Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Feb 22, 2009 harlequinguy
Who could not love this face?? He's adorable. Ten cases of cookies for all of us here.
Pepper, You give new meaning to the word cute! I am happy that a cute little love bug like you,now has a very loving home! Love all your pictures.
How fun it would be to wake up to this adorable face every day!!
Feb 22, 2009 lorrafaye
Feb 22, 2009 tazzysmom
Hello, Pepper. You are so cute! I love your little pink nose with the black smudge--just made for kissing. Tell your family to give you lots of kisses for me. Stay happy, pretty girl.
Feb 22, 2009 KUI'S MOM
Feb 22, 2009 Bel&CharMomo
From one boston-owned human to another, have fun! Bosties are the best! He's adorable - beautiful eyes!
Feb 22, 2009 toddycat
Beautiful little boy. Those eyes!!!!! So glad you have a forever home. Lots of happiness, hugs, kises, tummy rub and bikkies.for you.
Feb 22, 2009 kady
What a great pup.I love the nose and those blue eyes.
Feb 22, 2009 shugsmom
"Aahhhhhh" Be still my heart, oops there is goes she's got it!!!! My heart is gone, I "LOVE" "LOVE" "LOVE" her, she is so adorable!!!! Aside from the fact that she is utterly dreamy(obviously), her eyes.......oh my gracious, her eyes are angelic!!!! And speaking of angelic, you are angels for giving her the perfect home with your family, "God Bless You" for that!!! I pray you have many years of Love & Happiness with your Precious little Pepper and "PLEASE" give her lots of kisses, cuddles, & love for me, she has stolen my heart!!!!! XOXOXO Pepper!!!!!
Feb 22, 2009 howiesmom
Such a doll baby!!! Lucky Owner!!!
Feb 22, 2009 quasimodo
How can anyone NOT give this stunning, gorgeous, and striking pup 11,00000000 bickies? He is AMAZING! And what a great and unusual combination!TOO CUTE!
Feb 22, 2009 sherry_morris
omg pepper you are adorable !
Feb 22, 2009 sarah calvert
What a fab puppy! I'm sure Pepper will be a wonderful and wise companion, wishing you many many happy years of fun and cuddles xxx
Feb 22, 2009 boo-bearsmom
He's an ahhhhsiebostie... or a bossy ahhhsti!... Tooo, toooo cute. From me to him a lifetime of bickies, kisses, smooches, bellyrubs, romps and just plain fun.
Feb 22, 2009 misspiggy
I never though a Boston Terrier could improve, but this mix came out better than the originals.....I love this baby, I think he or she is adorable. Thank you for rescuing Pepper, there should be more people like you. OXOXOXO
Feb 22, 2009 misspiggy
I'm in love with this picture!!!!! Pepper you are gorgeous, baby!!!!
Feb 22, 2009 ozzy2975
I love his hobbies!! Can't get over his "human" eyes. WOW! So glad he got a wonderful home. Millions of biscuits.
Feb 22, 2009 natasamaric
Feb 22, 2009 natasamaric
I have never seen such a cute dog!!!!!
Feb 22, 2009 rena1955
Pepper, I luv you! You are sooooo adorable.
Feb 22, 2009 caroleanne
Welcome to the world of dog lovers, Pepper. There are twenty spare toes in this house if you would like to visit. I am a sucker for blue-eyed puppies. Best of all, you like to pose for pictures.
Feb 22, 2009 georgia04
What a GORGEOUS little girl Pepper is, simply breathtaking. Give her a kiss on that darling nosie for me, and have many happy and healthy years of play with this angel. She's a treasure!
Feb 22, 2009 mecbf
A lifetime worth of biscuits for you. You are too cute for words. I am speechless! Congradulations to your owners! They are wonderful for adopting you!
Feb 22, 2009 LSM
I'm in love, AGAIN!!! Those eyes, that cute little marking on your nose, your impish look, not to mention you are adorable!!! Pepper, you can come and live with me anyday. Glad you have your furever home. Hugs, biscuits and a ton of kisses. Storme & family, Manitoulin Is. Ontario.
Feb 22, 2009 ckendall
This adorable little face just makes you go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! Pepper is just CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!
Feb 22, 2009 gryt
Aww puppers...
