Onesies March 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Marley the Golden Retriever Mix Marley's mom says: Marley is a happy little golden puppy. I rescued her at a shelter so I am not sure what she is mixed with. We see a little husky in her. She likes to sleep, snuggle, play fetch, and howl when no one is in the room. She loves to be loved! Charlie the Beagle/Springer Spaniel Charlie's parents say: Charlie was an adopted puppy who we got at the age of eight weeks. He is adorable and can be very wild at times. We are so glad that we got him; he has changed our lives forever. We love Charlie!! Mack the Golden Retriever Mack's dad says: Mack is a wonderful dog. He has completed beginning and intermediate dog-training classes and is going to have a playmate soon, as we are getting another golden puppy in a couple of weeks named Annie. They should grow up to be great pals. Lydia the Chihuahua Lydia's parents say: We adopted Lydia from a rescue at eight weeks... surrendered after her previous family realized she may not be safe with their big dogs. Lucky for us!! Her favorite pastime is playing (of course) and getting kisses from her big furry brother, Gus, a smooth-coat Chihuahua. Even though she only weighed 1 lb 14 oz when she came to live with us, she quickly became the princess of the house. She has a whole box full of toys and will not rest until every toy has been played with. She and Gus are both spoiled rotten, but isn't that why they're here? Lydia can bring a smile to my face and have me laughing with tears. She is an absolute doll! Hudson the Labrador Retriever Hudson's parents say: Hudson is the first addition to our new family! We recently got married and Hudson is our first baby. When we decided to get a dog, we wanted a breed that would be energetic, loving, and good with children, since we plan on having a family. We also live at the beach and wanted a dog that loved to swim. Hudson is all of this and more! He is so smart and is FULL of personality! His favorite pastime, other than taking walks and swimming, is sitting on the porch with us in his own little chair and bird watching. He would have been a great hunting dog. Hudson is now 60 lbs. and growing! We never knew we would love a dog as much as we do him. We can’t imagine life without him! Sasha the Toy Poodle Sasha's dad says: Sasha is an energetic, curious, and very loving toy poodle. She is very attached to the family and always wants to be in the middle of the action. She hates being alone even if it is just for a few minutes! Sasha is very smart and can be a real naughty girl at times. She loves getting belly rubs and snuggling up. She is the newest and cutest addition to our family. Poppy* the Great Dane/Lab/Bull Mastiff * Poppy's Grown-up Puppy Pictures Johnny Cash the Pug Johnny's mom says: Johnny is the best puppy ever! He is super playful but also a sleepyhead. He loves to snuggle. He loves to play with his rope and his best friend Snug the pug. Johnny is very sweet and he loves to lick noses! Jake the Border Collie/Terrier Mix Jake says: "I happened on my human at a mobile adoption unit. She walked in and sat down at my level pretty quickly. We really connected, especially after I chewed on her sandal while she was filling out my paperwork. We take long walks at the park next door and we're together all the time. I urge all shelter dogs to adopt a human. They're very loving and easy to train. Just look at my big smile -- I'm a happy puppy." Connie the Labrador Connie's mom says: We got Connie when she was eight weeks old and from the start she was a wonderful. She is very affectionate and loyal, although easily distracted. She loves to play with her favourite toys -- Tiger and her basketball. She sleeps in weird positions and her antics make us smile continuously! Zeus the Boxer/Mastiff Zeus's mom says: I got Zeus from a shelter/humane society. Riley the Australian Shepherd Riley's mom says: Riley is a wonderful addition to our family. Sophie, our two-year-old Aussie, mothers him and lets him beat her at chase. Jake, our 18-month-old, is not as tolerant and makes sure Riley knows who is boss. When the three of them are romping in the yard, Riley's yips of excitement can be heard throughout the house. He loves stuffed toys and looks like a little blur of fur when he pounces on them and shakes them for all their worth. The three of them are a joy to watch. Kermode Bear the Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu Kermode Bear's mom says: Kermode is Lhasa and shih tzu mixed but portrays all traits of his dad, who is a shih tzu. Cute and cuddly, he has learned so much and blends in with our playful human family. Kermode is the king in our home and it