Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Oct 22, 2007 Msgreyeyes
What an adorable puppy Minion is! I can see the traits of both breeds...11 biscuits for you!! :-D
Oct 22, 2007 Leannmarie
She is absolutely adorable....a little flirt with her eyes! Definitely 11 biscuits for her!
Oct 22, 2007 Bballkt4ever
Look at her little Puppy face!! It makes me melt! Wishing many happy memories to her and her new family! 100 Biscuits!!!
Oct 22, 2007 harpersmom
I wannnnnt her! She looks like a little snuggler! I wish I could snuggle with her! Many kisses and hugs to her! I know you'll take great care of her!!
Oct 22, 2007 BTLabs
Mini's play behavior sounds perfectly normal to me; I live with three Bostons! She is a cutie pie. :)
Oct 22, 2007 quaryn
I am utterly in love with Mini! Bulls, Pugs and Boston Terriers are my favorite breeds, so she's just perfect! *sigh*
Oct 22, 2007 Mikkimrado
What eyes!!! Sigh! She is a darling! Many kisses to her!
Oct 22, 2007 waiteconnection
what a cutie pie...i could just hug her to pieces...
Oct 22, 2007 howiesmom
What a doll!!!! She's precious! And quite spunky! Lucky you!!!!
Oct 22, 2007 sue
shes beautiful
Oct 22, 2007 FireHorse
This little munchkin is heaven in dog form. Absolutely wonderful!
Oct 22, 2007 stinkerbelle1969
Mini, your pictures are so cute, I had a hard time finding a fave. I bet your people are just so crazy about you. Kisses and biscuits to you!!!
Oct 22, 2007 woopwoof
Peek a Boo, Are you coming through, I really really want to cuddle you!! What an absolute cracker of a doggy. It was so hard to choose a favoutite picture as they are ALL GORGEOUS.. Happy walkies and many bikkies to you. xx
Oct 22, 2007 Terry C
I'm with quaryn 100%.

Fifty dog biscuits from a Boston Terrier lover for Minion.
Oct 22, 2007 cyndersmama
Mini is adorable! Such a sweet puppy face. Wishing you many happy years together. Hundreds of biscuits and tummy rubs for Mini! :)
Oct 22, 2007 franzie99
So in love!!!! ;)
Oct 22, 2007 rangwmax
ooooh my gosh.....I'm in love
Oct 22, 2007 llt214
I'll be honest, I give every puppy 11 biscuits because all puppies are beautiful in their own way. Little Mini is certainly no exception. What a precious little girl!!! Just look at her face...those eyes.....Awwww....melts my heart!! She is gorgeous! You are fortunate to have such a special little pup. Take good care of her and best wishes for many, many happy years together. Big smooches to Minion....
Oct 22, 2007 BTLover
I love her! I have two Boston's and they are awesome. I know you will enjoy Minion great...the Boston in her will melt your heart! Very sweet ; )
Oct 22, 2007 Mary V
What and adorable pup! Love the pink paws and the huge eyes!!!

-Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Oct 22, 2007 DogMom
That's it, I give up -- Minion can have anything she wants from me. Good Lord this is one CUTE puppy. She is absolutely precious. Snuggles from a fan in Houston. Extra kisses to your little snuggle bug.
Oct 22, 2007 wziemann
What a pretty little girl. Mimi and her family are very lucky...Mojo's Dad
Oct 22, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
Mini, can you be any cuter!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 22, 2007 moviefreak
I love her coloring! So beautiful with the golds mixed in. She's adorable and I know you will enjoy her immensely!
Oct 22, 2007 pauleenm
She's a very cute baby.
Oct 22, 2007 letmebyrsunshine
She is adorable - you can't help but love her.
Oct 22, 2007 bassethounds110306
Very cute!
Oct 22, 2007 Jeannie
Those eyes!! She looks beautiful. I love this breed.
Oct 22, 2007 ajcarter9405
What a doll baby!! Enjoy every minute of the puppy stage...they grow up so fast! ;o)
Oct 22, 2007 deevine
As an owner of a large Boston Terrier/Pit Bull mix I have learned that this mix is wonderful. So glad to see another mix of Boston. She looks like she rules the house! Love the brindle coloring! Who couldn't find this puppy adorable?
Oct 22, 2007 tazjt
What a doll!
Oct 22, 2007 feismom
I had to laugh about Mini laying on top of her toys on her back! Our Boston, Trixee, does the same thing! So funny! What a cool mixie you have in your pup- an adorable little gal for sure. I wish I had the chance to nappy with your Mini and my Trixee on this rainy Monday in Houston!
Oct 22, 2007 postiemayer
What an adorable, precious little girl. Love the expressions in her eyes. Many happy, healthy years together.
Oct 22, 2007 pupsrule
Minions is perfectly adorable. Love those gorgeous eyes and sweet face. Enjoy your little snuggly sweetheart. So hard to pick a favorite photo.
Oct 22, 2007 TrixAndSam
Darling beyond belief. What a beautiful little dog.

