Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jan 6, 2007 beth
Norman, stop being so cute right this minute, I can't stand it!

Jan 6, 2007 anon
you have to be kidding... nothing this adorable can possibly exist?! Looking at these pictures makes me swell up with this indescribable happiness... how do you LIVE with him? I would never leave the house without him... something tells me work wouldn't like that too much. I wish I could play in the snow with him!
Jan 6, 2007 joyalew
He is sooooo cute!!!!!!!
I got my Tibby as an adult. I SOOOOO missed out!
Jan 6, 2007 Knate and Charlene
Norman you are gorgeous! Our friends' Tibby, Dalai, was 21 when he died. Long life and good health to you, too, adorable Norman.
Jan 6, 2007 DogLuvver
Ha ha ha fell asleep eating dinner. You're a great pup! How big will you get to be? Nothing less than 11 biscuits baby!!
Jan 6, 2007 yujismom
black and white cute!
Jan 6, 2007 DogMom
What a beautiful fluffy baby! Norman is toooooo cute. Lucky you. I would not be able to deny him anything...... Kisses to him!
Jan 6, 2007 oahuwoman
Norman is a fluffy package of wub... (that's my best impression of Elmer Fudd). I wouldn't be able to resist giving him anything he wants either. What a sweetheart:)
Jan 6, 2007 kippysmama
ok guys who wants to organize a kidnap??? He is too cute! you guys are so lucky to have such an adorable fluff ball!!
Jan 6, 2007 pato
what a sweet puff...I'm doubling my vote...22 biscuits to Norman...
Jan 6, 2007 twinkelbelpeach
What a beautiful puppy. Wish I could ruffle his fluffiness. Can you tell us how large his breed is when it's grown.
Jan 6, 2007 allpupsRperfect
Norman, we emailed all our friends and told them to vote 11 'skits for you. You had us at the first picture but when we saw you sleeping in your dish (rough night out?) we were goners. You are absolutely precious!
Jan 6, 2007 mperlet
Norman you are one handsome, cutie-pie ball-o-fur! Each picture just got more adorable. 11 biscuits for sure!
Jan 6, 2007 Sunny332
Norman - Have you got a brother that needs a home. I am in love!

11 Biscuits - Absolutely - you are so cute!
Jan 6, 2007 ilovedogs
Norman you are such a cute puppy!!!!! I love the pic where he fell asleep on his doggie dishes. It is just absolutely adorable!!!!!!! All the other pics are just so precious!!!!!! 11 biscuits for Norman all the way!!!!!
Jan 6, 2007 Julia
Norman!!!!!!!!! Aieeee! You are the cutest thing in the world! How wonderful for you!

Okay, his face is so sweet that I didn't have to put any Splenda in my coffee. Also, reading the phrase "snowshoe-like feet" made me want to squeal for about an hour.
Jan 6, 2007 puppyluver
I love him!!!!
Jan 6, 2007 gryt
Omg, could he be any cuter!! He's like a stuffed toy!

Holy mackerel... It must take you forever to take a walk, with people stopping you with their oooing and aaaing, wanting to give Norman kisses... :)
Jan 6, 2007 grommetsmom
oh norman....what a doll you are!!!
Jan 6, 2007 wonder_al
Wow... that is one awesome looking breed! :D I want to cuddle him.
Jan 6, 2007 faintsfromcutedogs
Ok who remembers that old rock and roll song Norman---ooooo Norman my love? That song was about you little Norman. Too bad your owners don't feed you so you must sleep right next to the bowl in case a morsel of food drops in :) Enjoy your cuddly happy snuggle-faced life please.
Jan 6, 2007 caspersmom
Damn, what a cute face. I don't think he could get any cuter. Love him.
Jan 7, 2007 Knate and Charlene
Norman, Oooo, Norman, Oooo
Norman, Norman my love

Jimmy called me on the phone
But I was gone, not at home
'Cause I was out parked all alone
With darlin' Norman

Bill invited me to a show
But I said "no, cannot go
There's a dress that I've got to sew
And wear for Norman"

Norman holds me close to him
Norman kisses me, and then
Norman knows my heart belongs to him, and him, and only him, oh
Norman, Oooo, Norman, Oooo
Norman, Norman my love

Joey asked me for a date
He wanted to take me out to skate
But I told Joey he would have to make
Arrangements with Norman

Norman is my only love
Norman's all I'm thinking of
Norman gives me all his lovin', kissin', huggin', lovey dovin'
Norman, Oooo, Norman, Oooo
Norman, Norman my love
Jan 7, 2007 bunnied816
"Mr Personality" - how right you are!!! What a handsome sweetheart!!

