Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jul 18, 2008 Softpaws
Just... precious... I have no other word! May you have many happy years together! Mu-ah to Milou.
Jul 18, 2008 suelill
OMG - too many gorgeous pictures to choose from. What a heartbreaker u are Milou. How could anyone not give u 11 biscuits? I would give u a zillion if I could and the biggest cuddle in the world. Have a very long and happy life sweetheart. Hug hug cuddle.
Jul 18, 2008 deedee23
Milou you are adorable. Lots of hugs and kisses beautiful. xxx
Jul 18, 2008 lucyluv
Milou sounds like a beautiful girl!! She looks like one too!! lots of hugs and a billion millon biscuits!!!
Jul 18, 2008 howiesmom
Strrrreeeeeeeccchhhhhhh! "Ahhhh That Feels Better!!" What a beautiful girl!!
Jul 18, 2008 missyluver
It looks like she is "stopping to smell the roses". Such a beautiful girl. Many many bones and hugs.
Jul 18, 2008 DaisyMay
Jul 18, 2008 bordercolliesrule
She's so pretty! Love the ears. I have a sprollie: a springer crossed with a border collie (he was from a shelter) and he is an absolute joy. Belly rubs to Milou.
Jul 18, 2008 kerryllr
Such a pretty girl, all curly and sweet. You can tell she has a wonderful and kind disposition. Lucky family.
Jul 18, 2008 ckendall
Milou you have the face of an angel! Would love to see a picture with you cuddled up with your squirrel!!
Jul 18, 2008 Jimetta
She is so beautiful.
Jul 18, 2008 JingleBells
she is so cute
Jul 18, 2008 mealea
She is beautiful. Our neighbor has a Springer that I love as much as my own girls. We take care of her when they go away...which is alot, so she is as much mine as theirs. My family also had a liver & white Springer when I was little. His name was Opie. He was terribly inbred and only lived till he was 9 y.o. He was a show dog and when he was disqualified from showing for growling at the judge she gave him to us. I guess it was better than putting him to sleep. But sad because he was just a disposable dog to this woman. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I hope you all have a very happy loving life together. Again, she is just beautiful!!!
Jul 18, 2008 bluenoser
Now that's love in her eyes! I love the story about Milou's toy she sleeps with. Beautiful girl!
Jul 18, 2008 ginak0915
Haha! This picture just made my day - too cute!!
Jul 18, 2008 weezie
what a sweet dog. I love the part about her hugging her little squirrel to sleep.
Jul 18, 2008 poolkypet
Cute dog! Please be careful with feeding him the "beef jerky" type treats. My granddaddy's dog got very sick with pancreatitis from eating beef jerky treats (and other fatty foods). I know he probably loves them, but we wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to your baby!! :)
Jul 18, 2008 tsuki's mom
She is adorable! And, it appears, she has a lot to say!
Jul 18, 2008 yorkigurl
Looks like Milou is taking time to stop & smell the flowers....all pics were adorable...
Jul 18, 2008 savon19
Gorgeous pup! Her Sweetness shines through in pics...
Jul 18, 2008 lisamarie innocent Milou looks in this pic !!! This wouldn't be a type of dog for our family life..but ....i could look at these pics all day such serene and cute !!! this little girl has great personality and i wish you many happy years with this beauty !!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 18, 2008 Yeatts
I love this picture!! She is soooo cute!! We had two English Springer Spaniels growing up. What fun dogs! Thanks for sharing!
Jul 18, 2008 puppysandy
She is such a cute little girl!
Jul 18, 2008 jackspal
You just have to love any dog that looks at you like this. What a beautiful girl.
Jul 18, 2008 mlp
awwwwwwwwww i love this pic
Jul 18, 2008 fritzy
Jul 18, 2008 cocoapup
Milou is adorable. She looks just like my own springer Cocoa.
Jul 18, 2008 tamwise21
What a cutie patootie
Jul 18, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Milou is so beautiful! I'd have loved to see her stuffed squirrel! She's got such a lovely face and such expressive eyes! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Jul 18, 2008 fluffy ears
soooooooooooooooooooo cute!!
