Parker the Corgi Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

parker's mom says: We first saw Parker in front of the Wal-Mart in our small town. His owner was selling him and his sisters, four-week-old little fuzzballs of Corgi mix love and we had to have him. He's been with us for four months now and he's a playful, precocious little mess! His favorite things to do are chew, chew, chew, eat, play soccer and run away with laundry. He's a sweet boy who loves kids and other dogs, big and small, especially at the park. Now that Parker's a little bigger and stronger, he's learned to jump up on the couch and bed and snuggle on the blankets with us. His dad is a big comic book fan, so he gets his name from Spider-Man's alter ego, Peter Parker! He's become a little superhero in his own right.