Monday, July 28, 2014
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May 19, 2008 CooperNoelle
Too cute!! Such sparkling eyes!
May 19, 2008 suelill
Nemo you are so cute. I know you're a boy but you are pretty - ok we'll say handsome!! Lots of biscuits.
May 19, 2008 killingart
Wow... his eyes are very beautiful. So cute.
May 19, 2008 teeru
kisses and hugs and thousands of biscuits. Really beautiful hair he has.
May 19, 2008 Rach5208
May 19, 2008 jrstar
This is a stunning boy with magic dust in his eyes.
May 19, 2008 mephibosheth
Please Please Please Can I have a puppy like Nemo?
May 19, 2008 ursa'smomma
Those eyes are just way too cool! What an adorable lil' guy. Scrumptious!
May 19, 2008 patw1
I don't think I would move from the couch if it meant we could sit and cuddle all day, he is a real cutie 11+ biscuits for Nemo and your other dogs!
May 19, 2008 pepper's mom
May 19, 2008 catahouladad
You want to pet me don't you? It's okay, I don't mind. Go ahead, scratch me riiiiiight there!
May 19, 2008 corgigirl37
"OK! I'm ready for action!!" what a cute furball!
May 19, 2008 rondog
Absolute perfection. He sounds like such a nice puppy. His people are very fortunate to have him. Many happy, healthy years!
May 19, 2008 boo-bearsmom
"Okay, I sat still this long, can I go now please, huh please can I go? Look deeply into my eyes... you will have no resistance, give me a belly rub, right now!" Wow! He is a cutie, and his eyes are stunning! Be happy, spoiled, safe, and blessed!
May 19, 2008 sugaplum
is'nt he lovely , he is such a poser if i had eyes like his all the boii's would be all over me ... you are very luky to have got such a good catch xx becky xx
May 19, 2008 angeldog
I love this dog, the blue eyes are gorgeous. he looks so soft and sweet. enjoy your new puppy. lots of biscuits for him! give him XOXOXOXO for me.
May 19, 2008 puppyfixation
Beautiful Dog! Enjoy many long years together!
May 19, 2008 Ange2809
You are such a handsome little puppy Nemo. Wishing you many hugs, kisses, doggy biscuits and fun times with your wonderful freinds and owners!!! xoxoxo
nemo is so aborable, just beautiful, love those eyes, full of love, have fun
May 19, 2008 bkregh
What a beautiful face. Have uears of love and fun with this guy.
May 19, 2008 Oscars_mom
Awwwww Nemo you are so adorable!I just love your eyes!hugs,kisses,and biscuits!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
May 19, 2008 mummm
Nemo is so beautiful. I love his coat and eyes. It's also fun that he tries to herd his brothers!
May 19, 2008 doggieluvrpv
Who had the nerve to give Nemo less than 11 biscuits? Look at that face - how can you not fall in love? Nemo, you are georgous! Loads of hugs and kisses!!
May 19, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Oh Nemo.. I'd love a snuggle with you. What a lovely fluffy boy you are! Biscuits and Bellyrubs, Pam in Toronto
May 19, 2008 dogmom
Okya, Nemo -- of course you can sit in MY lap and snuggle all you want!! Gorgeous baby.
May 19, 2008 Marj
What beautiful eyes! And I love the white hour glass on his forehead and nose. Altogether a work of art fashioned by the hand of God. I bet he would be great at agility. Enjoy your new baby!
May 19, 2008 judithvick
Nemo is such a handsome boy! He looks so soft and cuddly. Enjoy your spirited new addition!
May 19, 2008 indigo72
Nemo is a really cute name for a really cute dog
May 19, 2008 shell242
What a cute pup!. I love how is eyes match his hair colors!
May 19, 2008 ebru
cutie xxx
May 19, 2008 Pets-We-Love
"I undersatand everything you say" The Aussie's are super-smart.... Gorgeous creature!!! Many years of health & fun!!
May 19, 2008 tsuki's mom
Nemo is a beautiful boy! Wow! Such gorgeous eyes!
May 19, 2008 Giggles
Could he be any more adorable??
May 19, 2008 fritzy
Adorable!!! :)
May 19, 2008 Puppy Power
He's a beautiful Pup! Such a pretty coat and gorgeous eyes! Many biscuits & kisses!
May 19, 2008 jenag94
He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
May 19, 2008 jenag94
He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ; cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 19, 2008 luvmyroscoe
Did you win him at the fair!? Looks just like a stuffed animal I won at the fair one year and I WISHED he were fun to have a REAL one!
