Otis the Old English Sheepdog

Puppy Breed: Old English Sheepdog

Otis loves to go on walks in the neighborhood and play at the park. His favorite toys are his stuffed duck and his soccer ball. He is very energetic and practically grows in front of our eyes. Some days it seems as if all he wants to do is sleep because he's growing so fast. Every day he looks forward to his long walks through the neighborhood to see all of his pals along the way. He also loves to jump in all the bushes we pass on his walks. The local coffee shop has an eager crowd that waits for him as we pass every day and he's never shy to go up to everyone there. He is very rambunctious and chases us all around the park and in our home as well. Otis loves to follow us wherever we go but he's never afraid of anything. He's brought so much fun and happiness into our lives, we wouldn't trade him for the world!