Mika the American Eskimo

Puppy Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Hi, my name is Mika and I was born on January 8, 2010. I was adopted into a wonderful, loving home. I have great new parents and lots of aunts and uncles who love me very much. I have a new brother, Reno, and he is a miniature pincher. He is 10 years old and sometimes he's pretty grouchy. I guess he is more like a grandpa to me than a brother. I also have a new friend called Bebo. He is a love bird. He sure does chirp a lot! I have a big backyard and it is all fenced so I can run and jump and play as much as I like. I like to bark at the neighbors. I love to pull the plants out of the ground and I love to play ball. I also love to sleep in my new pink bed.