Merlin the German Shepherd

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Merlin's mom says: I have wanted a German shepherd since I was a small child. I recently relocated to sunny North Carolina and began my search for my dream dog. I found a breeder, and as luck would have it she had a dog that was pregnant and expecting a litter at the end of September. The pups were born September 20, 2006, and when they were a month old I went to meet them. Merlin was attracted to me almost instantly, although he wasn't my first choice on that visit. On our second visit, though, this rambunctious and outgoing little guy made it perfectly clear that I was his person!! I brought him home in the middle of November, and it's been nothing but fun ever since. Merlin loves to chase anything that is kicked. His favorite chew toy is an empty plastic bottle, and he has recently discovered digging. He also loves playing with our cat, much to the cat's chagrin!!