Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Jan 25, 2008 cholla45
Who didn't give Otis 11 biscuits? That's crazy man! He's the cutest little guy ever.
Jan 25, 2008 butterflyjo04
This is the cutest picture ever I just love all of his cute little clothes
Jan 25, 2008 doggieluvrs
Otis is such a cute puppy. We can't believe he isn't scoring a perfect 11!! Quadrillion biscuits for Otis and many hugs and kisses, too! We LOVE Bostons!
Jan 25, 2008 maddie's mom
amazing puppy
amazing pics
a zillion biscuits
Jan 25, 2008 Xabismom65
OTIS MY MAN! oh my gosh its a boston and we LOVE THEM. He looks so much like are Xabi I could cry right now. Everything you describe is so typical boston behaviour (especially not being a fan of outside when its cold or wet-- my Xabi things rain is Acid). If you never had one before be prepared to be spoilt for life with the best best best friend you could ever want. I so want another and now after seeing your gorgeous Otis I dont think I will be able to wait
Congratulations and thank you for sharing him with us. Enjoy
Jan 25, 2008 bostont
My "baby" is going on 14 - Bostons are amazing - they do hate cold and hot (never leave them out in either!!!) and watch out for their eyes. Winnie is blind (cataracts), still plays like crazy, and has a Papillon buddy Wyatt (featured here 2 years ago). Enjoy him - you will have a wonderful best for a very long time!!!!
Jan 25, 2008 whoopiwho
He is so handsome. Hard to pick a favorite picture. 11biscuits For being your first dog you have picked a wonderful breed. He will have you trained and spoiled in no time. I wish you two many long happy years together!
Jan 25, 2008 Ms. K
What a cutie! It sounds like he has really added to your home and that he is a happy puppy! How wonderful!
Jan 25, 2008 howiesmom
Ooooohhhh I want to pick ALL the pics as my favorites!!!!! I love him!!!! LOVE HIM!!! What a great little story about him too!! I grew up with Bostons and think they are just great!! Otis is one of my favorite doggy names too! What a joy to see Otis on the site today!! He's an absolute doll baby!! Lucky You!!
Jan 25, 2008 postiemayer
Otis, you sure have a great wardrobe for such a little guy. You are way too cute for your own good, but it sure is great to see all your cuteness. Looks like you are spoiled already and rightly so. Many happy years with this pretty baby!
Jan 25, 2008 goldenlover
"I'm dreaming they'll replace Stanley with a rescued dog !!"
Jan 25, 2008 anniebabes52
Oh my gosh..........he is such a cutie! I really had a hard time picking a favorite picture, they are all so adorable. He just melts my heart. Have fun and a long loving life with this bundle of joy. Tons of hugs, kisses, and biscuits.
Jan 25, 2008 txtbirdchic
Otis is a very handsome little boy!!! Keep the sweaters and Stanley's coming. Bostons rock!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 25, 2008 jaccikay
Otis seems to be quite the "ham". I love his funny pictures. I also live in Michigan, so I agree with Otis, on not liking to get out in the snow and cold. Staying inside and snuggling is so much better. Lucky you to have this cute little "Otis". God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness.
Jan 25, 2008 pomtzu
Otis - you're quite the handsome little man. I love all your "mug shots", but I have to pick my all time favorite puppy pose - the upside-down sleeping puppy!

Live long, happy, and healthy, and have tons of adventures and fun times with your family!
Jan 25, 2008 Grandma Helen of CT
ADORABLE ...xxxooo
Jan 25, 2008 Terry C
I love. love, LOVE Boston Terriers.

In this pic, Otis looks like my Bugzy as a puppy!

I just want to give him a hug! He's so sweet.
Jan 25, 2008 magic1
"Hard to get a good picture of him"? My goodness, what do you call all of these?? LOL

Best of luck with your new baby, he looks absolutely adorable
Jan 25, 2008 zoerosesmom
Otis you are ADORABLE! I love all of the sweater pictures - keep 'em coming.
My little Cockapoo Zoe thinks you're a cutie, too.
She sends many puppy kisses and slurps.
Jan 25, 2008 Mummm
Oh my! Otis is SO CUTE! What a great first pup for you.
Jan 25, 2008 mlr07005
What a sweetie! Wishing you lots of joy with your little boy....... but, please, take the string away from him before he chokes or gets an impaction.

