Onesies January 2008

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Branston and Pickle the Border Terriers Branston and Pickle's Dad says: Branston and Pickle are the two surviving pups form a litter of six. They are starting to run amok around the kitchen area, but we love it really. They?re starting to eat solids now to give their mom a rest, although she keeps a watchful eye on them all the time and keeps them in order. Luna the Dachshund Luna's Mom says: Luna is the most loving thing in the world. She loves to sleep with us in bed. She?s a huge cuddler. She also loves taking walks on the beach and playing fetch. Lexie the Chihuahua Lexie's Mom says: We have had the pleasure of having Lexie in our family since she was nine weeks old. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more beautiful puppy! She loves to play outside, running in the grass. Her favorite things are naps in my lap. Lexie is also a very curious little girl. She inspects everything -- every blade of grass, every pebble. She loves things that hop. Lexie also can give the best kisses around. Her little tongue goes ninety miles an hour, showering you with love. I can't imagine life without Lexie. We have truly been blessed by her joining our family! Chloe the Shih Tzu Chloe's Mom says: Chloe is always full of energy and loves playing in the snow and leaves. Chloe wrestles all day with her pal CoCo, a kitten I got around the same time she came home. Chloe is very smart and loves to play hide and seek. She will chase me around the house if I provoke her. Chloe's favorite activity is visiting my co-workers and showing off new tricks that I train her to do. Georgie the Havanese Georgie's Mom says: Georgie is a little guy who?s full of energy. He learns quickly and is always happy. On walks he is disappointed if people don't stop and pet him. He stops and looks up at me and whimpers when they don?t. He?s such the social little guy. Aero the Labrador Retriever Aero's Mom says: When we first got Aero we were very surprised at how good he was. The first night, he didn?t sleep in a crate and he knew to only pee on the newspaper. He was very quiet, and listened very well. His favorite thing is his rubber chicken, which surprisingly, he hasn't destroyed yet. He is the best puppy anyone could as for. Floyd the Great Dane Floyd's Mom says: Floyd loves sitting in my lap, which will probably get me in to trouble in a few months. Floyd has two older sisters that he just loves to play with. He can play for about 20 minutes before he wears himself out and has to take a nap. Roxy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Roxy's Mom says: Roxy loves to play with squeaky toys and anything she can get her teeth into. She loves to cuddle up with one of my other cavaliers, Buddy. She also likes to bite Buddy?s ears. Ozzie the German Shepherd Ozzie's Mom says: Ozzie is a gentle, sweet boy. He gets along with other dogs and the resident cat. I have two other dogs that he plays with as well. He is a big boy and still growing. He loves to give me that puppy look to get his way. Baily the Beagle Mix Baily's Aunt says: Baily is extremely loveable. She loves to run around and put her nose into anything that is interesting. She also has a thing for trash; she has somehow found a way to get into the lid of every trash can. She just loves to rip it all apart and make a huge mess. She loves going for walks and meeting other furry friends. Her best friend is a Bernese Mountain dog. Baily is a wonderful dog and has an endless amount of love to give. We all love her to pieces and couldn't ask for a better puppy. Abbie the Portuguese Water Dog Abbie's Sister says: Abbie is such a sweetheart. She joined our family at eight weeks old and is now the favorite at my parents' house. She loves to play in her backyard and chew sticks and pinecones. Her favorite adventure is to go swimming. She jumps in the lake after toys or branches and brings them right back with a quick bark to request that we throw the ball again. She is also an avid player of "catch". Her best trick is to catch the ball mid-air and then take a lap around the living room with the ball before she brings it back for another toss. Abbie loves eating dog biscuits and she has a special affinity for toilet paper, books or anything she can grab from the counter top. She is a smarty-pants puppy who loves to play hard and will tell you with a bark when she wants to go upstairs for a nap. Holly the Bichon Frise / Maltese Holly's Mom says: After a year of begging my husband to get a small, white, fluffy dog, we finally found Holly. She is a very happy puppy who enjoys running outside, especially in the snow. She loves to carry around shoes and slippers, though she never destroys them. Her favorite toy is a stuffed Frisbee that she'll chase after but never return. She makes us fetch for her! Holly likes to sleep on the arm of the couch just as long as we're sitting next to her. Her favorite tricks are to roll over and play dead. Once I have a treat in my hand, she just flops to the ground. Holly is very energetic, loves to wrestle, and keeps us laughing! Pancake the English Bulldog Pancake's Mom says: He is named Pancake because of his color and his smashed face. He lives with two Siberian Huskies and loves to play, eat, and make funny noises. He enjoys going on short walks. Car rides make him sleepy. He will do anything for treats! Luna the Husky / Corgi Mix Luna's Mom says: Luna is the absolute light of our lives! We saw her picture online and it was love at first sight. We adopted her from an organization that rescues dogs from shelters in the South. We were told her mother is definitely a husky, but as she has grown, we are sure she is also part corgi. We have never raised a puppy on our own before, but Luna has made it such a delight. Luna loves everyone. She runs up to new people and rolls over for a tummy rub. She is also very smart and doing great with new commands. Her favorite hobbies include chewing on her bones and squeaky toys, going on daily walks, taking naps in front of the fireplace, and playing with her friends in puppy kindergarten. Madeline the English Bulldog Madeline's Mom says: Madeline is our pride and joy. She has the strangest personality of any dog we have ever seen. Her hobbies include climbing in the dishwasher, the bathtub, or any place that has water! She's very affectionate and thinks she is a lap baby. All in all, she is our angel, and we couldn't imagine life without her. Sahara the Samoyed Sahara's Family says: Sahara has become our baby sister. She is naturally evolving into the spoilt youngest child and is always yelping for attention. She often has nightmares in which she fidgets a lot and wakes up in a shock. We always love to see her get excited as she performs the helicopter with her tail. She hates lightning and wind but loves digging holes. Her favorite toy is a bright orange lion that she likes to take around with her.