Parsnip the West Highland Terrier

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Parsnip's mom says: Parsnip is a bright sunny bundle of energy, fun, mischief, and he is always inquisitive. He wants to know what we are doing from the minute we get up to the minute he crashes out at night. He is learning to sit, give paw, lie down, and stay still. We do sometimes feel that he views these things as guidelines rather than commands! He loves our cat, Saskia, and, as she is not yet sure of him, he waits till she's asleep and then sneaks up behind her to fall asleep laying alongside her. He also "helps" us in looking after our five chickens (he thinks they are big sticks with feathers). Parsnip is friendly with all dogs, cats, chickens, and people. We find it takes ages to go anywhere, as there are always people wanting to come and say hello to him. He's sociable, happy, friendly, and a wriggly, all-chewing, all-licking blessing in our lives. We named him Parsnip as he came after the first frost, and is small, white, often grubby, and rather sweet.