Kisses on that cute little nose!
Jan 25, 2008 romans839
What an adorable Boston. I've had Bostons for much of my life and I know you'll enjoy this little guy! I love his many sweaters and the pictures of him snoozing. I know he'll be a great addition to your family!
Jan 25, 2008 Chili's Mom
Aren't puppy bellies the cutest!
Jan 25, 2008 amc2810
Oh Otis, you are a cute lil munchkin! I'm a proud aunt to a Boston (Oliver) and he's a sweety pie. Otis is adorable! Many, many happy years together.
Jan 25, 2008 jrterriermom
What a cutie pie! Many years of happiness!
Jan 25, 2008 yujismom
otis is quite the dandy-love his aran sweater! (and the tummy picture is da bomb"
Jan 25, 2008 killersmom
OMG I Love Bostons! Otis you are just the cutest lil guy! I have a rat terrier (killer) and alot of her behaviors are like Bostons. She hates cold and rain too. snow is a 4 letter word to Killer. Long and happy life to you and your people Otis! And a billion zillion biscuits, too!!
Jan 25, 2008 gcbenezra
Bostons are the best (I have one too!!!) Our little Mackie does the blanket thing too. Otis is totally adorable!!!
Jan 25, 2008 pixiegirrl
I just love a well dressed dog and Otis is adorable in his sweater and pajama outfit. I remember when I got my first dog, Eliza, I loved her so much that I had to get two more. 11 biscuits for sure.
Jan 25, 2008 lopez n chi
goldenlover - your comment was hilarious! "I'm dreaming they'll replace Stanley with a rescued dog !!" LOL!

Back to Otis - OMG - what an adorable boston! To be honest - I didn't even want to look at today's pup because I don't like bostons...but I did anyway...and what a delight. All those clothes, tongues, and little pink belly....CUTIE PATOOTIE!

Have fun with this little guy! He is beautiful & adorable!
Jan 25, 2008 lopez n chi
And by the way - where's stanley? There's only one picture where he's hidden in the background.....
Jan 25, 2008 lita
Oh what a cutie! So this is the first pet you have ever had?....
You may not realize it yet, but you're hooked! LOL Enjoy!
Jan 25, 2008 Desiderata
Otis is adorable. I had a heck of a time deciding which pic to choose as a favorite. They are all darling. I am a mini doxie mommy but he has me thinking I need a Boston Terrier. What a cutie!!!
Jan 25, 2008 tsuki'smom
Otis, you are the cutest boy I've seen in a very long time! I could just squeeze you. Oh, and the PJ's? Adorable!
Jan 25, 2008 chultzee
Oh so gorgeous!!!! I love bostons, I always have to comment when they are posted. Ottis is SO adorable, I had a little girl boston last may who was also my first dog, and she was the our sweet little baby, until we lost her a month later to aspiration pneumonia. We haven't recovered since.........but I will one day be getting another baby boston, oh yes!!! They truly are the sweetest little souls of the dog world, and I can't help but kiss them right on their little mouths! Blessings to your sweet angel Ottis, and take good care of him!!!! He'll grow up to be an amazingly handsome boy:) Oh and how can I choose just one photo when he's perfect in all of them!!! I think he's VERY photogenic:) Loves!!
Jan 25, 2008 Border Collie Mom
This is just an adorable picture. What a little angel.
******************************* **************
I must reiterate what mlr07005 said. "but, please, take the string away from him before he chokes or gets an impaction."

Yes, take the string away from him, he could choke on it so easily and he may be more prone to chew on it since he's an infant.

