Mochi the Samoyed

Puppy Breed: Samoyed

Hi, my name is Mochi and I live in Singapore. I love my new home. Mum and Dad got me plenty of toys. Playtime is always fun, I like to play fetch and to chew my giraffe. Sometimes when it's too hot, I splash water from the bowl. Mum and Dad have to clean it up and I give them the "too cute eyes". Before going to bed, I get hugs and cuddles from Mum and Dad. Life is awesome!

Comments (34)
kaseyreid Apr 4, 2014
What a PRECIOUS little boy!! Hugs and kisses to you and wishing you...

veronica Apr 4, 2014
wow, you are adorable and very cute x

Mmmousemaid Apr 4, 2014
Lucky Mochi what a life, full of love, toys and living in Singapore!...

sue.nickel2 Apr 4, 2014
Awwwwwww! Soooo cute!

julie55 Apr 4, 2014
You are Gorgeous Mochi! You are loved!

Puppy Defender Apr 4, 2014
OK. Who snuck the mirror in here?

DaveTheDog Apr 4, 2014
"Are you SURE this how that patty-cake thing works?...

poochielover Apr 4, 2014

daphne's mom Apr 4, 2014
Mochi you are so cute! I hope you have a long happy and healthy...

spunky Apr 4, 2014
You are just a little doll baby! Who is your little friend? Have a...

Abiglen Apr 4, 2014
Gorgeous face on a happy and loved puppy! :-) Fave File ...

barb1926 Apr 4, 2014
Two beautiful bundles of love.

bluegigi Apr 4, 2014
A babillion belly rubs, please and thank you!!! Mochi, way...

bithday Apr 4, 2014
Awwwwwwwwww I'm soooo happy you enjoy life you cutie!!!!!

bithday Apr 4, 2014
Awwwwwwwwww I'm soooo happy you enjoy life you cutie!!!!!

nancybatt1 Apr 4, 2014
Mochi you are so beautiful and of course lots of fun. Have a very...

janet weir Apr 4, 2014
What an absolute sweetheart you are Mochi!

goldenlover Apr 4, 2014
Beautiful puppy with a great life. Terrific pics and story.

Anniewoofsyou Apr 4, 2014
You're so beautiful. Love the long beautiful white coat :)

longislander Apr 4, 2014
Mochi, you are adorable. I bet those "too cute eyes" will...

The Raven Apr 4, 2014
TOTALLY ADORABLE WHich one are you? Or are you looking in a...

piobaire Apr 4, 2014
Crimony are as about a cute of dog as I've ever seen!!!

vorner Apr 4, 2014
Absolutely gorgeous! Long and happy lives to these two precious...

amyliz Apr 4, 2014
Mochi, you are an adorable marshmallow fluff puppy! Many happy and...

pelligrino Apr 4, 2014
Both baby's are so adorable!

chelsearosebud Apr 4, 2014
Mochi, you are a beautiful present from heaven!

Economist Apr 4, 2014
I was curious as to what Mochi meant so I asked Mochi himself. He and...

drakes' granny Apr 4, 2014
Adorable little ball of fluff. Sweet face and sounds like a real...

westiefan99 Apr 4, 2014
This is my "guess which way is which" look. Do you like it? ...

Cindylu001 Apr 4, 2014
Such a sweet face, baby Mochi. Long happy healthy life to you, little...

schotime Apr 4, 2014
"I'm ready for my glamour shot. But hurry, my massage and...

Moses' Mom Apr 5, 2014
Gorgeous puppy! I love Samoyeds. Was the picture of 2 with one of...

JanW Apr 9, 2014
Mochi, you remind me a lot of my little Foxy, a female...

tridlisa Apr 24, 2014
Thanks all. I am bigger now and soon after my jabs I will be able to...