Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Jun 14, 2009 kelticwolf
He is so adorable! He looks like he'd be a perfect cuddle-bug with all that fluff (then again I say the same thing about my dog who also is a big fluff ball and prefers to do nothing but cuddle ^_^).
Jun 14, 2009 caraschotch
Oh Milo! You are a great big fuzzy pile of love!! I wish I could rest my head on you and feed you bikkies all day long! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Jun 14, 2009 HORSEfly
Awwwwwwwwww! Beautiful dog!!!!!
Jun 14, 2009 suelill
Oh my - what a gorgeous handsome baby you are Milo. I just want to give you the biggest hug in the world. Lots of biscuits and cuddles sweetheart.
Jun 14, 2009 puppydogeyes96
Cute! Big kisses and hugs.
Jun 14, 2009 caroleanne
Listen to me, Milo!! Someday, very soon, you will grow into those paws
Jun 14, 2009 razz
awwwwwwwwwwwww milo is just so cute omg i just want to hug milo
Jun 14, 2009 Spy Dog
AWWw soo cute
Jun 14, 2009 pupfanatic
Milo, where's your barrel? Te he. What a cuteiful droopy-eyed pup- so sweet. Your parents obviously really love you- I love when I read that. Kisses on your big white paws!
Jun 14, 2009 **thedog**
I wish adorable Milo a endless supply of slippers...LOL!...from his friend...**thedog**
Jun 14, 2009 maddiesmom
what a big beauty. milo is lovely and so nice to see a saint bernard!!!!
Jun 14, 2009 shortyww22
oh what a handsome fellow you are milo...such a sweet face you have,soulful eyes and lovely freckles round you're nose...gotta love the saint,they're very loving huge doggies...many happy yrs to you and you're new family cutie...lots of puppy biscuits and slippers too..Lol.give this big boy hugs n kisses for me...woof
Jun 14, 2009 Tassiaw
Oh my gosh, what a sweetheart. He's gonna be a big cuddly doofus.
Jun 14, 2009 puppyloveforme
Milo is a beautiful puppy! A big beautiful puppy! He sounds terrific. enjoy your boy--and watch out for slippers--Dad's and yours! cuddles, hugs, kisses and loads a bisuits for Milo!
Jun 14, 2009 chicagosue
Awwww...What a sweetie! Big hugs and kisses to you cutie!
Jun 14, 2009 ronflank
Milo: you're adorable! how old are you? my cousin has a similar one in Wisconsin, but grown up already -actually they never grow up... cuddle cuddle you fluff ball!
Jun 14, 2009 luvmeluvmydogs
OMG!! I'm so in luv with u Milo xoxoxoxox I wanna huge bear hug right now!!! ur awesome - xtra treats 4 u xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxooooo oooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jun 14, 2009 clarity96
Beautiful dog! lots and lots of hugs and kisses for MIlo!
Jun 14, 2009 Kavik
Aww, how can this big guy only have 19 comments?! He's suck a sweet little puppy. :D
Jun 14, 2009 Geratek
I think the pictures are nice and I like them a lot and some puppies take nice pictures Geratek
Jun 14, 2009 bkregh
Milo! What aq bug gorgeous creature you are. I bet you have tons of hugs and kisses. Lots of love and fun to you big guy.
Jun 14, 2009 sam'smom
I see Milo likes to help with the gardening, too !! Lotsa biscuits and wishes for a long and happy life
Jun 14, 2009 HillCountryGal
What a love! Milo, you have such a grownup face to go with that puppy body! Bet you're a very loyal friend.
Jun 14, 2009 Piggy Power
I could just sit down and cuddle you all day, Milo! Lots of belly rubs and kisses from me.
Jun 14, 2009 sarl6618
What a handsome boy Milo is. Just beautiful !
Jun 14, 2009 JenniO
What a big puppy already! So cuddly too!
Jun 14, 2009 PamN1211
OMG is he just gorgeous! LOVE that face and those paws....I could just pick him up (maybe!) and give him a great big hug! Wishing you many years of love and happiness with your beautiful Milo!
Jun 14, 2009 roxykusawa
wow, he is good looking. A male St Bernard... he is going to be a big one!!
Jun 14, 2009 Coinshop
Milo is totally adorable. Hope you have many happy years together!!!
