Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Jul 13, 2009 suelill
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Moose you are so handsome and adorable. I just want to give you a huge cuddle. Lots of biscuits for you sweetheart.
Jul 13, 2009 francely
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww your so sexy moose XD
Jul 13, 2009 tobimama
Jul 13, 2009 ashleigh rox
awwwwwwww thats so cute to cute for words moose is just adorable lots of treats
Jul 13, 2009 kady
What a handsome boy and he would steal everyone's heart.
Jul 13, 2009 boobeth420
What a proud young man. How could anybody go wrong with a Lab. Those green eyes are the best.
Jul 13, 2009 caraschotch
And here he is, posing for your boyfriend's shop's new ad campaign! What a gorgeous, happy boy he is--- Moose, not your boyfriend, though I assume he's happy as well. Wonderful Lab! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Jul 13, 2009 evaliardet
supermoose 2 the rescue!!! he is soooo cute!!!i am poud 2 write the 6th comment. treats from NZ ♥
Jul 13, 2009 Softpaws
My - moose seems to have many avatars in terms of personality range!! I love this breed and I LOOOOVE Mooosie baby!! He's absoluitely adorable!! I can safely say he's the best gift u've had so far! Infinite kisses for Moose!!
Jul 13, 2009 Softpaws
I adore this picture!!!
Jul 13, 2009 boo-bearsmom
"This hills are alive with the sound of Mooses!" How adorable. Can't go wrong with a Lab. and Moose is especially lovely. God Bless!
Jul 13, 2009 Geratek
Here is a puppy that needs a home!
Jul 13, 2009 Lynnblackboots
"Little" Moose is stunning...just stunning! I'm sure he is a very happy guy!
Jul 13, 2009 iloverescuedogs
this dog is the most gorgeous chocolate lab i have EVER seeen!!!! he looks like such a goor boy!!! i hope you enjoy him=]
Jul 13, 2009 muttlover
I love this picture. He is so beautiful. I am glad your boyfriend takes him to work with him and he doesn't have be home alone all day. 11 biscuits and lots of hugs.
Jul 13, 2009 emmy5blue
very very handsome - loads of biscuits xx
Jul 13, 2009 kerryllr
What a handsome fellow you are Moose! I could lick you myself!
Jul 13, 2009 ashleigh rox
so cute everyone plz comment on my dog plz
Jul 13, 2009 HillCountryGal
Moose, you look like you're king of all your survey. Wish I could be there in person to give you a hug.
Jul 13, 2009 HillCountryGal
AND I love those feet... they're going to take you many miles.
Jul 13, 2009 w102663
This is a cute shot of Moose biting on his collar! He is a great puppy dog through and through:) What a good companion he is, you must miss him when he goes to work with your boyfriend. Hugs and kisses to Master Moose! xxx ooo
Jul 13, 2009 shihtzu4life
WOW ! Look how poised this little guy is. This pic should be done in oil it's so beatiful. Moose u have to have the coolest name i've heard. What an awsome life you're gonna have. I wish u and your family nothing but the best. And tell your owners i don't think her outher dog would mind you keeping her company. And I can't wait till u guys meet. U are gonna be a great guy and from the looks of those feet a great big guy. I am sending a mega tummy rubb your way moose, LOVE YA BUDDY
Jul 13, 2009 sugar bear
who couldn't love that face! Enjoy...
Jul 13, 2009 genianc
Moose you are adorable. Not two ways about it. And, the name Moose fits you. As it does my black lab. His real name is Max... but his daddy kept calling him Maximoose... and now he'll answer to Moose. We even have a "Caution: Moose Crossing" sign on his crate. Labs are the best and YOU seem to have personality to spare! What a lucky set of humans you have :o) To all the "Mooses" of the world... we love you! Big sloppy puppy kisses!
Jul 13, 2009 meganbooth
Moose is 100% adorable! I love the little patch of white on his chin & the tiny bit on his chest too! Such beautiful green eyes as well. What kind of store does Moose work in? I am so envious of your boyfriend getting to work with Moose every day!!
Jul 13, 2009 bkregh
Moose, You are a beautiful creature. And they say dogs are not human. You are a testament o beayty and intelligence. What a beautiful boy.
Jul 13, 2009 dogworld93
Jul 13, 2009 KristinMH
So noble!
Jul 13, 2009 ritzimitzy
"I'm the king of the mountain!" He's too cute! I know its hard to be away from family & your old lab but I'm sure Moose is doing his best to make you feel better. :) What a cutie! Lots of belly rubs to Moose!