Feb 22, 2009 longislander
Another pup with those beautiful blue eyes, and I love that smudge on his nose. What a cutie pie. He looks so sweet, and I bet he's so happy to have been rescued by people who love him. Kudos to you and big bunches of biscuits for Pepper.
Feb 22, 2009 GwdGma
Pepper you are one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen. I just love your blue eyes and your black and pink nose! What a wonderfuld mix of 2 great breeds!! Your family is so lucky they found you at the Humane Society. Many many hugs from Sadie and me!!!
Feb 22, 2009 jolieavon
PRECIOUS!! Glad to hear you got Pepper from Humane Society. I volunteer at local SPCA, and there are SO many wonderful animals there needing good homes. Hope you & Pepper have many happy years together!
Feb 22, 2009 sheena17
Peppers eyes are so big and bright they are sooooo pretty
Feb 22, 2009 philip
Prince Pepper!
Feb 22, 2009 iluvcats&dogs
Well, look at you Mr. Pepper! You are simply adorable! I can definitely see the mixtures, but I've never seen a dog like you before. I love those eyes they are so bright and beautiful, sure to light up your mommy's day. Take care
Feb 22, 2009 melwri0881
I'm in love with this puppy. This is a beautiful dog. I love its eyes. I bet she has a beautiful personality as well
Feb 22, 2009 nanrpudn
What a combination! I could have never imagined Boston Terrier and Australian Shepard mixed, but he's lovely! Could be the next Labradoodle!! If his temperment is half as sweet as his face, he must be a joy. Many happy days to you and Pepper.
Feb 22, 2009 fran
Pepper, you are a living doll!!!! Your people are soo lucky to have found you. Wishing you many years of love and belly rubs!! Fran & Lily
Feb 22, 2009 pamfontainepeters
OMIGOSH... what wonderful ears you have! Amazing! And those eyes - just fantastic. Pepper, you are so cute! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Feb 22, 2009 doxigrafix
What a little darling. Loves to Pepper, and loves to Pepper's family for adopting from the Humane Society. Wishing you many, many snuggly years.
Feb 22, 2009 RooFan
What an expressive little face! How sweet!
Feb 22, 2009 loveheals
Oh,such a cutie. My boyfriend thinks that he looks like Buster Keaton! He is so unusual looking that Pepper is adorable. Many years of joy to you all.
Feb 22, 2009 bkregh
What a gorgeous guy you are. Lots of love and happy times for all of you. He is precious. Have w wonderful life little Pepper!
Feb 22, 2009 swarna
Feb 22, 2009 Sbams
This picture has PUPPY written all over it - curious, ready to play, fiesty!! Have fun with Pepper and give him lots of hugs from the Russos!
Feb 22, 2009 tobyslattery
wow, cool dog! she is beautiful! i love her eyes. oh and her coat is just gorgeous! please give your beautiful baby girl a treat from me! :D XOXO
Feb 22, 2009 Beagle109
Pepper, you're one of the prettiest little doggies I've ever seen! I'm so glad you were rescued and that you have a great home!
Feb 22, 2009 cookiebaby
I'm so happy you have a home, too. You're beautiful!
Feb 22, 2009 /./zero/./
pretty eyes
Feb 22, 2009 Lefty
Pepper, you are soooooo adorable. I'm sure you've stolen many hearts with those big, blue eyes. And that cute little nose???? - Perfection. I'm in love again. Truckloads of biscuits for you.
Feb 22, 2009 LucciBindi
He is absolutely beautiful.
Feb 22, 2009 djmc
Sooooooooo sweet, love ya!!!!!!! many happy years. many hugs and kisses
Feb 22, 2009 Angie-lah
Such intense eyes...I can tell Pepper got a wonderful home. I'm sure you'll have many wonderful years to share together!
Feb 22, 2009 lilywily88
who cant resists those big beatiful blue eyes such a cutie! my puppy used to be called Pepper!
Feb 22, 2009 daphne's mom
Pepper I am so glad you now have a forever home! I hope you have a long, happy,and healthy life! I love your blue eyes. Much love and many biscuits!
Feb 22, 2009 drakes' granny
Well Pepper, those eyes are beautiful and the nose kissable. You are the cutest little boy. I'm sure your people didn't take much time to pick you out. We are glad they did and hope you have a long and happy life filled with fun times. Hope your people will give you extra treats from Drake and I.