Jun 14, 2009 charmedimsure
What a sweetie. Please send pictures of him as a grown up puppy.....and that will be VERY soon! Best of luck with him and many years of love.
Jun 14, 2009 ckendall
How could you not love this face!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 14, 2009 loveheals
What a huge handsome puppy Milo is! How can you be so huge, and still look cute? Wishing you all many years of love and fun together!
Jun 14, 2009 swarna
your face look like a lion.very smart and handsome guy...
Jun 14, 2009 mickeymnm
aww!! your such a beutiful puppy. I wish i could cuddle up with him
Jun 14, 2009 pugsrule4
sooooooooo cute
Jun 14, 2009 lizbeth129
Jun 14, 2009 Bently the cat
He is SOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!! you little stick lover!! Lots of tummy tickles, bicsuts, and hugs and cuddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! I LOVE MILO!!!!
Jun 14, 2009 Dog-Lvr
When I met my husband he had a St. Bernard that was already full grown. I'm sorry I missed out on this puppy stage because Milo is SO CUTE!!! A long, happy, healthy life to you Milo!
Jun 14, 2009 longislander
What a magnificently beautiful animal!! His coloring is just perfect, but his personality is even better. Saints are such wonderful dogs aren't they? They think they're little fluffy lap dogs and love to cuddle. Best wishes for a long healthy life with Milo. And BIG truckloads of biscuits too.
Jun 14, 2009 amyliz
Milo,Milo...I'm trying to find the right words to describe how completely wonderful I think you are, but I don't have a thesaurus with me so I'll have to settle for words like cute, sweet, get the idea! No wonder your family adores you!
Jun 14, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Milo is gorgeous! Look at that sweet face! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Jun 14, 2009 newfieluvr
i want one!!!you are sooo cute!
Jun 14, 2009 kendra blackie 08
Milo you are.....a handsome big guy.....with the cutest and most sweetest face! Milo lead a long happy and healthy life!
Jun 14, 2009 terry c
"This being adorable is hard work!"
Jun 14, 2009 Cherie in Skokie IL
My puppies have gone to Rainbow Bridge and just seeing Milo made my heart smile again. What a special, magnificent creation you are Milo, and I know your family loves you and will love them eternally.
Jun 14, 2009 ritzimitzy
What a face!!!!!!!! He's so cute!!!! :) Lots of slobbery kisses all around! Hehehe!
Jun 14, 2009 molly's mom
OH! My, Milo is a big boy, but what a sweetheart....................
Jun 14, 2009 muzzlenuzzles
Awwwww, a big, beautiful, snuggly puppy! Milo is my kind of guy!
Jun 14, 2009 sugar bear
OMG who couldn't love that face!!
Jun 14, 2009 pfordeb
St. Bernards are so cute and cuddly. You are going to grow up to be a great guy, Milo.
Jun 14, 2009 sheltie_lover11
Oh my! 1000000000000 BISCCUITS! You're 1# cute and adorable! Wish i could meet u in real life!
Jun 14, 2009 weaverpup
Milo, you look like on big bundle of fun!
Jun 14, 2009 muzzlenuzzles
Impossibly cute! Now *I* want a Milo!
Jun 14, 2009 Mckinley
hey there big buddy :)
Jun 14, 2009 Beth1226
Milo is so darn cute!!! He just looks like a big old love muffin! May he enjoy a long, happy and healthy life with you.
Jun 14, 2009 Gert&Duke
Milo, you have perfect, "sad" puppy dog eyes. No one could say no to those gorgeous eyes!!!
Jun 14, 2009 zelya
i love this pic i want this [dog or some thing like it is just me or is cut
Jun 14, 2009 harlequinguy
Cuddling must be a problem - How could you ever bear to let go?? :)
Jun 14, 2009 Saptember
you are so cute :)
Jun 14, 2009 alhpuppyluv
oh my gosh this dog is ADORABLE!!!
Jun 14, 2009 bliss
Jun 14, 2009 drakes' granny
Look at those soulful eyes. You can see how easy it is to cuddle him. Milo you are a cute big fella. Happy life for a very long, long time. xo
Jun 14, 2009 malawi
Well he is really something! Beautiful boy and sounds like he is great
Jun 14, 2009 kodasmom
What a handsome boy! ALL his pics are adorable and such a wise expression on his darling face! When you're little, it's hard to remember your manners all the time, but keep being a good boy. Lots of snuggles and tummy rubs to you.