Jul 13, 2009 lizbeth129
Jul 13, 2009 kdcrazy
Moose is too cute!!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 kdcrazy
Moose is too cute!!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 Lisaez1
MOOOOOOOOOOSSSE. You look so proud and handsome!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 Lisaez1
MOOOOOOOOOOSSSE. You look so proud and handsome!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 sarl6618
What a handsome and lovely pup. How lucky of your daddy being able to take you to work everyday.
Jul 13, 2009 tsanzer
Dis my pose.
Jul 13, 2009 sarl6618
What a handsome and lovely pup. How lucky of your daddy being able to take you to work everyday.
Jul 13, 2009 PepsiCola987
AWWWWWWW Mose u will grow up 2 b a handsome young dog! lots of biscuits and hugs
Jul 13, 2009 loveheals
Oh so handsome Moose!! What a cutie. It also looks wonderful where you live! Moose has a gorgeous brown coat. Wishing you all many years of love and fun together!
Jul 13, 2009 blackbeauty
Sure hope that sooo intellegent (you can see it in his eyes) guy grows into that collar!
Jul 13, 2009 toddycat
Moose, you are a beautiful little fellow. I love your coloring and those gorgeous eyes. Have a very wonderful life sweetie. Tons of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs,and bikkies for you.
Jul 13, 2009 ckendall
Awwwwwwwww Moose you have such a sweet face!!!! And those eyes are not only beautiful but full of love!!!! Give this guy a good belly rub for me.
Jul 13, 2009 daveydog
Jashippee: Here's how I see it ... because you moved away, you created another home for another dog!! They ALL deserve good homes, right? By moving and leaving your beloved pet with your folks who love that doggie, also, you've established a safe and loving home for your Moose! Think about what could have become of him if it were not for your circumstances. I agree with "shihtzu4life" that this should be an oil painting. Congratulations, Sweetheart, on providing an additional home for a very special 4-legged boy. Ya' done good, Kid! Bless 'em all. Ontario, Canada
Jul 13, 2009 fritzy
Too beautiful!!! :)
Jul 13, 2009 WhitneyNoelle
I just looooove pictures of cute lil pups that have on a bandana! Talk about a handsome one :)
Jul 13, 2009 little_v
WOW what a handsome fella! And what beautiful green eyes! I have green eyes too and I think they are awesome and special. ;) Moose is just gorgeous and looks like a sweetheart, many kisses and biscuits for you!!
Jul 13, 2009 wolfhowl15
he looks so happy!
Jul 13, 2009 wolfhowl15
i love this picture!
Jul 13, 2009 gryt
Aww cutiepie...
Jul 13, 2009 djmc
Sooooooooooo handsome. Love ya baby , hugs and kisses
Jul 13, 2009 loonz
Judging from the size of those feet, Moose is the perfect name! What a sweetie.
Jul 13, 2009 Shelly
Oh Moose, you are soo adorable!!! You have a lovely coat and the most gentle looking eyes!!! I hope your new mum and dad spoil you rotten... lol, how could they not!!! =)
Jul 13, 2009 amyliz
Moose, you are so handsome with your brown coat and green eyes! Great dog! (And to your Mom--wow, a boyfriend who gets you a puppy and also takes the puppy to work? does he have a single brother? LOL!)
Jul 13, 2009 aaangela
awww look at those puppy dog eyes!
Jul 13, 2009 Lab_mum
Wow what an awesome action shot Moose! You remind me so much of my boy Max! Wishing you all the very best now and always little man, lotsa love from Ange, Max and Chloe. xoxoxo
Jul 13, 2009 molly's mom
Moose is a great looking dog...enjoy, have fun!!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 anitac
He looks amazing, thanks for posting:)
Jul 13, 2009 anitac
He looks amazing, thanks for posting:)
Jul 13, 2009 clemency
Oh wow! I absolutely love every single picture! But I love the look on Moose's face in this one, and how it shows off his beautiful green eyes. He is a handsome, adorable boy!
Jul 13, 2009 sdv in slc
Moose, I could just eat you up! You are adorable, and I can see you are all lab!!
Jul 13, 2009 angelbobby5
awwwww wat a cutie!!! he looks so sweet! xo xo xo from arianne and angel.
Jul 13, 2009 barbaranne423
OMG!There is NOTHING, I mean NOTHING more endearing than a chocolate Lab...yellows and blacks also! Look at him! How could anyone miss the intelligence, love, devotion and sense of adventure in their eyes and body language. I am a Lab lover for life.
