Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Jan 1, 2008 kishanabear
they are all beautiful however these two stole my heart!!!:) happy new year to all the dog/puppy keepers/lovers out there. thank you for bringing joy to my heart with all of your postings!!!!
Jan 1, 2008 Blazer316
So many cuties, 11 biscuits for them all, Lexie you are favorite.
Jan 1, 2008 PugLover2007
absolutely love pancakes expression! isnt he a darling!

I can just see madeline the english bulldog winning awards!

And doesnt Luna the husky/corgi mix have a sweet natured look on her face? Her colour is beautiful too.

My favourite however, has to be Luna the Dachshund. Butter wouldnt melt. But then again, hmmmm, they're all so cute!!!!! Lexie is classic!

And floyd: whoa, he's going to be huge! I love his name, ist suits him well.
Jan 1, 2008 rialandon
They are all gorgeous, I love them all but the look on this boys face won me over. I love abbie and the bulldogs. Floyds mummy won't be havin this little fella on her lap for much longer. Congrats to all and thankyou so much for sharing your precious pups with us. Happy New Year to all x
Jan 1, 2008 cheleon
Arrggghhhh! Cry of distress from overdose of cute. They are all just so precious. There is an answer, of course - just spell dog backwards! Long happy loved lives to all these precious pups.
Jan 1, 2008 nicoleh@verizon
I heart abbie!!!
Jan 1, 2008 dailypuppyfan
Love them all--an overdose of cuteness to begin the new year! The faces on Pancake, Madeline, and Sahara grabbed me the most.
Jan 1, 2008 amybeth234
All so cute and lovable, but Luna is my favorite!! :o)
Jan 1, 2008 goldenlover
" I was asleep by 9 but I heard you guys come in an hour ago. Where were you? I've been so worried. "
Jan 1, 2008 Bosf
Lexie,Luna and Sahara...So nice... 11 biscuits!
Jan 1, 2008 Bosf
I love them :)
Jan 1, 2008 Xabismom65
Happy New Year PotD fans! What a great start to the new year. I love all these puppies. My favourites are Luna, Aero, Roxy and Pancake, oh and Bailey is super cute too. Oh no they all are fab. I picked Aero's picture because he has such great colour and soulful eyes -- but it was a very had choice. Love and kisses to all the onesies for 2008 and enjoy your new additions
Jan 1, 2008 carlieex
Heyy omg thier all so sweet! My favourites are probably roxy, baily, holly, sahara && georgie but thier all so sweet :)
Jan 1, 2008 pomtzu
They are all so charming that it's difficult to pick a favorite,, but I'll have to go with Chloe since I too am a ShihTzu mom!
All of you pup are precious so you all get lots and lots of biscuits and belly rubs. Have a happy and healthy new year - pups and parents too!
Jan 1, 2008 casey's mom
Total puppy love---I will take them all!! A Happy New Year and a long life wished for each of them!
Jan 1, 2008 randomearrings
All the dogs are beautiful and Baily is adorable! 11+++ biscuits for all the gorgeous puppies xx
Jan 1, 2008 magic1
Love the names on these two, lol! However, Floyd wins the prize for most intimidating paws. How does he manage to walk around on those tree trunks of his?
Jan 1, 2008 goldenluvr
I look forward all month to the first of the month when all the onesies come up, it's like a mega-overdose of cute, cute cute all at once! Rescue pups or breeder pups, it's obvious that we all luv our furry children and that's all that matters!! To quote Pedigree, PUPPIES RULE!!!
Jan 1, 2008 rexandbaby
I just love the start of a new month! Ozzie is my favorite!
Jan 1, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]How could I pick just one??????? They are all soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all. :)
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to all of you!!!
Happy New Year and best wishes always![/color]
Jan 1, 2008 Booger'sMama
OMGoodness, to wake up to that face everyday...HEAVEN!!
Jan 1, 2008 suelill
They are all lovely dogs but Aero has stolen my heart. He is adorable. Lots of hugs and kisses Aero. xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jan 1, 2008 jaccikay
Love them all...dogs are the best. They love you unconditionally and are always there for you. If you are happy or sad, they always love us and make us feel better. That is better than several people I know. Thank God for these adorable dogs.
Jan 1, 2008 KuvaszKountry
They are all so cute and special in of themselves and their way I can pick just one. Happy New Year to all.
Jan 1, 2008 yujismom
yes they are all adorable, but only one was a rescue so i'm going with luna luna luna!
Jan 1, 2008 bopeep
Can't think of a better way to start the New Year than with a page full of puppies. Once again, each one is unique and cute in his or her own way. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits to each sweet baby.
Jan 1, 2008 whoopiwho
They are all beautiful babies!!
Jan 1, 2008 DogMom
Cannot possible pick a favorite. they are all gorgeous! What a wonderful way to start the new year off!!!
Jan 1, 2008 Caseysky
They're all so precious, but this just gotta love this face. What a precious baby. We wish happy yappings and long lives to all the Onesies!
Jan 1, 2008 Bigwetnose
Proof again that there is no such thing as a non-cute puppy!!
Jan 1, 2008 ceallaig
Happy New Year to all these lovely babies and their parents! It's tough to pick just one, but ... Pancake, you are the most marvelous face I've seen in ages!!! They're all winners, though, and it sounds like they're going to make life interesting for a long time to come!
Jan 1, 2008 usfour
Every one of these little munchkins is 100% adorable, really - but when I saw Floyd with his wide stance and black eye patch, I actually laughed out loud at his adorable pose. I can just see him sitting in your lap with his little stout paws hanging over. Happy New Year!! -- enjoy your precious puppy - maybe you can acquire a bigger lap!
Jan 1, 2008 tazjt
They are all such beautiful dogs! In a world of turmoil in strife, I'm so grateful God gave us puppies (and dogs!) to bring us comfort and love! Unlimited belly rubs and biscuits for these and all puppies (and dogs!)!
Jan 1, 2008 rosy
LOVE them ALL!!!!Tons of biscuits for all and thanks to their families for sharing!!! Happy New Year!!
Jan 1, 2008 abelover
What cuties I love them all and can not possibly pick just one as a favorite!!!!!
Jan 1, 2008 gnichols
All so very cute, but ROXY, how adorable are you. Just look at that face, sweet baby girl.
Jan 1, 2008 PuppyPal
A mosaic of puppies. What a wonderful view to start a new year. They are all wide-eyed and ready to explore the wonders ahead. Happy tails to you all!
Jan 1, 2008 Terry C
What? No Boston Terrier???????????
Only kidding....they're all adorable.
Jan 1, 2008 Mummm
These puppies are all too wonderful to choose one as a favorite! Super!
Jan 1, 2008 lilyj
I initially clicked to comment on Sahara, the Samoyed, and she is very beautiful, as are all the other pups, but then I saw Ozzie and fell in love. What a handsome and adorable pup.

