Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Dec 24, 2007 libbylou
"scratch my belly - you know you wanna" What a cutie. Lots of love to you.
Dec 24, 2007 OleBrumm
I love the Bouvier Bernois breed and your Mika is so adorable-looking! It is, of course, one of the favorite breeds here in Switzerland.
Dec 24, 2007 carmelvizsla
what a sweet girl! I'm sure you are both enjoying each other every day. merry christmas, you cute little mika. I'm sure you are nice and Santa will bring you something good.
Dec 24, 2007 Mummm
Mika is very beautiful! I hope she gets lots of presents for Christmas!
Dec 24, 2007 Mikkimrado
OK - I love all the photos and I couldn't really settle on one and I think I am in love with this breed! Siiiiiigh! She's sooo gorgeous! :-*) Total doll!

Many kisses to this big, intelligent, and beautiful doll and Merry Christmas to everyone too!
Dec 24, 2007 howiesmom
What a BEAUTIFUL girl!! Lucky You!!
Dec 24, 2007 quaryn
What an adorable sweetie. So lucky you are!
Dec 24, 2007 sarah calvert
Wow - what a gorgeous girl!! Million biscuits for Mika!
Dec 24, 2007 suelill
Mika you must be the most beautiful baby in the world (after my two border collies) You are sooooooo cute and cuddlesome. I want to hug you. All the biscuits and hugs ever. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dec 24, 2007 gingejo
Mika is so cute!! Hope you have a lovely Christmas! I'd give Mika thosands of biscuits. She is so gorgeous!
Dec 24, 2007 goldenlover
" Park SLOPE ? Hey, no problem, I'm a MOUNTAIN Dog !!"
Dec 24, 2007 RonDog
Lovely smile, wonderful pup, Merry X-Mas to you and your people Mika!
Dec 24, 2007 wldhrsesrydsagn
awwwww what an adorable little puppy. I hope you and she have a long wonderful life together and I hope Santa Dog is good to her! God Bless you all!
Dec 24, 2007 k9patrol251
[color=red] oh my goodness Mika you are a doll!! I am always so smitten by the snow pictures.. I may be a tad bit jealous!! hehe ;) Have an absolutely wonderful first Christmas Mika! many xo's from Blesk and Brixa to you!! :) [/color]
Dec 24, 2007 shanmac
Mika is adorable! Give her plenty of kisses for me!
Dec 24, 2007 cyndersmama
OMG you are adorable, the 3rd cutest puppy in the world (after my own two, ya know :-) ) Picking a picture to be the favourite was soooo difficult, they all show how gorgeous you are and what a fun loving wee pup you are. But, I think I have narrowed it down to the belly rub one, and the snow one....enee menee miney moe....ok, tis the snow one! Billions of biccies and tons of tummy rubs to you!
Dec 24, 2007 pomtzu
What a doll. Mika looks so soft and hugable - perfect for these cold winter days.
May you enjoy many long and adventerous years together. Merry first Christmas and hope you have many, many more.
Dec 24, 2007 Triplebogie
Play dead.....Good Girl.
Dec 24, 2007 sue
what a cute puppy
Dec 24, 2007 FRITZY
Ohhhhh fun in the snow!!! Very ctue!!! I think this breed is so amazing...their size. :) Your dog is so adorable....and I want to hug her.
Dec 24, 2007 scoobysmom
Love the breed! We almost adopted one years ago. Always will wish we had. She is a doll and has every characteristic you would ever want in a dog. Lots of licks to Mika and a belly rub!
Dec 24, 2007 inmemoryofnijah
[i][b][color=red]We, too, have a Bernese Mountain Dog named 'Stella' - she's just turned two and is extremely smart, happy, and playful. Good luck, "Mika" in you new home. Be good as you know you should and take care of those who love you so much. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Northampton, PA
Dec 24, 2007 DogMom
sleeping angel. what a gorgeous little girl (small for now!!). happy holidays with your beautiful girl and many, many happy healthy new years in your future together!
Dec 24, 2007 marcy
even I can't get enough of looking at my sweet little mika-bear! thanks everyone for your nice comments! happy holidays from mika!
Dec 24, 2007 wziemann
Babies tired. Mika you are a real beauty...Mojo's Dad
Dec 24, 2007 dogsrule
Merry Christmas, Mika and friends!
Dec 24, 2007 bopeep
Mika you are an absolute drop dead gorgeous baby. Wishing you many happy, wonderful years. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Dec 24, 2007 bellaboosmom
Absolutely darling puppy!
Dec 24, 2007 Daphne's Mom
Mika you are such a pretty baby! My first dog had the same name. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that Santa brings you lots of toys. To your family Happy Holidays and than you for sharing. Sloppy puppy kisses from my little girl Daphne.
Dec 24, 2007 tazjt
What a beautiful dog! Her markings are beautiful. Love that belly! Many belly rubs, kisses and cookies for you, Mika!
Dec 24, 2007 Jennb3
My dog Palmer sleeps just like this! Cracks me up!!! Your baby is just beautiful!!!
Dec 24, 2007 Yorkie Girl
My what a big girl you are.
Dec 24, 2007 yujismom
dear mika-have fun at the doggie run-are you going to see the tree and the windows this year?, love, yuji (the bridge and tunnel lhasa)
Dec 24, 2007 rexandbaby
Well, I read all the comments, and everyone says what I wanted to say! She is gorgeous! Happy Holidays!
Dec 24, 2007 Terry C
I really can't pick a FAVORITE photo of Mika.

She's so darned cute!
Dec 24, 2007 ellygh
What a cutie she is!!! My avian vet has one -- wonderful dispositions. I love this pic -- this is how my dog sleeps. Enjoy her and have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Dec 24, 2007 clemency
Yep, I'd have to stop and pet her, too! Adorable!!
