Onesies January 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Happy New Year! We're taking this opportunity to unveil a new feature we've created to accommodate readers who provide us with only one or two great puppy photos. We're calling the new feature Onesies. ;-) Some of the photos will be of new puppies you haven't met before and some will be baby pictures of previously featured grown-up puppies. We hope you enjoy it!Tucker the Goldendoodle Tucker's parents say: Tucker is now 14 months old. We love him dearly. He's all boy, and we hope he matures enough to become a good service dog. Dragon the Doberman Tanner* the Pointer/Husky Moxie the Cocker Spaniel/Poodle Gage the Mini Dachshund Gage's mom says: Gage is my lttle baby boy! I have four total mini doxies -- three boys and a girl. He came to me at a very difficult time in my life, and as weird as it sounds, he helped me through it. Jake the Boxer Xena the Pomeranian Koko* the Black Labrador Noni the Mini Dachshund Ollie* the Miniature Schnauzer Wicket* the Australian Shepherd/Anatolian Shepherd Mindy the German Shepherd Willy* the Labrador/Poodle Tucker the Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier/Corgi Gunther the Giant Schnauzer Gunther's mom says: Gunther is a giant schnauzer puppy who LOVES people and especially other dogs. He has the most playful personality and is growing into an extremely smart pup! Here at nine weeks old, he is about six-eight pounds, but he will grow to be about 100 pounds full grown. He loves to run and fetch in his yard, eat lots of treats, and lay on cool tile floors for his naps. He is very clumsy right now and ALL legs. The way schnauzers bodies are structured makes him run more like a horse than a dog, which is really fun to watch. My husband and I have really enjoyed seeing him grow throughout this puppy stage and wouldn't trade him in for the world! We thought he could bring a smile to almost anyone's face!! BayBay* the Dachshund Emma the Great Pyrenees Emma's mom says: Emma is a badger Pyrenees (mom was badger, dad was pure white like Ella) and she is a Pyre to a T -- quiet, watchful, gentle, but aloof until she wants some love, then she's already picked the Pyre paw up and she will club you with her little tiny bear paws until you pick her up and she can wrap them around your neck and snuggle up under your hair. She will probably hit around 130-140 pounds. Sophie the Pomeranian Jetta the Mini Schnauzer Jetta's mom says: Meet Jetta, a cute but mischevious little girl. Jetta loves to cuddle on my neck and sleep on my head. Some of her hobbies so far are chewing on my hair, chewing on fingers and toes, chewing on her toys, and barking at her dad. She loves to play with the leaves when I take her outside. She loves people and likes to find out where they are going. She is a quick learner and she teaches us things all the time. Jetta is a joy to have and I can't wait to get home every day after work to play with her. Jacob the Maltese/Poodle Jacob's sister says: Jacob is the happiest, most fun puppy in the world. He loves all his toys, especially Mister Turtle and Mister Ducky. Jake is very mischievous and you will likely find him unraveling toilet paper and dragging it all over the house. Jake loves to just be with people. He will follow you around everywhere you go. He is extremely smart and so lovable. When we bring him anywhere, he always gets stopped and people think he isn't real. Most people describe him as a stuffed animal. Pete the Great Dane Pete's mom says: Pete has two sisters, Joey and Shade, all Danes. Merry* the Cocker Spaniel Bear the Pomeranian Bear's mom says: Bear is a four-month-old Pom who loves getting into trouble. He thinks hes a big dog in a small body and is not afraid of anything. We bought him once we moved to Hawaii. I think it was a great decision. Everyone loves to stop and pet him. They say he looks like he was dipped in Oreos! Teddy the Golden Retriever Teddy's mom says: Here is Teddy at 12 weeks old. He got his name because he is so very cuddly and looks just like a teddy bear. He is an English-bred golden retriever; they are often much blonder than the ones seen in the US. Sadly, his mother died at his birth so he was hand reared by a veterinary nurse who had to feed him every two hours for the first few weeks. So consequently he has no idea that he is a dog and not a human. We have already found him stretched out luxuriously on the sofa and once sitting very confidently in the driving seat of my car! He is a really sweet-natured little chap. Eddie* the Pekingese/Beagle