Jun 14, 2009 gail koup
Milo what a handsome fellow you are! You look like a big stuffed animal ready for lots of cuddling! Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Jun 14, 2009 w102663
What a big bundle of puppy love! You sound very smitten with Milo, but who could blame you he so "PERFECT" in every way. To Milo: XXX XXX #:o)
Jun 14, 2009 iluvk9s
Sweet sweet face!! Adorable cuddly puppy! Tons of hugs and kisses!
Jun 14, 2009 papajoe
What a big ol' head just begging for a rub! Your guardians are smart people too, raising you on grass.
Jun 14, 2009 chowlover99
Milo is so handsome. I love St. Bernards. Big wet slobbery kisses. My sister had 3 of them. Hugs to you Milo from Sundance.
Jun 14, 2009 lexilu
So sweet and cuddly, and what big "puppy dog eyes"! Have a wonderful, happy life Milo!
Jun 14, 2009 tessiesmum
How could anyone resist this little BIG puppy...
Jun 14, 2009 daphne's mom
AWWWWWWWW! Milo is so cute and cuddly looking! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of hugs and cuddles for Milo!
Jun 14, 2009 yla bones
oh boy!be careful with that adorable face!! i have a saint also, and it's so hard to look him in the eyes and say no!!!!!give your milo baby all the hugs and kisses and cuddles while you still can pick him up, because he won't stay tiny long!!!!tons of love from aly!!
Jun 14, 2009 greyhoundmommy
how could you not just love that face. He is adorable and I am sure your best bud forever.
Jun 14, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
What a beautiful face! Milo is just gorgeous. Good luck on confining this guy to a house! He is going to need a farm! Look at the size of those feet! I hope he give you much love and happiness in the years to come, and may you have MANY happy, healthy years together. Lots of tummy tickles and nose kisses for this angel, and a TANKER FULL of biscuits!
Jun 14, 2009 catmother
What a handsome Saint! Lucky you, and lucky Milo -- all the best to all!!
Jun 14, 2009 misspiggy
AW Baby! You are my dream come true...I am, oh so much in love with your looks, and those mellow eyes....AWWWWW!!!You are the second St. Bernie's puppy I have seen in my life, and I am taken by this beautiful baby boy. A long happy life to you, Milo.
Jun 14, 2009 shihtzu4life
Milo u are a handsome boy! I just want to rub my face in all of that fur. Lots of treats and tummy rubbs comin at cha from TENNESSEE, I've got a big ol smooch for that pooch.LOL St Bernards are relly good dogs. And u my friend are a shining example of why we love this breed so much. LOVE YA
Jun 14, 2009 doggone1973
Milo is so cute, what a sweet face. Lots of hugs and kisses for ya sweetie.
Jun 14, 2009 IloveBelle53608
He is so adoorable!
Jun 14, 2009 yelobunny
Milo is adorable!!!! So cute and cuddly...I want to hug him! :)
Jun 14, 2009 wellie'smum
My brother had one of these gorgeous babies, and they are a joy! Milo gets his biscuits!
Jun 14, 2009 ruthie
Such a wonderfully gorgeous guy! I just love his face and wish i could give him a hug. Love big dogs!! Wishing you many, many happy, fun-filled years ahead.
Jun 14, 2009 georgia04
Sweet Milo looks very cuddly and kissable. He's a big teddy bear! Treats for this precious baby boy!
Jun 14, 2009 T&T
Milo I could just eat you up! You look so huggable I can't stand it! What a cutie!
Jun 14, 2009 allmyshelties
Oh, Milo, what a sweet puppy face you have, complete with the puppy dog eyes. And would you look at dem feets!! Waaay too cute! I bet you're like a big fluffy pillow to cuddle. Happy life with your family, who obviously love you very much.
Jun 14, 2009 ChiefLucy
aw look at those eyes!
Jun 14, 2009 lizanne
Milo, You are just a wonderful big ole cuddle bug. You are a very handsome fellow, indeed. Big hugs and lots of biscuits from Dane Miss Katie, Master Cooper, and their Mommy, Elizabeth~
Jun 14, 2009 djmc
Milo You are wonderful!!!!!!! Lots of hugs and kisses
Jun 14, 2009 nichi
milo is very cute i love him im sure he is a good guy
Jun 14, 2009 lucybee
Milo-you are one Gorgeous hug -a -bunny!!
