Friday, July 25, 2014
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May 16, 2008 Foxy
Murphy is so gorgeous!!
May 16, 2008 teeru
Murphy is too cute. I love his hair, it is just like mine. Kisses and 789 x 45 biscuits. I really wanna have one like Murphy.
May 16, 2008 s & w's mom
Love your cute happy smile, Murphy. You are adorable.
May 16, 2008 catahouladad
Fuzz Ball!
May 16, 2008 orsino657
That's one smart dog!
May 16, 2008 suelill
Wow - what a bundle of fluff you are Murphy. Adorable!!
just too cute for words, 11 biscuits are not enough for that sweet face. have fun Murphy!
May 16, 2008 harlequinguy
Talk about your 'bad hair day'?? Labs are adorable, poodles are cute. Put the two together and we're doomed?? Have a wonderful life with your disheveled doodle.
May 16, 2008 judithvick
All of the pictures are basically the same, so I chose this one randomly. Murphy looks to be a sweet, docile, boy. Best wishes with your newest addition.
May 16, 2008 mary v
I absolutely love this brown beauty!! What a heartbreaker! And that smile!! -Bucky and Bailey's Mom
May 16, 2008 terry c
I took one look at this beautiful creature and a favorite Coldplay song of mine immediately came to mind: "Honey you are a rock Upon which I stand And I come here to talk I hope you understand That green eyes, yeah the spotlight, shines upon you And how could, anybody, deny you I came here with a load And it feels so much lighter, now I�ve met you And honey you should know, that I could never go on without you Green eyes Honey you are the sea Upon which I float And I came here to talk I think you should know That green eyes, you�re the one that I wanted to find And anyone who, tried to deny you must be out of their mind Cause I came here with a load And it feels so much lighter, since I met you Honey you should know, that I could never go on without you Green eyes Green eyes"
May 16, 2008 mealea
Gotta love the head tilt. Murphy you are a chocolate cutie.
May 16, 2008 mummm
My goodness what a cutie! Murphy looks like a wonderful pup.
May 16, 2008 dholzworth
anitasue Whether you "believe" in it or not, it happens. I have rescued two pups that may be "mutts" in small minds like yours, but are serving their community well by visiting nursing homes and a school for the deaf. I will take my maltipoo and shih-poo over dogs with owners with your attitude any day. Murphy is gorgeous, and I hope you have many years together!!
May 16, 2008 maywee
Murphy is a real cutie! And ignore the idiot before me..I have a mixed he is the best maybe not "designer" but beautiful just the same...LOTS AND LOTS OF PUPPY KISSES AND HUGS!!!!
May 16, 2008 bkregh
Very cute. And I bet, very smart. Lots of years of love together.
May 16, 2008 gacoastalguy
Anitasue, sometimes it pays just not to comment on things about which you know very little or nothing at all. Mixed breeds, mutts if you will, are wonderful dogs and are usually healthier that purist types. All of my dogs over the years have been those dropped off for someone else to tend. They all made wonderfully loyal, dependable and loving pets for the family and lived 13+ years. Murphy, pay no attention to that person before are truly a cutie and obviously a personality that anitasue envies!
May 16, 2008 luvmymaltipoo
A true dog lover loves all dogs, mutts, designer breeds and all! I love my Maltipoo and my Mutt and I am offending by your comment anitasue! Happy Friday to all the true dog lovers of the world!
May 16, 2008 luvmymaltipoo
You are adorable and extra cuddly!
May 16, 2008 carol0356
I love Murphy. He is gorgeous. He looks like he just came back from the salon. Ignore the rude person with negative comments. Anyone who can't see the true beauty in all puppies, pure or mixed, obviously has major personality flaws. All puppies get 11 biscuits from me.
May 16, 2008 barbaranne423
To the person who sounded off about "designer" breeding. Are you not able to say something nice about someone's puppy? Someone loves that puppy and really did not ask for your opinion. Please do not use this format for your soap box opinions. Comment on the pup and be positive.
May 16, 2008 janlee03
I love this look. What was he looking at? Murphy is one handsome boy.