Has anyone else noticed the single black toe on Mini's left from paw? This picture shows it perfectly. Sigh. Twinkle toes with a surprise!
Oct 22, 2007 mollysmommy
What an sweet, adorable little girl. Who can resist a those beautiful eyes, and that sweet little face. Enjoy your little bundle of fun.
Oct 22, 2007 hawkgirl1380
I too have a Boston Bulldog! She's 1 year and 2 months, and more petite than an English, but the English genes certaintly carried over! I love the brindle color, ours is fawn. I wonder how stubborn yours will be! :)
Oct 22, 2007 dogone
What an adorable puppy, her expressions remind me so much of my 13 yr. old Boston, whom I lost to illness earlier this year. I can see the bulldog in her too, what a blend of personality and orneriness--better keep your camera handy!
Oct 22, 2007 sylvanbliss
Oh Minion, I remember reading about your anticipated arrival on the Forum board! I'm so glad you made it and are all settled in with your loving pawrents. You are such a cutie!
Oct 22, 2007 olgadabest
Awwww, she is sooooo cute! Hugs and kisses from me.
Oct 22, 2007 pugswill
It was so hard to pick a favorite picture - she has such a sweet, soulful face. Wishing you many happy years together
Oct 22, 2007 AmazingChance
OMG! What a cutie pie! She's gorgeous, perfect for belly rubs and kissys on her little nosey. Congrats! :-)
Oct 22, 2007 more
So cute!!! :)
Oct 22, 2007 honeypie
What a doll! 11-biscuits and a big ole smooch for that cutie!
Oct 22, 2007 honeypie
What a doll! 11-biscuits and a big ole smooch for that cutie!
Oct 22, 2007 Puppylove13
What a snugglee bug. Who could say no to that face?? Beautiful! Lots of hugs and kisses.
Oct 22, 2007 dogsrdivine
What an great combination of breeds you turned out to be! Minion looks & sounds like a spunky little charmer. Best wishes to you & Mini for a long, full, healthy life together.
Oct 22, 2007 auntie sally
The "eyes" definitely have it.
Oct 22, 2007 mcopp
What a beautiful little baby!!!!! Many kisses.
Oct 22, 2007 nancy814
what a cutie! 11+ biscuits for you mini!!!
Oct 22, 2007 Lizanne
What a little doll baby.:) Mini can have all the biscuits in the world. She is adorable. Hugs & smoochies from Elizabeth and Miss Katie =O)
Oct 22, 2007 Lizanne
What a little doll baby.:) Mini can have all the biscuits in the world. She is adorable. Hugs & smoochies from Elizabeth and Miss Katie =O)
Oct 22, 2007 Taiyin
OMG! Just LOOK at that love muffin! What a face!!! Just too sweet. Give her some extra snuggles for me!
Oct 22, 2007 skeeze_in_belize
Omigod... it was so hard to pick a favorite picture! What a cutie! Both breeds are adorable on their own, but mixed together, they make an insanely adorable cute puppy!!! Have fun with your little baby.
Oct 22, 2007 yujismom
how can you resist that smooshie-wooshie face!
Oct 22, 2007 diane4pups
A cutie pie of a puppy.........congratulations!!
Oct 22, 2007 frankies_mom
She's a good one! I love the way she plays--they are all so funny in their own unique ways. Have a long fun-filled happy life with her!
Oct 22, 2007 jrterriermom
Sooooo sweet!
Oct 22, 2007 jrterriermom
Sooooo sweet!
Oct 22, 2007 inmemoryofnijah
So sweet! We had 2 Boston's years ago and they both would climb trees to retrieve their toys. Minion, maybe you want to try that! Enjoy your new home! xx
Oct 22, 2007 yoliesf
Sooooo Cute!!!!

I have a BIG smile on my face!

