Friday, July 25, 2014
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Apr 1, 2010 ebead
What a precious sweetheart! And what a perfect name! Wishing you many happy years together!
Apr 1, 2010 Joonat
What a cutie!!!
Apr 1, 2010 **ChopChop!**
***awwww! pepper jack is soo adorable! i gave him all the biscuits possible! i love britanny's! pepper jack is adorable, and i love how is head is turned on a slight angle! i love his lil freckles too and his cheeky smile! live a long and happy life little one and don't have too much energy, or you will tire out you mummy and daddy! :]***
Apr 1, 2010 pupfanatic
Pepper Jack! If I was lucky enough to give you a big fat kiss, you probably taste better than pepper jack cheese! Another lucky human your mommy is; especially, that you fall asleep in her lap!!! I mean, life does not get any better than a pup like you in the lap. Ah, bliss...
Apr 1, 2010 2pupsmomma
PJ has the most beautiful eyes, and such a sweet face. You can come cuddle anytime.
Apr 1, 2010 6d's
watch out birds, here I come!
Apr 1, 2010 sunshineangel
Hello You Precious bundle!!! I love these actions shots where he's chewing on a stick! SO Adorable!!
Apr 1, 2010 goldenlover
" I hear 'Ready, Set'...come on, say GO!!!" Great pup. You're in for a wonderful time with this fella.
Apr 1, 2010 daphne's mom
So sweet! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for PJ!
Apr 1, 2010 SunnyGlynn
I could never say no to that face! So cute!
Apr 1, 2010 TummyTickler
AWWWWWWWWWWWWW what beautiful blue eyes you have PJ!!!! He sounds like a wonderful addition to your family. Loved reading about you today on DP little one. How do you ever keep your hands off him, he's sooooooooooooooo ADORABLE!!!!! Love, cuddles, kisses & tummy tickles from Zoey and I.
Apr 1, 2010 mymovieman
PJ, you're name should be freckles...your frecks are beautiful! You are a total cutie1
Apr 1, 2010 princelover
Pepper Jack is adorable. I love freckles on a puppy. He is not only cute as a bug but smart as well. Brittanies are known to be very smart. Have a wonderful long and healthy life! Hugs and Happy Easter from Sher, Prince and Coby
Apr 1, 2010 patti16
Apr 1, 2010 longislander
PJ is a little beauty. I love those blue eyes, they're so soft and trusting. He sounds like a total love. You're lucky to have such a wonderful dog.
Apr 1, 2010 spope
Adorable. Our brittany, Scout, is SOOOO loving - you are a lucky human.
Apr 1, 2010 sarl6618
What a sweet looking pup. PJ, you are absolutely lovely and has the same wonderful personality to go with your look. Many wonderful happy times together with your family.
Apr 1, 2010 ckendall
Handsome boy, sweet adorable face, gorgeous eyes and wonderful freckles!!!!!! Who could ask for more!
Apr 1, 2010 uptnlft13
What a sweet puppy with beautiful blue eyes! Hope you have a wonderful life with your family!
Apr 1, 2010 amyliz
Oh PJ, you are such a little charmer...I love you eyes, your freckles...everything! And all of your pictures really capture your sweet personality!
Apr 1, 2010 HillCountryGal
Good Morning little Pepper Jack. What a precious face! Sending extra treats and hugs to you today.
Apr 1, 2010 scdoxielove
PJ is adorable!! Such beautiful eyes.
Apr 1, 2010 pelligrino
PJ, with a face like yours I don't know how anyone can pass you by and not make friends. That freckled nose is adorable. Many long, healty and spoiled years a head.
Apr 1, 2010 bkregh
Pepper Jack. I like your name. You look so calm and cool. what a handsome boy. Hugs and kisses to you Pepper Jack!!
Apr 1, 2010 burrtole
Apr 1, 2010 iluvpupos
You are ADORABLE PJ!!! Love to you!
Apr 1, 2010 RheannaMarie
Gorgeous Pic
Apr 1, 2010 collielover
PJ, What a sweet boy you are. We hope you have a wonderful life. Hugs and ear rubs to you from Utah.
Apr 1, 2010 w102663
Beautiful little face, sweet personality and the most gorgeous blue eyes--who could ask for anything more! ooo xxx
Apr 1, 2010 DarleneJ
Pepper Jack you are unbelieveably cute! You look so soft and cuddly! I hope you enjoy munching on many more sticks!
Apr 1, 2010 molly's mom
PJ is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!enjoy each other.....
