Moose the Labradoodle

Puppy Breed: Labrador Retriever / Poodle

Hi, I'm Moose! I in North Carolina with my mom and dad and three canine siblings--Danni, Eliot, and Ember. Those dogs don't seem to want to play with me much. They don't know what fun I can be! But I'll keep trying. I love sitting under the tree in the parking lot next to our building with my mom. She runs her fingers through my beautiful wavy hair while I chew on sticks, leaves, grass, rocks, dead bugs. I love walking downtown with Mom because we always meet lots of people and they always tell me how cute I am! My daddy says I have huge feet to grow into. I'm trying hard as I can. Mom says I am helping to fill the hole left in her heart when her other Moose went to heaven because of cancer. He was only six years old. She cried a lot. So she got me. I'm gonna love her so much she won't cry anymore! That's my job!