It sounds like he's loving and attentive hands.
Jan 25, 2008 bellaboosmom
Otis you are so darn cute!!
Jan 25, 2008 rolopolo
awe, that is one cute dog
Jan 25, 2008 sams*mom
I'm in love!! [sorry Sammy]. So hard to pick a favorite but I love the Xmas PJ's. My next pup will definitely be a Boston.
Jan 25, 2008 bigotto51
Otis is beautiful little guy...
keep the string away from him, a friend of the family's cat ate a piece of string it got intaggled in his intestine and the poor little thing died.
Jan 25, 2008 clemency
Aaack! Otis is sooooo cute in his little sweater!
Jan 25, 2008 zootiesmom
Soooo cute! I've been reading daily puppy for a year and registered today so that I could comment on Otis! We have a BT as well and she is the love of our life! Her best friend is an old english sheepdog and he has a big loofah toy too that she is always stealing. Belly rubs to Otis, enjoy him!
Jan 25, 2008 sarahj0628
I have 2 Bostons who haven't changed since this stage. They are 7 now. Enjoy your baby! He will make you smile lots! :) I want to ZZRRBBTT that belly!
Jan 25, 2008 jowaldo
Awe Mom, do I HAVE to go to bed??? :) Absolutely priceless!!!
Jan 25, 2008 peppersmom
I just have to say that I LOVE Bostons! I have a 4 year old Boston (Pepper) and she is my best friend. We have so much fun together and she never ceases to amaze me. She is such a fast learner too. I am so excited for you and Otis. Give him lots of smooches and don't forget to get in lots of snuggle time!
Jan 25, 2008 stormsamson
Otis, you are such a cutie and sweetie! Being your Mom's first pet kid, you are bound to be spoiled rotten. I hope you watch the string though, it could cause some problems if he ingest. Many years of good health and lovings!!!
Jan 25, 2008 rexandbaby
Otis made my day! Thank you! I love your name Stanley for his toy!
Jan 25, 2008 mash9093
OMG, how adorable is Otis!!! God love him.....what a personality in that face of his........million kisses and belly rubs for this little guy!! 11+++++++++++++ in the biscuits. Enjoy him, I am sure he will bring you years of joy. He is just too cute for words. It was so hard picking a picture.....they are all just so cute.
Jan 25, 2008 bettyky
He is such a cutie pie and he looks just like one of my Bostons. I love them like they are my children. They are so hyper and yet so sweet and so darn smart. Have a wonderful time raising your Otis over the next 15 years.
Jan 25, 2008 Jennb3
Otis you handsome little man you!!!
Jan 25, 2008 Cookgal
He is so sweet! My fiance and I have a 12 week old Border Terrier named Oscar, and I just know that they would be best friends! Otis is precious and I am so happy for you!
Jan 25, 2008 wziemann
Otis, you dress better than me! He looks like a winner to me...Mojo's Dad
Jan 25, 2008 bettyky
My Bostons are named Chuckie and he is a handful and he is 11 years old and Ladybug and she is completely different from Chuckie. I love them both so much and they have brought me so much love.
Jan 25, 2008 tiekirae
dear mr. otis,
you are pretty much the cutest-floppy-tongue-out-when-sleep ing-thing ever. i have a "baby" boston (5 years old) at home too and her name is daisy. hopefully you will not tear up your family's couches like daisy did.
love always,
Jan 25, 2008 FRITZY
Dear goodnes....your Otis is precious. It is SO NICE TO BE ABLE TO READ AND VIEW ALL THE PICTURES WITHOUT ADS IN THE WAY. I had a very hard time selecting a favorite pic because Otis is adorable in all of them. I totally get the "I am in love with my dog feeling". It is so wonderful to have a sweet pup who loves you, needs you, and is there for you. FYI, Otis is so cute!!!:)
Jan 25, 2008 sylvanbliss
I agree that these are darling pictures taken by a completely smitten Mommy. Otis has won the puppy lottery! Here's to a lasting love affair.
Jan 25, 2008 nsshiley
I do know I'm supposed to compliment the puppy of the day, but I just have to say how much I enjoyed Otis's Mom's writing style. Most excellent. Thank you for your whimsy. And you have such impeccable taste in puppy-wear! Otis looks great, with or without clothes (more than some humans can say!). He is very charming, as are you.
Jan 25, 2008 matthew888
Otis is soooo cute!
Jan 25, 2008 xoMorganxo<3
awww what a cute dog!! i have a boston terrier of my own and i love them :-) this dog looks like such a playful and happy dog !! and can you say puppy eyes! look at those big eyes!!!
Jan 25, 2008 xoMorganxo<3
awww what a cute dog!! i have a boston terrier of my own and i love them :-) this dog looks like such a playful and happy dog !! and can you say puppy eyes! look at those big eyes!!!
Jan 25, 2008 matthew888
Yea look at his big eyes! SOOOO CUTE!
Jan 25, 2008 mollyface
I've never been one for Boston Terriers, but this little guy is adorable! I just want to rub his soft little pink belly.
Jan 25, 2008 plantsforjenny
Oh my gosh. How adorable! My heart just melts!
Jan 25, 2008 sue
hes adorable
Jan 25, 2008 Puppylove13
Love him! Those eyes just seem to say he's going to keep you busy for a long time! Biscuits & belly rubs to this cutie.
Jan 25, 2008 noel
Eeek! Perfection! Bostons are absolutely the most amazing animals/humans ever! I have a 2 year old baby girl named Opal and I couldn't ever see myself without a Boston. Although if she ever dies then I will too so I won't ever have to see myself without her. She actually owns that sweater Otis is wearing, but of coarse gets little use out of it because in cold weather, even if she is only out to pee pee, she runs back to the door and cries to get back inside to sit by the fireplace. Bostons are known for their pig like and cat like behaviors and of coarse they must always sleep on your head at night (at least until they get a little older and cuddle under the covers between your knees to keep warm. You will never be bored with this little man and always remember you have chosen perfection in a Boston!!!
Jan 25, 2008 Connestee
Absolutely adorable. Cute cute cute. 92 biscuits.