Apr 1, 2010 Ferlin'smom
Oh my gosh....PJ is too cute for words! PJ has the most beautiful markings and coloring. Happy Easter, sweet puppy!
Apr 1, 2010 kiljey
Ohhh! How cute!!
Apr 1, 2010 eaglestar
What a lovely puppy! And the name fits him to a T!!! I don't know why he reminds me of Ron Howard... maybe it's because he's a freckled blue-eyed red-head... or maybe it's because his eyes shine with sweetness and intelligence...
Apr 1, 2010 Malimom
congratulations on your DailyPuppy. I love this breed...great all around fun dog. and so pretty. I love his name, its perfect. Enjoy your new baby and have a great day spoling him. from monterey
Apr 1, 2010 kschloff
What a precious pup. Love his cute nose. Have lots of fun together.
Apr 1, 2010 sugar bear
what a beauty and those eyes! Lots of biscies & tummy rubs for PJ!!
Apr 1, 2010 krabusin
He so darling!
Apr 1, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
Awww...PJ is really cute, love those baby teeth and his pretty, pretty eyes. What a sweet cuddle bug for life..
Apr 1, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
Who could ever resist that face! PJ is adorable.
Apr 1, 2010 yonnah
cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 1, 2010 swarna
adorable,smart face, very beautiful,lot of love and long life to you....
Apr 1, 2010 3saavik
Such sweetness! Looks like he's ready for a nap already after playing so hard! My neighbour across the road had a B.S.named Sam. I never thought to name a dog after a cheese I like-maybe Peanut Butter or PB-but it is a cute name for him!
Apr 1, 2010 shortyww22
PJ is a Beautiful puppy.I like his eyes and that adorable face too...hope you have alotta happy years together.kisses n hugs cutie...comment on my dogs plz
Apr 1, 2010 hounddog_mama
I'm in love with Pepper Jack! So sweet. :-)
Apr 1, 2010 Cachorro
What an adorable little chap, what beautiful eyes, what a lovely soft coat and what an all round sweetie pie he is!!! xx
Apr 1, 2010 vorner
Dear Pepper Jack, You are one of the most beautiful puppies I have ever seen and will go immediately to my favorites! You remind me of my darling, departed Brittany, "Buddy" whom I lost on June 12, 2006. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him and seeing your beautiful little self reminds me that his spirit may well go on in the form of another angel like you! Long, happy, healthy life to you, sweetheart, and to your lucky family! A truckload of biscuits! XOXOXO
Apr 1, 2010 oommh
Cool,I have a brittnay too!
Apr 1, 2010 laurielloyd
what a pretty puppy. Nice eyes. :)
Apr 1, 2010 lizanne
HI PJ, Tell Mom you will always be a bundle of boundless energy. That is what little Brittany's are. You are adorable and your eyes are precious. Hugs and kisses from Elizabeth and the Furkids in NY~
Apr 1, 2010 guerrero's grandma
PJ what pretty eyes you have! I've fallen in love ... again ... you & your people are very lucky to have one another! You're beautiful! Long & Happy & Healthy life to you sweet one
Apr 1, 2010 Luv-da-babies
OMG. This four-legged, red-headed, blue-eyed guy reminds me of the first boy I ever loved (at 5-yrs old). The expressions are exactly the same, even the so-what one while chewing the stick!!! I'm in love again... I bet I'd like PJ much better than Wade (#1 RH-BE-2L)...
Apr 1, 2010 piobaire
Oh PJ, you have beautiful eyes. Your mama is so lucky to have you.
Apr 1, 2010 redwagon
I love your milk chocolate nose!!!!!
Apr 1, 2010 pumkin
Oh look at those beautiful eyes! meny, meny years ago we had a field spangle from england and our camping friends had a dog just like Pepper Jack, they were best friends and when we were our camping our Emma would leed Lady around with her leach. Lots of hugs, kisses and doggie bones to you PJ.
Apr 1, 2010 love_my_dog_101
PJ is the cute thing his pretty blue eyes and adorable little face so lovable.
Apr 1, 2010 ilmw98
She is the most beautifulest dog i have ever seen! I am a total sucker for brittney's and she is just to cute! I mean you take one glimps at those eyes and your for it! Hugs and kisses from me and trixie! And please comment on my pups!
Apr 1, 2010 drakes' granny
Pepper Jack, I love your eyes and your freckles too. You are just so adorable. Lucky the family that has you in their lives. xoxoxoxo and lots of biscuits too.
Apr 1, 2010 lucybee
I never saw a blue eyed Brittany before.You are just such an incredibly gorgeous guy!
