Penelope the Cockapoo

Puppy Breed: Cocker Spaniel / Poodle

Penelope is a very playful cockapoo who turned 10 weeks today. She loves music and background noise, and loves programs like The Voice. When there isn't any background noise, she likes to make her own tunes with her trusty squeaky toy sea animal. She also loves playing with bouncy balls and running back and forth through the house. When she is tuckered out, she prefers to sleep in Mom or Dad's shoes, or the laundry pile. If none of that is available, a nice soft blanket will do. Penelope is a very snuggly and loveable pup. Her parents are smitten.

Comments (45)
happypup Apr 2, 2014
What a little darling!!!! Hard to choose just one picture! Tjey are...

happypup Apr 2, 2014
Sorry, I meant "they" not "tjey" - which gives me the...

DaveTheDog Apr 2, 2014
"You don't think I can get away with anything? Poor, sad...

veronica Apr 2, 2014
you are so very cute and adorable x

HickokHaley Apr 2, 2014
Such a love bug!

schotime Apr 2, 2014
Penelope is absolutely squeezable!

MrMotivations Apr 2, 2014
"Of course you realize you have to rub my tummy!"

Mollywoggs Apr 2, 2014
Oh so adorable! That dear little face..what a sweet baby!!!

longislander Apr 2, 2014
Penelope is such a sweet and beautiful girl. Love the name too

Abiglen Apr 2, 2014
Penelope, you are a remarkable beauty - so sweet and soft...

Puppy Defender Apr 2, 2014
OK. I'll count your sit-ups, but you have yet to finish the...

goldenlover Apr 2, 2014
Beautiful, innocent, delightful !! Great pics and story.

daphne's mom Apr 2, 2014
What a cute puppy! I hope you have many happy and healthy years...

bluegigi Apr 2, 2014
It's exhausting being THIS CUTE!

bluegigi Apr 2, 2014
AND, I'll take a babillion belly rubs, please and thank you, just...

spunky Apr 2, 2014
"Rub my tummy please"! Penelope, all of your pic were so...

Economist Apr 2, 2014
Yes, I Penelope do love music. Here I am enjoying my latest favorite...

barb1926 Apr 2, 2014
This looks very comfy for Penelope and human.

imissjess Apr 2, 2014
I would be smitten also - what a sweet looking little pup!

bithday Apr 2, 2014
How much did I do now , around 70 I remember ... Awwwwwww your a true...

nancybatt1 Apr 2, 2014
OMG!!! I'm smitten to. Penelope is an absolute cutie pie. The...

BeeBeeLily Apr 2, 2014
Not everyone can rule the world from this position. But I can!!!!

chelsearosebud Apr 2, 2014
Color me smitten!

sue.nickel2 Apr 2, 2014
What a little cutie-pie!

Florida Ellie Apr 2, 2014
We had Mandy, a white cockapoo, and she was such a wonderful family... Apr 2, 2014
Idk how anyone would not be smitten by this little doll.

Babybeagles Apr 2, 2014
Such a little sweetheart. She looks like a perfect little toy dog....

Frankt Apr 2, 2014
My God Dad!!!! You're upside down!!

amyliz Apr 2, 2014
Penelope, you are a darling little puppy; no wonder your mommy and...

amyliz Apr 2, 2014
Sweet dreams always, Penelope!

vorner Apr 2, 2014
Penelope, you exquisite little fluffmuffin,I am completely in awe of...

pammieann Apr 2, 2014
So, so sweet! Great pictures. Wishing you all a long, healthy,...

mkesj Apr 2, 2014
What a sweet picture like all of them. She looks like my mini golden...

Cindylu001 Apr 2, 2014
Such a pretty girl, little Penelope! Any dog with cocker in her is...

violadagams Apr 2, 2014
Aren't you just the most darling little wooly-bear! You're...

drakes' granny Apr 2, 2014
What a cute little sweetie. Give some cuddles for me with lots of...

gryt Apr 2, 2014
Are those little front paws folded down? Sooo cute!

pelligrino Apr 2, 2014
I'm sure everyone who meets Penelope is smitten with her!

pelligrino Apr 2, 2014
I'm sure everyone who meets Penelope is smitten with her!

piobaire Apr 2, 2014
Well I can easily see how they are smitten!

westiefan99 Apr 2, 2014
Smitten schmitten! They are putty (preferably bacon-flavored) in my...

puppylove32 Apr 3, 2014
oh Penelope, that is the cutest position ever! You are so cute!

RPAV Apr 4, 2014
Squeeee!! Hi cutie!!

lucybee Apr 4, 2014
Thank you for reminding me how much I love cockapoos.She is gorgeous!

luv2day May 1, 2014
adorable….just want to hug her!