May 19, 2008 JelizaRoza
How lovely! :-)
May 19, 2008 savon19
How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!) The one with the waggley tail How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!) I do hope that doggie's for sale!! I LOVE NEMO!! (Had trouble signing in - hope this works now.)
May 19, 2008 DaisyMay
May 19, 2008 aussiemom1
He is a cutie. With 2 Aussie kids myself, I can assure you he will bring you lots of loyalty, love, laughs, and definitely wiggle butts. Aussie's will get you hooked for life. Enjoy your handsome boy.
May 19, 2008 Beth1226
Nemo is a cutie. I'm sure he'll keep you hopping - and happy.
May 19, 2008 PuppyLove22
Nemo you are the cutest thing I have ever seen! I want one just like you :)
May 19, 2008 lovemypom
I love Australian Shepherds! Nemo is one great looking fellow!
May 19, 2008 Nickyb
How adorable! Those eyes!
May 19, 2008 clemency
Nemo's fur is just GORGEOUS! I love his coloring and markings, and he looks sooo soft & fluffy! He is a very cute boy!
May 19, 2008 ajcarter9405
He is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! TONS of biscuits for you Nemo!!
May 19, 2008 cutiepie108
I'm in love!!!!!!! i want u nemo!!
May 19, 2008 sjh
Fluffy puppy cute and those die for. Nemo you are one adorable baby.
May 19, 2008 sdv in slc
What a lovely little bundle of fluff! I want to hug him and kiss him and bury my face in his fuzzy body.
May 19, 2008 amyliz
What a handsome little guy! And the eyes...oh my!
May 19, 2008 Casey's mom
Absolutely Beautiful!
May 19, 2008 mikdebluvpups
so very cute!
May 19, 2008 Lisaez1
I would have a hard time denying this pup anything!!! 100 biscuits for you and a big hug too!!!
May 19, 2008 Mel A
Such a little cutie pie and he looks like a perfectly fluffy snuggler :) He would be my little nap partner! I've just added a new breed to my list of "maybe"s for a new puppy...
May 19, 2008 Little Ricky's Mommy
What a fluffy little baby with the most piercing and lovely eyes.
May 19, 2008 vorner
What an absolutely magnificient puppy you are, Nemo! God bless you and your entire family with a long, happy, healthy life! Lots of hugs, kisses and tummy rubs for you and your canine buddies too! XOXOXO
May 19, 2008 kittymom
Nemo, how cute is that fuzzy puppy rump! You are a very handsome young man with gorgeous blue eyes.
May 19, 2008 LPlumb1963
May 19, 2008 lisalisa
Nemo, you're a beauty! I love your colors and those amazing eyes of yours. Your parents are very lucky to have you! lots of biscuits coming your way.
May 19, 2008 lucylove
What a sweetheart! And those beautiful eyes! They are so blue! 11 biscuts! Many belly rubs!
May 19, 2008 piobaire
Oh look at those beautiful eyes and that fuzzy butt! Who could resist this darling?? I'd love to survive an attack from him!
May 19, 2008 wellie'smum
Nemo, you're so handsome! WHat a fun time you must have doing all those things! Lots of biscuits & hugs.
May 19, 2008 tamwise21
His eyes MELT me he is soooooooooooooooooo cute...I give you a million treats and I wish i could give you a million hugs... (******) internet hug coming your way...... Enjoy
May 19, 2008 kyrie_jessa cant help but smile
May 19, 2008 Woof4pups
awwwwwwwww!Sooo cute!!!!!!!! He's like a little fox or something. Nemo makes my heart melt!
May 19, 2008 Hana's Mom
Nemo is a beautiful boy!
May 19, 2008 zara's mum
Sweetie, sweetie. All the biscuits possible for a bright-eyed ittle baby!
May 19, 2008 Zelda
What luminous eyes! Just beautiful!!
May 19, 2008 crzy4aussies
What a beautiful pup!
May 19, 2008 maggiepup
well if there was ever a pup who knew how to use his sparkly blues its nemo!!!hes goooooorgeous and so fluffy,like a ball of multi coloured four legged heavenly cotton wool(clever cotton wool tho by the looks of it!)enjoy eachother.hes a beaut!
May 19, 2008 Kristen109100
i love the eyes on Nemo!
May 19, 2008 stormsamson
What a handsome little man! And, he's hanging with great company (GRT and Lab). Maybe it's just what they needed to liven up their little lives! He is such a sweetie and I wish you many years of blessed health, kissing and lovins for all of your broad!!!!
