Obie the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Obie's mom says: Obie was born on April 22, 2007. I got Obie from a breeder in New Jersey. He is such a sweet, handsome boy & gets noticed wherever we go. Obie currently has a girlfriend (Lucy - another Golden who is a month younger than him) he is smitten with & they have regular play dates. Obie loves kids & when he sees a yellow school bus driving in our neighborhood, he runs toward it knowing children will be coming off it. Obie's love for children is one of the most endearing things about him! I always read that Goldens love kids but didn't realize how true this was until I got Obie. Obie knows how to sit, stay, lay down (all with just hand signals) & play dead when I shoot him with my imaginary gun (my index finger) & say "BANG" It always gets a good laugh from people when he does this trick. I'm currently teaching him to "Take A Bow" but he still needs more practice before he has this trick down. Obie is such a delight & I'm so fortunate he came into my life!