Jul 13, 2009 benson
Moose you are one handsome dude! Soon to be a BIG handsome dude. Many years of belly rubs, biscuits and going to work. LABS RULE!!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 ronflank
what a beauty! lots of bonies!
Jul 13, 2009 slubin14
Sooooooo cute!
Jul 13, 2009 lucuma
Oh Moose you are too CUTE!!! :) Soooo ADORABLE!! Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you PRECIOUS Moose!! :)
Jul 13, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
Such a playful little pup!! Moose is adorable.
Jul 13, 2009 gill
Moose looks so sweet here with his giant paddy paws. Lots of tummy rubs.
Jul 13, 2009 Beth1226
Moose is adorable! It's wonderful that he gets to go to work with your boyfriend! He's got himself a good life!
Jul 13, 2009 Mooses mom
Oh, Moose, you are a twin to our Moose, the chocolate labrador retriever, that we rescued 2+ years ago. I hope your big ears and soon to be big jowls, that my niece calls spit pockets, are always flopping in the wind as you run and play. Love you.
Jul 13, 2009 Kayra33
What a pretty green color to match those gorgeous green eyes. I just adore Labs and love the chocolates with green eyes. Moose I am so glad that you filled your mommies heart just when she seemed to need you the most. It's amazing what puppy love can do! Maybe sometime Moose can meet your other Lab and your family! Many wonderful, happy healthy years with your little Moose from Gambit, Storm and Kara in Erie, PA!
Jul 13, 2009 weezie
what a great dog!
Jul 13, 2009 Kayra33
I meant pretty green collar;)
Jul 13, 2009 !!Shy'zMomm!!
What a great, photogenic dog!!! I wish I could just snuggle his cutieness or at least paint a picture of him haha!!! He's a good enough poser to be painted by Da Vinci!! (idk how to spell)
Jul 13, 2009 iluvk9s
Such beautiful eyes!!! Totally precious sweet adorable baby!
Jul 13, 2009 TeresaP
Moose looks like a real champion. I love those green eyes. Look at my babies: Rose Bud Willie. 11 Bisquits for Moose. Teresa
Jul 13, 2009 showdog44
aww bless smiling as i can see lol
Jul 13, 2009 pfordeb
So cute. Can't beat that face.
Jul 13, 2009 tink'smom
What a thoroughly adorable dog! He is so lucky to be loved so well. I wish you and Moose long and happy lives together. Bushels of Biscuits. XXXX
Jul 13, 2009 emmiejaye
What a beautiful baby!
Jul 13, 2009 MNIJ
"I am King of dog world. I rock and I am very handsome" says Moose
Jul 13, 2009 rcmcritters
soo very cute! he is cute w/ the dirt on his nose!
Jul 13, 2009 rcmcritters
that is such a cute and awsome photo of moose runnin!!!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 K9_KRZY
Beautiful photo and beautiful subject!
Jul 13, 2009 KITTY62
Ohh Moose , your mommy and daddy are so lucky to have you , You are just to handsome for words . Here's to a long happy life , with lots of hug , kissed , belly rubs and of course all the treats you want . Loved you the moment I seen you .
Jul 13, 2009 Kari527
Awwwwwwwww... Moose, you are adorable. I love the ear thing that is happening there; it's so cute. I especially love your eyes. I hope you grow up to be a healthy pup.
Jul 13, 2009 cingirl
That's right, I am king! Handsome, adorable and boss.
Jul 13, 2009 sah585
Hoooow cute!!! He's just adorable, I love him!!
Jul 13, 2009 LRM
What can I say!! Once again I am in love. And I LOVE his name!! Too cute!
Jul 13, 2009 ladydi48
While Moose won't replace your other dog, he will always give you unwavering love and devotion. A favorite poem of mine is: "He is your Friend, your Partner,your Defender, your Dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion" author unknown Moose, you have the wonderful life that you so deserve with lots of biscuits, scratches and belly rubs.
Jul 13, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
I will not pick a picture favorite, because they are all WONDERFUL!!! Each one shows a different personality! He is just precious! Please convey LOTS of tummy tickles and nose kisses, and I send a virtual TON of biscuits for this cutie pie!
Jul 13, 2009 Mrvisions
Moose I can see why you are a hit with the customers, you certainly are adorable, Labs are wonderful companions, I have two adorable muggs myself.
