Onesies April 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Boo the Boxer/Labrador Boo's mom says: We got Boo from the Houston SPCA. Well, he picked us. He sort of jumped out of the cage into my husband's arms and there was no going back. Boo is a naughty, clever, affectionate, stubborn, and totally adorable little fella who knows he can get what he wants if he just looks at you with his big black puppy eyes. Suki the Pug Suki's mom says: Suki is a precocious little baby who holds her own against her older Lab brother and two cats as well. She is a snuggle-bug and has to be touching me in some way at all times (except when she's running around in circles chasing the kitten or a toy). I was a little worried that I might be getting in over my head before I brought her home. I have two young children and three other pets, after all. But she completes our "herd" nicely and I can't imagine life without her. Suki loves car rides and going to the dog park and doesn't mind when I dress her up in little outfits. She is the most affectionate puppy I have ever seen and loves to give kisses to everyone. She loves to dig -- in the blankets, pillows, on the couch, in the clean laundry pile... anywhere. For such a small little dog, Suki has a huge, wonderful personality. Lady Padme the Chihuahua Padme's mom says: Here is Lady Padme Fontanelle Husted born of Princess Peanut Butter and Prince Sebastian Husted, born Nov 23, 2006. Yes, on Thanksgiving Day, between getting the turkey out of the oven and carving it. She is quite the butterball herself. At four weeks old she weighed one pound. Padme is a chocolate-and-tan Chihuahua and was been bottled-fed from day one. Peanut did not have the milk to feed little Padme. Padme will remain in our family as a family pet. Bianca the Pekingese/Bichon Frise Bianca's dad says: Bianca is super friendly and her favorite thing to do is kiss people's noses. We love her! Lucky the Beagle Lucky's mom says: We decided to try and breed our 13" beagle Daisy and I spotted another beagle in the neighborhood. We did not know what we were doing but it worked, and she had three of the cutest pups ever! Lucky was the cutest one. We called him Lucky because we had to help get him breathing after his birth. Three days before the pups were born we found two abandoned kittens in our yard and we raised them also at the same time. It was a good diversion last Christmas as our son was in Iraq -- nothing like five small animals to keep you busy and occupied! Sugar the Bichon Frise and Sahara the Golden Retriever Sugar's parents say: Sugar and Sahara came to us the same week. We think that they think they’re sisters. Sahara lets Sugar believe that she rules the roost. Sugar is feisty and Sahara sweet. Sugar gets mad when Sahara outruns her when they are chasing the lizards or rodents where we live in the Santa Barbara foothills. Sahara’s sweet nature allows Sugar to boss her around, unless it is about FOOD. In that case, Sahara puts her feet down. We have coyotes who live around our mountain house and have always halfway joked about how Sahara keeps Sugar safe. Recently they each received t-shirts; Sugar’s says TEAM BICHON, and Sahara’s says SECURITY. Tessa* the Mini Australian Shepherd * Tessa's Grown-up Puppy Pictures Tugs the French Bulldog/Boston Terrier Tugs's parents say: Tugs's favorite thing to do is lounge in the sun. Whether he's on the couch, the floor, or the rug, if there is a beam of sun coming in, he's lying in it! He's also a pretty serious snuggler. If he could snuggle in the sun, he'd be the happiest. He also loves to play with big dogs... be it chewing on their ears or jumping on their heads. He's a pretty happy guy. Biscuit the Poodle/Shih Tzu Biscuit's mom says: Biscuit is our new baby girl. We were told she would grow to be around six to eight pounds. Our last two dogs have been a Lab mix and a dobe -- what a difference it is to have such a small puppy this time. She licks us all over, and she is in the process of being potty trained and doing well. We love Biscuit! Cubby the Yorkie Cubby's mom says: Cubby was a graduation present. He goes to work with me every day. His job is to greet visitors to the plantation and guard the women-folk. LOL The rest of the time he plays fetch with the staff or lies on a fleece jacket on my desk. He's the best gift I ever received and makes me smile every single day. Connie the Labrador Connie's mom says: We got Connie when she was eight weeks old and from the start she was a wonderful. She is very affectionate and loyal although easily distracted. She loves to play with her favourite toys, Tiger and her basketball. She sleeps in weird positions and her antics make us smile continuously! Madee the Mini Schnauzer Madee's mom says: Madee is an old soul. This picture was taken the first day I brought her home… she was a tired pup. She has golden brown eyes that look right into your soul. She is now four years old and is without a doubt the sweetest pup I’ve ever known. Rocky the Chihuahua Rocky's dad says: Rocky is a purebred Chihuahua that lives with his five brothers and sisters. Ernie, Wiley, and Maggie are all dachshunds, Lil is a Brussels griffon, and Zoe is a black and white cat. Kendall is the 11-year-old owner of Rocky and she and Rocky love to go on walks down to the creek and explore the neighborhood. During the day Rocky can often be found barking at his reflection in the sliding glass door. Kendall thinks that Rocky barks at his reflection so much because doesn't recognize himself; he probably thinks he looks like all the dachshunds that he lives with. I'm a photographer and Rocky loves to pose for me. He also loves to go on rides in the car whenever he gets the chance. But most of all he likes to hang out with Wiley and get into all sorts of trouble. One of their favorite things to do is steal paper out of the trash can and rip it up on the floor. Of course when you catch them they both look at you like nothing is going on but usually they still have scraps of paper on their noses. Lola the Mixed Breed Lola's mom says: Lola is one lucky dog! Late one night my fiancé was driving to run an errand and had to go down an isolated road in a bad neighborhood. He saw a small figure in the middle of the road and nearly ran over it. Thinking it was a rabbit, he stopped and looked out the window. It was a small little puppy! It was crying in the middle of the road and he had to pull the car over in this dangerous area and proceed to chase it down. It was so dark that he didn't realize until he brought it home that it had scaly skin and fleas feasting all over the poor puppy. There was literally only small patches of skin that didn't have a layer of fleas, it was so mortifying! She looked so bad and had a large distended belly full of worms. We thought we would bring her to the vet and get her adopted, but no luck, we fell in love with her. She has a pit bull sister and brother to play with and they treat her like a little sister with plenty of love licks. She is our lucky Lola and is living in the lap of luxury -- a happy ending to what could have been a real tragedy. We tell her that fate brought her to that lonely road right when daddy's car was passing. Taz the Pit Bull Taz's mom says: I rescued Taz (aka Tasmanian Devil!) at nine weeks from a rescue group called Karma Rescue. She was the runt of the group but definitely the most dominant of her litter. She is very spirited and always happy. She loves to eat my leather couch. She loves the outdoors and walks with her mommy every night. I love that I can pick her up and she won’t scramble to get out of my arms. She feels very comfortable just hanging out with us, which I believe is very important in a dog. Taz is very smart learner. She knows her "heel" and her "sit" very well now! Being a pit owner, I know that they need an extra bunch of attention and socialization, so I make sure Taz is playing with someone or something new every day! Watson the Jack Russell/Pug Watson's mom says: Watson is definitely the cutest little man in the world! He likes nothing better than walking down to Bondi Beach with me in the morning for breakfast. He loves everybody, and when he’s out with me it takes forever to get anywhere as everyone stops to ask what he is. He looks like a mini boxer. We love him.