Oct 22, 2007 maddie's mom
look at those eyes she will be spoiled and loved...
Oct 22, 2007 chipsmom
Too Cute!!! 11+++++ Biscuits!!
Oct 22, 2007 jinglesmom
adorable baby....such a pretty puppy...11 biscuits for her, love her lots....
Oct 22, 2007 ttamore
I am in love!!!! She is too cute. Makes me want another baby. Good luck to you Mini. 11 biscuits!!
Oct 22, 2007 mling
Look at her work that camera! Minion is an adorable puppy!
Oct 22, 2007 DianeFoo
Mini is absolutely gorgeous. I'm a bulldog person but I'd have her any day!
Oct 22, 2007 DianeFoo
Mini is absolutely gorgeous. I'm a bulldog person but I'd have her any day!
Oct 22, 2007 lisainmilo
She is so sweet looking....a real cutie pie!
Oct 22, 2007 bbba80
We have 2 Bostons. I like her brindle color. She is so cute. Lucky parents. Little Mini hugs to you.
Oct 22, 2007 lushpuppy
what a little love bug, she adorable, much fun to you and your family and many wonderful memories!
Oct 22, 2007 CheneyNuts
Oh my goodness! A perfect mixture of 2 of my favorite breeds! Such a cutie, I want him!!!!

PS. Glad we finally got a cute puppy of the day rather than all those fluffy ones
Oct 22, 2007 Mummm
What a cute little Mini!!!
Oct 22, 2007 thetopazsmurf
What a cuuutie..Many years of fun to ya..
Oct 22, 2007 wisenow
SEND ME THAT PUPPY NOW!!!! I live in Georgia Bulldog land and maybe the bulldog babies are as cute as your Mini but I doubt it. Wow, she is just precious. How lucky are you?

I need a puppy. I'm very jealous.
Oct 22, 2007 MusherMaggie
What a face--what a sweet baby! Such personality! I could kiss & kiss & kiss....11 zillion biscuits for you!
Oct 22, 2007 raerae
I dont even know what to say here!! This is probably what I would call my PERFECT doggie.

She looks like a miniature boxer in a way!

I just adore her and am now going to keep my eyes open for this sort of mix :)
Oct 22, 2007 ellygh
She is just adorable! She seems to have taken on the best traits of both breeds but to me, she really has the look of the English Bulldogs only in miniature. I have a Pug and this is exactly how she sits. I love it. Enjoy your puppy!
Oct 22, 2007 tazziesmom
What a doll!!! Enjoy her!!!
Oct 22, 2007 susannajon
What a sweet girl! Love those eyes!!!
Oct 22, 2007 Dog
o how cute!
i want him so badly!
11 biscuits!
Give him kisses for me!
Oct 22, 2007 Dog
i meant HER, not him....sorry
Oct 22, 2007 lablove
This little girl looks like a huggable stuffed toy! Look at those eyes...........Beautiful........
Oct 22, 2007 karmar
I love her!!! What a cutie!
Oct 22, 2007 taffysueranch
what a cute little puppy! I absolutely love her!
Oct 22, 2007 taffysueranch
what a cute little puppy! I absolutely love her!
Oct 22, 2007 taffysueranch
what a cute little puppy! I absolutely love her!
Oct 22, 2007 hillaryoung
Seriously, I don't think it's possible for her to be any cuter.
Oct 22, 2007 tbonesmom
as a mom of a boston, i have to agree with all the above comments that the behaviors sound all too much like my home, take tons of pictures! tbone is going to be 2 in november and he has been nothing but amazing to have in my life! i wish you the same, and i love the brindle on your baby!
Oct 22, 2007 Mom2Max
What a cutie pattootie!
Oct 22, 2007 Bailey'sMom
That is the most precious puppy I have seen i a long time. That face is too sweet - I had a pug and she reminds me of him. She will be spoiled - which is at it should be!!! Many happy dog years together!
Oct 22, 2007 doggiemama
Mini you are such a princess!!! Those big beautiful eyes and this girl knows how to work it! Lots of hugs and kisses. 11 biscuits for you cutie.
Oct 22, 2007 bepadilla
Mini is a beauty! I have 2 Bostons of my own and wish I had 10 more.
Oct 22, 2007 bepadilla
Mini is a beauty! I have 2 Bostons of my own and wish I had 10 more.
Oct 22, 2007 theweezer
Just Precious!!:-)
Oct 22, 2007 theweezer
1100 Biscuits!!:-)
Oct 22, 2007 dogsrus
Adorable! Simply adorable!
Oct 22, 2007 InfantryWife
What a cutie! I love her kissable little face! Enjoy her while she's still so tiny! They grow so rapidly.
Oct 22, 2007 westgull
What an absolute doll! I own 2 Bostons and an English Bulldog. I love them all. Perhaps Minion is the perfect breed for me!
Oct 23, 2007 casey's mom
Absolute sweetness, so beautiful! Many enjoyable and fun years ahead for all of you! Thank you for sharing this little doll with us!
Oct 23, 2007 jazzmine
she is so beautiful what big eyes she's got gorgeous little one take care and enjoy her
Oct 23, 2007 tsuki'smom
I love her! She has the cutest face ever! 11 biscuits!
Oct 23, 2007 Caseysky
oh my word, what a cutie-pie. Boston and Bulldog, that's definitely a different combination. She's a sweetie, that's for sure.
Oct 23, 2007 bopeep
What a beautiful mix of breeds. Mini, you are absolutely prescious and sound like such a sweet, entertaining baby. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Oct 23, 2007 bubbly52
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so adorable i want one
Oct 23, 2007 bubbly52
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so adorable i want one
Oct 23, 2007 bubbly52
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so adorable i want one
Oct 23, 2007 bubbly52
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so adorable i want one
Oct 23, 2007 mbolan20
What a great mix! You have a very kissable face. I want one!!!
Oct 23, 2007 dogslol
u r d cutest lil thing!!!!! i just wanna give u a hug!!!
Oct 23, 2007 thejoie
I HAVE TO ASK... what breeder did you get her from?

