Oberon the Labrador Mix

Puppy Breed: Collie / Labrador Retriever

We got Oberon (Obi for short) from a rescue agency here in Dublin, Ireland. He is a wonderful little fellow full of joy and affection! We both had high hopes for puppy ownership but nothing could have prepared us for how rewarding young Obi is. Even when he is mischievous (which is pretty often given his natural high spirits) he has the sweetest nature of any puppy I have ever met. The other day he went on his first walk in the park and in the middle of all the excitement he met his first toddler. Now usually he is very excited to meet people and can be a bit "frisky" but he seemed to realize that more caution was required on this occasion and immediately sat on command and let the child pet him and just licked him gently on the hand. This was so different to his usual energetic greetings that we were stunned! We were the proudest puppy parents possible at that moment!