We had a full bred German Shepherd Dog at the shelter where I volunteer who came to the shelter because his owner had to go to Iraq. He was HUGE. Everyone was afraid to walk him, but having been raised with a giant baby like him I wasn't intimidated by his size, and ended up being his primary caregiver. He was the most quietly dignified dog I've met, and so intelligent you felt as if he could just read your thoughts. He was a wonderful friend and I'm glad he found a new home, but I miss him. Your Ozzie looks like he's going to make an even more wonderful companion for you. I wish you many joy filled years together. Give him massive kisses and many belly rubs for me.
Jan 1, 2008 mling
All the onesies this month are adorable, but Aero stole my heart with his sweet eyes and gentle brown color!
Jan 1, 2008 abbeysmommy
[color=purple]All are soooo cute!!!![/color]
[color=brown]Puppies[/color]=[c olor=red]Love[/color]
Jan 1, 2008 Lizanne
Hi There Pancake, and Happy New Year~ You are so ORIGINAL looking and I have never seen such a Unique Facial Expression. I love all the Onesies for January, but I picked YOUR darling little body with all those wrinkles and OH, THOSE PUPPY TOES AND FEET. ENJOY YOURSELF AND

Hugs from Elizabeth & MIss Katie =O)
Jan 1, 2008 2pups1kit
Wow---so many darling puppies, soooo much cuteness all at once!!!! It was difficult to pick one photo, but I am crazy for King Charles Spaniels, so Roxy got my vote. Of course, I love labs, Danes, Chihuahuas, Shepherds, beagles, border terriers, samoyeds, marvellous mutts (one of a kind dogs), etc, get the idea---I am a pup-a-holic, I admit it!!! But, if there is a cure, I don't want it!! I am very happy to be able to enjoy my habit, especially here, where I can love them all thru the wonders of technology! Happy New Year to all pups & their loving human companions!!
Jan 1, 2008 katamgal7
they are all so cute but i think Luna is my favorite.
Jan 1, 2008 harry's mom
Too many to be able to make to pick just one!

Pancake looks like he is going to be the boss of his house and put the huskies in their place.

Floyds Mom better watch out because my Uncle had a dane called Angus who lived to the grand old age of twelve and he never grew out of the habit of trying to sit on the nearest lap!

