Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Dec 23, 2006 Nex Terren
Rather cute if I must say. An eight.
Dec 23, 2006 poohmama
What a sweet little face. Such an elegant girl. She looks like a perfect little companion. She is a doll!!!
Dec 23, 2006 Claire Lu
What a pretty lady! I love her striped sweater-- she looks like she enjoys being stylishly dressed =)
Dec 23, 2006 Porcalina
Love the name!
Dec 23, 2006 Lin
She is so delicate and feisty at the same time. Love her sweet eyes! I think she is an 11, a charmer puppy!
Dec 23, 2006 Trevor's mom
You named her for macaroni, then you dressed her up!----too much too much too much!!
Dec 23, 2006 DogLuvver
Blue is definitely her color! I've never been much for clothes on dogs at all, but she is so stylin'.

I love the ear flip in the 9th pic!!! And I believe, correct me if I am wrong Julia, that she displays spectacular eye capsules??

Is her foot ok, or was that a sock?
Dec 23, 2006 scobig
GREY! All i see is GREY! She is a beauty! So sleek and elegant.

Penne and Ravi, thats funny. Whats Ravi's full name? Ravi Oli Parmegan? Hahaha

Probably a dew claw removal there dog luvver. Im sure she is fine. :)
Dec 23, 2006 jobo
Aw... I bet you're right, scobig - Ravioli something something. I hope Penne's mom writes in to tell us. DogLuvver I believe (not sure but I think) greyhounds kinda have to wear sweaters or jackets when it's cold or else they get really cold what with no fat and no hair or fur. Penne is adorable. I would love to get a puppy and have it turn out to be a "smaller than usual" version of that breed. A greyhound that's 7.5 pounds? OMG!!
Dec 23, 2006 Care
MINI greyhound! awwwww!!!!!!!!!! I'll take fuzzy over fluffy any day, an 11 :)
Dec 23, 2006 Care
are italian greys the same as whippets?
Dec 23, 2006 WeLoveBeagles
Penne è una signora giovane bella. Gli dò 11 biscotto. (Penne is a beautiful young lady. We give her 11 biscuits.) She is a sweetie!
Dec 23, 2006 DogMom
I must say I was delighted to see an IG on the site today-- I have three and love seeing baby photos. Two of mine are turning 15 in February and I Penne looks like my Buster. Beautiful girl. Care: whippets are larger and different from the IG (i could give you waaaaay too much info - but suffice it to say that whippets are in between the IG and the big Greys).

Penne's mom: thanks for sharing and enjoy your beautiful little ig's -- they give more love than any breed i know of. Ravi is gorgeous as well.... Like they say -- you can never own just one IG!!!!
Dec 23, 2006 snuggles19973
Awwwww such a beauty. I think she is a 11...Love the styling pics. I have friends who adopt Greys from the rescue center and they are soooooo well loved and spoiled now. Penne your a sweety huggs and kisses to you and your sister. Chance sends puppy kisses.
Dec 23, 2006 AnimalLover85
Awwwwwwwww!!! I love greyhounds they are the ABSOLUTE BEST breed ever! o.k. well all dog breeds are great. Even though I love big dogs I would be very happy with an IG! Because then my friend could come over(she is frightened of big dogs!) I love them! I have ALWAYS wanted a Grey they are so sweet!
Dec 23, 2006 AnimalLover85
Oh and I LOVE the ear pic!! So kute! 11 for SURE!!
Dec 23, 2006 Waiskai'sMommy
ABSOLUTELY AN 11!!! What a sweetie! Can't resist those big eyes! The elegance...the sheer cuteness...I could go on and on!!! Give her a kiss and a hug for me! :)
Dec 23, 2006 Terry C
Beautiful. I have a cat with the same color coat.

Her name is "Blue."

Penne is just an adorable little dog.
Dec 23, 2006 mperlet
How cute. I just love her little outfits!
Dec 23, 2006 dini
Penne is the cutest dog I've ever seen, especially in person. (I know her mommy) She is the most interesting dog, full of great personality, a lot like her mommy. 7.5lbs is probably with the sweater on! She is a beautiful dog and completely worthy of 11 biscuits!
Dec 23, 2006 ilovedogsxo
ooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23, 2006 Faye
I love the name you gave her! =o)
Dec 23, 2006 ILuvJacobJackson
AAAAAWWWW!!!!!! Shes so adorable! luv her!
Dec 23, 2006 MargoPego
I've never seen a greyhound puppy. I always thought of them as a breed with a certain amount of elegance. Penne's first picture shows that elegance, and then the mischief begins. What a gorgeous thing, especially the colour of her coat! I also laugh when thinking of the picture of her with her ears up. Looks like she was shocked or something. :D
Dec 23, 2006 pinkyfluff
She is just sooooo beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, I gave her 11 biccies.
Dec 23, 2006 Julia
DogLuvver, when her eyes are squinty, she does seem to have eye-capsules. Check out http://www.CuteOverl for even more examples of eye-capsule mayhem.