Apr 1, 2010 MAOAC12
Oh my, he is a precious little baby! Brittanys are so cute!
Apr 1, 2010 ruthie
PJ, you are a very handsome guy! Your face is adorable, your eyes like the sky and your coat/markings beautiful. I wish you a long, happy, love-filled life with your forever people.
Apr 1, 2010 Herefred
What a sweetheart! Wish PJ could snuggle in my lap for a nap.
Apr 1, 2010 brittanylover
I have a brittany of my own, but she's almost 7 now. I love these pictures because they remind me so much of when she looked just like PJ! What a cutie-pie !! :)
Apr 1, 2010 taylorswift
oh my gosh, he is so cute, look at his little eyes! :) he is so cute:) and so soft looking and so so so adorable:)
Apr 1, 2010 taylorswift
this is such a cute picture:) aawwwww :)he is so so adorable :)
Apr 1, 2010 Gert&Duke
PJ, you bring back such great memories of my childhood! My Dad & brothers had Brits! Great hunting dogs!!
Apr 1, 2010 Shutterhunter
Get ready for many years of great companionship, my Britt will be 14 in July and amazes me at how much energy she still has. PJ is a present to be unwrapped everyday.
Apr 1, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
PJ, I get the message--You love all sticks and they are your favorite bite toy. What a sweetie! Cuddles and lots of bikkies from Scamp's Grammy.
Apr 1, 2010 wolfgirl66
Sweet Pepper Jack is very adorable and all of his pictures are super cute!
Apr 1, 2010 pamfontainepeters
Pepper Jack is beautiful! What a sweet puppy. My nickname is PJ, too! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Apr 1, 2010 lisalisa
Just precious! And I love those eyes. PJ, you're a doll.
Such a sweet and happy face Pepper Jack has!
Apr 1, 2010 lotsapets
What marvelous blue eyes, Mr. Pepper Jack !! You sound like you are lots of fun, and very well-loved, too .........stay happy, honey !!
Apr 1, 2010 weaverpup
oh what a handsome boy, and such a nice pup too! :-)
Apr 2, 2010 coolioally91011
SO CUTE!! he is just adorible!!
Apr 2, 2010 Aussie9
He is so cute and will be gorges when he grows up, tons of kisses and belly rubs for you little guy.
Apr 2, 2010 oliv100
aw PJ is such a cute name for you. your so cute PJ i love the colour of our coat, and i absolutly love your green eyes! your mom is so lucky to cuddle with you, and especially have you and love you! many hugs, kisses, and biscuits for you cutie!
Apr 2, 2010 puppy world#1
Awwwwww Pepper isn adorable and i see she really loves sticks.
Apr 2, 2010 Jarrett
PJ you look so adorable! I could just snuggle all day with you! Have a nice Easter ! Both you and your parent!
Apr 3, 2010 sundayfriday
Pepper Jack is soooooooo C-U-T-E!!!!!
Apr 3, 2010 iluvk9s
Love those sweet freckles!! Tons of cookies, kisses and hugs for Pepper!!!
Apr 3, 2010 mvh
"You know you love me." Who wouldn't?
Apr 4, 2010 bruceluv99
Hi I have been on this sight for almost a year now and i have never seen a dog that cute oh and i think we have the same breed of dog i have a english setter.
Apr 4, 2010 Critter Crazy
His soft furry face, his blue eyes, his sunny disposition--a heartbreaker!!!
Apr 5, 2010 DoggyLover24
!!! I fell in love right when I saw your pictures!!! You look like a bundle of cuddles! Hope you have a very happy life!
Apr 6, 2010 Limmyluver
OMD! PJ is 1000% pure adorable. I don't know what to say because all of his cuteness is blowing me away! Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U! I wish you many treats, hugs, kisses, and loves.
Apr 9, 2010 love95
such a cute boy!
Apr 15, 2010 jawoosley
What a sweet puppy!
Apr 16, 2010 mrs_duggan
Pepper Jack is just as cute as can be! Love Britts!!! I think one day my husband and I will likely rescue a Britt, as they are one of his dream dogs :o)
Apr 19, 2010 Puppylove247
my name is Brittanie, it is another way to spell Brittany.
Apr 19, 2010 Molly Dolly
sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!
Apr 19, 2010 DoggyLover24
I love you so much Pepper Jack that I just had to comment on you again! You are so cute! I love Brits!
Apr 24, 2010 Krissiedogluver!
too cute 4 words! I love the breed He sounds like a happy pup and looks like one too!
May 20, 2010 littlefeather
Oh this dog is so beautiful! i wish i had one.
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