Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Oct 1, 2007 sylvanbliss
Stellar assortment of puppies! Each one a winner!
Oct 1, 2007 cathig
I LOVE Amy's Princess Di eyes! :-)
Oct 1, 2007 Msgreyeyes
Oliver is such a far my absolute favorite of the bunch...11 biscuits for you! :-)
Oct 1, 2007 Jeannie
Cute puppy overload this morning! What gorgeous little faces. Had to choose Charlie as he's the closest to our Cairn Tilly, but really, every one's a winner!
Oct 1, 2007 Nat
Its so hard to choose a winner but bailey is such a sweetie!
Oct 1, 2007 sunnie
I think they are all so cute. 11 biscuits and lots of belly rubs to all :)
Oct 1, 2007 Jenny Yorke
They are all beautiful, but the Akita's are my first choice! My Akita Brandubh may be a 160lb 7 year old now, but he is still a cuddly bear, and was he a cute puppy!
Oct 1, 2007 oneacd
They are all adorable. What a great way to wake up in the morning! Love Zoe's 'worried' expression! Milllions of bickeys to all!
Oct 1, 2007 Terry C
What - no Boston Terriers?

Seriously, though, they are ALL cuties!
Oct 1, 2007 pomtzu
They are ALL adorable, but being the Pom nut that I am, Chloe wins the top vote. She looks like my Myndi who is all black.
But - they all get 11 cookies from me! Fun and happiness to all the pups and their families.
Oct 1, 2007 maddie's mom
To the owners of Eibhear, what does that name mean and where is it from? What a lovely dog.
All the puppies are beautiful.
11 biscuits to every one.
Oct 1, 2007 DogMom
It is impossible to choose a favorite amongst these beauties. That said, I must comment on Bailey (in the pocket!!!)-- what a gorgeous puppy. Please hug her and your son for me and thank him for his service. (Give yourself a hug while you are at it). Enjoy your lovely grand-dog. SHe is perfect.
Oct 1, 2007 tazziesmom
They are all winners but Betsy stole my heart.. Happy happy onesies..
Oct 1, 2007 savon19
OK - Cute puppie overload! But Charlie's "refined taste" made me chuckle... Handel's Messiah!! Perhaps that was a criticism?

I love the expression, too, on his face. Looks so innocent! Yet we Know he's planning his next chewing project...
Oct 1, 2007 DogMom
baby jack russell sleeping -- how can i not comment? so beautiful.... yet you know she holds the promise of constant and frenetic energy while awake -- it is precious to see her recharging that battery!!! Lovely, lovely girl.
Oct 1, 2007 lelisabeth
You are precious! Boxers are the best!
Oct 1, 2007 doriesmom
They are all so very adorable, I can't pick out a favorite!!!! Makes one want them all ;-) !!
Oct 1, 2007 DogMom
oops -- here is joy's pic. But I love CHaya too-- she looks like she is ready to tell us the right way to do something -- gorgeous markings -- lovely dog. I think I need more coffee -- :-) !
Oct 1, 2007 DogMom
Chaya - what a lovely dog!!!!Pretty girl.
Oct 1, 2007 Giada777
They're all beautiful, but this is my favorite! Lots of biscuits to all.
Oct 1, 2007 rexandbaby
They are all winners, but of course, everyone has a favorite!
Oct 1, 2007 tazjt
Nothing from Zoe's Mom or Dad? Poor baby! And she's the sweetest one of the bunch, IMHO! All of these babies are cuties, though!
Oct 1, 2007 magic1
Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I've been deaded by cuteness!!!!!
Oct 1, 2007 puppypac
My dogs are jumping up and down this AM and yelling "can we get one? can we get one?" I'd love to get one - any one! All adorable!
Of course I have a favourite - but don't want to leave anyone out!!!
I luuuuuuvs puppies. :-)
Oct 1, 2007 Bluenoser
The best Daily Puppy ever - there is not such thing as too many puppies!
Oct 1, 2007 ajcarter9405
This is the most ADORABLE boxer I have ever seen!!!!!! I want to put him in my pocket. Thanks for sharing!
Oct 1, 2007 puppini
So many gorgeous puppies, so little time - aaahhhhh! But I ha dto pick the Westie like my Molly and ANgus - She is a real cutie and i know exactly what her Dad means about laughing every day. Enoy everyone!!!
Oct 1, 2007 puppini
But I couldn't go without mentioning this little girl - what a cheeky, innocent. mischevious little face Pixie! Enjoy life with your new family - you are a dorable!
Oct 1, 2007 hazeleyes_1972
Awww I just love this picture! I have a chihuahua that loves to sleep on anything that I wear. I feel the love! :)
Oct 1, 2007 caseyanddavesmom
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the sweet sweet puppies. Live long and play happy to all !!!!!
Oct 1, 2007 ard1108
What a great way to start my day. I love puppies lol. I was happy to see Zoe because we had dobermans for 33 years. Now we have a mini aussie so I enjoyed the pictures of the aussies.
Oct 1, 2007 snuggles19973
Ohhhhhh my cuteness overload this morning. They are all sooooo cute but Pixie just caught my heart. She has the biggest smile on her little face, I can see why her parents picked her. Here is lots of huggs and kisses for them all.
Oct 1, 2007 bopeep
Eleven biscuits to each one. Each puppy is so very prescious, cute and adorable in his or her own way, impossible to pick one favorite. Hugs and kisses to each and every one.
Oct 1, 2007 dogsrule
Love them all, but I'm going with the Pom for my photo pick. I have a Pom and am in love with the breed now. Mine also loves to sleep on pillows. I call it 'puff on puff'.