We got a Boston/Bulldog mix from a breeder in Missouri too! He looks JUST like your little girl!! Our little guy is named Porkchop and he was born at the end of May.
Oct 23, 2007 lynda_aileen
Ahhhh! Please don't look at me with those adorable puppy eyes! I can't take it! If she continues to look at me that way, I will soon give her anything and everything she wants and spoil her rotten! She is the cutest puppy I've ever seen! Many many kisses and hugs for this beautiful little girl.
Oct 24, 2007 allimarie
This has to be one of the cutest breed combinations I've EVER seen! What a face!!
Oct 24, 2007 Jennb3
YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the treat bowl??
Oct 24, 2007 doglovin'fool
[color=blue][i]What a sweet baby!![/i][color=blue]
Oct 25, 2007 HoneysDaddy
What a funny dog! Her eyes are amazing. You can see her emotions. She's cuter than I would think this breed could be. I love the way she looks at the camera. You're gonna have a great time raising this little one.
Oct 25, 2007 dinosonbroadway
2nd most adorable dog iv ever seen on here!
Oct 26, 2007 GlendaJo
Oh my, Mini could you be any cuter??? My husband emailed your picture to me just in case I missed you - he is smitten, too!
Oct 26, 2007 Jess
I love these little bully style dogs; they look very kissable. I love her scrunched up nose. The collars very cute but she doesn't look tom-boy enough to wear one; she looks a little softy.
Oct 29, 2007 KayJay
Oh, cute cute cute!!! I love Boston faces (esp those eyes.....). And they're supersmart -- fun dogs. Thanks for sharing her with us.
Nov 14, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
omg, i can't even type.............she's absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love, love (did i say love?) love bulldogs and bulldog mixes, (especially my own Frenchie) and that is one special little girl!!! Give her big kisses for me, please!!! MUAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 7, 2008 puppypac
Too adorable! Can't get enough of that face and those eyes! She's a winner for sure. :-)
Jul 29, 2008 Doglover14
this is so cute i dont see anything like that anymore
Nov 3, 2008 savannah's mom
Mini is adorable. She does so many of the things that my little girl does. I too have a English/boston mix. We have had her for 6 wonderful years. Wishing you many happy years. Our little girls name is Savannah.
Feb 15, 2009 akronballerina14
hello! she is just the most adorable pup ever!! i have been looking for this exact breed and am having trouble finding breeders. you mentioned something about a missouri breeder?? if you could let me know that would be so great! thanks :)
Apr 23, 2009 frenchie135
i have to aggree with akronballerina14! i've been searching for this exact breed for forever now but have no luck at all finding a breeder! i've found a lot of french bulldog/boston terrier mixes which are super cute, but just not as gorgeous as your baby! if you could please let me know about your missiouri breeder too i would greatly appreiciate it! thank you so much!
May 21, 2009 txtbirdchic
What an adorable baby!
Aug 23, 2009 Kchorom
I love your dog!!! Where did you get your mix? Is it common?
Dec 31, 2009 worldfreakout
she is uber cute i wish i had her
Apr 22, 2010 Sparklz18
Hey i just bought a boston bull from the same breeder. I cant wait to get her! I do have a question though how big is mini? Can you give me any tips on house training? Thanks Crystel
Sep 14, 2010 FoxyJess
Such a cutie pie!!!
Nov 4, 2011 ckoelig
MIren a mi nene chiquitico ummmm lo adoro
Nov 4, 2011 ckoelig
Jun 27, 2013 mkharreld
She looks JUST like our Boston Bulldog, Jude! :) So precious!
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