Mocha the Chihuahua

Puppy Breed: Chihuahua

Mocha's mom says: Mocha lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, with his big step-brother Kit (seven-month-old male rat terrier), myself, and my 17-month-old son, who is like his best friend. Mocha is a little darling. He thinks he is a little boy trapped in a puppy's body. He loves to be wherever you are and LOVES to give those sweet puppy kisses. Mocha is small enough to fit in your hand and can actually balance himself there quite nicely. He does have a very interesting ability. When he gets sad or wants you to hold him, he will "meow" like a cat. When he does this, my son goes over to him, kneels down, and whimpers back to him while Mocha licks his cheeks (if he can reach). It is the cutest thing in the world. And of course who could resist saying no to such a darling little face?