All the puppies here are beautiful too!
Oct 1, 2007 surgprincess
What beautiful them all!
Oct 1, 2007 Wolfenstein
What a hansom boy! Akitas are a lot of work, but with the right structure and socialization they are just fantastic dogs! It sounds like you're starting this boy off right, keep up the good work with him! :)
Oct 1, 2007 brainfoggy
They are all adorable which makes it hard to choose but I have wanted a Scottie for a long time now however, due to living in a flat i couldn't have one.. I am moving to a new home soon and think it won't be long till i have my dream puppy and i hope it is just as lovely as this one.. he is just so cute!!
Oct 1, 2007 StephanieG
Oh, how can you choose just one?! They're all adorable!
Oct 1, 2007 Yankee-7
All of them are absolutely adorable!
But I have to pick Bailey as my favorite. Love her always, and also, God Bless her master!
Oct 1, 2007 dogsrdivine
Wow! So much love & beauty in the world. Ain't life with dogs grand? I can't imagine my world without them. Thanks to all of you for sharing - they're all winners!
Oct 1, 2007 sugarplum
Look at these little fluffies. I love every one of them.
Oct 1, 2007 olgadabest
They are all sooooooooooo cute, but Pixie has stolen my heart!
Oct 1, 2007 Lizanne
Einhear is a beautiful puppy. :) Very handsome.
I always love ALL THE PUPPIES. Thanks, everyone, for a lovely autumn October 1st filled with swet puppies to savor for the day.

Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Oct 1, 2007 houndluvr
[color=red] What a gorgeous bunch of puppy love!!! Tummy rubs and snuggles to all you beautiful pups! [/color]
Oct 1, 2007 Eowyn831
What a cute idea.
Oct 1, 2007 Eowyn831
Bailey gets my vote. I love Boxers, especially my new puppy, Buster
Oct 1, 2007 citydog
Whoa! A fine assortment of stellar cuteness! Nice way to start the week. :)
Oct 1, 2007 sue
they are all cute ,but could not resist this cute jack russel.she really is a joy to look at
Oct 1, 2007 sams*mom
For some reason, I always forget the Onesies appear on the 1st of the month and am surprised every month with the overwhelming cuteness of all the puppies at once. This month is no exception; they are all adorable and sweet. Just what I needed today!
Oct 1, 2007 hansepants
sooo beautiful! Also love love loveee bailey the boxer! all the pups are sweet this month!
Oct 1, 2007 Magnet
I like a lot of those puppies, and the boxer bailey was SOO cute! But I'd have to say my favorite is Bear the Akita. I love Akitas, they are so beautiful.
Oct 1, 2007 yujismom
argh-they are all so adorable...but...this one reminded me of my jeannie who died a year ago at 17...if his temperment is like jeannie's was, watch your shoes, the fence, and anything else that isnt nailed down-they have cast iron tummies!
Oct 1, 2007 dogcopper
ALL OF THEM ARE BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES!!! But, I have to go with Patch as my favorite today! 11 biscuits for ALL!!!

Patch, you are absolutely wonderful! Keep eating! :)
Oct 1, 2007 meg678
Precious :-)
Oct 1, 2007 kukie
what bunch of cuties...but of course I choose the beautiful and active Westie Kameko for my post...I love Westies...I love 'em all!!!
Oct 1, 2007 kukie
what bunch of cuties...but of course I choose the beautiful and active Westie Kameko for my post...I love Westies...I love 'em all!!!
Oct 1, 2007 kukie
what bunch of cuties...but of course I choose the beautiful and active Westie Kameko for my post...I love Westies...I love 'em all!!!
Oct 1, 2007 slsipe
Wow, I have a Jack Russell named JOY too! She is 10 years old and still a bundle of energy. She loves to snuggle, but only when she is ready.

I hope you enJOY your JOY!
Oct 1, 2007 piobaire
All too adorable, but Zoe get's my pic cuz of her sweet face.
Oct 1, 2007 llt214
The first of the month is always my favorite day here...I can't possibly pick a favorite. They are all so beautiful and special in their own ways. LOVE them ALL!!! Big smooches go out to all the sweet pups!!
Oct 1, 2007 vedder242003
I can't load my favorie pic, but the cocker spaniel is my fav. No votes for her yet! She is gorgeous, but I have a soft spot for cockers because I have one! Best wishes! And belly rubs for ALL!
Oct 1, 2007 Mummm
What wonderful pups! I love them all.
Oct 1, 2007 gryt
Charlie is so adorable... I just want to squeeze him! (And then beep that sweet little nose.) I can't believe that he'd ever get into any kind of mischief... That little angel? Hehe.
Oct 1, 2007 babydoll
Betsy is my favorite...11 biscuits for her.Shes a real cutie...
Oct 1, 2007 maedchenausmars
All of them are adorable, but I love this fluff ball. :)
Oct 1, 2007 Westielove
Ok I must say that I'm a sucker for Westies (hence my name) I have two in my family and they are completely adorable. One is nine and the other is about three months. The puppy always has a funny story. Westies rule!
Oct 1, 2007 Tarah711
I love poms (well any small dog really, but poms especially). Chloe is just so sweet. Look at that face! :)
Oct 1, 2007 pauleenm
they're all adorable!
Oct 1, 2007 ingieluvspuppies
Definitely the cutest!
Oct 1, 2007 taglove18
An adorable group but I am afraid Bailey has won my heart. She just looks so sweet sleeping.
Oct 1, 2007 my_stoney_baby
Zoe and Bailey and Bear, Oh my! You are sooooooo cute, I just love big puppies :)
Oct 1, 2007 HappyPup
They are indeed all sooooo cute but Pixie's smile... well...
Oct 1, 2007 Daphne's Mom
Bailey the Boxer is too cute! She reminds me so much of the boxer I had growing up. I hope she fills your lives with love and happiness for many years to come!
Oct 1, 2007 yogibear17
oh my god there all so cute its hard to choose
Oct 1, 2007 jinglesmom
Oliver - you are adorable..........11 biscuits for you...honestly they are all adorabole..........
Oct 1, 2007 jinglesmom
Oliver - you are adorable..........11 biscuits for you...honestly they are all adorabole..........
Oct 1, 2007 NoraDora
Charlie is the perfect name for that Scottish Terrier fellow!!

