Onesies February 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Spot the Husky Spot's mom says: My husband and I have had a continuing disagreement about having our furbabies fixed. Although I managed to keep them apart through two seasons, my husband had not factored in having a teenage son who allowed them out together unchaperoned. Well, I suppose everyone can see the outcome... Siberians are sweet, loving companions, but they are not the dog for everyone as they can be very destructive when left alone. We have taken our time finding good homes for our pups, making sure the new parents understand what it means to be owned by a Siberian. Ollie the Basset/Lab Mix Ollie's mom says: We brought Ollie home at eight weeks old. We found him at a pet store that doesn't usually carry dogs, just small animals and fish. We walked in and he came running to us. I guess his previous owners were going to take him to the SPCA because he was an unexpected puppy. We just couldn't resist his charm and wonderful personality. He enjoys being with us as much as we enjoy being with him. We couldn't have asked for a better puppy! Sir Edgar the Great Dane Edgar's mom says: Edgar is an eight-week-old Great Dane with a lot of personality and cuteness. He is a joy to everyone and is a beautiful little boy. He loves to play with his big sister (a goldendoodle named Darcy) and his little sister (another Great Dane named Iris). He is a rambunctious little fella who enjoys playing outside and taking long naps with his favorite stuffed bear. As soon as you meet him he melts your heart and loves you forever! Chelsea* the Irish Setter/Golden Retriever Bella Ann* the Dalmatian/Pointer Mix Spanky* the American Staffordshire Terrier Chloe* the Labrador Retriever Fabrizio* the Corgi Jessi Chloe the Staffordshire Terrier Harley the Dachshund Julie the Schnauzer/Poodle Mix Julie's sister says: Julie lives in Providence, RI, with her family. She has a fun, flirty personality and loves to hang out with the boys. She enjoys long walks down Blackstone Boulevard and watching Patriots games. She is a puppy prodigy; at only four months she has a number of tricks up her sleeve. She's a proper puppy who likes to eat sitting up right like a lady and is by far the sweetest dog in the world. She loves attention and is always ready to play or cuddle. Davie Davie and Fred's dad says: Davie is one of my two perfect puppies. Marley the Boxer Marley's mom says: Marley is a fun-loving dog. He loves giving kisses to everyone and everything. He gets excited to see new people; the burst of excitment is quickly followed by a long nap. He has two best friends, Rico and Nina, who are Jack Russells. He likes when they chase him. Marley and I are BFF! Laci* the Shetland Sheepdog Ruby the Havanese Ruby's mom says: I already had a coton de tulear named Litto when I first saw Ruby. I knew it would be hard to manage two dogs by myself, but how can someone resist those beautiful eyes? I mean, you can't! At the time, her mouth was a little smaller than the length of her tongue and she would put a little bit of her tongue out even when she closed her mouth. Holly the Cocker Spaniel/Bichon Frise Mix Holly's brother says: Holly loves to bother her big sister Abby, who is a five-year-old cockapoo, by constantly jumping up in her face and wrestling with her. She likes to wrestle, play tug-of-war, run, and be held. Holly has her collection of toys and she usually has one of them with her. She also seems to make her own toys. Recently she found a ball of yarn and now the dogs play tug of war with it. Holly is a very spoiled puppy and just a ball of energy. Harry the St. Bernard Harry's mom says: Harry, my sweet angel, is very loving and sweet. He rests his head on your shoulder and loves getting and giving hugs. He's a big Red Sox fan and sits on the couch and watches games with us. At four and a half months, Harry tips the scale at almost 100 pounds. We love his big, slobbering self and cannot wait till he’s 200+ pounds. Zeus the Great Dane Zeus's mom says: Zeus is our newest addition. We also have a boxer and a puggle. Zeus is the king of harlequins and we absolutely adore him! His dad is about two years old and weighs over 170 pounds. I saw a photo of Zeus on a local breeder’s Web site and immediately fell in love. He looked like a miniature cow, and I wanted to love all over him! My husband and I took our son for a visit the next weekend and made a commitment to buy him that day. He is so smart it blows our minds. We are so lucky!! Frankie the Yorkshire Terrier/Pomeranian Mix Frankie's mom says: Frankie graced us with his presence just a few days after Christmas. He resides in Mornington, Australia, and spends his days with mommy and daddy at work. In his free time, Frankie enjoys running through the house with our socks in his mouth, doing origami (shredding bits of paper with his little teeth), and barking at the puppy that looks strangely similar to himself in the mirror. Abby the Doberman Abby's mom says: Abby is an absolute Joy! She loves spending time barking at horses and eating sticks and dirt. And her favorite thing to do is SWIM! Piper the Labrador/Terrier Mix Piper's mom says: We found Piper and her sister Missie abandoned at about six weeks old and took them in. According to the vet, they are a Labrador/terrier mix. Piper loves to dig, go for walks, play chase, and cuddle with Missie. Fred the Dachshund Davie and Fred's dad says: Fred is my other perfect puppy. Abby the Standard Schnauzer Abby's mom says: Abby is naughty, but her sweet face makes up for it. She loves to chew socks and underwear (she’ll steal them from the laundry basket). Her favorite way to pass the time is to play at the park with her best friend and fellow standard schnauzer, Maggie. The two of them get into lots of trouble when they team up together. Abby is very busy with her obedience classes and hopes to be a Canine Good Citizen one day. Wrigley the Springer Spaniel Wrigley's dad says: Although sometimes too spirited for his own good (a springer trait), Wrigley is a constant source of entertainment and affection.