Jul 18, 2008 *smiley*
Milou is soo cute. you can definately tell she loves to chew on sticks! i love this pic of her sitting in a huge pile of leaves! Good luck with many many years with Milou
Jul 18, 2008 mamadog
I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille! What a doll!
Jul 18, 2008 melodious
What a georgous puppy, such trusting eyes. Lots of biscuits and belly rubs.
Jul 18, 2008 mling
Jul 18, 2008 Chandlersmom
Beautiful puppy!
Jul 18, 2008 Lisaez1
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!!!!! What a lovely girl!!!!
Jul 18, 2008 usfour
Wonderful and beautiful little jewel - I hope you will love her forever!
Jul 18, 2008 snoopygirl
Aw bless. She's lovely. I really like Springers. :)
Jul 18, 2008 Lenora
She is beautiful. How old is she? I have an English Springer Spaniel. What do you feed them to make their coat shiny? My dog is a year old. His mane is Sparky. His name fits him.
Jul 18, 2008 teddiepants
I'm so very happy, happy, happy, happy! I have a forever home and a squirrel, life is gooooooooooooood........
Jul 18, 2008 whippoorwill
Milou looks like she just adores you and seems like she has perfect manners! What more could you ask for than a puppy that plays hard outside and comes inside to rest? May you have many happy years to love each other!
Jul 18, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
I love this breed, they are beautiful & they seem pretty calm. I think I want one too! She is beautiful!
Jul 18, 2008 adrianhcole
Very sweet. We have a springer in our cul-de-sac and he's absolutely nuts (in a good way)
Jul 18, 2008 PreciousHoudini
A beautiful dog and autumn leaves . . . my favorite things! Drop me a note if you ever need someone to walk her/dogsit her/dognap her as part of an elaborate insurance heist/stroke her ears and coo . . .
Jul 18, 2008 wolfgirl66
this sweetie sure is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 18, 2008 DogDreamer
ah roo roo roo To cute Lots of puppy lovin
Jul 18, 2008 quiltcat
What a beautiful little girl! such a sweet and adoring expression. I'd love to see a picture of her napping with her stuffed squirrel buddy, too. Best wishes for many years of health and happiness together!
Jul 18, 2008 piobaire
"I AAAAAMMM the most beautiful dog I know" Milou is a very pretty girl indeed!
Jul 18, 2008 vorner
What a magnificient puppy! I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her if I had her! Enjoy your little angel. Wishing you all a happy, healthy life filled with fun and love! XOXOXO
Jul 18, 2008 corriedaboxers
What a lovely looking puppy, many happy years together. 11 biscuits.
Jul 18, 2008 Ace's mom
She looks like she is singing!! Cutie-patootie!!!
Jul 18, 2008 lisalisa
What a GORGEOUS pup! I would've loved to have seen a picture of her cuddling her toy squirrel - maybe you can submit more pictures once she's grown up and include that! She is really just stunning to look at. I wish her a long, happy & healthy life!
Jul 18, 2008 animalluvr59
What a beautiful girl. I have a 4 1/2 yr. old ESS, Henry. They look very similar. Wondering if you have problems with allergies. Poor Henry has to get his ears cleaned everyday and occassionally get steriod shots to rid him of his skin allergies.
Jul 18, 2008 mikdebluvpups
Jul 18, 2008 goldenbeagle
wonderful- had a lovely liver and white field when younger, springers are great.
Jul 18, 2008 BH
I have two springers right now and they are my favorites!! These pictures are precious!! Wish I could meet him.
Jul 18, 2008 lizanne
Milou is truly a beautiful Springer Girl. I once had a English Springer Male (Sam) w/ the same coloring. I love how you described how she treats one toy as "her Baby." I had a Dane who did that, but Miss Katie just doesn't have that mothering instinct. She is good at dismantling toys. I love the "Pose" in this shot. She is a sweetheart. Hugs from Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Jul 18, 2008 jerome
Milou looks EXACTLY like our beloved, funny,wonderdog ,Jerome, who has gone to doggy heaven. He could play keep-away with a deflated volleyball better than any human! Milou's photos sure bring back happy memories! She is a real sweetie!