Penne is a sweet morsel of puppy. One of my muttastic mutss has to have Italian Greyhound in him--he has that face (but with longer hair), those pointy feet, that body shape, and the stand-with-one-paw-up mannerism that so characterizes the breed. I love how delicate she looks. Mongo (my mutt) is pointy and spindly, and just really effeminate.
Dec 23, 2006 scobig
Care- Whippets are a different breed unto themselves, they are kin to Greyhounds, they belong to the hound group, but are a distinct breed. Whippets are wonderful too, very clingy in my experience though! Lots of seperation anxiety they require lots of attention.
Dec 23, 2006 trishanicole88
Thanks to all that have shared your comments about my sweet girl. Penne really is my 'little star'. She makes me happy no matter what is going on.
Her sister is name Ravioli. You were all right! I had to stay with the pasta theme. I will have to think hard for the next pasta puppy name!
The picture with her paw bandaged was an accident Penne suffered and tore her toenail. She recovered and is fine. THanks for the concern.
Look for Ravi to have her showcase soon. She is only 5 months old so I am still collecting pictures.
Trisha- Penne's Mommy
Dec 23, 2006 puppyluv
I just LOVE this breed and was so happy to see an IG on the site today. Penne is just the sweetest baby.
Dec 23, 2006 slail
This is by far the cutes puppy on "the daily Puppy". IG's are the best dogs ever!
Dec 23, 2006 MariosDad
Ooooooh! We love her. Our IG, Mario, would love to have a date with her - even though he is much older. She is just a precious bundle. I wanna give her kisses all over her sweet head. How can you not love and IG?

This is posted by Mario's mommy under daddy's name. :-)
Dec 23, 2006 1000RainyDays
Ah, how cute! : )
Dec 24, 2006 Oaktown Girl
Love that second photo especially!
Dec 26, 2006 renee
Isn't she just the cutest little thing you've ever seen? Such a lady!!!! Love the dress up pictures!!!! My mom used to buy our pugs sweaters and such because how cold it gets in Ohio. She is so dainty looking. Will she reamin petite?
Dec 27, 2006 corgimom
Penne is quite the poser, isn't she? She is wonderful; I love her ears and her proud stance! Definitely an 11!
Dec 28, 2006 Loizhanne
i've never seen an ig that small. she certainly looks delicate and dainty, but I wouldn't want to be a rabbit in her back yard. great wardrobe.
Dec 30, 2006 BeachLover
Penne is e-l-e-g-a-n-t! What a beauty, with soulful eyes, a svelt figure and a stylish gray coat. This young lady is sure to win some hearts.
Feb 19, 2007 Lydia
What a little cutie! I love the name and her sweaters.
Apr 8, 2007 merjam
Looks like he's STARVING. But greyhounds look like that usually don't they? Very nice colour! And very CUTE!
Apr 24, 2007 hetzlerl
Awww, what a sweet little pup!! Just look at that itty bitty face! A petite beauty! Penne's pics just melt my heart!! Many kisses to your gorgeous girl!!!
May 1, 2007 stellasmom
so cute! I love the paws-to-the-camera shot.
May 3, 2007 pupaholic
she is adorabuble!
What a little darlin'! She's so sleek and pretty- I bet she slips right through your arms- so hold on tight and give her a big warm hug for me! LUV the puppy couture! toooo much!!
Sep 26, 2007 3dognights
Penne and Ravi are SO cute! Penne is the same color as our big IG, Harley. We have 3 IGs, aren't they the greatest?
Oct 13, 2007 JaviersMom
AAAAAAAHHHHHHH Penne, you are a fashion plate, girl! So much style and panache! A million biscuits to you, darling!
Nov 11, 2007 mling
She is adorablllleeeee! I love her grey coat!
Dec 19, 2007 rweiner
She is delicious! Would be a suitable girlfriend for my IG, Jack.
Dec 28, 2007 srn65
I absolutely love IGs - my friend has 3 and they're all so sweet & affectionate - I'm sure Penne is quite the lovebug. Lots of biscuits & belly rubs to both Penne & Ravi!
Jan 23, 2008 sccraim94
what an interesting dog. cute for an italian greyhound
Jan 30, 2008 amebee16
she is the cutest thing i've ever seen...i have a fawn and white IG...i absolutely love the grey coat =) and looove the name Penne!
Mar 2, 2008 DogMom
I just love IG's (i currently own 2) and love the breed. Your little pasta morsel is lovely!!!
Feb 1, 2009 Rook Wedgewood
Holy cow! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! Penne is the kind of dog that would turn this CAT PERSON into a DOG LOVER! The first time I saw an IG, I was mesmerized by their beauty, grace, charm, and elegance. It was nighttime and--with their long, lean legs and torsos; narrow faces; and ultra sleek coats--I thought they were little fawns (baby deer) at first! :) I hope and pray I can find my very own "Penne" as soon as my yard is fenced in and ready!
Mar 27, 2009 animalsoftheworld
how big is she adorable
Mar 27, 2009 animalsoftheworld
wat is that on her leg
Apr 1, 2009 georgia04
Penne's little nose just puts her over the top of the cuteness scale! What a gorgeous baby girl!
Jun 28, 2009 mad about huskys
Jul 28, 2009 aligator339
That is one badass dog!!!!! Super cute!
Aug 26, 2009 olivewatch
Very cute!
Oct 19, 2009 Ruby'sMum
What a little sweetie!! She could be the twin of my MinPin, only my girl is a red head (hence "Ruby"). MinPins are a cross between a Dachshund and an Italian Greyhound and their breed standard is 8-10 LBS. Maybe you actually have a MinPin not an Italian greyhound??
Dec 14, 2009 Malimom
Your are the cutest puppy... love those ears(i have a shepherd) What happened to her foot in the other pic?
Apr 2, 2011 MistressRoboto
How does this adorable little girl only have 10/11 biscuits?! She's so cute!!!
Apr 2, 2011 MistressRoboto
I reiterate....SO CUTE. Not enough Italian Greyhounds on Daily Puppy!!! Many kisses to Penne :)
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