Feb 22, 2009 dbrownbar
That is the cutest face I have ever seen!!
Feb 22, 2009 amyliz
Pepper, you are a cutie, for sure! Your black smudgie nose and intensely blue eyes give you a wonderfully unique look! A ton of bicuits to you, little one! You may now resume chewing your toes!
Feb 22, 2009 PawsPlz
Oh what a precious baby! I'm so thankful you two found each other and I wish you both many years of joy, happiness, and many tail wags!!! xoxoxox
Feb 22, 2009 fritzy
What a face. Too cute!!! :)
Feb 22, 2009 lilibean
Boo! What an adorable pup! Many happy years together.
Feb 22, 2009 puppylover263
OMG!!! This puppy is soooooo cute. Pepper is an 11++++ in my book!!!
Feb 22, 2009 brunomom
If this were my little one, Pepper would be covered in kisses, so cute. I love that face and those eyes are amazing.
Feb 22, 2009 chaos_my_beloved
Wow, what awesome eyes!
Feb 22, 2009 Heather
OMG Pepper is the strangest & cutest mix. I've sent a link to his page to my friends. I hope to see more pics of him as he grows up. He really is unusual & beautiful. What a great rescue story. What a little monkey puppy.
Feb 22, 2009 lucyny2000
Good morning, Pepper! I am not feeling too well today, and I was not going to comment on anything, but I guess I have to be dead not to stop and kiss your peppery nose, you little heart breaker! 11 biscuits is a joke to send your way! You are the perfect example of endless love and unimaginable beauty of an American Mutt! Have a long and blessed life, let someone else do your pedicure, and say hello to your people for me!
Feb 22, 2009 dailypuppyfan
What a face! Pepper, have a great life with your new people.
Feb 22, 2009 jlenski
Pepper, you are so distinctively cute- I just want to "pepper" you with kisses! Your big blue eyes must keep you out of a lot of trouble with your parents. Congratulations on being adopted, may you get all the love and devotion you deserve!
Feb 22, 2009 tubdog
aww this puppy is so cute i love it you are so lucy to have this puppy
Feb 22, 2009 barbaranne423
What a sweet face! He looks surprised! Cute little guy
Feb 22, 2009 tink'smom
Aw, Pepper....Peak-a-boo, I see your adorable little face. Oh, I love your floppy little ears, your cute little soul patch, and your incredibly gorgeous guy-liner eyes. You are spectacular. May you be well loved, healthy and happy and bring your wonderfully-generous family who got you from the Humane Society a lot of joy.
Feb 22, 2009 yorkigurl
Oh my...Pepper is a gorgeous fur baby & so photogenic as well....all the pictures were just gr8!!!!
Feb 22, 2009 ILuvRotts
You are a sweetheart..such beautiful eyes it would be hard to say no to you!
Feb 22, 2009 Beaglemama
Pepper, you are absolutely stunning!
Feb 22, 2009 raychelehd
what a sweet face!!!!!!!! love the little black smudge.
Feb 22, 2009 mydexy
Pepper is so adorable!!! What a strange and beautiful face! In this picture she looks like she's being lazy and completely ignoring the camera!
Feb 22, 2009 allmyshelties
Those ears! Those blue eyes! That incredibly unique nose!! Could Pepper be any cuter? I think not. Glad that you found such a special friend to snuggle with.
Feb 22, 2009 justnemo
Oh my, look at those eyes!!!!!! She is beautiful- many biscuits to you!
Feb 22, 2009 Rider4ever
I love his face! His eyes his ears!! OMG!!! He is such a character!!! You are so lucky to have him in your life!
Feb 22, 2009 lilyj
The main photo doesn't do Pepper justice, but all the others do. What a face! What a personality. Pepper is completely adorable and thanks for adopting!
Feb 22, 2009 msRoxie
Pepper is one of the most beautiful dogs I haveseen on this site. It even inspired me to sign up so I could give Pepper 1m cookies! Why is the cookie vote not 11????
Feb 22, 2009 lizanne
Hello there Pepper, You are beautiful. Talk about "Old Blue Eyes", You are "New Blue Eyes." What a sweet boy, and I love your darling little nose, pink and black, how sheik! Hugs and Blue Eyed Kisses from Elizabeth and Dane Miss Katie =O) in NY~
Feb 22, 2009 sugar bear
this is the cutest face I've ever seen! And those eyes - please put photos on when he's fully grown so we can see how Pepper turns out.
