Apr 10, 2007 naomimoore
What a cute spaniel!
Apr 10, 2007 dogsni
alliemarie's comment shouldn't have been posted,the undertone is very nasty,sarcastic,and snotty,so the site's german,big deal, all you do on this site is look at the puppies and make comments, i think this pup is one of the most gorgeous things and i took 5 years of german and could easily figure out the other site and would love to be able to adopt this little spaniel and the last one posted from there.
Apr 18, 2007 nanabloom8
I luv the pictures when Melchior is in the basket.(:
May 28, 2007 sandi
I hope this angel get adopted. (I live too far away) I love the coloring -that chocolate fur with the cute little white markings- especially under her mouth-- and those ears-- sweet heavens! look at that profile shot-- how can you resist this baby? GOOD LUCK, little Melchior.
Oct 21, 2007 Mummm
How precious!!! I hope that he is adopted now!
Oct 23, 2007 ladyabbies
What a gorgeous Spaniel puppy! Good things she's in Germany or I'd be looking to adopt her, which my hubs wouldn't appreciate as we already have two dogs - a springer and a GSHP. I hope she has found a new home by now. Any updates?

May 21, 2008 tchacona
looks like he wanna say hey!! so heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
Jul 31, 2008 wolfgirl66
YOU ARE LOVELY And I am sure that you are in a wonderful forever home now. God's Blessings little one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 25, 2008 spinax
i can't believe how cute he is!10000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000 biscuits to him!
Feb 16, 2009 georgia04
What a stunningly beautiful baby Melchior is. I would have come and gotten him in a millisecond if I lived closer to Germany! Simply breathtaking, I hope this precious baby found the loving forever home he deserves.
Apr 3, 2009 deniseop
Oh my goodness, what a cutie... :o)
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