May 16, 2008 nmcw24
To Anitasue, do you even know the orgins of these "mutts", the labadoodle & the goldendoodle? They were first used as service dogs for people with allergies. As someone with allergies & a husband who is going blind from glacoma, I am glad the crossed these breds. Now, if the time comes that my husband needs a service dog, we will be able to have a dog that I can live with & not suffer from allergies. Just because a dog is a "mutt", doesn't make it a bad dog. Don't be such a closed minded snob!
May 16, 2008 nmcw24
BTW--Murphy is ADORABLE!! Enjoy him for many years to come!
May 16, 2008 puppyfixation
Anitasue.....Look at this face! What is wrong with people like you? Yes, many dogs that are mixed breeds are much healthier than purebreds and alot less high strung. No one, wants to read your comments. Murphy is precious and just wants to be loved. Did your parents look at you and say...."she just isn't perfect"?
May 16, 2008 bunnied816
"Mad Dog Murphy" - indeed!! What a fine boy! He looks incredibly sweet and very bright-eyed! You're in for some fun, aren't you? Enjoy each other for many happy years to come!
May 16, 2008 Puppy Power
Very cute and cuddly!
May 16, 2008 Pets-We-Love
A Fine Irish Dog!! All ths Best!!
May 16, 2008 Chandlersmom
What a great mix and a beautiful puppy! I love the 'scruffy' look! Enjoy him for many many years!
May 16, 2008 puppyloveforme
He's great! And what a wonderful disposition--a curly gorgeous, fella with looks to kill and a face to charm the sox off anybody! I LOVE HIM!
May 16, 2008 clemency
"You. . . will. . .give. . . .me. . . .a . . . . .snausage!" I love this picture--it looks like he is trying to hypnotize you into doing his bidding, which I imagine isn't too hard, since he is so cute!! I love Murphy's pretty fur and beautiful green eyes. He looks very happy and fun-loving, too! Any dog with some poodle in him is bound to be great!
May 16, 2008 kaylacrystal
Cute puppy..
May 16, 2008 flower_power
How can anyone be it a bad mood when you look at a puppy face? Unconditional love is contagious. Anitasue, didn't your mother teach you manners? If you don't have anything nice to say....And by the way, hate is contagious too. 11 biscuits for the mutts, 0 for puppy mills
May 16, 2008 rexandbaby
I just love the color of his eyes, what a sweet boy!
May 16, 2008 fritzy
How sweet!!! Mad Dog Murphy looks adorable! :)
May 16, 2008 fit4laur
What a sweetie pie!
May 16, 2008 rallyogold
Murph, you are a gorgeous, loveable guy! No matter what some (one???) may say, anyone who takes care of a dog is a blessed and receives back tenfold what is given, regardless of the breed involved. Let's support the love that is represented by the human-canine bond rather than nit-pick breeding. Murphy, nonstop biscuits for the rest of your beautiful life!!!
May 16, 2008 angelsmommie
Murphy, have I got a lady friend for you. You are a beautiful puppy. Billions of biscuits
May 16, 2008 Moisson
Hello Murphy. YOu are such a cute puppy, your mom and dad are so lucky to have you.
May 16, 2008 luvmyroscoe
Mad Dog Murphy! Perfect name for the perfect dog. Have always loved labs, especially chocolate and poodles. You both are very lucky to wake up to each other every day - how fun!
May 16, 2008 wolfshield
Murphy, such a loving pup! I see our brown lab in him and those eyes! We never regret for a moment choosing him after a child ran to the cage and got the beagle we wanted to adopt. The shelter's staff said to look at the brother and low and behold it was a lab. Five minutes in the booth with him and that was it. You know, sometimes we don't have anything to do with mixed breeding. I will say our cockerdoodle gave us a real work out keeping her hair groomed. Happy days ahead.
May 16, 2008 lizanne
Hi Murphy, You are a beautiful little puppy. (Not so litttle, however. I love your curly coat, and your happy disposition. I am glad this breed was created to help the blind. Good luck to you. Hugs from Elizabeth and Miss Katie =O)
May 16, 2008 lkaspin
A big walking Hershey's chocolate kiss! Yum!