Feb 22, 2009 lizanne
Hi Pepper, Are there anymore at home like you to adopt? Elizabeth in NY?~
Feb 22, 2009 ilovemysunny
he is so cute
Feb 22, 2009 doggieaunt
Pepper -- I'll bet your people are even happier than you are, b/c they have you, the cutest mixed-breed puppy EVER! That nose, those blue eyes-- just wonderful. I do not understand how you can have only 10.42 biscuits; it's a complete miscarriage of justice (and biscuits)! Many, many scritches, and lots of love!
Feb 22, 2009 msRoxie
Cleo is a most beautiful puppy. I only registered with this site so I could vot for 12000 biscuits!
Feb 22, 2009 MaddieO
so cute and cuddley
Feb 22, 2009 lkaspin
AWWW who just stuck his nose in the inkwell...? looks like he's trying to wipe it off. LOL Pepper sounds like a little bundle of fun.
Feb 22, 2009 2000cockermom
What an adorable baby! I'm not usually partial to blue eyes, but these eyes are gorgeous!! Many many biscuits!
Feb 22, 2009 lucybee
Pepper-you are certainly a unique looking pup! I love your pretty little face.Happy long life to you and congratulations to you and your people for finding each other!
Feb 22, 2009 daveydog
Hi, Baby Pepper! This photo of you looks like it should be a painting I should have in my living room. You almost unreal in this photo as it would be difficult to imagine a REAL puppy could ever be so gorgeous. I'm getting a kick out of folks not checking out your gender. There's no clue on your little bio and your name is also gender-neutral but you're a little girlie, for sure. If you had brothers and sisters ... and maybe your mommy, too ... in the shelter, I pray they all find forever homes to enjoy the same love and cuddles as you. As far as biscuits go, I never remember to vote because every doggie is perfect. Bless 'em all. Ontario, Canada
Feb 22, 2009 milkwithcookies
goodness, Pepper is just so adorable!!! hugs and kisses!!!
Feb 22, 2009 coolpupluver
WOW!!!You have a very cute puppy...I love that little mark on his nose!!
Feb 22, 2009 Rhoden10
I love those baby blue eyes!!! He is so cute!!!
Feb 22, 2009 lh9313
what a sweetie x
Feb 22, 2009 Mrs.Znavor
Aww i love ur dog
Feb 22, 2009 layla
"i love it i love it i love it i LOVE IT!!" this lil puppy is beautiful! why doesent she have 11 BISCUITS!!?? come on people!! she is one pretty piece of pup! I LOVE YOU PEPPER DARLIN' xxxxxooooo
Feb 22, 2009 wolfgirl66
Hello Pepper...As well as being as cute as a button you have beautiful blue eyes! Bye Bye Sweetie pie!!
Feb 22, 2009 iluvk9s
What pretty blue eyes!! Pepper is such a sweet adorable puppy, so glad that precious baby has a loving home!!! Tons of hugs and kisses from Rusty and Duckie in Madison, Alabama!
Feb 22, 2009 CrAZy123
He is just too cute!!!!
Feb 22, 2009 wolfhowl15
i love the nose
Feb 22, 2009 leia kelly
What a precious pup!
Feb 22, 2009 robynmcintyre
So photogenic. He's a star in the making.
Feb 22, 2009 Oliver's Mummy
Peek a Boo! Pepper you are so adorable! You are just full of character and look like a very good snuggle buddy indeed. Bless your humans for rescuing you and giving you a loving home. I know you will be more than grateful every day. Hugs from London, Ontario
Feb 22, 2009 rosie1960
God, must be missing a angle!You are so beautiful.Thank-You,for taking Pepper, into your heart,home and life.Pepper, now you will have lots of love,kisses and hugs.Bless Pepper and the family!
Feb 22, 2009 doggone1973
Pepper you are very cute and very unique looking at the same time. Lots of belly rubs and kisses for you. Tell you parents to be sure and post you again when you get all grown up.
Feb 22, 2009 jillybean41959
Hey Pep, You are so ugly, your cute!
