Onesies December 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Cosmo the English Springer Spaniel Cosmo's mom says: Little Cosmo causes a commotion wherever he goes. Whenever we take him anywhere, he draws a crowd. I am overjoyed to report he is every bit as sweet, kind, and gentle as he is cute. Cosmo's delicious puppy nature together with his cute face first melted my heart, then our family's, and now everyone he meets. He is simply a joy. We love you, Cosmo! Wench the Cocker Spaniel Mix Wench's mom says: Wench is our first foster puppy. She came into our home with so much life and energy and even managed to rejuvenate our senior black lab, Pepper. Wench loves chewing, playing, and picking on Pepper. After a hard day's play, she would cuddle up in my lap and fall asleep. Wench is so charming that at her first adoption event she was adopted. It was hard to let her go, but she's in a wonderful home with people who love her just as much, if not more than, I do. Beisenberger the Pug Beisenberger's mom says: Beisenberger is an energetic pug puppy that came to our home two months ago. He has become a great city dog and loves going to the dog parks in the city. He sometimes thinks he is one of the big guys and likes to play with the biggest dogs in the park. He loves to eat just about everything, and he loves being the center of attention. Beisenberger is great with children and everybody he meets. He has very good manners and does not bark when strangers come to say hello to him. Instead, he sits down nicely and enjoys the attention. When he?s all tired out, he will sit on my lap and give lots of kisses. I could not have found a more perfect dog. Harmony and Joy the Pit Bull Mixes Harmony and Joy's mom says: Harmony and Joy were adopted from a Virginia animal control center. The only time they have been apart is during their spay surgery and once when I took Harmony for a walk without Joy. Joy cried so much I could not walk them separately again. Harmony and Joy are affectionate, silly, and wonderful companions for their older doggie boyfriend, Warren. Oliver the Shepherd / Boxer Oliver's mom says: Oliver came into this world accidentally with his five other brothers and sisters at a local doggie daycare. We know his mom is a shepherd and are guessing that the dad is a boxer. I do know that he has been a blessing since the day he stepped through our door. He has great energy when it is time to play. He loves to go to daycare and socialize with all the other dogs, including his siblings that went to local loving homes as well. He insisted on being a lobster for Halloween this year, which I think is because red is a good color on him. Peanut Butter the Shih Tzu / Bichon Frise Peanut Butter says: "Hi, my name is Peanut Butter. I have two older brothers ? well, three if you count the cat. We are just starting to get along. I love to play outside in the leaves, but I get cold very easily so my mommy bought me a sweater. I stay inside mostly with my mommy and brothers. My mommy must have thought I was a cat because she has me go potty in a litter box. My favorite thing to chew on is a pig?s ear. I gnaw on that all day. My favorite toy is my red apple ball. Hopefully, one day I will have a little sister." Josephine the Golden Retriever Josephine's mom says: Josephine is the cutest puppy in the world. She is calm but mischievous, happy but subdued, frisky but playful. She loves to chase her little brother, Hercules, our orange tabby. She is full of love, loyalty, and devotion. I can't imagine life without her! Chester the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Chester's parents say: Chester is a very mellow puppy. He is originally from a farm in Iowa. He loves our cats (four of them), people, children, and even other dogs in the neighborhood. He loves running around the couch and sleeping. Smart and inquisitive, he's nearly house trained and can sleep through the night uninterrupted. Jack the Beagle Jack's mom says: Jack is an ingenious beagle who will do anything for food. I trained him to nudge a strap with bells on it when he wanted to go out. That had to stop though because when Jack discovered that he got a treat after going outside, he rang the bell every 10 minutes! Clyde the English Bulldog Clyde's parents say: Clyde enjoys moonlight strolls through the park, watching the Buckeyes, fine bourbon, sunsets, and the laughter of children. Bran the Labrador Retriever Bran's dad says: Bran is an energetic puppy with lots of love to go around. Everyone he meets is a potential friend, and he does his best to make a good first impression. His best friend is his big sister, Morrigan. Their favorite past time is chasing each other around the yard. It doesn't matter who is chasing who, as it changes frequently! He is a fast learner, eager to please, and does whatever he can to get a laugh out of people. He is a true clown. Harley the German Shepherd / Rottweiler Harley's mom says: Harley is the newest and most wonderful addition to our family. He loves going to the beach and chasing seagulls. He has also become a very good swimmer. He is trying so hard to make friends with our three cats, but all he can do is stand on top of them and lick their heads! He has made himself quite at home and has found his special spot on the couch. His favorite things are long naps, treats, riding in the car, and stealing paper, socks, and anything else he can grab and hiding them under the bed. He is wonderful! Rollie the Boston Terrier Rollie's mom says: Rollie is the funniest dog I've ever seen. From the moment we got him, he has kept us laughing. His favorite thing to do is to suck on blankets, which he does constantly. We have several around, and they all have big holes in them. His other favorite thing to do is to sleep on our heads, which he does every night. Meddles the Flat-coated Retriever Meddles' parents say: Meddles is named after the university college that she lives in -- Medley Hall in Australia. Our students named her when we decided to get a puppy at the college. We did a lot of research to find a dog who would be happy with having 57 best friends, and this was apparently a breed with a lot of love to go around. Being a retriever, having things in her mouth is also an absolute prerequisite for happiness. She does have a habit of chewing on our lovely heritage-listed buildings ... but such is life with a puppy. She also has an environmentally friendly way of getting around town -- she travels in a trailer behind my bicycle, made especially for dogs. We get lots of smiles from passersby. Kona the Labradoodle Kona's mom says: Kona came into our lives because we felt one dog did not complete our family. It took only one day before she wheedled her way into our cockapoo, Buddy's heart, not to mention our own. She flew home with me at eight weeks and the bonding was immediate. She is such a happy, playful puppy, and really gives our big boy a run for his money. We never could have imagined how much fun having two pups could be, not to mention making all the training that much easier. Kona does what Buddy does, and thankfully he is a well-trained boy! Thaison the American Bulldog Mix Thaison's mom says: Thaison is our hungry, hungry hippo. Thaison reminds us of the liger, a pretend animal mentioned in Napoleon Dynamite. Thaison is an enormous baby who thinks he's a lap dog. There is no dog cuter!