Onesies August 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Ozzy the Australian Shepherd Ozzy's mom says: When I first saw Ozzy, he was a little skeptical and ran off for a little bit, so my dad and I continued to look at the other puppies available. Then all of the sudden, I looked down and there was a little fella walking in between my legs sniffing at me and licking me. To make a long story short, Ozzy chose me before I could even chose a puppy. I love this puppy like he is my baby. In fact, he IS my little baby! I'm so happy that Ozzy chose me because he has brought so much joy into my life. He already knows how to fetch and shake. Sometimes he is a bit clumsy and runs into walls and things when he fetches, but he gets right back up as if nothing ever happened. Ozzy also likes to snuggle with me and give me kisses on my cheeks. When it's really hot outside, Ozzy loves the feeling of getting a good bath or taking a little swim in our pool. This little guy is truly a handful, but I love him! The Daily Puppy editors say: Happy August, everyone! We hope you enjoy this month's Onesies puppies. Moose the Wheaten Terrier Moose's sister says: We named this little soft-coated wheaten terrier Moose because he was the biggest puppy in the litter. He started playing as soon as he was was born, and he and his brother loved the playground. When Moose was old enough to come home, he thought the coffee table was his new playground. He climbs inside of it to chew on toys and sometimes gets stuck. I tried to teach Moose to knit, but he preferred to unwind the skein of yarn around his coffee table playground instead! This puppy loves the water. He cruises around the yard and the lake. He already retrieves sticks, barks at the ducks, and has even ridden on a jet ski. Moose may be part kangaroo because he loves to jump on his hind legs. He also howls like a beagle when his toys get stuck under the couch. Diva the Black Labrador Diva's mom says: Diva is incredibly smart at her young age. She has been house-trained since seven weeks old and continues to learn new tricks and commands week by week. More importanty she is the love of my life. Each day she brings smiles to my face and sometimes tears to my eyes. Diva came to me at a time that proved to be bittersweet. My 14-year-old yellow Lab is dying of a tumor. The life of my old girl is short and precious and seeing the life in Diva makes it easier some days and bittersweet other days. I just love my Diva-Div! Milly the Bulldog Milly's mom says: Milly is a real character and always up to mischief. She cries to be lifted on to the sofa and she cries if I am having my tea and she is not! However, she is very loving and also very good for such a young puppy. She is almost house-trained and sleeps till at least 7:00 am every day. She has no fear so often gets herself stuck in awkward places -- behind the TV, on top of the video recorder, underneath the table, and behind trees in the garden. She's even cuter because she has one light blue eye and one dark blue. Suzanne the Yorkshire Terrier Suzanne's mom says: Suzanne was given to me by my husband. As a child, our family had a dachshund and a Yorkshire terrier, and I now have those two dogs again. Suzanne is a bundle of energy and loves everyone and everything she meets. She’s been a great addition to our family, and our dachshund, Pookie, who is ten years old, has even lost two pounds from playing around with our new bundle of joy. Suzanne has an extremely animated face and loves to love and be loved. Fitz the Labrador Retriever Fitz's mom says: Fitz is a magnificent Labrador living in Italy. In fact we bought him in a shop after a long, long journey from Poland. We were sad for the very sad way we met him (we didn’t know the terrible way puppies are treated every day for commerce), but now we think he’s very lucky because we try to love him every day more. It’s not so difficult! He makes lots of disasters, like eating walls, or jumping on people talking with his parents, but he makes us smile a lot. Fitz loves to travel, therefore we do not miss an opportunity to take him on short trips to the Lago of Garda, where he loves to take a bath and to meet new friends. Tomás the Schnauzer Tomás’s aunt says: Tomás is a very sociable puppy and he's in love with a French poodle. He spends a lot of time by the window so he can get a glimpse of her. He really likes playing with my socks and grabbing the kitchen rags and moving them around. He's disobedient at times, but