shows, as he refuses to climb up or down stairs. His best friend is Sabrina (a cat) and his boss is Polar (also a cat). He plays well with his friend Hammy (his hamster) and talks with his friends Budgie and Barbie (his budgies) on a daily basis. His favourite pastime is playing ball and chasing human shadows. Gizmo the Boston Terrier Gizmo's parents say: Gizmo is an unusual little boy. He has one brown eye and one bright blue eye. He loves to chew on toys and play fetch. He likes to sleep most of the day and gets especially energized late at night. He loves to be chased and sometimes will sprint back and forth across our condo as fast as he can, holding his favorite chew toy. He loves to snuggle and at night sleeps with his head across mommy's neck and his bum facing daddy. He never barks but does snort and snore. Gizmo loves to meet new people and has turned many dog haters into Gizmo lovers! Ava the English Bulldog Ava's mom says: Ava Mae lives with my roommate and me in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the sweetest addition to my life and is always up for some mischief. Her head is tiny but her paws are huge! Her older brother Macky (from a previous litter) lives close by; they love to play and get some of the sibling rivalry out with each other, though sooner or later you will find her napping on top of him. Living in New England, Ava hates the bitter cold, but on warmer days she loves to visit the dog park and can't wait to get older so she can run with the big dogs! I love my little wrinkled pup. Bella the Basset Hound Bella's dad says: Bella is a joy and a wonder and loves to get into all sorts of mischief! Isaboo the Hound/Lab Mix Isaboo's friend says: A rescue dog from a shelter in South Carolina came to our rescue in New York pregnant. Ten days later she gave birth to eight gorgeous puppies, six girls and two boys. Isaboo is one of the girls. She was so kissy, cuddly, and sweet -- the best puppy ever! Fortunately we found homes for all of the puppies and their mother. Isaboo's new family changed her name to Roxy. Gretel the Weimaraner Gretel's mom says: Gretel Lynn loves to cuddle with me and follow me wherever I go. She used to sleep in my clothes basket while I was gone until I made her bed. She is a very happy, healthy, and beautiful Weimaraner. She is my first baby and I will love her forever. Lola the Mini Dachshund Lola's mom says: Lola is a fun-loving, energetic little snuggler. She is probably the most human-like puppy I've ever met. She sleeps under the covers and sometimes with her head on the pillow next to mine. Lola loves people and she even runs laps around my apartment every time a visitor comes. She is now six months old and weighs about eight pounds. Dakota the Red and White Beagle Dakota's mom says: Dakota is quite the inquisitive beagle. She was a rescue dog and faced an uncertain future. She is the smartest and most stubborn beagle I've ever owned. Sonic the Shih Tzu/Poodle Sonic's mom says: Sonic is insanely cute and energetic. He loves everyone and constantly needs attention. As soon as a camera is out, he's posing. He really gets everyone riled up and ready to play. He's the most social dog I've ever seen and literally HAS to say hi to everyone he sees or he gets ridiculously depressed. Sonic is not too bright, can't do any tricks, doesn't listen, and chews shoes, but his insane cuteness more than makes up for it. Astro* the French Bulldog/Jack Russell Terrier * Astro's Grown-up Puppy Pictures Sophie the the Maltese/Bichon Frise Sophie's mom says: After rescuing Lilly, our golden retriever mix, last March, we have grown to absolutely love dogs. So we recently decided to add Sophie, a Maltese/bichon frise, to our family. We were apprehensive as to how the two would get along with one another, but they have developed a great sisterly bond. Whatever Lilly does, Sophie must do too. She is a feisty little girl, constantly barking if she does not get her way. Our constant need to spoil her may contribute to this behavior, but she deserves it... she's as cute as they come! If we can ever get her potty-trained, she might just become the perfect puppy. But, as for now, she's close enough! Rocky the Husky Romeo the Chihuahua Romeo's mom says: I got Romeo at three months of age and he has continued to be the love of my life. Weighing in at a mere three pounds, Romeo is tough enough to stand up to larger dogs but tiny and lovable enough to be the baby of the house. This pint-size prince loves to do anything and go anywhere, as long as he is with his mommy. A few of his favorite activities include shopping, going to the park, dining on South Beach, and of course stealing all the attention. He is simply a joy.