Nosha the Jack Russell Puppy

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Nosha's dad says: It was love at first sight. When her mom and I first saw her running across the breeder's yard, we looked at each other and knew she was the puppy for us! From that first day, she's delivered to us more joy, energy, and laughter than I ever thought could fit in that little body. From our morning jogs (one mile) to our evening walks (two to four miles), when we finish, she gives us a look that says, "What, that's all you've got?" Energetic and smart aren't always the best combination, though. Despite her very best efforts to the contrary, she graduated from obedience training anyway. (I think we got a sympathy "PASS"!) However, we've never found enough fault in Nosha to keep us angry for long, or keep her goofy daddy from laying down in the middle of the floor to play with his little girl!!