Please be careful with the string - - if swallowed can cause intestimal damage that can be fatal.
Jan 25, 2008 puppypac
Born to be a supermodel! :-) Otis is adorable adorable and even more adorable. Many hugs and squishes to him. Eleventeen cookies. I can hardly stand it he is soooooo cute in his clothes.
Jan 25, 2008 willysmom
"Excuse me, please... I'm meditating now..."
What a cutie!!!
Jan 25, 2008 Babs.ER.Nurse
Otis is sooooo cute!! Thank you for sharing him with us. I've had BT's all my life and of course, Otis has stolen my heart. You'll never be happier than you will with this little fellow. Good choice for your first dog. &#9786;

I have two BT's now and they are so good together. I'm glad you are socializing Otis with other animals so he will be easier to take anywhere.

You'll never have a more faithful companion or one with more emotional attachment. These little precious packages are perfect for snuggling with and worming their way directly into your heart. Good luck and many blessings on you both!

V/R, another BT Mum &#9829;&#9786;&#9829;!
Jan 25, 2008 guido's mama
"Mom, I know you love me, but there come a time when a boy must put his foot down. Don't get too carried away with the outfits, or if you must, keep them classy - the sweater is okay, but I'm not too sure about this green get up...." tee heee hee. Otis is ADORABLE!!!!
Jan 25, 2008 SistaMaggie
Usually I do not like animals put in clothing, but who wouldn't like this one?! So cute! We dog-sat a Boston/Pug and she was the cutest thing! I want one! What an adorable little guy! I have an Otis at home, but he is a Jack Russell. Great name!
Jan 25, 2008 BTLover
Oh I so love these pictures!!! I have two Boston Terriers and love them dearly. When I saw Otis, it made my day...what a sweet pea!!! Bostons are truly a special dog and the sweetest babies. Enjoy Otis and the many fun, silly memories ahead!!!
Jan 25, 2008 DarinsMom
What?!?!? No pictures of the infamous Stanley?

Otis is super cute and snuggly - I just want to eat him up in his little Irish sweater..........

