Friday, July 25, 2014
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Nov 19, 2009 suelill
Oh they are so adorable - I'm sure they will get new homes quickly. Good luck.
Nov 19, 2009 sandee
They are gorgeous. Hope they find their forever home soon! Kisses and hugs to you guys :)
Nov 19, 2009 sandee
what happened to this little guy? poor thing :(
Nov 19, 2009 pupfanatic
Oh, GOD, what sweeties! Why does one have a bandage on his arm? I'm getting teary. God Bless you for rescuing them and may ALL their days be full of comfort, safety and fun.
Nov 19, 2009 DoglessInZurich
Both of these boys are absolutely precious, I sincerely wish I was around to give them a forever home and about a MILLION pets. Good luck, you handsome devils.
Nov 19, 2009 Shelly
Awww poor babies!!! Pacman and Kansas I hope you find your forever homes soon!!! Extra big hugs, kisses and yummy treats from down under!!! Good luck boys!!! ^_^
Nov 19, 2009 Oscarsmum
Such beautiful boys! I'm sure you will find the best homes very soon.God bless!
Nov 19, 2009 sunshineangel
OMG!!! HOW Precious!!!! Look How Adorable!!! This one really brightens my morning...thanks for making me smile!
Nov 19, 2009 pamfontainepeters
SO cute! Pacman and Kansas are just adorable. These beautiful boys deserve wonderful forever homes. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Nov 19, 2009 lady_illusionitst
I am lovin' the one ear salute! Wishing you the best on finding your new forever homes. Lots of love and HUGE puppy *hugs*
Nov 19, 2009 LILLY 66
what a sweety! such a pretty pup !
Nov 19, 2009 goldenlover
"Good morning California !! Come get us !" Terrific pair.
Nov 19, 2009 australia
I wish Kansas was available in Australia! He os gorgeous and his quiet nature a rarity :)
Nov 19, 2009 longislander
Two adorable babies. I hope they find homes really soon. I love the ear thing going on, how cute. Tons of hugs and biscuits and wishing they will soon be home.
Nov 19, 2009 daphne's mom
What happy looking guys! I hope they find loving forever homes soon! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for these sweet babies!
Nov 19, 2009 HillCountryGal
Love this picture. Surely someone will see this precious soul today and know he needs to be living with them. Till then, Kansas enjoy your day in the spotlight. Someone give him extra head rubs today! :)
Nov 19, 2009 guerrero's grandma
SQUIRREL!!!!!!! rrrrr ... I just love pacman & kansas, they're both adorable little guys. You just know that they'll find their forever homes very soon. Best of luck to you guys; long life & loads of loving belly rubs to you both
Nov 19, 2009 guerrero's grandma
This is the most prescious face... who could possibly say no to you???????????
Nov 19, 2009 dogloverns
They are just adorable!! I hope they find their forever homes real soon!!
Nov 19, 2009 fluffy ears
Does he have a little cast?
Nov 19, 2009 TummyTickler
Pacman & Kansas you are both pawsitively adorable!!! How could you adopt just one, looks like a package deal to me!!! I hope you get your loving, furever homes soon boys. Sheprescue, you do such a wonderful job with all these puppies & dogs.
Nov 19, 2009 fritzy
Nov 19, 2009 scdoxielove
Both of these pups are adorable! I hope that they both find a loving forever home quickly.
Nov 19, 2009 amyliz
Looking at the pictures of these two adorable babies has givne me a case of puppy fever! I can't adopr them, but I know somebody out there will be lucky enough to give them a home soon!
Nov 19, 2009 w102663
Awww poor baby - Kansas looks like he has a boo-boo! Both Kansas and Pacman are very cute with sweet ways. They will be scooped up in a and kisses
Nov 19, 2009 laurielloyd
What a doll!
Nov 19, 2009 Malimom
i love shepherds..Pacman has that spunky look to him. He will need a good job to do in his new family. And Kansas has that sweet, soft GS look in his eyes...What great dogs they will be. Good luck guys...Thanks sheprescue! :)xoxo
Nov 19, 2009 wheatie mom
Kansas does have a sweet expression and Pacman has such a questioning look. They do look alike; I could only tell them by the noses. Lots of cookies and lots of luck in finding wonderful forever homes!
Nov 19, 2009 djmc
How cute ya'll are. God love ya. You both are sooooooooooooo sweet , hope soon you find the right families with loads of love and care. hugs and kisses
Nov 19, 2009 journalgirl
Oh, those eyes. He is so easy to love!
Nov 19, 2009 Limmyluver
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWW! I'm guessing this is Kansas because of what you said about the ear thing with him. :) He is so so cute! I hope you find a wonderful home. Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U!!!
Nov 19, 2009 Limmyluver
Ok, i have to comment on Pacman too! He is so so so adorable. I hope you find a great great home! Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U!!!!!
Nov 19, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
You guys are too cute!!!! I know you will find your forever home very soon.
Nov 19, 2009 hounddog_mama
I love the little spot on his nose! So cute!
Nov 19, 2009 allmyshelties
What sweet faces these two pups have. I love the up/down ears on Kansas and I'm thinking that's a little angel's kiss on Pacman's nose. I hope these two awesome pups get the loving home they so deserve. God bless them both, and your wonderful organization for the work you do on their behalf.
Nov 19, 2009 puppy_lover98
They are adorable! I hope they find new homes and feel better quickly!
Nov 19, 2009 oopsidaisy the ears!!!!!
Nov 19, 2009 luvlabsluvlife
Awww.. Best of Luck Sweethearts. We are sure you will find loving, forever homes. Love, Riley Zack & Meah
Nov 19, 2009 piobaire
Oh his little leg is hurt!! I love the way one ear is always waving hello.