May 16, 2008 Bessy-Senior
You're right about him being a heartbreaker... I'm in love!!! Lots of love to you Murphy boy :)
May 16, 2008 lkaspin
OOPS forgot to pick a picture. I love this head-tilted expression.
May 16, 2008 usfour
Murphy is just a beautiful touseled bundle of love - so cute and what a wonderful color. Wish I could give him a big hug! Enjoy your precious pup.
May 16, 2008 gallagheranda
I fully agree with barbaranne423
May 16, 2008 stormsamson
What a sweet little man! I can tell he is just as lovable as they come. Please give him a kiss right between those beautiful green eyes of his and I wish blessed health for him and plenty of lovins' for you!
A puppy doesn't know of care about his lineage, he just wants to be in a safe and loving home. You can tell from these pictures that Murphy is very happy indeed! When you look into those puppy eyes and see the unconditional love that is there it doesn't really matter where they came from. Any true dog lover knows exactly what I am talking about. Enjoy many happy years with your Murphy - he is an adorably fluffy addition to your family!
May 16, 2008 loonz
Mad Dog Murphy - you look like you just had a perm! You sure are cute.
May 16, 2008 zootiesmom
What a cutie, beautiful eyes and curls! He looks very happy in his new home!
May 16, 2008 tamwise21
Murphy looks so cute. He looks like he is a heartbreaker. That hair something else I telll you. He is addorable enjoy..............
May 16, 2008 dede
How unique! He almost has a human expression!!!!! Soooooo cute!!
May 16, 2008 danacakes
So Cute. I have a labradoodle, too. They are the best dogs in the world. Almost human. Enjoy your many years of faithful loyalty and companionship with Murphy. 10 million biscuits!!!
May 16, 2008 sdv in slc
Awesome name Murphy! I love the subtle goatee! Many buscuits and many happy years together.
May 16, 2008 anitasue
Didn’t mean to come over so HARSH This chocolate baby is very gorgeous, beautiful eyes, ect….. I love Mutts!! They r the best of breeds . Have had a couple Seems they never get sick compared to your AKC.. So true So sorry to offend anyone…..itâ& #128;™s the cross breeding that put a ? In my mind…. But hats off to the owner , U have a very Handsome Fellow.. And how could u knot love him He was born on the day of LOVE!!!
May 16, 2008 NewPup
Murphy has the most intuitive, expressive eyes.. almost human!! A bundle of LoVe in a fur coat, what more could anyone hope for! What a cutie! ;)
May 16, 2008 dogmom
I am so in love with this guy, words elude me. Beautiful.
May 16, 2008 JulianaN
What a face! Murphy looks extremely snuggable and cuddly. Enjoy his antics for years to come!
May 16, 2008 dzsuli
awwww, is he real???? soooooo cute little chocolate mousse :)
May 16, 2008 packermom
What a beautiful soul he is. The combination is very handsome. Many happy wonderful years ahead.
May 16, 2008 lisalisa
Goodness, what a sweet face Murphy has! And those eyes - his eyes are just gorgeous! He is just too cute. I wish you many, many years of love and kisses!
May 16, 2008 litlshell
"Just one more cookie?? Pretty please??" Wh at an adorable little guy! Love the curls. Of course I'm partial to all things poodle :-)
May 16, 2008 corriedaboxers
What a lovely puppy, many happy years together. 11 biscuits.
May 16, 2008 wellie'smum
Murphy, you look so sweet!! Lots of biscuits & hugs!
May 16, 2008 terry c
anitasue: Mind your own business, please. People like you are truly tiresome, with your sanctimony and soapbox antics.
May 16, 2008 bucklesnbows
Beautiful dog and loves you already~such an adoring look on his face! I know he will provide you with years of love and fun! Lots of biscuits to him and hugs to you both!
May 16, 2008 coqui301
Murphy you the man...cutie pie!!!!!