Enjoy him for many years to come
Jan 25, 2008 GALE CLEMMONS
What a sweetheart..I have my two girls "Miss Kitty"and "Bubbles"being "Southern Belles" we had snow last week here in Ga and they loved it(we average once a year ) Bubbles was so funny running and playing in it. Miss Kitty being older, didn't find it that much fun..Enjoy Otis, the only thing better is having two Bostons to play together.ohhhhh I lov'em...Gale
Jan 25, 2008 SpencersMum
...perhaps the cutest puppy EVER!!! (shhhhhh ..... just don't tell Spencer I said so)
Jan 25, 2008 frankies_mom
oh help me-my heart is about to burst! You are so lucky to have this little guy--and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bio you wrote about him. Oh--I can't take it--he's soooooooo cute, and funny, and sweet and adorable, and coud go on and on. take good care of him and have a fun life together. Not enough biscuits in the world!
Jan 25, 2008 olgadabest
Otis, you sure are A D O R A B L E ! ! !
Jan 25, 2008 lullalee
Oh my. This Otis is totally rediculous. Frankies mom said it for me... I can't take it either.. he's incredible!
Jan 25, 2008 feismom
We are also lucky enough to be loved by a BT. Trixee Jean the Jelly Bean is the most awesome dog! Still acts like a pup at the age of 5 and is so smoochable! You will have years of love and laughter with your cutie pie Otis! He is precious!
Jan 25, 2008 animalqn
Oh, I can't even stand it, this guy is so freaking cute! Otis, you are my man!
Jan 25, 2008 Beckiiee
Aww. What a sweet jumper! what a cute little guy!
Jan 25, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]Oh Otis, you are too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all your outfits and think you look ADORABLE in them! I wish I could give you a million kisses!!! :) and hug you forever!!! :)
You are PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you beautiful Otis!!!
Happy New Year and best wishes always!!!!!!!!!![/color]
Jan 25, 2008 Puppyluver59
[color=green] Awwwwwwwwww... how do you say no to a face like that? If I could vote more than once, I'd be here all day! He's adorable. [/color]
Jan 25, 2008 bopeep
Great bio and great pictures of a cutie who likes to snuggle up to the camera. I, too, was hoping to see the infamous Stanley being "loved" by Otis. The only thing I would change is the string - it is dangerous. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits to sweet Otis from Kansas USA.
Jan 25, 2008 pupsrule
Thank you for the wonderful bio - I feel like I know Otis and I wish I did. He is totally adorable. Lucky Stanley - I'd like to snuggle and nap with Otis (who needs a squeak or eyebrows anyway!) Lucky you - he's your baby - no wonder you love him so. Long live Otis. Blessings for a very happy & healthy life to this beautiful little guy.
Jan 25, 2008 Suziesmom
HELP....I CAN'T TAKE ALL THE CUTENESS!!!!! I was never a fan of Bostons' UNTIL NOW!!!
It's impossible to pick a favorite...but sleeping puppies with tongues out get me every time! Love him!!!
Jan 25, 2008 lawgeek
I need a 12th biscuit! So cute!!!!
Jan 25, 2008 cwood800
I didn't have time to read all the comments, but I wanted to warn against allowing Otis (or any pet) to play with string. It is easily swallowed and can get wrapped around internal organs.