Nov 19, 2009 malawi
What sweet and adorable little ones! Sorry for the ouchie on the one leg....great homes for these two and quickly
Nov 19, 2009 kgpayne13
Poor baby! I hope your leg is okay.
Nov 19, 2009 kgpayne13
Love the ears. They make him look rather rakish!
Nov 19, 2009 Freedom's Pet
These guys are both adorable..I hope they find their loving forever home today and preferably together. Lots of treats and tummy rubs, and long healthy and happy lives to both. And best wishes to those amazing folks at sheprescue, too!
Nov 19, 2009 ebead
Beautiful beautiful dogs!! You can tell them apart by their eyebrows. Are you trying to keep them together in adoption? You might want to specify about that. Good luck!
Nov 19, 2009 kiljey
Love that nose!! Good luck finding a forever home baby.
Nov 19, 2009 tmacedcc
got his ear out for you!!LoL enjoy
Nov 19, 2009 TriciE8
look at those ears! at that face! Oh, I could just eat the up there so cute!
Nov 19, 2009 acj
I wish I was a California girl! I'd love to give you a forever home. Best of everything to these two little darlings.♥
Nov 19, 2009 iluvk9s
Wow what sweet adorable babies!! Such pretty faces. I hope they find their forever home soon. Trillions of cookies, hugs and kisses for Pacman and Kansas!!!
Nov 19, 2009 DebforNow
simply too cute for words! Don't worry puppy, with a face like yours, you'll be adopted very quickly.
Nov 19, 2009 Saptember
what cuties :)
Nov 19, 2009 PepsiCola987
AAAWWWW, so sweet! I love the stripe on the nose! And, on the other dog, the ear is adorable! I hope both of you find, loving, and caring forever homes! The best of luck goes to both of you!!
Nov 19, 2009 Applegirl
I just LOVE this ear action :) What sweet boys! I hope they find a home soon! They DO deserve it! And i love the little white mark on Pacman's nose; just adorable!
Nov 19, 2009 ssmmtm
Love them both. Hope they find good homes soon. Kisses, hugs and biscuits.
Nov 19, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Pacman and Kansas are both adorable! They sound as if they have wonderful personalities. I am sure they will find their forever homes very soon. Bless you for helping these angels, and thanks to the DP for featuring them! It was hard to choose just one picture. Best of luck, Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Nov 19, 2009 lotsapets
These little dogs are so handsome and loveable looking !! I so hope that they both get excellent homes, and much love !!
Nov 19, 2009 emmma
These two look like kelpies, which no one seem to have heard of. It is an Australian herding breed. The size and color are right. Are their coats as soft as they look?
Nov 19, 2009 terry c
Nov 19, 2009 terry c
THis doggie looks so shy.
Nov 19, 2009 pupsRkool211
what a cutie!!!!
Nov 19, 2009 lovely latvian
Love the flip flop ears, soooo cute , they will find a home very soon, nobody could resist these two.....adorable...
Nov 19, 2009 molly's mom
Aw, sweet babies, hope they find their forever homes soon............
Nov 19, 2009 sarl6618
They are lovely. Wishing they go to a loving forever home very soon.
Nov 19, 2009 Jose
What a cutie.
Nov 19, 2009 taniamorse85
Ahn! I want to kiss that boo-boo away! Pacman and Kansas (awesome names!) are so cute, and I love this little guy's one ear up, one ear down! I hope they find their forever homes soon!
Nov 19, 2009 maddie the dog
Look how cute I am
Nov 19, 2009 georgia04
Both of these boys are darling. I hope each gets the best forever home out there, and soon. Thanks for rescuing them!
Nov 19, 2009 swarna
look smart and handsome adorable pup,little guy you will find a home very soon long life to you.....
Nov 19, 2009 ruthie
Kansas and Pacman are adorable! I wish I could adopt them both...wishing them very happy forever homes soon, and many, many love filled years aheaad.a
Nov 20, 2009 Beth Elder
These two adoptable puppies are just the cutest. They definately look part German Shepherd. I love the black, tan and white markings. I hope that they find a wonderful home!
Nov 20, 2009 muddy paws
He is so CUTE, i wish i can adopt this little guy!!!
Nov 20, 2009 preciouspuppylove
TOO cute!!
Nov 20, 2009 lucybee
Who in their right mind could resist this adorable face? I hope both of these boys find wonderful homes very soon.
Nov 20, 2009 puppy world#1
wow i like all the pics awwwwwwwwwwwww he has so many memories like a puppy saint loving puppy.
Nov 21, 2009 animals
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 21, 2009 shortyww22
awww!!!! I hope these 2 cuties find their forever homes very soon...they are adorable and definately deserve a wonderful loving forever home..kisses,hugs and best of luck cuties...come see my dogs n comment please
Nov 22, 2009 mydexy
soooooooooo adorable! I really hope that those guys find great homes! mydexy 8-)
Nov 23, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
How beautiful they BOTH are! I would love to have one or both, but I live a LONG way from California. I know that with the faces on these two, they will find a very loving, appropriate home very soon. Lots of kisses and a TON of biscuits for them to share.
Nov 23, 2009 boxer_puppy_7
where are you at caz i want dem!!!!!!!!!1
Nov 24, 2009 2pupsmomma
Oh no a boo-boo, can I kiss it and make it better, sweet little boys, hoping for you furever homes soon.
Nov 26, 2009 goodgirlgracie
You both are adorable pups and I hope you find your forever homes soon!
Dec 9, 2009 lovinmypup
awww what happened to his arm??
Dec 12, 2009 tildalovespuppyz
im not sure which one this is but hes a cutie. the other one is a sweetie as well. the puddle thing is soo adorable
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