May 19, 2008 corriedaboxers
What a lovely looking puppy, hugs and kisses. hope you have many happy years together. 11 biscuits.
May 19, 2008 gail koup
What a cutie! Nemo, you are an absolutely handsome bundle of fur! You are a guy and a half!!! Lots of love and hugs to you! :-)
May 19, 2008 mbgame
Those beautiful silvery blue eyes! It seems almost everyone loves them. too. Good Dog! Wuf!
May 19, 2008 i_love_lucky33
OH MY GOSH!! I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS THE CUTESTT!!! PUPPY I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! i love those beautiful blue eyes... they are WONDERFUL... your lucky to have her/him... ADORIBLE!!!
May 19, 2008 malawi
Oh those beautiful eyes - those great big beautiful eyes,,,,,,,,,,beautiful even if the eyes were not that lovely blue. (I have Siberians, so I know about the blue)
May 19, 2008 caraschotch
This is an exquisite ittle girl, and anyone who gave her fewer than 11 biscuits ought to be hunted down and made to clean up all the dog poo in Central Park! For a year!
May 19, 2008 NewPup
This sweet placid moment lasted, I'll bet, about a half a nanosecond! LOLxD ~A darling little dog, a breed I absolutely love, and were seriously considering last year~ I'm so happy for you.. What a sweeetheart!:)
May 19, 2008 puppylvr12
May 19, 2008 drakes' granny
Nemo, you are such a precious pup. Yes, you have eyes like a water pool that you just can't wait to look into and get lost. Enjoy your older furry friends and your people parent. I'm sure they will want to treat you like a prince. Hope they give to lots of biscuits, treats and the love you should have always.
May 19, 2008 Jem182
Nemo has such pretty eyes ^_^ They remind me of blue crystals with an extra spark to them =)
May 19, 2008 ausongbird
One of the pretties Mini Aussie's I've ever seen. Just beautiful! I'm sure he'l bring you years of joy and puppy kisses.
May 19, 2008 pomtzu
What a pretty, fluffy, adorable little boy. Best wishes for a long and happy and healthy lifetime with him!
May 19, 2008 whippoorwill
Nemo is beautiful and looks as though he'd be so much fun to have with the rest of your brood.
May 19, 2008 AussieRusty
I love your name sweetheart! You are such a doll! I love all Aussies but you are just gorgeous !
May 19, 2008 magnolia'smom
I can't pick a favorite picture - they are all wonderful. Nemo is absolutely georgeous! You are so lucky!
May 19, 2008 tbirddooley
Nemo, What a doll. Its too hot all year round in Hawaii or I would want you right now. Used to have a blue merril sheltie. looked like Nemo.
May 19, 2008 Rickysmom
What a beautiful baby! I love those eyes.
May 19, 2008 oaktown girl
Methinks those sweet, innocent eyes are hiding a world of mischief!
May 19, 2008 Kathy80122
Does he have a brother or sister for me?
May 19, 2008 susan barker
What a cute and fuzzy guy. He's soooo cute!!
May 19, 2008 tracy kemmer
This pup is a real beauty. Congrats to the family that parent him, oh yeah his siblings too. Have loads of fun this Summer with your sweeties
May 19, 2008 gizmo's mom
May 19, 2008 puppydog
His eyes are so pretty, Nemo is a completly adorable puppy!
May 19, 2008 s & w's mom
What a beautiful smart puppy you are. Have fun herding your brothers and the rest of your family.
May 19, 2008 doglover231
Love the eyes.
May 19, 2008 guido's mama
Nemo is a fluffy cuddly pup-pup sweetheart. xoxo
May 19, 2008 kaile48
This is the most beautiful dog I think I've ever seen... His eyes are gorgeous!
May 19, 2008 fat.hippo123
May 19, 2008 terry c
What beautiful eyes Nemo has. Aussies have such wonderful markings.
May 19, 2008 Frog
awwwwwww, so cute!!!!! love ya
May 19, 2008 melinda cox
What a beautiful puppy. Those baby blues make me melt.Many hugs & kisses.
May 19, 2008 djmc
What a sweet baby, just want to cuddle . lots and lots of biscuits
May 19, 2008 puppy world
he ois bored and lonley but has a owner to play with somtimes he loves getting pet on the belly he stares at food and when they drop it he eats it he likes walking and his eyes are evil but cute look like ice cubes hes brave 7 biscuits
May 19, 2008 Carol K.