still we love him very much. Minga the West Highland Terrier Minga's mom says: Minga was born in Munich, Germany. Her name is Bavarian for "Munich." We bought her from a local breeder in Munich and brought her back to the United States. She loves the great outdoors and agility courses. She's a terrier through and through -- which means she really keeps our household on their toes. Lucy the Dachshund Milo the West Highland Terrier Milo’s dad says: Milo is almost five months old and the best thing to happen to me and my girlfriend. Ever since we’ve had Milo, he's been nothing but fun; he’s playful, attentive, smart, and he loves the camera! He even has a blog. Kishi the Shiba Inu Kishi’s mom says: Kishi is a female cream-colored shiba inu. We live in Brighton, Massachusetts, but will soon be embarking on a cross-country trip to relocate to California. Kishi loves people and is happiest sleeping or cuddling. She is a laid-back dog who can't go anywhere without being stopped to be told how adorable she is by everyone she meets. Shibas often come in red/orange or black, so many people think she looks very different from a lot of other shibas, but we think she is perfect. Braxton the Chihuahua Braxton’s mom says: My husband and I got Braxton just a few weeks ago and we are absolutely smitten with him. He loves our other Chihuahua, Isis. Isis was skittish of him initially, but now they are always playing together. Braxton is very loyal, sticking to our sides when we are out and about. He loves to drag shoes around and tear up papers. He has totally captured our hearts! Brinkley* the Golden Retriever * Brinkley's Grown-up Puppy Pictures Diggory the Labrador Retriever Diggory’s dad says: Diggory came to us from a family in Saugerties, New York, and has brought us endless joy, comfort, and happiness (and laughter). He is as sweet as he is clownish. He also brought a spark of youth to our older chocolate Lab, Maggie. Lilli the Yorkshire Terrier Lilli’s mom says: Lilli, a toy Yorkie, came into my life when my mother brought her home a little over two months ago. It's no surprise that Lilli is energetic, mischievous, and, above all, playful. She likes nothing better than to strut down the street during our walks, turning heads of every man, woman, and child who passes her. Although she is under three pounds, she is brave and courageous, and at times needs a gentle reminder that she is not invincible. Miles the Labrador Retriever Miles’s mom says: Miles is named after Miles Davis, one of our favorite musicians. Our other two-year-old Lab is named Dylan after Bob Dylan, so we have a music theme for the naming of pets. Miles is showing signs of being very smart. He has learned “sit” and “down” and sits immediately to be let in and out of the house and for feedings. He sometimes goes to his bowl and sits just in the hopes that he can eat again. Izze the Bernese Mountain Dog Izze’s mom says: Izze is the newest addition to our family. She is a very mellow dog who loves to hike, play, or just lounge around on the cool tile floor. One of her favorite resting spots is the swing on our patio. Whenever anyone walks out to the patio with her, she usually scoots by to get to the swing before anyone else. She and her two-year-old brother share not only toys but pacifiers as well, though, unlike her brother, she chews them up. Gidget and Roxy the Labradors Gidget and Roxy’s sister says: Roxy is the lighter one; Gidget is the darker one. The two of them are very loving and caring. They enjoy playing tug of war and chase. Gidget follows me everywhere; Roxy loves to follow my brother. Gidget likes to be wrapped up in a towel and held until she falls asleep. Roxy loves to sit on your lap and lick your legs. When the sisters start to eat, you do want to be around because they go crazy over wet dog food. When they get outside, many of the neighbors come outside to see them and play. Once the pups get tired, you'll know, because they will come and lie on your feet. These are the greatest puppies in the world and I love them so much. Beefy the Bulldog Beefy’s dad says: Beefy is a fearless, proud puppy. Nothing seems to scare him... except Pomeranians. He loves to play-fight and stare at himself in the mirror. If Beefy isn't sitting by his food container, he's attacking his daddy's hockey bag. He also has a hatred for our pink bathroom rug. On the weekends Beefy enjoys going to the local park and watching other dogs run around. He prefers to stand on the sidelines and cheer them on.