Onesies October 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Zoe the Doberman Pinscher Zoe's dad says: Zoe is a wonderful family member. She enjoys long walks with her stick. She is always close, like Velcro! What she dislikes is not being the center of attention. Pixie the Toy Fox Terrier Pixie's mom says: We were only supposed to be looking for a puppy the day we went to the kennel, but as soon as we saw Pixie we fell in love. We knew right then and there that she would be coming home with us to be part of our family. Pixie is one-and-a-half pounds of pure mischief. She is not afraid of anything. She is already climbing stairs and roughhousing with her big sister, Roxy Belle, a rat terrier. She loves to play, cuddle, lie in the sun, and pull hair. I'm sure she will bring great joy and a lot of love to our family over the years. Patch the Australian Shepherd Patch's mom says: Patch is very sweet and loves to give kisses. She also loves to eat everything. She has eaten lots of stuff out of my garden, including an entire yellow pepper plant---root, pepper, leaves, and all. Charlie the Scottish Terrier Charlie's mom says: Charlie has refined tastes---his first two casualties were a pair of designer shoes and a full score of Handel's Messiah. He still looks with his teeth sometimes, and his latest hobby is stealing travel-sized bottles and brushes out of my open suitcase. Charlie also enjoys water bottles, long rolls in sand on the beach, and his sister Gracie's toys. Chloe the Pomeranian Chloe's parents say: Chloe is incredibly sweet and will do anything to give kisses. She is very quiet and loves to be wherever we are. We got her a few days after moving from Buffalo, New York, to Tampa, Florida, to help ease the homesickness, and she was just the right puppy to help. She is the epitome of a princess puppy, who prefers to sleep on a pillow (or three) over anything else. She even prefers sleeping on a pillow when she's on the couch or the bed! She likes to think of herself as a human rather than a dog. Going on walks is a chore, playing with other dogs isn't as much fun as being pet by a person, and she doesn't understand why she can't always go wherever we go. Bailey the Boxer Bailey's grandma says: Bailey was only five weeks old in this picture. She fell asleep and we picked her up and put her in the pocket of our pool table. She never moved and slept until we took her out! Bailey belongs to my son, Brian. I raised my children with boxers, but our last one, Cheyenne, died while Brian was in Iraq, serving with the Marine Corps. Brian just came home from his last deployment and is now the proud daddy of his new baby boxer. I have a total of three boxer grand-dogs: Emma and J.J., who live with my daughter and her husband, and now Bailey, who -- lucky for me -- lives at my house with my son! Oliver the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Oliver's mom says: Oliver was four weeks old when we first fell in love with him and we knew he was tiny then. He came home to us at twelve weeks and was still tiny at three pounds. At five pounds, he is still small for his breed. He is my little shrimp, and he will be so cute when he grows up. He is so lovable and a very good puppy. Everyone loves him and he is generous with his kisses. Eibhear the Irish Terrier Eibhear's dad says: Eibhear is an Irish Terrier from Rockton, Illinois and is from a litter of nine puppies. She belongs to my partner and me. We drove from Toronto to Rockton and back to pick her up at nine weeks. Although not the first dog we've owned, she's the first Irish Terrier that we have owned. She sweet and gentle, but with that typical puppy frenetic playfulness! Chaya the Cocker Spaniel Chaya's mom says: Chaya is quite possibly the smartest puppy I have ever seen. She learned sit and lie down in about a day. She amazes me every day. She is so sweet and loves to cuddle and give kisses. She loves to chase the ball down the hallway, but not so much in the dog run. She prefers to socialize with the other doggies there. She is not afraid of anything or any big dogs. I had another cocker for 16 years, who was very sweet but never really trained, so having this little one doing so well is really a dream come true. Kameko the Westie Kameko's dad says: Kameko is a purebred West Highland White Terrier. Her name is Japanese, meaning "long life." She has freakishly large ears and a super long tail, which are part of what makes her so special. Her personality is fun-loving, and she is a bit of a comedian, as there is not one day that passes where she does not make me laugh! Every morning we have an hour-long walk along the East River. She gets to stay in Manhattan with another Westie, Buddy, when I am away. She is a city girl---she can't get enough of the sidewalk cafes and walks in Central Park. Everyone who meets her finds her to be an extremely well-mannered puppy, and she has not even run off when she is off her leash. Joy the Jack Russell Terrier Joy's mom says: Joy loves sleeping and playing with her friends. She loves the ball, too, and sometimes she takes a ride in my bicycle! Amy the Beagle Amy's mom says: Amy is our second beagle. She plays chase and wrestles with Molly, our older beagle. Amy is amazing because she exercises Molly both inside the house and out, making as much noise as she can. Frances the Dachshund / Jack Russell Frances' mom says: Frances wants to be friends with anyone she meets. She is the happiest pup you ever met. She actually "prances" when she walks; she has a cute little hop in her step. She also has a MySpace page and an e-mail address, although I've never seen her at the computer. She loves to swim and run in giant circles and play with her best friends, Betty and Honey. Harry the Mini Australian Shepherd Harry's mom says: Harry Winston was born the runt of the litter, and we fell in love with his big blue eyes and white boots. Harry has been a loyal watchdog and herder from day one. He likes my husband and I to be in the same room so he can watch us. He will pace from room to room in order to see us both if we separate for too long. When Harry is not engaging in physical activity, he is very much a lap dog and will cuddle and give hugs. Bear the American Akita Bear's mom says: Bear has two brother and four sisters. He is a friendly puppy with loads of energy. We take him for walks twice a day and he looks forward to them. He likes to play with his toys, especially footballs. He loves the garden and digs wherever he goes. He always has a smile on his face and loves other dogs. Betsy-Boo the Shih-Tzu / Papillon Betsy's mom says: I chose Betsy because she was the cutest and funniest pup in the litter. She has the best temperament, and we love her to bits. We go to obedience training, and so far she can sit, stay, down, side and give paw. We can't go on long walks, as she is stopped all the time to be cuddled.