Onesies May 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Max the Miniature Poodle Max's mom says: Max is a smart, sassy baby poodle. He is very outgoing; at the dog park he runs up to greet every person and every dog. Everybody who meets Max falls in love with his personality! He loves to meet people, to roughhouse with big dogs, to play with his frisbee, and to frolic in the snow. Michael says: Hi, everyone. I messed up the scheduling and so Onesies is a couple of days late this month. (It usually runs on the first of the month). For those who don't know, we put together a Onesies feature each month as a way to share puppies whose parents only can provide one or two good pictures (and so not enough for a full feature). New this month, instead of presenting a collage of all the puppies, the Onesies photos will be rotated on the front page so that each puppy gets a chance to shine in the spotlight. Thanks so much for visiting our site! Gabrielle the Jack Russell x Aussie x Cattle Dog Gabrielle's mom says: Gabrielle is my true love. We live in Ipswich in Queensland, Australia. I got Gabby from a pet shop where she’d been in the window for 13 weeks! I couldn’t stand seeing her stuck in there any longer. My family freaked because we already had three dogs, but now we couldn’t live without her. She is always happy, barks heaps, and is the most faithful of all our dogs – she sticks like glue! Delta the Border Collie Delta's mom says: About two years ago I had decided not to get another dog for a long time after the greyhound I had died and my Lab was stolen. A friend of mine talked me into going to see the puppies and I fell in love with Delta. At first I kept my will power and only went to visit and play with "all" the puppies. She was already sold but the breeder knew that I loved her so he called the woman who bought her and asked her if she would take a different puppy. I took her home at eight weeks old. She has been a wonderful companion and a "furry child". In the photo she is about four months old and was playing on my bedspread with her favorite orange toy named "Orange Monster." She has learned lots of tricks and I am working on training her to herd sheep. The sheep are her favorite followed only by her tennis ball. Kinly the Vizsla x Pit Bull mix Mui Mui the Chihuahua Mui Mui's mom says: Mui Mui is the love of my life. I adopted her at a local petshop in Flushing, NY in March of 2006. I own five dogs and I must say she's probably the smartest and the wittiest one of them all. She is the perfect dog in every way: smart (she does over 20 tricks), friendly, affectionate, social with other dogs, and not to mention very cuuuuuute!!! Maggie and Lucy the Beagles Maggie and Lucy's mom says: We got them from a breeder near Plano, Texas, when they were six weeks old. They are sisters from the same litter. They love to be together and will howl if we try to separate them. At four months, Maggie developed epilepsy and takes medicine to prevent seizures. Their favorite toys are ones with squeekers in them. They love our cat, Miss Priss, having their ears rubbed, and pepperoni. They keep us busy, and they will howl if they feel neglected. Maggie can howl "ooo, ooo, oo" and it sounds a lot like "I love you." Miko the Cockapoo Miko's mom says: Miko has been so easy to train. He is as smart as he is beautiful and very loving. We drove from Vancouver Island to Oregon to pick him up. I found the breeder on the Internet and when I saw his face I knew this was the "kid" for us. Ravioli the Italian Greyhound Ravi's mom says: Ravioli is fun-loving, free-spirited little girl. Ravi loves spending time running like mad through the house, shredding toilet paper rolls, enticing her big sister Penne, and taking walks in the park. Ravi is quite large compared to Penne; she is weighing in at about 22 lbs and is about 16 inches tall, a little larger than the standard for this breed. Her white coat is covered with black freckles that appeared when she was about six months old. This summer she will have to wear sunscreen to avoid a sunburn. Some people tease that she is half Great Dane because of her size and her personality. Ravi is not scared of anything and loves big dogs! She really has completed my family and I am so happy she has come to live with Penne and me. She keeps things moving in our sometimes boring household. Riley the Pomeranian Riley's parents say: Riley is a very friendly Pomeranian. She has so many friends, plays with her toys, and loves to have her hair blow-dried by mommy. She also loves to cuddle at night after a long day of playing. When Riley is not socializing with other dogs, she chooses between her 30 toys. She loves squeaky toys and to run circles around our apartment. We take Riley everywhere with us -- she is our first child! Buster the Shih Tzu Buster's parents say: Buster is just so full of energy and loves his pacifier. He has just brought so much energy and happiness to our home, we love it! He loves going everywhere with us and has his own little seat in the truck. Sparky the Mixed Breed Heather says: Sparky is six weeks old in this photo. His mom is an Eskipoo (American Eskimo dog and poodle mix) and she lives with us. His dad is a Parson Russell terrier. Sparky is the man of the house and has five sisters to keep him busy. He is being adopted by our aunt and will be moving to her house in a couple of weeks where he will be loved and well cared for. We are keeping one of his sisters, so he will get to see her and his mother regularly since he will be living only 20 minutes away. Bailey the Black Labrador Bailey's mom says: We got our girl, Bailey "Luck o' The Irish" Higgins, on St. Partick's Day. She was born in Virginia but made a trip home (during a snowstorm!) to New Jersey. Bailey took to her new family right away! She is a wiz at playing "go fetch" and is trying her very best at becoming housebroken :). She already learned to respond to "sit" and likes to nap when she is not checking out her new home. Bailey has pawed her way into our hearts already! Muggsie the Shar-Pei Muggsie says: "I recently came to live with my new family in Somerset, Indiana. They have four kids that I love to play with, but I'm a real mommy's boy so I tend to follow her most of the time. I like to chew on anything I can get in my mouth, and I love to sleep with mom and dad. Mom says I snore more than dad does but I don't believe her. My favorite toy is a duck that I like to make squeak, then I bark at it. I also like to chase cats but they scare me when I catch them and I have mommy protect me. I love my new family." Keeley the Weimeraner Keeley's mom says: My girl Keeley is a fun and sweet pup. She is a mamma's girl and follows me wherever I go. Her favorite thing to do is play with her duck or lay in the grass with her tennis ball. Zeke and Tate Zeke's mom says: I am the proud mother of Zeke (yellow) and the proud aunt of Tate (black). They are the sons of my seven-year-old chocolate Lab, Shug, and a golden retriever named Molly. We decided on the name Zeke because my parents' first puppy was named Zeke and we thought it would be appropriate to continue the tradition. Tate got his name from comedian Ron White's famous saying, "Tater salad." They have the most loving, brotherly love of any of the 11 puppies that were born. "The boys," as I call them, love to wrestle with each other and our six-month-old kitten, Vents. The boys have grown up so much in the past few weeks that I can hardly pick them up and snuggle with them anymore. I get so many compliments on how well they act and how beautiful they are. They love having play dates with their other siblings too! I truly love these two munchkins and I couldn't imagine my life without them!! Gracie Allen the Labradoodle Grace's dad says: We knew Grace was our dog the minute we met her. She is very smart and wonderfully mellow. She learned to sit on her first day home and was easily crate-trained. Every day she seems to learn something new and has fit into our lives in such a terrific way. She loves to explore the city parks, take road trips to Connecticut, and go to the beach. We just love her.