May 16, 2008 Zelda
I think I'm in love!
May 16, 2008 reenieado
I love the little white goatie! Poodle mixes are always so dang cute-something about that crazy wavy fur, I guess.
May 16, 2008 lh9313
May 16, 2008 ebru
awww lots of biscuits and kisses to Murphy
May 16, 2008 puppylvr12
awwwwwww i love is curly fur and the color of it hes so cute :)
May 16, 2008 piobaire
His curly hair covers one eye...makes me think of Mad Eye Moody!! He's VERY cute!
May 16, 2008 puppydog
Awwww so cute. Those puppy eyes r so cute!
May 16, 2008 drakes' granny
I just love when puppies turn their heads to one side or the other trying to understand what you are saying. We love you Murphy. Many biscuits for a puppy with a permenant wave. xo
May 16, 2008 djmc
What a sweetheart just love that face and smile. enjoy your baby lots and lots of biscuits
May 16, 2008 Lindsajean
Murphy gets the head tilt from his mommy, who is an experienced self portrait photographer. He's quite photogenic ;)
May 16, 2008 poodlelover
Murphy is just gorgeous. I'm a poodle lover and I've Murphy is the cutest mix of the lab and poodle I've ever seen. What a sweetheart.
May 16, 2008 poodlelover
Oops, forgot....this is my favorite picture. A trillion biscuits to you.
May 16, 2008 LPlumb1963
OH MURPHY!!! You are so handsome!!! Keep on smiling!!! LOTS OF HUGS & BELLY RUBS!
May 16, 2008 jamiedottcom
what an awesome mix between breeds!....wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness with this beautiful pup. god bless!!
May 16, 2008 Casey's mom
With all that hair, Murphy is in there somewhere!! Too cute!
May 16, 2008 deedee23
Murphy, you are so adorable!!!!!!
May 16, 2008 DaisyMay
looks like a water doggy many yrs of bliss......a trillion biscuits
May 16, 2008 melinda cox
Murphy you are awsomely beautiful. I've never have seen a labradoodle and he is really cutr
May 16, 2008 dailypuppyfan
Love the goatee. Murphy is a cutie, and looks so happy! Doodles are awesome dogs. You go, Mad Dog Murphy.
May 16, 2008 puppyluv6969
moar belly plz.
May 16, 2008 gizmo's mom
Love the expression on this cuties face, adorable
May 17, 2008 kat96
oh murphy you have made me long for a labradoodle! i have a labrador at the moment and i can just imagine how wonderful she would be crossed with a poodle!! thousands of biscuits for you!! cuddles, kisses and love from london! p.s how do you get his coat so shiny ?? XX
May 17, 2008 JohnnyDeppLuver
AWWWWWWWWWWWW! Im getting one of these next month he is SOOOOOO CUTE!
May 17, 2008 amyliz
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to comment on Murphy yesterday but oh, what a sweetie! So cute and his personality shines through in all his pictures!
May 17, 2008 puppy world
he likes lying down hes joyful and happy hes thirsty hes sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and i like his curls hes groomed dog and is alert 2 biscuits
May 17, 2008 lotsapets
What a happy dog!!! He looks like he's saying " I really, really need to think about this!!! He's beautiful...........!!
May 18, 2008 gail koup
What a guy! He is definitely a heeart breaker! I'm so glad he has a loving home! :-)
May 18, 2008 K-dog
Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo cute for words!!!!!
May 18, 2008 natgeomo
So smiley and soooo cute!
May 19, 2008 Rickysmom
Murphy you are beautiful! A million biscuits to you baby.
May 21, 2008 Softpaws
Doll!!! Many cuddles to you from Bangalore!
May 21, 2008 liltinker
Jan 16, 2009 georgia04
What a happy, warm expression Murphy has on his face. He's adorable. How could you have a bad day with this sweetheart around?
Jun 28, 2009 mad about huskys
very cute!
Jun 28, 2009 mad about huskys
nice hair do mate
Nov 29, 2010 Justawalkhome
Gorgeous eyes!
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