Penny the Maltese

Puppy Breed: Maltese

Penny lights up our lives. We found her after a lengthy puppy search. Amazingly she was born 10 minutes from our house. We just bought a new house in July and it felt empty until Penny came into our lives. She's spoiled rotten and her favorite color is pink. She is smart, sweet, and loving (and fast when she knows it's time to go in her crate!). She makes friends wherever she goes and loves to play fetch with her squeak toys. She likes to inform us when people are outside, and will gladly sit, give paw, stand, lay down, or roll over for a treat. Sometimes we think she's part feline because her favorite place to cuddle up for a nap (besides our laps) is the top of our sofa. We love our lucky little Penny and are so happy to have her!