Pacman & Kansas the Adoptable Puppies

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

Meet Kansas and Pacman! Kansas is an adorable five-month-old shepherd mix puppy. He has a carefree and fun attitude, a happy face, and expressive ears that alternate going up and down. There's a little bit of mystery as to his makeup but he's as sweet as can be and is always ready to play. He is on the smaller side; he'll be 35-45 pounds tops when he's fully grown. Kansas absolutely loves other dogs yet he's very submissive. He gets along great with the two German Shepherds in his foster home. He would love to have a friendly canine buddy to play with. He is not a barker and he sleeps in his crate throughout the night without a peep. Kansas is a definite lap dog and he loves to cuddle. Even when he's playing he'll run back to launch himself into your lap for a hug and a kiss. Pacman is more dominant and assertive. He likes to dig the water out of his bowl and happily run through the puddle! Both of these boys deserve a loving forever home. If you are interested in adopting these adorable puppies, please visit: Also, please note that we only adopt puppies in California, unless you are willing to drive here.