We wish all the puppies and their families a very happy new year and many more of them....
Jan 1, 2008 MH
Your Spaniel is darling. Please read the book My Life With George. It is all about a woman in London and her life so far with a Cavalier named George. Beautiful puppy.
Jan 1, 2008 jc_gypsy
They are all gorgeous! Have a wonderful New Year, everyone and thanks for my dailly dose of cuteness!
Jan 1, 2008 MH
Oops I messed that up. Sorry. I wanted to tell the Spaniels Mommy about the book. My heart goes to the Dachsie. I have had Dachsies my whole life. I love them with a passion. My little girl is now 13. Her little face and feet are gray. Luna will love you forever.
Jan 1, 2008 bullys2mom
I've changed my favorite 3 times. This is nearly impossible! I love Georgie because of that sweet Havanese face, but Aero, Abbie & Holly are wonderful too. Pancake, however, is totally irresistable. That face!!! I wish I could snuggle with him in person.
Jan 1, 2008 shimmertwist
I can't think of a better way to start off a new year than with PUPPAHS!!!
Jan 1, 2008 Daphne's Mom
Aero the Labrador is the cutest! All the puppies are cute though! I LOVE LABS! I have a lab mix myself so I'm a little biased. Happy New Year and may everyone of you have many happy and healthy years together! Sloppy puppy kisses from my little girl Daphne.
Jan 1, 2008 dachsiemomx3
As the "mother" of three (dachsies) I just have to pick little Luna.
How beautiful she is! Dachsies have a personality like no other dog and I can't imagine my house without the pitter patter of their little Dachsie feet. Happy New Year to Luna and her family!
Jan 1, 2008 latvianchick
So sweet - I love the inquisitive look!
Jan 1, 2008 bbba80
I could not pick a favorite. I love all the stories and all the sweet puppies. Each one is special and all are cute babies.
Jan 1, 2008 skeeze_in_belize
Tee hee, it looks like Madeline needs to grow into her skin! I love bulldogs! :)
Jan 1, 2008 Kristen Davis
I could not just pick one, they are all such beautiful babies. A million biscuits to all and many happy years. Muah!!
Jan 1, 2008 Naeliah
they all are SOOO cute, ca hardly pick a fav, here goes tho...

Jan 1, 2008 Sasafras56
It is too hard to pick one but the face on this little girl is precious. How classic for her breed! Very cute. As for all the other puppies they get an 11 bisquit from me also! Very precious -Happy New Year babies!!
Jan 1, 2008 CavalierKate
I can't think of a better way to bring in the New Year than so many cute puppies!!

Needless to say I'm VERY partial to the Cavalier! You are just a beautiful little girl Roxy! Black and tan cavies just have so much personality and love, you are one lucky family to have such a wiggly, happy little girl!

Also, Luna, you are gorgeous! I don't know who is luckier - your family to have adopted you or you to have found a loving new home! I can finally imagine why people would make "designer puppies" because a husky/corgi combo is just irresistible! Not something I would ever do, but I know several friends who would melt just hearing about you!
Jan 1, 2008 Bully'smom
The babies are all adorable, but I am head over heels for Floyd!!!
Jan 1, 2008 DakotaJ
What a bunch of cute babies! Have a happy and playful new year!
Jan 1, 2008 flutey48
I love 'em all but Luna tore at my heart strings! Eleven biscuits for everyone... happy new year to all those adorable babies!
Jan 1, 2008 gottmadi
I think Floyd is the most precious pup I have ever seen in my life. He is going to be so hansom when he grows up.
Jan 1, 2008 doggone1973
What a beautiful batch of puppy dogs! It is indeed tough to pick just one they all bring something unique to the table, and i could be happy to cuddle them all. I finally decided on Ozzie because i raised two German Shepherds from babies and have a soft spot for them. I also have a soft spot for dachunds and beagles.LOL
Jan 2, 2008 Mandie21
All of these puppies are oh so cute!!! Baily is my favorite, she Couldn't be any cuter! I would love to know what other breed(s) she is, besides beagle? I hope all these puppies have long, healthy, happy lives!
Jan 2, 2008 InfantryWife
I loved them all, but Aero was definitely my favorite! I love his light eyes and beautiful coat:)
Jan 2, 2008 ugitme
All beautiful pups!! Aero is my favorite :)
Jan 2, 2008 k9patrol251
well i'm rather partial to danes.. so floyd you're my pick!! gorgeous group!! :)
Jan 2, 2008 dholzworth
I love this pup! I've only ever seen one of these and I fell in love instantly. My next pup will be a Cavalier! Have a great 2008, Roxy!
Jan 2, 2008 cariescarebear
Awwww I love her! I have an English Bully girl too and she didn't stay this small for long. I miss these days.
Jan 2, 2008 dogsrule
Love German Shepherds! Happy New Year to all pups and pup lovers!
Jan 2, 2008 AngelC
Chcolate Labs are my favorite! I can't resist that little face . . . . "really mommmy! I didn't do it"!
Jan 2, 2008 AngelC
Hey dude! Don't get so mad, I was only kidding.