Jul 13, 2009 TummyTickler
OHHHHHHHHHHHHh WOW, this puppy is absolutely & completely ADORABLE!!! I just love the lazy look in his eyes in this pic. Each shot of him is sooooooooooooo good. It was really hard to choose which one!!!! Give Moose a tone of cuddles, tummy tickles & treats from Zoey and I. Love that puppydog!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 giraffe lover
this looks like my dog chasing after a ball but to bad it isnt my dog i would to anything to have this dog!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 piobaire
Oh Moose, you have the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen.
Jul 13, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Ahhh Labs...beautiful and smart. No wonder Moose has stolen your heart. Lots of treats and tummy rubs for him!!
Jul 13, 2009 alixelder
he is adorable, i want to kiss him all over and blow bubbles on his tummy. so cute
Jul 13, 2009 wolfgirl66
Sooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Sweet Moose looks super adorable in all of his pics!!!! I hope ya'll enjoy many happy years together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 CrazyPuppy101
ADORABLE AS CAN B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv labs!!!! Moose is sooooooooo cute... check out my doggie PLEASE!!!!! :)
Jul 13, 2009 drakes' granny
Moose is adorable and looks like tons of fun. You have a very nice, caring boyfriend. Hang on to him too. Sounds like both of you enjoy Moose and I'm sure he give tons of love back. Hope all 3 of you have a forever home together.
Jul 13, 2009 longislander
Simply beautiful. This is some pose-it looks just perfect. Moose looks and sounds like such a wonderful dog - hope you have a long happy life with him.
Jul 13, 2009 preciouspuppylove
oh jeez. there are SO many adorable labradors (like yourself) its hard to choose my favorite!!! I LOVE YOU!
Jul 13, 2009 lotsapets
How regal he looks here !! He is thinking " I am King of all I survey !! "
Jul 13, 2009 4 the Dogs
Wow! Nothing cuter than a lab puppy and you have a lot of great pictures, it's hrd to chose a favorite. Love the name Moose too!! :)
Jul 13, 2009 deansgt
Moose is a gorgeous boy! You just can't help but love a face like that!
Jul 13, 2009 MissBabey
Awwww Moose yhuu are so cute and handsome! Yhuu look lyk my chocolate lab when he was a pup but hez 3 now and such a good boy untill he sees other dogs lol. He loves other dogs he wants to play all the time and he is the puppy who never grew up!
Jul 13, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Gorgeous, happy, beautiful boy! Moose is spectacular. Your boyfriend sounds like he is rather adorable as well :) All of the pictures are lovely and made it very hard to choose just one. Enjoy Moose! Hugs from Oliver & Henry's Mum in London, Ontario
Jul 13, 2009 melinda cox
Moose this picture cracks me up. What an adorable little guy you are. Hugs & kisses moose!!!!
Jul 13, 2009 PrincessAudrey8
He is so precious!!! His eyes are gorgeous, his face unique, you will have so much fun with him. Congrats!!!! I have a black Lab myself and she is my treasure. God bless you your boyfriend for the great pick and your chocolate Labs.
Jul 13, 2009 sheltie_lover11
What ears you have! Just like a moose's! Haha No really you're adorable.
Jul 13, 2009 megan.samano@yahoo
you the much o man
Jul 13, 2009 ruthie
Beautiful boy, he's on top of the world!! Wishing you all many, many woderfully happy years ahead.
Jul 13, 2009 SueSue
Gee i wonder how this guy could steal your heart!!!!! Yeah right! I've not met him and he's just whipped up mine!
Jul 13, 2009 carissarocks1
Jul 13, 2009 Greylyn
What a handsome boy! Your Mom needs to give you a great big hug. Tons of hugs and biscuits to you sweetie!!
Jul 13, 2009 Huskie_luv
moose is so adorable, great pictures. beautiful pup.
Jul 13, 2009 allmyshelties
Ah yes, stealing hearts. Puppies are so very good at that and Moose is no exception. I bet he's very good at filling your days with love & fun. Glad you found such a cute little buddy and it sounds like you and your boyfriend are giving him a wonderful life. Good for you!!!
Jul 13, 2009 furrybabies14
What a beautiful pose Moose! You are a doll baby! Having you to give your Mama loads of furry love is going to make her so happy! Loads of love to you little man!
Jul 13, 2009 LePuppyCrituqe
I can tell your dog has pride and I liked 7 out of 9 of your pics but my fav is this one I commented on ->
Jul 13, 2009 lizanne
Hello Moosie, You are so sweet and such a handsome boy. I love your beautiful green eyes. Cuddles and hugs from Master Cooper and Miss Katie and their Mom Elizabeth in NY~
Jul 13, 2009 kathys4405
beautiful green eyes!