Nemo! You've been found. . .by a truly wonderful family! Plenty of playmates and toys! You are one of the most beautiful Blue Merle Aussies (of any size) that I have ever seen! Had to give you max biscuits because you're so cuddly and photogenic! (Would love to know if you would share who your breeder was by contacting me at Our Blue Merle Aussie gal, Ruffles, has been a member of our family since she was 7 weeks old . . .and she'll be 12 years old this coming July. We wish you good health and long life. Cheers!
May 20, 2008 mealea
I want to pick every picture!!! Our Ginger is part Aussie with the same exact eyes. I'd like to give Nemo a big hug. He is such a cutie!!!
May 20, 2008 skeeze_in_belize
Oh my gosh, he is beautiful! :)
May 20, 2008 phay
omg his eyes are soo cute i wish mine were that color
May 20, 2008 sprp
Nemo, you are SOOOO cute. My 2 Shelties are your cousins and your Mommy and family are in for lots of fun with you! Big (gentle) hugs you sweet boy!
May 20, 2008 packermom
Just look at those beautiful soulful eyes. He would just lasso the moon for you. Many happy years with him and his family mates.
May 21, 2008 fluffy ears
Nemo's eyes are sooooooooooooo blue and well i just love him
May 21, 2008 Softpaws
What a compact little doll with so much personality! Siiiigh!!! Many kisses and lots of love to you Nemo. 11 ship loads of your favourite foods!
May 21, 2008 liltinker
I love the coloring of the coat and eyes. Awsome looking pup.
May 22, 2008 Sailordog-author
ohmygosh! this is the cutest puppy in the world! I am a puppy lovin' novelist who wrote a dog lover's book about a dog name Sailor in SAVING SAILOR, and am looking for cute puppy pics to post on my website #13; is it okay to post Nemos pic? xoxo to nemo thanks!
May 23, 2008 kellys
You were not kidding, Nemo is a beautiful puppy.
May 26, 2008 luhve meg
Nemo is simply gorgeous! His eyes are so beautiful and haunting, gah! I just love him to pieces. =) What an adorable little dude. You are so lucky.
May 26, 2008 pitbullzrox
Nemo! i heart you!!!!!!!i just wanna hug and kiss u all over!!!!!!!!!!!! 1,000,000 bicuits!!!!!! have a wonderful life with Nemo!
May 28, 2008 amaiorana
What a heart breaker. He is gorgeous and has beautiful eyes.
May 30, 2008 wolfgirl66
Jun 4, 2008 Yeatts
This is one of the most beautiful Aussie's I've seen!! My sister has a rescued Aussie but he doesn't have the blue eyes like Nemo!! I bet he's growing like a weed!
Jun 5, 2008 clawz
I think Nemo must be the cutest puppy I've ever had the pleasure of seeing!! He has the most unique eyes and fur. By all the biscuits and comments, it looks like a lot of people love him!!
Jun 5, 2008 clawz
I could just pick him up and squeeze him so tight!! I added him onto my "favorites" list on my computer so I'll always have him to look at!!
Jun 6, 2008 kam13
Love those eyes! What a beautiful dog!
Jun 14, 2008 jillian7646
look at those adorable eyes!!!!!!! xoxoxo hope you have a great family
Jul 23, 2008 collie_lover101
Nemo is adorable! I love the name Nemo too! XOXO Nemo! lol, such a cute puppy!
Jul 29, 2008 horselover10
aw this is the cutest puppy ever.
Aug 24, 2008 krystan
whata handsome baby, love the colors, and those eyes.He could hypnotize you if you look at them too long, OH!! but i guess you know that
Aug 24, 2008 krystan
UH,OH!!! He's giving us those puppy eyes....DON'T LOOK, COVER YOUR EYES!!! too late, he got me. Many tummy rubs and a truckload of treats for you nemo. Stay squooshable!!
Sep 18, 2008 jazza-lee
Eyes set to kill!
Jan 19, 2009 Adorkable
Aw, he looks so sweet. =3
Feb 8, 2009 lilywily88
he looks sad and cute
Jun 28, 2009 mad about huskys
I love those eyes and theat face shes 100,000,000% adorable infinety biccies
Sep 29, 2009 CassieLover123
my dog Cassie is an mini aussie so i know that are great dogs what beautiful eyes you very very lucky!!!
Nov 20, 2009 Dog Fan725
He's absolutely stunning! Can you tell us where you got him?
Jan 29, 2010 Brooke_94
Is Nemo still up for adoption? Because I would love to have him. (:
Feb 12, 2010 kkswolf
Would you share the breeder with me ? Email is Nemo is beautiful.
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