LOL!!! That face!!!!
Jan 2, 2008 plantsforjenny
This one looks a tad bit grumpy. Cute!!!!!
Jan 2, 2008 wolliverPWD
Abbie is adorable! I am so happy to see some PWD's on here!
Jan 2, 2008 ajandbigd
Lexi is definitely my favorite, as I have a male chihuahua that is sweet and cute like her! She is a gorgeous girl with a great personality. Enjoy her! Cuddle her up!
Jan 2, 2008 kelleyp
Madeline is beautiful! I love baby bulldogs. Had one once and broke my heart when he passed. He looked much like Madeline. They are a quirky and super lovable breed. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
Jan 2, 2008 TrixAndSam
All of this month's pups are gorgeous, but Madeline stands out. She's the Belle of the Ball!

Note to Holly's Mom: are you sure she's a Bichon/Maltese? Those breeds are white, no exceptions, and your pup is a gorgeous inky black. There has to be something else in that mix! (And she's adorable with that bit of white on her chin and down her chest.)
Jan 2, 2008 piobaire
All so cute, how do you pick one? I picked Floyd because of his name and because I bet he's ganglier than anything
Jan 2, 2008 clemency
11 biscuits for everyone! Wow, it was hard to choose a favorite, but I have loved border terriers ever since I read James Herriot's books as a kid. Branston and Pickle are adorable! My other faves are Luna the Dachshund (love the worried look and cute little folded-under paw action), Aero the Lab (what sweet face!), Chloe the Shih Tzu, and Bailey the Beagle mix! Oh, why do I bother--they're all my favorites! Too cute!
Jan 2, 2008 Aunt Donna
Abbie is adorable, agile, athletic, amazingly smart and attended by adoring family.
Jan 2, 2008 lisamarie812
Luna has stolen my heart!!
Jan 2, 2008 vickie5467
They are all sooooooooooo cute. i like Pancake the most. he has the most funnest face i have seen!!!!
Jan 3, 2008 k.rad.word
Oh man.
I love the super cute English Bulldog.
Jan 3, 2008 yorkiesgalore
How can you beat that expression? Adorable!
Jan 3, 2008 my_stoney_baby
Oh my, so many big doggies, how is one to choose? Well I pick Floyd, the biggest! :) They are all so cute!! :)
Jan 3, 2008 bulldogmom
They are all adorable, but Floyd is prize material!! Please leave those beautiful goofy ears alone!! Give Floyd some belly rubs and kissies from us! XO
Jan 3, 2008 Frekolamom
Roxie is my fav!! She has the same look as my parti cocker spaniel- that look in her eye is just precious Like she's planning her next onery move. What a sweetie!
Jan 3, 2008 Callinsik
do you really, really expect me to go get that ball for you? you're out of your freakin' mind...
Jan 3, 2008 sylvanbliss
Every one a winner!

I was away from my pc for a few days and missed Onesies. Found myself talking about DP at dinner since the table was full of puppy fans. I think there will be a batch of new members soon!
Jan 3, 2008 tambore
And the Oscar goes to "ALL OF THEM!"

What a splendid bunch, each and every one.
Jan 4, 2008 mosbarger
Oh my!!! These precious pups are all ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I am, however, totally in love with Floyd and Pancake!!!!! Actually, I would take them ALL!!!!! Here's to all the cuties!!!! Ohhh, and Madeline is PRECIOUS!!!!!!! OK, I am choosing all of them.
Jan 5, 2008 Fernando
Each of them are beautiful!!! Overdoze of cute, and lovely faces...

Happy New Year to this beautiful doggies and human families..
Feb 6, 2008 tuffyntikkis_momma75
this is to comment on the person who said that the puppy holly had to be more than maltese and bison mix cause they are both white i am here to tell you i have two peek/maltese mix babies and my male is more peek than maltese and my female is half and half and neither of them are primarilly white ..... unfortunatly i cant post their pics on here cause they are not technicly puppies he is almost 8 years old and she is almost 6 ... but im looking into having them breed if that dont work out then ill be getting them both fixed and ill be looking for a new puppy and right now i dont know what i would want for a puppy i would love to have another one like them but it would be almost impossible to find so ill most likely get a shitz zu since they look the most similar as far as all these puppies go on this site i have fallen inlove with so many of them omg they are all just scrumptious little bundles of love i cant imagine my life without my angels lots of num nums for all the poochies and belly scratches too and lots of love and huggles too and to all their owners god bless you all for sharing your lil blessings with all us may you have a long and healthy ,happy life together with your lil angels ...... peach from Tuffy and Tikki and their Momma
Feb 26, 2008 Skatrgrl987
I think Pancake is SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Even though he's got a smushed face, he looks really loveable.
Mar 22, 2008 becky2808
he is just too cute!!! :D can i have him plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :) xx
Apr 13, 2008 x0xdana123x0x
So0o cute i want one i only have a puggle not that i dont love her i want another dog to
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