Jun 14, 2009 Softpaws
Ooooooooooo!!! I love BIG huggable bears of dogs!!! Siiiiigh - i am floored and only want to cuddle this bear!!! Many kisses and cuddles and wishing ur family a wonderful ever after :)
Jun 15, 2009 nolan_elaine
Thank you all for your lovely and amazing comments all treat and kisses and cuddles where passed onto Milo who loved them all and says "Thanks"! I will keep adding pics as he gets bigger! Thank you all again. love Elaine and Milo x
Jun 15, 2009 WhitneyNoelle
Super Maya at your rescue!!!
Jun 15, 2009 kermitlover
What a beautiful baby! I miss my St. Bernard so much, and the little freckle nose! Love Milo with every breath you take and enjoy every moment, for there are always too few!
Jun 15, 2009 raiderman
Wow..!!I'm just a little misty eye,this little guy reminds me of my ST.BERNARD (CLEO)when I was young she was my best friend...
Jun 15, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
I love this breed! Milo is such a handsome boy!
Jun 15, 2009 fluffy ears
Awwwwwwww Milo you are going to be such a big cute fluffy dog soon! Lots of hugs!
Jun 15, 2009 clemency
Milo is adorable! I love how he's chewing on this branch--so cute!
Jun 15, 2009 martane
Oh My God, is he the cutest pup EVER???
Jun 15, 2009 bryten
I just LOVE his face. SO cute and loveable!
Jun 15, 2009
Oh, what a fluffball!
Jun 15, 2009 piobaire
How nice to see a different breed!! What an adorable big lug!!
Jun 15, 2009 vorner
Fuzzy with freckles! Who could resist this sweetie pie?!! I would love to snuggle up to this love bunny! Much love and happiness, great health and fun in the years ahead. Milo, you are precious! A million biscuits and tummy rubs! XOXOXO
Jun 15, 2009 puppy world
Jun 15, 2009 kathryncoble
what a face!!
Jun 16, 2009 naomi_C
Love the face!
Jun 16, 2009 mikdebluvpups
He is awesome!
Jun 16, 2009 gina_vega
Milo, you are the cutest puppy. I want to hug you, cuddle and kiss you. I wish I was there to meet you in person. You are my dream of a puppy. You are in my heart already!
Jun 16, 2009 Teeny83
Milo, you are such a Hansome boy, Lots of Love from MN
Jun 16, 2009 tambore
Milo, you St. Bernards are just too cute for your own good.
Jun 17, 2009 2dogs&acat
I also have a st. bernard, aren't they the goofiest lol.
Jun 17, 2009 lisalisa
oh, how CUTE!!!! Fuzzy wuzzy boy! He's already looking to be pretty big - the more to love! I'm so jealous. I bet he gives the best hugs.
Jun 17, 2009 akitamommy
i'm sure with this one look he will get away with absolutely everything! many snuggles and kisses to you milo and family!!
Jun 18, 2009 asiasmum
What a perfect expression he has, he`s adorable :)
Jun 19, 2009 huskie lover 97
omg i need one milo is da cutest st bernerd i have ever seen in my entre life!!!
Jun 19, 2009 huskie lover 97
hes such a chunky big thing i like dogs like that give him lots of ooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoo xox
Jun 19, 2009 Myghin're perfect!!!!! xoxoxo
Jun 19, 2009 cutepuppy101
aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww so cute
Jun 20, 2009 MyBabyBella50
So cute! (:
Jun 22, 2009 nolan_elaine
All the comments are amazing thank you from all the family... milo has a big head now... more than usual!!!! xxx
Jun 23, 2009 sallietuct
cutest i've ever saw
Jun 24, 2009 puppyummy334
he is soo cute!
Jun 25, 2009 Olive the Cutie
Jun 25, 2009 Olive the Cutie
he looks like a big cuddle bug!
Jun 28, 2009 delmars mommy
awww how old is he....he is such a sweet heart
Jun 29, 2009 ecpjll
Awww. Ive always loved st. he goood with kids?
Jul 5, 2009 springlion
lucky u got 'em!!!
Jul 5, 2009 PuppydogsRULE
Milo Is Really Cute!
Dec 6, 2009 findingsquirt
I love St. Bernards sooo much! This is awesome :D
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