Jul 18, 2008 LinnieJean
Your Milou is gorgeous!!! We have 3 -- Will who is 10, Coco who is 9, and then there is our Jayme - the puppy from hell! LOL who is 7. Ours are on -- stop by! Give her a hug from us, will you?? Lin and the puppies
Jul 18, 2008 lisaivey
Oh Milou, you look barely able to contain your happiness! That grass must feel great on your little tummy!
Jul 18, 2008 DogMommieyOf4
I am looking up to you what else do you want me to do. Yo u are so cute.!!
Jul 18, 2008 collie_lover101
Awww! What a cute puppy! Milou is so adorable!
Jul 18, 2008 cutiepie108
Jul 18, 2008 lalindamore
So pretty!!!! ;)
Jul 18, 2008 chico'smom
I grew up with a Springer, Bella, so there will always be a special place in my heart for them. Your pictures take me back to happy times. Thank you for sharing & many years of love and fun to you all xxxx
Jul 18, 2008 lucyny2000
I have those Springer eyes look staight in my soul for 8 years! My Lucy is a Springer-Labrador mix. Imazingly, she had her the very first teddy bear Misha for almost 7 years! It was not even a dog toy, just the first toy I gave her when I brought her home in age of 6 weeks young! It was her kind of teddy-blanky... I washed it, I repaired it, and she would sleep with it again, and if I ask where is Misha, she would bring it to me! Lucy also loves baby carrots and sweet aples,and good bananas! Oh, I love her so much! I think Springers are one of the most intelligent dogs. Lucy demonstrates me so much logic and sense, it is scary sometimes! By opinions of many people who know her throughout the years, she is a person in a dog costume! I wish you all the best, many years of wonderful bounding, happiness, and perfect health! Many thanks for your pictures and your time reading this.
Jul 18, 2008 clemency
Aww, I love that sweet face and the autumn leaves! Milou is beautiful, and what a cute story about how much she loves her toy baby squirrel. Very sweet! What beautiful long, curly, silky ears she has, too!
Jul 18, 2008 sucker_for_pups
Absolutely adorable! She's saying "Wha- who, me? Yes, I'm cute!" 11 bisquits for you, no doubt about it!
Jul 18, 2008 susan barker
"I'm such a good girl, aren't I Mom?" She looks so loving and gentle. Lots of hugs and kisses for Milou.
Jul 18, 2008 wellie'smum
Oh, Milou, you are lovely!! You deserve a million biscuits!
Jul 18, 2008 lotsapets
This little face just says " I adore you, Mama and Papa !! A beautiful girl she is !!
Jul 18, 2008 Baucky100
Jul 18, 2008 puppydog
Awwwww Milou is such a pretty girl! she reminds me of my friends dog!
Jul 18, 2008 Springergirl
Lovely, lovely, lovely. I have just lost my gorgeous springer Coco. Take good care of Milou and she will give you years of faithfuly companionship and love. Springers are the best and so much fun. Enjoy and many biscuits and hugs to her. Springergirl
Jul 18, 2008 ohmypuppydog01
i love springers and i love her name! she's really beautiful and photogenic!! definitely one of my favorite puppies :)
Jul 18, 2008 puppyloverrr
Soooo cute!! 11 biscuits!!
Jul 18, 2008 zebby19
soooooooooooo very, very CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 18, 2008 gizmo's mom
She is so beautiful looks inquistive here,oh so sweet
Jul 18, 2008 shmuggle hugger
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttt ttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as cute my new little sis leisie aka annaleise
Jul 18, 2008 doggcat
Jul 18, 2008 dogcopper
What a beauty!!! Enjoy!
Jul 19, 2008 busterandmaggie
Springers rule!