Otis is beautiful. Thanks for sharing him with us.
Jan 25, 2008 AngelC
OMG! Otis is the cutest thing ever. I love all the great comments about him. I love all the pics . . . . . I couldn't stop laughing at all the cute little things his mommy has to say about him. Love ya Otis.
Jan 25, 2008 lushpuppy
Not a big fan of the Boston Terrier, but Oh my Gosh, he is totally adorable! I love him and what a happy life he will have with you. 11 cookies!!!!
Jan 25, 2008 mqm501
Great photos of such a handsome chap. Have great fun with him for many years to come. 11plus biscuits Otis - enjoy! Best Wishes from Spain.
Jan 25, 2008 luvbroncs
That is the cutest boston terrier I have ever seen! 12 biscuits minimum! Love and puppy kisses to you!
Jan 25, 2008 sacred
Oh my ,.... im having the "cute puppy vapors", what a cute baby boy Otis is. Lots of kisses and belly rubs from us here:)
Jan 25, 2008 weaselsmom
NOW THAT'S A PUPPY! Otis is truly adorable. I love the thought of animals with human characteristics- they really do let us see alot of ourselves in them. Thus, I am designating Otis the first HUMANIMAL I have met on Puppy of the Day! I know all my wienerdogs are humanimals! Have fun- much love.
Jan 25, 2008 Joy11552
OMG!! Otis a such a cutie....I have 2 Boston's and have always had a dog all of my life, I loved my other dogs with all my heart and always will BUT I have to say my Boston's are the loves of my life! Intelligent? You bet your bippy they are....sweet - always, loving - unconditonally. So keep taking those great shots of Otis 'cause he is a good looking lil guy!!
Jan 25, 2008 honeypie
Otis is one gorgeous pup. Love the name and his cute! 11 biscuits may not be enough for this lil guy!!! Best wishes for lots of love and many years of fun!
Jan 25, 2008 casey's mom
Such sweetness. Could Otis's face be any cuter?! Difficult to choose a favorite pic, they are all great. Many happy years with this special fellow!
Jan 25, 2008 pug lover
that is the cutest picture ever!!
Jan 25, 2008 nancy814
Otis is so cute!! What an adorable puppy he is!!! Hard to pick just one picture, 11+ biscuits for this cutie!
Jan 25, 2008 flashsma
What a cute little snuggle bunny! Otis I love your outfits! Your Mom mush LOVE you a whole bunch to dress you so cute!
Jan 25, 2008 Dot2864
He is so cute I just love his little PJ's
Jan 25, 2008 megg<3
[color=green] [i] Aw! I am going to tell the truth; out of ALL the dogs I've ever seen I want this one the most, it's Truly the truth! I am 100 % convinced I want a Boston Terrier! lalala. So cute. 11 biscuits and one for dessert! Haha. :-) [/color] [/i]
Jan 25, 2008 simrat101
i think he is adorable but has the biggest eyes i have ever seen
Jan 25, 2008 puppywuv
awwwww, he has the sweetest little puppy face!!! a hundred million biscuits! and i love all of his outfits!
Jan 25, 2008 tambore
Note to Otis' Mom: Your life will never be the same. And after seeing and reading about Otis you will, no doubt, get another Boston Terrier...... we have about five rascals on our block here in NYC and boy are they feisty! Spoil him rotten because he deserves it. I love his Christmas PJs and Aran sweater. Don't forget the Tam of Shanta [sp?] on St. Patricks's Day. Otis, you're a credit to your breed
Jan 25, 2008 ineaudi
In this picture he looks just like my little Rosie. I have two BT's and like many others, cannot imagine life without them. I have to agree with all those that spoke about the very careful. When Rosie was a puppy, she ate anything and everything (I never saw her do it). She ended up in the hospital for five days - an endoscopy was finally done...they pulled out a huge mass of carpet fibers and other stuff (some unidentifiable)!. Luckily it had a happy ending!

Enjoy little Otis and all the joy he will bring you! Hugs, kisses, and of course, belly rubs to him!
Jan 25, 2008 skeeze_in_belize
I really couldn't pick a favorite... I love them all! He is so adorable.
Jan 25, 2008 djmc
What cute face and a sweet name. Love the sweater , to keep little Otis warm . Enjoy your baby.
Jan 25, 2008 ceallaig
Puppy tummy and puppy tongue and sleeping puppy ... how in the world do you expect me to choose just one??? Otis is a wonderful happy-looking little man and I do love how 'natty' the Bostons always look with their black and white 'formal wear'. Enjoy your 'first dog' -- like any other first, it is a unique experience, savor it. Many happy years to both of you!
Jan 25, 2008 JasperFriday
Get ready for 2 hilarious bodily functions that bostons are known for -- [bold][color=purple]farts & snoring!!![/color][/bold] My Jasper held the record for both! Feed Otis a little cottage cheese with his meal to keep his ears strong & they'll stand up nice & straight (the better to hear you with, my dear!) I wish you many happy years with your precious boston pup, Otis...
Jan 25, 2008 mkesj
Great pictures. What a fun puppy.
(The IQ test at the top is a scam. I'm surprised to find it on here.)
Jan 25, 2008 magnoliasmom
I can't pick A favorite - I love ALL the pictures/ Otis is absolutely the cutest dog I have seen here in a while. He is just gorgeous and you are so lucky. I know how Otis feels regarding the cold - my Magnolia (the papillion) hates the cold, the wet, and the snow too! What, oh what do you do to get Otis out to do his business? I would love to know.
Jan 25, 2008 momof4bostonbabies
Otis you are just soooo handsome. I have 4 Bostons (3 males-Peyton, Reggie and Louie and a new little girl (5 months old) Madeelynn and wouldn't take a million dollars for any of them. Once you have a Boston no other dog will ever be able to replace them. Madeelynn saw Otis and wants to know who the hot little stud muffin is. :):) Otis is a chick magnet already :)
Jan 25, 2008 Sasafras56
Otis is such a character! So cute and snuggly! Likes clothes too! This guy is great and it was so hard to pick a favorite picture as these were wonderful.
Jan 26, 2008 mling
Otis is the cutest!
Jan 26, 2008 cheleon
It was very hard to pick a favourite, Otis! You have no right being so utterly, unbelievably cute - but, the puppy tummy won! Wish you were mine, you wonderful little baby boy. :)
Jan 26, 2008 gryffindor1971