I, too, was curious about the breed size (I'd never seen a Tibetan Terrier); according to, they grow to 14"-17" and weigh 18-30 pounds. Just FYI...
Jan 7, 2007 theaterchild246
OMG Norman is soooooo cute. I luv the one were he is asleep next to his little soccer ball. I ALMOST CRIED he is SOO cute!
Jan 8, 2007 LabMom
Norman is unbelievably cute. Too cute for words, I'm at a loss. What a great way to start the week-discovering Norman in my mail!
Jan 8, 2007 lisaamcm
Norman made me smile, that is one cute pup.
My daughter picked up a beagle out of a busy intersection last month, literally saved her life, and the beagle was skinny and dirty, but a very sweet girl. I dropped her off today for heartworm treatment, and I was feeling very blue, but Norman lifted my spirits tremendously! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!
I give Norman an extra 20 biscuits!
Jan 8, 2007 DogMomTo5
Oh my gosh--he is adorable!!!!! I've never seen one in person and it's a good thing becuase I think I would steal him!!! He is so cute!!!! He looks a little mischevious too! :)
Jan 8, 2007 renee
Love him to bits and pieces. He is sooo cute, funny and just full of it. His little face is so precious.
Jan 9, 2007 soshyviolet
Feb 16, 2007 cpatinella
My TT is going to be 9 years old and is mostly black with a white marking on her chest and some brown across her snoot. Norman has great colors and markings. TT's are great dogs.
May 29, 2007 sandi
I agree with anon-- I got very happy when I looked at Norman-- what a cutie. I just adore his white snout and the black around the eyes and ears and that pic of him lying down looking up with his ears standing up with that little paw-- gees, be still my heart.
Mar 15, 2008 kittymom
Norman is ABSOLUTELY THE most DARLING puppy I have EVER
seen on the DP....... I'm just speechless...... awwwww...'thud'....
Jun 6, 2008 Rach5208
soooo cute!
Jun 10, 2008 s & w's mom
Norman, every picture of you is absolutely adorable. I really can't choose. Cuteness, cuteness, cuteness....
Dec 5, 2008 charlieboy123
awww look it that cute lil face he is so cute look in this picture he looks like hes mister coool lol i love him!
Jan 7, 2009 harleys_mom1974
I love Norman! He's adorable!
Jan 17, 2009 georgia04
Norman is 100% sugar. He is off the charts of cuteness, WAY past 11 biscuits! Days with him must be nonstop fun. Give him cuddles and kisses for me!
Feb 23, 2009 nickjfan4eva123
aww Norman is so cute in this pic
Oct 12, 2009 phlyfisher
Who is the breeder of Norman? I would be interested.
Dec 10, 2009 Astrid
Norman is gorgeous. We've just got a TT puppy who is now 11 weeks old. He's called Dudley and is Sable and White. He's adorable and illicits all the kinds of comments and oooh's and aaars! that you talk about.
Feb 14, 2010 becca_x3
awww norman youu look exactly the same as my doggie molly !x she is years old and has all the same coulors as norman !x such a wee cutsterrr x mwahh xxxxxxx(: :)
Feb 14, 2010 becca_x3
*molly is also a tibetan terrier xxx(: :)xxx
Feb 3, 2011 Holly Belle's Mom
As cute as a puppy could ever get! When the word, and the pics get out - we'll be seeing Tibetan Terriers much more frequently - and not a moment too soon. I can't stop looking at these pictures!
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