Feb 22, 2009 **RisingStar**
Feb 22, 2009 t.dawg.robinson
Pepper is too cute!!
Feb 22, 2009 lynda
This is one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen, on this site or any site. Why so stingy with the biscuits ?? Take wonderful care of this precious baby, wish I could hug him right now !!!
Feb 22, 2009 malawi
Well that's it. There can be no more cuteness left, becuase your little Pepper has got it all!
Feb 22, 2009 magicsmom
The cutest, most expressive face. What a doll baby!
Feb 22, 2009 craftygirl97
"I saw something...!" What a sweetie. And such blue eyes!!! 1111111111111111112 cuddles, biscuits and belly rubs!!!!
Feb 22, 2009 kian
I hope you send pics as he grows, he is such a cute pup! very sweet
Feb 22, 2009 rocketdog
"What? I didn't do it." What a neat mix of breeds. Beautiful boy, love the nose!
Feb 22, 2009 abesmom
What a precious little girl-and thank you for giving this lil girl her forever home! BEAUTIFUL blue eyes, and her lil nose i just want to kiss!
Feb 22, 2009 my Izzy
wow he is so cute! I luv that face you have and those eyes are just beautiful. I will add you to my favs ;-)
Looks like it's talking.
Feb 22, 2009 PuppyCraze
Wow! Look at those eyes! You have a beautiful dog. Give pepper a kiss and a belly rub from me!
Feb 22, 2009 HuntersHeartisMine
amazing! Simply amazing!
Feb 22, 2009 Dachshund lover
he is so cute and unusual.
Feb 22, 2009 Dachshund lover
cute+different(in a good way)=Pepper
Feb 22, 2009 trisha125
Holy cuteness!!!
Feb 22, 2009 rainey
Pepper... you are special ! I love you baby blues... Rainey
Feb 22, 2009 darkgirl
I am the princess!
Feb 22, 2009 mikechi59
Thats really nice. How could anyone not want this little sweetie?
Feb 22, 2009 quilla
Pepper , you are ADORABLE!!!!!!!
Feb 22, 2009 rabbit6
So Precious. So glad you got him from the human society. I wish more people would rescue dogs there.
Feb 22, 2009 taybay
OMG those are soume blue eyes.I love um:)
Feb 22, 2009 wellie'smum
Pepper, you are adorable! You & your people are very lucky to have each other! Millions of biscuits!
Feb 22, 2009 nmshirl
Pepper, you are absolutely adorable. I love those beautiful blue eyes. Be sure and tell your "Mom" and Dad" to put sunscreen on your cute little nony. It will sunburn real easy and it will be peeling all the time. Love you,have a wonderful,long,healthy life with your new family. nmshirlgirl
Feb 22, 2009 Mrs. Gentry
What a beautiful little baby girl! She is absolutely gorgeous.I wish her a long happy life! Best wishes!
Feb 22, 2009 Bevwp
What an adorable face ... look at that nose & those eyes! Give Pepper smooches & smooches !
Feb 22, 2009 clanagan
Oh my goodness, cutest puppy I have ever seen!
Feb 22, 2009 sentimental pup
ohh! melts my heart! xoxo ;-*
Feb 22, 2009 Albi
awwwwww...he looks so cute in this picture.
Feb 22, 2009 mushermaggie
What a beautiful doll of a puppy, & a neat mix, too! Hope you have many years of happiness with her.
Feb 22, 2009 mushermaggie
I have it--Pepper is a Bostralian Shepier!
Feb 22, 2009 zoegirl
What a little character! Pepper is absolutely adorable and I'm sooo glad she found a loving home :)
Feb 23, 2009 MarieR
such a sweetheart! love the eyes of course!
Feb 23, 2009 lynetz2
pepper is absolutely darling! what a cute little guy and big thanks to you for adopting him! he is happy to have a forever home with love and security and will give love and trust back to you in the years to follow! lots of biscuits and belly rubs for this adorable little man!
Feb 23, 2009 kerryllr
Such a cutie - I'm chuckling away to myself - that face and those eyes - lovely girl.
Feb 23, 2009 Softpaws
Who wouldn't fall for you?? You're a gorgeous baby!! Those eyes are wow! Total sparklers! Many you have many many years of love and happiness and good health!!! And I thank your family for adopting you!