OMG THIS is my fav pic... there are like two things in life that are more awesome than anything else... Puppy breath and puppy BELLIES.... I just wanna give him a big ol raspberry on that fat little pink belly... Otis is just precious... I love Bostons as Pups... but when they grow up they have one thing in common with "ET"... they are so ugly, they are cute.... heh ehh heheh.... my friend has a Boston named Andr? that i just adore... she is so much fun to play with... your Otis looks JUST like her... have fun with him... and cherish him each and every day you have him...
Jan 26, 2008 blondie7
OMG hes so preches!!
Jan 26, 2008 blondie7
OMG hes so preches!!
Jan 26, 2008 pink2car
[i][color=gold]Otis is so Cute!!!!![/i][/color]
Jan 26, 2008 PupsArePrecious
Otis is awesome. I have had Bostons all my life they wonderful. Otis is one of the cutest I have ever seen. Love and cherish him forever!!!!!
Jan 26, 2008 scoccaro
look at that belly!
Jan 26, 2008 puppysrock
sleepy tie night night sleep well my little fuzz face dont snore too much he he
Jan 26, 2008 poochi7
Otis, you are one fantabulously adorable puppy! I've had 2 Bostons in my dog loving life. The first was Bowser Rowser Clancy, known as Rowser. He was my son and moon and an absolute character. I lost him to COPD at age eleven. The second Boston, named Moe, I only had for not quite a year, he went to live with another Boston loving family. He was/is quite the comical character too. They love to have blankets and snuggly places to sleep, like your bed, in the chillier weather. They are definately not fans of snow and ice and don't like hot, humid days either. String is a no no, it can be very dangerous for them. Please, please, keep string away from him. I now have five poodles and 2 chihuahuas, but I would add a Boston in a heartbeat, if I could. Enjoy your dear friend Otis, he is precious beyond words, let him have a warm, snuggly place to hang out and sleep in, during the cooler weather.
Be careful also in the summer that he always has shade, cool water and maybe a little air conditioning on particularly humid days.
All best wishes for a happy and fun lifetime with Otis.
Jan 27, 2008 zekthezookeeper
Otis is so adorable. I have 3 Boston's myself and I think they are the best!
Jan 27, 2008 BTLabs
Otis is such an adorable boy! And don't worry; when he grows up he will not be "so ugly he's cute"; he will be just plain cute. Bostons are great dogs. I have three and have not had a dull day since the first baby arrived 12 years ago. She is now suffering from congestive heart disease but still manages to crack me up with her "routine" which consists of slithering on her belly, gatoring on her back and then dragging herself in a circle while on her side. You'll never regret loving a Boston.
Jan 27, 2008 rosy
My BT Buddy still sleeps thid way when he is not "underdog" under the covers with me. our Otis is adorable-may he bring you as much happiness and love as my Buddy has brought us!!!!
Jan 27, 2008 yoliesf
Oh my Gosh, he is sooooooooooooo cuuuuutttte and your pictures are GREAT! I love your description of him also.

