Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Mar 30, 2013 DaveTheDog
"Help me find my keys! NOW, goshdarn it! I need 'em to get into my...oh no, not now....arrrgh....NAP ATTACK! Sknxxzzzzz..."
Mar 30, 2013 Ivylea
Can't make up my mind - food first or water? I think I'll lie here and look cute!
Mar 30, 2013 Dhira
Both are mine.
Mar 30, 2013 Dhira
Mar 30, 2013 mummm
How cute! I wish I could be as comfortable as Otto!
Mar 30, 2013 elviswestie
NYC pups have the longest tongues in the world! It's a proven fact. Otto, you adorable!
Mar 30, 2013 rowdee
Otto is the perfect example of why Labs are the most popular breed in this country. I'm sure he melts your heart every minute of the day and then goes out and slaughters everyone's heart in the neighborhood. What a joy!
Mar 30, 2013 ebead
Party Animal
Mar 30, 2013 BostonMalteseLover
"Playtime? Park?? Playing in the park?! Oh boy, count me in! Absolutely!! Oh wait, starting to feel slee ... "
Mar 30, 2013 Critter Crazy
He is an utter cutie-pie! Love this shot.
Mar 30, 2013 Critter Crazy
What a darling smile!
Mar 30, 2013 spunky
Omigosh, is this a picture or what? Otto, you are one cute little puppy and have a personality plus!!
Mar 30, 2013 izzybee_50
Otto you are just too cute. xoxo
Mar 30, 2013 Mmmousemaid
Otto, take care walking through the streets of New York City. Hurry back home at dusk, and spend time napping and chowing and growing up. Cyberhugz
Mar 30, 2013 Sibes
Otto, you're beyond cute.
Mar 30, 2013 elliel
What an angelic face! Having had a Yellow Lab puppy at one time I know the mischief they can get into! Ours lived to be 12 years old. They need a great deal of exercise. I hope Otto can find a place to run off that energy in NYC!
Mar 30, 2013 Lightlover108
So Labradorable! We have two grown up yellows in NYC - they love living here! Check them out on daily puppy - Bubbles and Seltzer. Your darling little Otto will so love meeting other Labs on the streets of the city. It's a great place to have a dog. Otto, you are so sweet. May you always be happy, healthy and full of love!
Mar 30, 2013 poochies=love
Ok - really am I supposed to decide on a picture? I love them all. What an adorable little heart stealer!!!Just precious
Mar 30, 2013 amyliz
This litle guy will take NYC by adorable! Many happy and healthy years to your sweet baby!
Mar 30, 2013 amyliz
That is one pooped pup! :)
Mar 30, 2013 Rubys mom
Beyond cute
Mar 30, 2013 roo91
It was hard to choose a picture, they are all so cute. Otto is just gorgeous! Many happy, healthy years with him.
Mar 30, 2013 Paul45
I'm not entirely sure that that was what Plato meant.
Mar 30, 2013 BorderCollie101
Mar 30, 2013 longislander
These pics are amazing. Otto is amazing. He has to be the cutest ever. I may have said that before, but Otto surpasses all other. He's beautiful, crazy cute, and just plain adorable. Did I say I love him?
Mar 30, 2013 lucyny2000
Otto is beyond LOVABLE,he also seems to be very philosophical! "Yeah, just sitting here on my butt, reflecting on my complicated life... Wonder when we are going out to charm NYC..." Every picture is wonderful! I am sorry, we live in Brooklyn, NY, so I cannot meet Otto in person and give him a smoochy kiss! All the blessings in the world to your soon to be, if not already, the Love of Your Life!
Mar 30, 2013 buzzy
Otto, you sure are a cutie.
Mar 30, 2013 imissjess
Love this picture of a puppy snoozing in an interesting position. My Bi/Shih sleeps with his head on the lower level of "his" coffee table. Sweet looking little guy.
Mar 30, 2013 nancybatt1
Love your face and your name.
Mar 30, 2013 janet weir
Yes, you can give me a big kiss Otto! You are a precious puppy!!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!!!
Mar 30, 2013 alexask
love this kiddo!
Mar 30, 2013 WATERDOG
The perfect position... at last! Rest up Otto, you have a lot of living to do! All good things, Cheers!
Mar 30, 2013 bestfriends
Each and every photo--oh my! Otto, you have stolen a piece of my heart--don't tell my 3 Doxies. Any and everything good in life is wished for you little guy. Enjoy a long, healthy life.
Mar 30, 2013 virgilsmama
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHH! You cannot get any cuter than this, Otto!!
Mar 30, 2013 waterwriter
He's adorable! And sounds like he's got a great loving spirit, and is a playful pup, as well. Couldn't find a better puppy. And Labs are an all-around favorite, too. Have a magical life together!
Mar 30, 2013 Abiglen
Woe is me! I didn't know just how tiring it would be to be the cutest puppy in NYC. Live long and healthy, sweet, Otto. oxoxox
Mar 30, 2013 The Raven
Otto is such a tiny little lad and he has such big bowls to grow into.