Feb 23, 2009 raynnesport
How does this beautiful puppy end up with only 10.38 biscuits? Pepper-not sure if you are a boy or a girl, but you are a trillion biscuits beautiful to me. Those funny ears, striking eyes and the emotion on your face. You will bring so much happiness to your furever family. Enjoy!
Feb 23, 2009 noel
How absolutely perfect! I have both of these breeds and love them to death. The Boston in him will be hyperactive yet sensitive and the Ausie will listen well (that is when you are at home :) Watch out sofa when you are gone! The eyes in this picture are total Ausie and the sweet nose and face all Boston. You will love Pepper more everyday!!! Lots of Boston kisses from my Opal and handshakes from Kari Anne the Ausie.
Feb 23, 2009 clemency
Wow!!!! Pepper is one of the cutest, most unique-looking dogs I've ever seen! I just adore his (her?) beautiful blue eyes, cute ears, and that little pink & black nose is the best!!!
Feb 23, 2009 Brook
The eyes say it all!!!
Feb 23, 2009 Myghin
Wow Pepper!! You are truly one beautiful pup...and your human takes outstanding photos too!! **smooches** on your perfect little nose!
Feb 23, 2009 lalamcgoo
Wowie-wow-wow is this baby ever stunning??? Gosh those blue peepers are dazzling little one, you are gonna be a traffic stopper!!!
Feb 23, 2009 anitac
Looks like a great mix. His eyes are stunning.
Feb 23, 2009 puppieluv
Hey Peppa you are one cute doggie!!!!! Love ya! XXxxXXxxXXxxXX
Feb 23, 2009 Sarah123
Very beautiful and totally unique!!! Fantastic eyes. Sheer perfection!!! xxx
Feb 23, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
"What black spot?!" Pepper is a real cutie pie! Thanks for rescuing him. Mixed breeds make the sweetest, most loving of animals, and if they have a bad start, they are all the better for it. God bless and many happy loving years for this little sweetie. Nose kisses and a millions biscuits.
Feb 23, 2009 mikdebluvpups
Too Cute!
Feb 23, 2009 pupy
he is soooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute when he gives you his puppy-dog eyes!
Feb 23, 2009 Lucy's Dad
what a beauty! Pepper you make me smile - BIG TIME! That black spot on your nose is so cool - you are a one of a kind sweety!
Feb 23, 2009 Rickysmom
Oh my gosh! What an incredibly beautiful puppy. Thank you for rescuing this baby. You deserve as many biscuits as you'd like Pepper.
Feb 23, 2009 anniemay
What a cute dog. I love all of the pictures !!!!
Feb 23, 2009 snoopygirl
Yey, I knew Pepper would be puppy of the day sometime soon! I love this unusual mix, she is SO cute. Honestly, I could just gobble her up!! Big kisses, cuddles, and cookies from snoopygirl xx
Feb 23, 2009 Beth1226
Pepper has the most gorgeous eyes. You should have named him Paul Newman! The coloring on his nose is cute too. What a lucky family to be all together!
Feb 23, 2009 piobaire
Omigod, what a precious face you have. I'd be all over you in a New York Minute. You are so precious. Pepper, your people are very smart to have adopted you because I can tell you are one of a kind!!
Feb 23, 2009 danny and jessie
Pepper's adorable, i love his eyes there gorgeous:)
Feb 23, 2009 hereincalgary
OH he is so stunning. What amazing eyes. I would never have imagined a mix of these two breeds
Feb 23, 2009 animal lover 000007
ADORABLE! those eyes are so beautiful! how could you say no to such a sweet puppy. I hope Pepper gets everything he wants! :)
Feb 23, 2009 G
Oh my God! All I want to do is hug you and kiss you all over. Who can resist that face? What a gorgeous boy you are. Extremely handsome. Those eyes are hypnotizing. Such a cutie! Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. Lots of love.
Feb 23, 2009 G
I love your face sweet boy!
Feb 23, 2009 savannah_mary
She has very similar markings to my puppy Maggie. I love her blue eyes. She is beautiful!
Feb 23, 2009 savannah_mary
She looks so healthy and alert. Does she have any boxer in her? She looks very similar to my boxer! I think that she is beautiful!