And I love the face on this one!!
Oct 1, 2007 thepupsmom
I love love love all the puppies, but there's just something about a beagle! Amy, you have a beautiful face. Be a good girl
Oct 1, 2007 kilroy
ahhhhh! noooo, stop stop stop. CUTE overload! Can't give out enough bones and don't have enough time to comment on how great they all are!
Oct 1, 2007 adiandrea
So Cute! Looks just like my dog Jack
Oct 1, 2007 ttamore
I love all of these puppies but had to pick Kameko as my fave. I am Westie owner and have to agree with her Dad. They are very funny little guys. Enjoy yours.. She's so cute
Oct 1, 2007 SAM0iiN3
aww dey all so cute :-&
Oct 1, 2007 Zoie's Daddy
This is by far my favorite breed, both of my babies are Pom's, Sadie Lea is the 5 year old Black one, and Zoie is the almost 1 year old, Blond. They have no fear at all and most of the time gets them into trouble. BUT daddy is always there to save the day. She is soooooooo cute, she will love you with all her heart no matter what, Chloe one hundred cookies to you, you are so very cute.
Oct 1, 2007 Puppylove13
How can you pick just one? I want'em all!!!!
Oct 1, 2007 Puppylove13
How can you pick just one? I want'em all!!!!
Oct 1, 2007 Rufus77
We've got a great Month ahead of us...
Oct 1, 2007 blackpaw
Puppy overload! they're all so gorgeous. 11 Biscuits.
Oct 1, 2007 cheleon
OMG!!!! What an overdose of cuteness! 176 biscuits (I hope - 14 pups, 11 biscuits each)!! I got a headache trying to pick a fav - impossible. Puppies Rule!!!!!
Oct 1, 2007 mom2jgd
Bear is my favorite! What a sweet teddy. I love akitas. My first one was named "Kuma" which is Japanese for "bear."
Oct 1, 2007 sandi
adorable, one and all. :)
Oct 1, 2007 flutey48
I love 'em all... but I'd have to vote for Pixie as my favorite. What a doll baby.
Oct 2, 2007 bordercrazed
It was really hard to pick just one this time....but the look this puppers is giving is priceless. "Bring it on"

I have to say though, the exposed teeth on Joy and her joyously smelly flip-flop crack me up.

Kameko should be a movie star.
Oct 2, 2007 aussie_girl95
This aussie looks just like my sobee! (whos aussie x golden retriever), also the Dachshund is so cute! I love Doxies!
Oct 2, 2007 aussie_girl95
This aussie looks just like Sobee :) But as he gets older he is start to get more color.
Oct 2, 2007 aussie_girl95
The picture is not working! >:( Lets try one more time...... any way the aussie named Harry is the one.
Oct 2, 2007 aussie_girl95
The picture is not working! >:( Lets try one more time...... any way the aussie named Harry is the one.
Oct 2, 2007 rachie
Why am I even trying to choose some of my favorites? They are seriously all soooo darn cute. It makes me want a puppy so bad!
Oct 2, 2007 heylo
Bear is the cutest out of all the puppies. Hes the best what a handsome boy!
Oct 2, 2007 heylo
Bear is the cutest out of all the puppies. Hes the best what a handsome boy!
Oct 2, 2007 heylo
Bear you are SOOOO cute!
Oct 2, 2007 heylo
Bear you are SOOOO cute!
Oct 2, 2007 guersh123
I agree, they are ALL great puppies.....But, please becarefull with the MySpace....there are many wacks out there that may just find this little doxie mix and try to take her!!! She is beautiful!!!

God Bless them ALL!!!
Oct 2, 2007 Luv_Terriers
My boyfriend and I are going to get a Toy Fox Terrier when we move in together. When I saw Pixie she just made me say "Awww!, that is just what I want our TFT to look like." I wish you a long, healthy and happy life Pixie!

