Onesies September 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Jack the Yorkie Mix Jack's mom says: Jack is an extremely brave, sassy little dog. He likes to play rough, but the rare times that he is calm, he is extremely sweet. He follows us wherever we go, and he knows we can't resist that face, so we spoil him big time. He was born in February and came home a month later. He is a Yorkie / Shih Tzu mix, and is very smart and loyal. He has magpie-like tendencies and likes to hide his food or toys. He likes tossing around Coke bottle caps the most, and he loves Cracker Jacks. He gets his name from Captain Jack Sparrow. Spike the Ori-Pei Spike's mom says: Spike loves to eat; he is always thinking about his belly. He gets really excited when I get his food out. He loves to play—it seems like he never runs out of energy. Everyone loves him because he is just so cute. How do you not love that face? Seamus the Mixed Breed Seamus's mom says: My fiancé had promised to get me a puppy for my birthday, so I looked online and came across a humane society in Roswell, Georgia. As soon as I saw Seamus, I sent his picture to my fiancé. He called me immediately and said that he had cleared his schedule for the rest of the day and that we were going to get him right then. We drove to the rescue center, played with him for about five minutes, and said, "Okay, we'll take him!" We had both fallen in love with him as soon as we saw him. We named him Seamus immediately, which means "mischief." He has totally lived up to his name, but he's so cute it is hard to get mad at him. He's my little baby and I adore him. Best birthday present ever! Shadow the German Spitz Shadow's parents say: Shadow gets up to all types of mischief; he likes to hide his treats about the house and sit in his favorite spot, the windowsill, and watch the world go by. He loves going out and running through long grass, playing with kids, and running after birds. Ramona the Miniature Poodle Ramona's mom says: Ramona came from a puppy mill that was raided by Animal Enforcement officers and ended up with the poodle rescue my husband and I work with, Coastal Poodle Rescue, along with 76 other poodles. Ramona is one of the six mini/toy poodles we have, and she spends her days tormenting the other dogs and dragging sticks and pieces of pine bark mulch in through the dog door. She also enjoys splashing the water out of her water bowl with her paws for the sheer fun of it, and she never hesitates to dig a hole in the yard when the idea pops into her head. Ramona constantly creates mischief and we never know what she'll do next, but she is a ton of fun to live with. Boozie the Havanese Boozie's mom says: Boaz is Boozie's real name; it’s Hebrew for "strength," but I call him by his street name, Boozie. Boozie came to me two months ago from a breeder in South Carolina. The second I saw him, it was love at first sight. He has so much energy and such a great sense of humor. Boozie loves everyone -- dogs, people, children, and the city pigeons. He lives in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side, and we can't walk a quarter of a block without people stopping to ask about him or picking him up and giving him lots of kisses. Klondike the Mixed Breed Klondike's mom says: Klondike was the cutest fluff ball I'd ever seen, and I couldn't leave without him. Klondike is full of curiosity and he learns very quickly. He learned to bark when I say, "Tell me," and now he is sometimes quite verbally demanding -- and funny! He noses my arm when I'm at the computer when he wants attention. He is also quite affectionate; when he was a few months old, he started snuggling up to me in the wee hours of the morning and turning onto his back for "hugs," and he still gets his "hugs." He enjoys chasing our cats and can be quite affectionate with them also, licking and playing gently with them. Klondike is a great dog and friend. Pluto the Boxer Pluto's mom says: Pluto has truly been a joy ever since we saw him at 11 days old. When he finally came home with us, he changed our entire world. He is a true clown and has us smiling and laughing all the time. We especially start laughing out loud when his upper lip folds in and his upper canine tooth gets exposed. He looks like a little bandit -- dangerous but hilarious. Pluto enjoys spending his days stealing laundry from the clothesline, chasing a giant exercise ball all around the yard, chewing on grass, begging for treats, going snorkeling in his water bowl on hot days, playing with his boxer friend, Snickers, and looking cute. Every day is a fun day when spent hanging out with Pluto. Tucker the Puggle Tucker's mom says: We've had Tucker for six weeks now, and he has been a wonderful addition to our menagerie. He's an absolute sweetheart and has never met a person or a dog that wasn't his best friend. He loves giving kisses; his specialty is up the nose. His favorite hobby is chewing sticks and he's an absolute addict. Since he was eight weeks old, he has been a pro at fetch -- that is, until he is supposed to drop the toy. But he's our precious little guy and I wouldn't trade him for anything. Amos the Doberman Mix Amos's mom says: I got an e-mail at work about a mom and her nine puppies that had been found and needed homes. Amos and his mom and litter mates were left padlocked in a shed outside with no food, little water, and broken bottles on the ground. The people had just moved out of the home and left them behind, so when the new family moved in they discovered them out back. Thankfully, most of the puppies made it -- seven out of nine, including Amos. Amos comes to work with me almost every day. He's a great dog and is growing like a weed! Raider the Shih Tzu Raider's mom says: Raider is a shih tzu who loves to play; we play about three times a day. Whenever someone comes over, Raider gets so excited he starts to jump on them and bark. Jake the Golden Retriever Jake's dad says: My family and I love to take Jake wherever we go. Jake is a very playful and energetic dog that loves to run until he can run no more. We take him to our cabin in Kenai, Alaska, so he can swim in the rivers and run in the meadows. He loves to stalk birds in the woods and manages to chase a few squirrels along the way. He has a lot of personality and is a blast to be around. Derby the Mixed Breed Derby's mom says: Derby was found at about ten weeks old. He’d been abandoned in a field. He likes to run in our backyard and chew on toys. He enjoys daily walks and taking naps in the afternoon sun. He’s got a great temperament and is our best friend. Maverick the Alaskan Klee Kai Maverick's mom says: Maverick is an Alaskan klee kai, which is a sort of miniature husky (or super miniature Malamute). He is extremely street smart, having spent the earlier part of his puppyhood in Manhattan, riding subways and claiming all of Central Park as his territory. He loves giving kisses to anyone who dares to bring their face within reach and especially loves getting his tongue right up into your nose. Maverick has a jealous streak, giving a great big husky howl when his favorite people pet other dogs. He's a talker too, and he loves telling me about everything that happened while I was gone. I've enrolled him in agility classes to blow off some of his energetic steam. He's a great cuddle-buddy and likes to snuggle under the covers when winter turns cold. I can't imagine life without my boy! Dolce the Golden Retriever Dolce's mom says: Dolce is a bundle of fluff with a huge heart. She loves meeting new people and proves it by licking them to death and jumping into their laps the moment they sit down. She also enjoys torturing her older sister, Mercedes, who is also a golden retriever. Her favorite game is to play “roll-the-ball-under-the-table-and-watch-it-come-out-the-other-side.” She loves the water, her ball, and best of all, her family. A total cuddler, Dolce thinks she’s a lap dog, which will prove to be interesting as she grows! Alfie the Labrador Retriever Alfie's dad says: Alfie is the most affectionate Labrador ever; he will not go out in the morning until everybody has rubbed his belly. He is very smart too.