Enjoy! Dogs are THE BEST!
Jan 27, 2008 animulluver
I have a pug, and they are the best! I bet ur puppy makes Darth Vader noises!
Jan 27, 2008 animulluver
I have a pug, and they are the best! I bet ur puppy makes Darth Vader noises!
Jan 27, 2008 puppy*power
he's so cute. in the picture with stanley, He looks like he's saying" What are you looking at?"
Jan 28, 2008 puppyluvvvvv
who ever gave otis a lower score than 11 is CRAZY

he is sooo cute!!
Jan 28, 2008 puppyluvvvvv
[color=blue]otis is a perfect model[/color]
Jan 28, 2008 puppyluvvvvv
[color=pink]otis is soooooo cute i luv him[/color]
Jan 28, 2008 sccraim94
Jan 28, 2008 Doggymommy
Lots and lots of belly rubs for Otis!!!!
Jan 28, 2008 piobaire
Oh gees. I thought I was about to go down for the third time with all of Otis's cute little sweaters and jammies and then I get to the last picture. I'm gone. Sunk, drowned, gone forever in puppy cuteness. Otis is about as cute as they come!!
Jan 29, 2008 LisaLisa
I love how you dress this little guy up and get him to pose like a little model. He's so precious - even the hair-eaten is a lovable attribute! :D
Jan 29, 2008 KayJay
Haven't commented in a while.... must be because I was waiting for this guy! I love!

PS: My brother's Boston loved the snow in Michigan! When he moved there from warmer climes, the pup couldn't get enough of it! (including eating it, of course)
Jan 30, 2008 Miss*Macey's*Mommy
Oh Otis, you'd be just the guy for my little Boston Terrier Macey! She's only three months old, but she's smart as a whip! (just maybe you'll see her up here someday!) I love*love*love every single picture because I can almost just hear what he's thinking while you are taking them, haha! I love the pic of Otis in his PJs cause they are SO cute and he looks so annoyed to pose for the picture :) ha! But my most favorite is the belly picture, because Macey does that too - she sleeps like that sometimes - and I'm always wanting to take a picture of her but can't because usually she's sleeping like that on me! Thanks for all the great pictures and fantasticly accurate BT description :) Lots of belly rubs and wet kisses - and 12 (thousand) bones!
Jan 30, 2008 Frasier'smom
Hey there Otis!!! I've been out sick, so I've got some catching up to do on the Daily Puppy!!!! YOU ARE SOOO HANDSOME!!!! I've got a mix Boston Terrier/Chihuahua rescue pup...FRASIER as a matter of fact!!!...and he looks so much like you I just can't believe it!!! And I just LOVE your outfits....a girl just LOVES a well dressed little man, you know!!! So many cute photos, hard to choose just one, but the little sleeping pup with your little tongue out WON!!! You are just a handsome, proud little guy, and I wish you many happy, healthy years with your family....."love the PJs!!! :) Tons of little biscuits and hugs for you Otis!!!
Jan 31, 2008 JRTMommy
Precious little are too cute! My goodness!!!!!!!!!
Feb 17, 2008 mermaid33
My Boston hates the cold & wet too, I have to hand carry her outside with the umbrella. She's worth it though. He is a handsome fellow!!
Feb 22, 2008 antonina
I just love Otis, he is so adorable and his name fits him very well. I am so taken with him I even put the phote of him standing by the table weating his sweater on mt screen saver. I hope you don't mind. Everyone thet sees him falls in love.
Nina Pelligrino
Apr 4, 2008 bookworm789
I have a 3-year-old Boston, and she is the princess in our house! All of the pictures you showed and a lot of the behaviors you describe fit her, as they are very Boston-esque. They are great little dogs, and very easy to love! Otis seems to be quite the little guy...I do remember the puppy days and much prefer it now that Holly has calmed down a bit. Good luck to you, and I wish you many years of enjoying Otis.
Aug 26, 2008 Hooligan
I LOVE Bostons since I have one myself!
Nov 17, 2008 BostonLuv
Otis reminds me so much of my puppy Mango! She loves her loofa doggy too, and this picture is so hilarious! I love it when they sleep like that. VERY CUTE!!!
Jul 22, 2009 pumpkinpie88
otis is my name, sleeping is my name. he is so cute the most adorable yes you are
Aug 28, 2009 georgia04
Oh LORD! Otis is the cutest Daily Puppy I have seen of 2009. What an angel. He has the sweetest little face ever, how can anyone resist such charms?
Mar 23, 2010 Pieces of C
HAHAHAHAH this is soooo cute! so funny!
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