Dec 24, 2007 nancy814
Mika is just beautiful. All the pictures are cute, but I love pictures of dogs in the snow. 11+ biscuits for you MIka.
Dec 24, 2007 honeypie
Wow, what a gorgeous pup! A gazillion biscuits for all that cuteness!
Dec 24, 2007 jowaldo
Her big beautiful eyes are chuck full of have a true friend forever! :)
Dec 24, 2007 piobaire
Oh look at this darling! These dogs are magestic, you are so lucky. The only thing wrong here is....we need more biscuits to click on....11 isn't even close!!
Dec 24, 2007 iamme
Let sleeping babes lie. :) Aww...she has a pretty face!!! :) I hope she has a wonderful life with her family!!! Best to all!!! Happy Holidays!
Dec 24, 2007 akitamom
I love Berners! But you gotta know that when they concentrate this hard at sleeping, it's because they will wake up an inch bigger in all dimensions! Many happy, happy new years to you and your baby!
Dec 24, 2007 lablove
Mika, you are beautiful! I always get to laughing when I see dogs sleeping like this! Hugs and kisses to you Mika..........
Dec 24, 2007 rosy
What a sweetie-love the sleeping pupper-billions of biscuits and lots of LOVE!!!
Dec 24, 2007 LisaLisa
Mika is so pretty!!! I love her coloring. I'd love to have a big fluffy and smart doggy like her!!! Enjoy! Merry Xmas to you and Mika.
Dec 24, 2007 mqm501
Totally laid back! Have fun opening your presents Mika -tear off that paper!
Seasons Greeting to you all!
Dec 24, 2007 k_cyn
Oh Mika you are just too cute!!!!!!!! You are precious!!!!
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
Dec 24, 2007 BTLabs
What a gorgeous girl!
Dec 24, 2007 Caseysky
Puppy Belly! Live long and happy, sweet Mika.
Dec 24, 2007 sylvanbliss
Mika is so smart...she's practicing cell division!
Grow big and strong, pretty girl!
Dec 24, 2007 Wellie'sMum
Mika is a beauty, and I love that expectant look!
She must be such a sweetie, and give you hours of fun!!
Dec 24, 2007 2pups1kit
Such amazing adorable-ness!!!! I am jealous & hope I can get one someday!
Dec 24, 2007 postiemayer
awwwww... cute pink puppy tummy, ya just want to blow fuzzy rasperberries on it (you know, the kind you do on all babies tummies!) What a pretty girl and such pretty eyes. Many Christmas biscuits and a long and happy life together
Dec 24, 2007 meadowlark
Painful. That's how cute she is.
Dec 24, 2007 Brunomom
I would not be able to stop kissing her, what a beautiful face. What a cutie pie.
Dec 24, 2007 petluver
I love all the pictures, but the one on with Mika on her back.....priceless!!! She is just too adorable! Big smooch!!
Dec 25, 2007 cheleon
Oh my stars - look at the pink puppy-tummy! I want to tickle that gorgeous patch of belly. And those paws!!! Mika, you are going to be one BIG girl - big and beautiful. Many happy years, darling, and Merry Christmas to you and your lucky human.
Dec 25, 2007 crzyzebra
Merry Christmas to Mika...I just know Santa is going to be extra good to you! Even Santa can't resist that face and fluff!
Dec 25, 2007 miley1006
Dec 25, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
Mika is a great breed of dog. I learned alot about this breed on the "animal planet". Very strong and they pull loads for their owners in Switzerland. A WONDERFUL BREED. Have a good time with her. She is such a cutie.
Dec 26, 2007 Ems
"I don't know what this white stuff is, but I LIKE IT!"
Dec 26, 2007 AngelC
OMG!!! I AM IN LOVE!!! Bernese Mountain Dog !!. . . I have seen dogs similar to this, but I did not know about the Bernese Mountain. I love this little cutie. I think this might be my next breed!!!
I wish you many years of happiness and love with this beauiful girl!
Dec 26, 2007 Sasafras56
This one says I am ready! Adorable! Mika will need a huge yard to play in! Love this breed and see quite a few at my dog park-never got to see them as a baby. Hugs and belly rubs to your fur ball Mika!
Dec 28, 2007 hollyloveshana
So cute!
Dec 29, 2007 flower5
AWWWW!!!!! Mika is a cute adorable puppy. You are lucky and have a womderful time watching him grow!!!
Dec 31, 2007 puppy*power
She is a CUTIE!!!!
Jan 4, 2008 Harleydogk9
She is beautiful. We have a Berner that is 19 months old and weighs 100 lbs. She is a rescue so I didn't know how cute the puppies were. Mika, take care of your mommie and ask for many tummy rubs.
Jan 7, 2008 shellyrini
I love love love these dogs. They are gorgeous- I prefer bigger dogs and this one takes the cake. She is too cute. I would love to meet her and give her lots of belly rubs. God bless
Jan 8, 2008 lfigel
i love this breed! your pup is a great example of a beautiful bernese mountain dog! adorable!
Mar 31, 2008 huppypuppy
One of my aunties had one of these beautiful dogs - her name was Tara.... she was tragically killed after she chased a rabbit out onto the highway that runs past my aunty's place and got run over by a car.... ABSOLUTELY like her!
Sep 12, 2008 melodious
Burrrrrrrrr, this is cold. What is this stuff. I just love to see puppies in the snow. He is precious, thanks for sharing he deserves as many biscuits he wants.
Jul 29, 2009 georgia04
Mika is gorgeous! She looks like a toy from FAO Schwarz. Give her kisses on those precious paws for me.
Aug 5, 2009 Rottweilers r Awesome
hi i'm mika and i'm cute in all seasons
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