Mar 30, 2013 doximom
Oh Otto, you are just the cutest, sweetest little guy.
Mar 30, 2013 goldenlover
Otto is beautiful !! Great story !
Mar 30, 2013 lucasmom
Absolutely precious
Mar 30, 2013 pammieann
What an absolutely beautiful puppy - love the yellow labs, have one and they just love to eat everything!!! All the pictures are beautiful, what an adorable subject, keep snapping them throughout his life, he's gorgeous!!! Lots of love, licks and tail wags- long and happy life little boy.
Mar 30, 2013 gryt
What a sweet little sitter... Adorbs.
Mar 30, 2013 patlynn
Otto, you are adorable!
Mar 30, 2013 chelsearosebud
Otto, Mr. Bon Vivant, Master of the Big Apple! I salute you on your special day. I suspect I am one in a long line of people who are ready and able to supply you with kisses and cuddles. Lots of love from Colorado. xoxo
Mar 30, 2013 beardogmel
Mar 30, 2013 kgpayne13
Otto, love your adorable puppy sit!
Mar 30, 2013 lynnlallan
Honestly it just doesn't get much cuter than this! Much love and happiness to your family
Mar 30, 2013 westiefan99
Mum, will you please hurry up and take this picture?! It's only because I'm the sweetest, most beautiful, huggable, kissable, lovable pup you've ever seen that I'm sitting here in this ballet position at all, but you really can't expect a fun-loving little boy to stay still toooo long!
Mar 30, 2013 LADY DOG BARKER
awfully cute and doubly spoiled with two bowls of different delights to sample and love. way to go otto you angel
Mar 30, 2013 mychiensr1
Otto is as cute as a button! XOXOXO!
Mar 30, 2013 pelligrino
Otto is adorable and will always have all the love and attention he wants!
Mar 30, 2013 susienev
So adorable!!!
Mar 30, 2013 Ferlin'smom
Otto is doing his impersonation of the Easter Bunny here :) Such a sweet baby!!!
Mar 30, 2013 allmyshelties
I know Labs are among the cutest puppies, but Otis is way over the top cute. All his pictures are incredible, but this one made me smile so big my face hurt!
Mar 30, 2013 Maeve's Mom
Puppy kisses!!! Lots of them to and from you, pal!
Mar 30, 2013 Jakesmum53
Otto you are so hansome! What a cutie! I kow you bring great joy to your family and friends. Have a long and wonderful life. Loads oflove and biscuits to you and your family!:-)
Mar 30, 2013 p00h
gettin my nails did...
Mar 30, 2013 michelepat60
Someone call an ambulance - way more cuteness than this old heart can take! Just precious! Love and belly rubs from New Zealand!
Mar 30, 2013 pupfanatic
Otto- good GOD, choosing a pic is like trying to chose a mate: nearly impossible!! What can I say? You're cuteness is of the 911 variety...excuse me while I dial....
Mar 30, 2013 earnesen
Otto - what a cutie pie!! It doesn't get any cuter than this. You are one handsome pup. Lots of love and kisses to you and your mom and dad.
Mar 31, 2013 daphne's mom
What a sweetheart! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Otto!
Mar 31, 2013 doggieaunt
Oh, Otto, you're a star!!! Now I'll have to start hanging around the Flatiron Building in the hopes of meeting you!
Mar 31, 2013 drakes' granny
Great pictures of a "too cute" little boy. Otto is so handsome and I'm sure lots of fun to be around. This picture is just so adorable. He is a treasure! xoxo
Mar 31, 2013 mara31
Absolutely perfect!
Apr 1, 2013 piobaire
AAAAHHHHH!!! Help, help, I'm dying of cuteness overload!! What an absolute darling!
Apr 2, 2013 guerrero's grandma
I just LOVE this pic! it gave me my morning giggle... thanks for that ... Otto you are 1000% adorable! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you handsome lad
Apr 2, 2013 veronica
so adorable x
Apr 3, 2013 SiobhanOLS
I have never seen a dog squat like this. Adorable!
Apr 3, 2013 bichon mommy
Otto, you are a good-looking sweetheart. No one could want anything more when they have you! You look great!
Apr 3, 2013 iluvk9s
Otto is beyond cute!!! What a sweet baby!!
Apr 3, 2013 Kmlong99
I love how he is sitting like a human in a chair! Beyond adorable :)
Apr 4, 2013 wolfgirl66
Apr 8, 2013 bluegigi
It is sooooo exhausting being THIS CUTE!!! See what I mean?
Apr 10, 2013 Scully's Pet
Puppies fall asleep anywhere! Sweet dreams baby!
Apr 15, 2013 nancy24tarn
Otto, you are so adorable... Bless your little heart.. Your mom and dad are gonna have to make sure you get your exercise in the city.. and be careful of all the bad drivers there!!! I love all your pictures. Have lots of fun there in the city and enjoy your puppyhood...Tons of biscuits and belly rubs from Cindy's mom in New Jersey..
May 3, 2013 Scully's Pet
Every picture is so cute!!! I couldn't decide which to comment on so I just chose this one - cute ol' boy!
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