Jul 19, 2008 babies
this looks like the most lovable of pupies but i love them all. lucky you to have her!
Jul 19, 2008 babies
What a great picture!
Jul 19, 2008 krystan
"don't these eyes just melt your heart"
Jul 19, 2008 krystan
"Here,get my cutest side, mommy"
Jul 19, 2008 krystan
"Hooooome, Hooooome on the range, where the deer and the.....deer!!! where's da' deer?".....see i can sing gud!!
Jul 19, 2008 krystan
milou, if you were my doggie,i wouldn't be able to stop snuggle hugging you, i give my doggie snuggle kisses on her cheek and nibbles on her ear all the time, and if i stop she looks at me like "why'd ya' stop, mama". Bet you'd like them too.....11 biscuits to you, and lots of tummy rubs!!
Jul 19, 2008 proudpuppyperson
you are soooo cute. pretty eyes! xoxoxo
Jul 19, 2008 doggies4ever
Arrooo Milouuuuu - what a delightful, beautiful girl you are!
Jul 19, 2008 amyliz
Milou, I love your sweet face! And I love the story of you take care of your toy squirrel--so cute!
Jul 19, 2008 terry c
Beautiful girl - such a sweet, sweet expression!
Jul 19, 2008 nemo611
I hope you have a long fun happy life withe !
Jul 19, 2008 puppy world
he is so cute and so soft he like havind company and never barks at visitor but does call alot ofm dogs that he dosent now u now what i mean dog call but he watn a puppy or dog to play with he likes chewing up thing especailly grass gazzed it and wonders how its like too be a bired or up in the skyloves fall all kinds of days 7 biscuitsd
Jul 20, 2008 kandysmama
SSSHhhhhhhh, I iz hiiidiiinggg :) U cannae see me, geddit? She is so adorable :)
Jul 20, 2008 fancylace
She is darling. Springers are one of my favorites. I have had 4, one of which I still have now, her name is Lacey. Much love to your baby and many wishes for her good health and long, happy life.
Jul 20, 2008 miley*cyrus*fan*2
Jul 21, 2008 lalamcgoo
Ahhh!!! Fresh air and sunshine! What a beauty! Loves having her picture taken too!
Jul 22, 2008 lynetz2
life is worth living when you look down and see beautiful milou's love and trust shining up at you! have a wonderful life with your beautiful milou!!
Jul 22, 2008 puppylover54
AWWW!! You are so precious!
Jul 22, 2008 otho stice
Jul 24, 2008 Moosey
Milou is a gorgeous girl! We have had four springers over the years and they are wonderful dogs. Enjoyed the toy squirrel story. Hug your sweetheart for me--love the ears!
Jul 24, 2008 #1 cutie
Milou is so cute I can just imagine that we are best friends with each other!
Jul 25, 2008 drakes' granny
Milou, you are beautiful. Lots of biscuits for you.
Jul 27, 2008 camp
she is cute and funny on this picture because it is like she is howling at the moon but she is still so cute I wish I had one just like that but I have a husky and a dashound I hope you like my commet that I send to you and I hope you and your dog has a special day!!!!!
Aug 18, 2008 xdogsandpuppiesx
Lots of biscuits from me.
Mar 12, 2009 LSM
I just love this picture. It looks like she's saying "It feels soooooooooooo good to stretch in the grass"!!!!! Beautiful, adorable girl!!!! Cuddles & biscuits.
Apr 16, 2009 kellbell920
So Cute, just like my puppy!!
May 9, 2009 muzzlenuzzles
I love Milou's pictures (she's beautiful!) but my favorite thing about her is the way she takes care of her stuffed squirrel. What a sweet girl she is!
Jan 16, 2012 JanW
Milou, you are just a beautiful puppy! You remind me SO much of my former neighbor, Faz. He was full of energy and sweetness. When he would see me come to the fence between our houses, he would wiggle so hard, his entire body wiggled! I love the story about how you love and snuggle with the little stuffed squirrel while tearing the other toys apart. A bit of "selected loving" there??
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