Jul 13, 2009 WildFlower
This is a beautiful picture! Moose is jut a cutie! I bless Moose and his human friends many years to come. from your friend cassidy
Jul 13, 2009 Shadowgirl
Love the look on his face. I wish I could take my dog's to work but I work around food so that is a no can do. Take care Moose and lot's of belly rubs,have a long and healthy life.
Jul 13, 2009 pittylover
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww what an adorable puppy lots of hugs and kisses pittylover
Jul 13, 2009 georgia04
Wow...Moose is one gorgeous little boy. You are so lucky to have him! Kisses and cuddles for Baby Moose!
Jul 13, 2009 pittylover
What a baby:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):): ):):):):):):)):):):):):):):):):):): ):)
Jul 13, 2009 lia
so cute and adorable...
Jul 14, 2009 suzabell74
I love this pic! Too cute!
Jul 14, 2009 Katz45
Moose is one 'Handsome' puppy ifin I've ever seen one! I don't think I've seen such a coat as red and 'shiny' as his, he looks to be so happy and a puppy I'd not be able to walk by without crouching down and giving a big hug!!Ton's of biscuits to Moose.
Jul 14, 2009 Dogaholic Gal
I'm Super Puppy!!! What a gorgeous guy you have here (and a great boyfriend!!) I'm glad you have them both to help you get thru your transition!
Jul 14, 2009 PuggleMom
I just love this picture! What a sweet pup you have!
Jul 14, 2009 twilightrocks1
Jul 14, 2009 smiley solder
thay is 1 of the cutest dog i have ever seen now i want one that dog is more then cute its sexy
Jul 14, 2009 T&T
Go Moose go!! You are such a handsome boy! Your beautiful green eyes are mesmerizing......
Jul 14, 2009 Cartoonification
Jul 14, 2009 lkight
The baby looks so tired! He needs a hug and his favorite blanket.
Jul 15, 2009 jborg
Wow! Moose looks like a very good boy! Sounds like he has a great and exciting life watching the store!
Jul 15, 2009 Chicago
Are you b(R)ored little moose! XO from the Windy City!
Jul 15, 2009 animal luver
awww moose is sooo cute!!! you are soo lucky to have moose:)
Jul 15, 2009 kodakkodak
Jul 15, 2009 shortyww22
awww moose you are one handsome Lab.....I just adore you're beautiful striking green eyes...I love your name fits you just right.....and look at those big're gonna be one big boy full're soooooo handsome..what a beautiful lab you have there...lot's of doggie kisses n hug's to moose.....20 biscuits...
Jul 15, 2009 karina142588
he looks like he is very alethic!
Jul 15, 2009 tambore
Gee, you're a handsome little devil!
Jul 15, 2009 tambore
Had to leave another comment for Moose..... you are indeed a heart mascot. And it bears repeating.... you sure are gorgeous!
Jul 15, 2009 Saptember
soooooooooo many beautiful pictures to chhose from. i love this one the best. :)
Jul 15, 2009 marilynj
What a beauty. He is adorable. I hope he brings you many years of unconditionl love! Biscuits to you.
Jul 15, 2009 Iredalegirl
He looks like a confident young dog. Hes soo cute.
Jul 15, 2009 lynetz2
moose - i can see a tennis champion in the making! you are very handsome and i am sure will have all of the other puppies chasing you!! lots of hugs and kisses and biscuits - all of your pix were great! hard to choose!! :)
Jul 16, 2009 puppy world#1
Jul 16, 2009 kipy
He looks good
Jul 16, 2009 lisalisa
Oh, how CUTE!!!! Look at those ears! And I love his eyes - how gorgeous! Congrats on your new puppy. I know you will have a wonderful life together.
Jul 16, 2009
he is soo cute and will be such a handsome boy when he's all grown up!! 11 biscuits and more...
Jul 17, 2009 swarna
adorable and smart pup....
Jul 18, 2009 lucky123456789
Jul 19, 2009 daphne's mom
AWWWWWWWWWW! Cuteness Overload! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! I LOVE LABS! Much love, many biscuits, and cuddles for Moose!
Jul 19, 2009 ~siley baby~
aww soo adorable
Oct 3, 2009 sophiedietrich26
so cute
Oct 28, 2009 megmargen
OMG seriosly im in LOVE! He looks soo majestic. Love the colour and the name MOOSE!
Feb 6, 2011 pelligrino
Moose is very handsome! It sounds like he is a good fit with you and your boyfriend. Have a long, happy and healthy life Moose.
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