All the other pups shown above are beautiful as well, take care of them all and give them hugs and belly rubs for me! :)
Oct 2, 2007 buta5
Wow! What an adorable puppy!
It has the cutest little face.
And the color is so unique.
Congrats on finding such a sweet little girl,
and kudos to the fantastic name.
Oct 2, 2007 debora
You're such a good, handsome boy Harry. Wishing you lots of fun with your family. xx
Oct 2, 2007 gabgirl
how super cute!!!
3 million biscuits!!!!
Oct 2, 2007 AussieLuv
Patch! What a cute expression on your face! I want you to come play with our Aussie puppy Bridget!!!
Oct 3, 2007 lmsibs
Great little pups- all of them but the Aussie has a great expressive face!
Oct 3, 2007 Lavipera
Oct 3, 2007 ndr76
What is this Cute Overload?! ;) 'Course a beagle always gets my top choice!
Oct 3, 2007 GeoffMcRandall
Bear is a beautiful boy. I love a smiling Akita.
Oct 3, 2007 doggielover80
they're all adorable, but i'm partial to the big dogs. i love brown dobies!
Oct 3, 2007 ROSIE1960
What a sweet,sweet,sweet, girl.
Oct 3, 2007 ROSIE1960
What a sweet,sweet,sweet, girl.
Oct 3, 2007 judimc
They are ALL precious!! Betsy won my heart. What a fluffy little sweetheart.
Oct 3, 2007 fro01
they are all so precious, but this one is a real cutie
Oct 3, 2007 my 2 chis
Oh ....Pixie is just adorable! What a sweet little face! Chloe is beautiful too! Oh its so hard to choose just one! Belly rubs for everyone!
Oct 4, 2007 mbolan20
I can't pick just one. I wish I could put them all in one room and play with them!
Oct 4, 2007 loverofgoldens
They are all cute. But I just love the picture of Bailey. Enjoy your granddog. And God bless your son for his service to our country.
Oct 4, 2007 chickpea26
what a sweet baby!
Oct 5, 2007 srn65
I'm a beagle mommy, but Pixie just stole my sweet, so adorable...
Oct 5, 2007 MissManda
They're all so precious!
Oct 6, 2007 elvislover1
Chaya is so cute! I own a cocker spaniel and he is just a doll and I'm sure Chaya is too!
Oct 8, 2007 JaviersMom
Talk about cuteness to the millionth power. Truckloads of bones to you, darling Frances!
Oct 13, 2007 mollysmommy
Pixie is the cuttest little thing. I actually thought she was a Jack Russell. She is just toooo cute for words.
Oct 13, 2007 mollysmommy
What a innocent litte face. Nothing quiet as cute as a Jack Russell when they are asleep after a hard day of play. Joy is a beautiful young lady.
Oct 14, 2007 Doreen
Just pick one? No Way!!!! They are all so cute. If I had a farm I would take them all. May you all have many wonderful years togeather!!!!!!!♥
Oct 16, 2007 Mainegirl
10 BISCUTS yaaayyy! For Kameko the Westie! She is just gorgeous!
All these puppies are so cute, but God Kameko knocks em all out. Thats what I think. Have a happy Halloween everyone!
Oct 16, 2007 Mainegirl
I dont know about all yall, but dogs are my number one pet, how could any one resist such an adorable face??? My baby's name is Hope, we got her from the SPCA!! Tentrillion biscuts to every single puppy here.
Did yall know there's a daily kitten .com?
Dec 1, 2007 notepad39
these puppies are all so cute! but of course the cavalier is my favorite! (I own two adorable cavaliers!)
Jan 13, 2008 sissy20jean
Aww! Pixie is so adorable! Hubby and I have finally found a Toy Fox Terrier so now any Toy Fox Terrier has my heart!
Mar 29, 2008 jilbean3
Sep 14, 2009 sandunguera
He's sooo cute!!!
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