Feb 23, 2009 tambore
What a unique dog you are, Pepper. Mom forgot to tell us if you're a girl or a boy, but I think girl. Those eyes...... that nose. Just fabulous. And you're not the only who is happy you found a great home. We all are.
Feb 23, 2009 puppy world
awwwwwwwwwwww aw aw i never seen bright blue eyes on dogs
Feb 23, 2009 Adoptablepuppy
I love the uriosity inside her big beatiful eyes. She looks so adorable and cute. She is a very loving dog. I love this pic it makes me wanna say pepper is the cutest dog on the whole wide earth oh wait I did say pepper is the cutest dog in the whole wide world. thanks.
Feb 23, 2009 ruthie
Such a beautiful baby; those eyes, that coloring, those markings!! Wishing you happiness and many wonderful years together.
Feb 23, 2009 2pupsmomma
Thump, Thump, those eyes, that nose, I'm in Love....Sweet baby
Feb 24, 2009 flutterina
Pepper -- you look like you have been photoshoped to be been even more adorable. Please send us photos when you're all grown up!
Feb 24, 2009 Jimboandbuttons
Pepper is adorable!!!!!! I give her more than 11 biscuts!!!! Buttons thinks her eyes are real pretty too. Good luck with this cute puppy!!!!
Feb 24, 2009 jasmine101
aawwwwwwww who couldn't love his cute little adorable face.he's my favorite puppy i've seen!!!!
Feb 24, 2009 SableBorderCollieLover
She's soo cute! Her little nose is all suished up, shes sooo adorable!! ♥ She makes my dogs look like toads thought X[ Lol, she is the cutest puppy I EVER Saw!!♥♠¥
Feb 24, 2009 w102663
Pepper you are beautiful and those eyes are gorgeous, but you've been told that a lot!!! Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier what a fabulous mixture. Enjoy your sweet little life, sweety. XXX OOO
Feb 24, 2009 deanna's dobe
Gorgeous eyes!!
Feb 24, 2009 pup*luver*fur-ever
PEPPER IS THE CUTEST PUP EVER I Love your blue eyes pepper!!! YOU ARE WAY TO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! ;
Feb 24, 2009 palmerry
I want to eat this dog. It looks so damned tasty!!!!
Feb 24, 2009 dustinlover
gorg pup
Feb 24, 2009 dogzandkatsrule
he is soooooooooooooooooooosososososososo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! how old is he
Feb 24, 2009 catlover
Pepper, you have such beautiful blue eyes
Feb 24, 2009 lisalisa
I'm so happy you have a home, too, Pepper! You're an adorable and sweet little guy. Much love to you and biscuits too!
Feb 25, 2009 highhopes138
i am in loooove, what a GORGEOUS puppy!! many kisses to you Pepper!!
Feb 25, 2009 jenna.brooke
so cute
Feb 25, 2009 macysmama1
Strange cross, but a beauty of a pup!
Feb 26, 2009 phaedrapetnanny
I'm simply weak from the cuteness! Look at those eyes! What a DOLL! Good for you to give this wonderful angel a nice loving home! Enjoy! Many hugs, belly rubs and scratches, phaedra and pack
Feb 26, 2009 CocoChanel
OH MY GOD! Her eyes are BEAUTIFUL like the prettiest eyes i have ever seen! You are such a lucky owner. Please give her a kiss for me! Licks and Kisses, love cj and coco chanel
Feb 26, 2009 lacey8902
hey its me your dog is soooooooooooooo cute i wanna buy him but i cant ttus (talk 2 u soon)!>.
Feb 26, 2009 terry c
I can't make up my mind what photo I like best. This dog is gorgeous. Pepper is gorgeous!
Feb 26, 2009 terry c
"Admit it - aren't I the cutest thing??? Don't you just love me?"
Feb 27, 2009 cutiepants26
Sorry I just couldn't comment on my favorites photo because they are ALL CUTE!
Feb 27, 2009 coolpupluver
Feb 28, 2009 naomi_C
You are cute!!
Feb 28, 2009 denawolves
wow! Those eyes! and with her little nose she is truly an original! All of her pics are so funny. Lucky Pepper!
Mar 1, 2009 biff
Instantly added Pepper to my favorites. Those acetylene blue eyes are just so intense they seem to peer right through me out of the photos. Truckloads of treats for you, and tons of playtime, too, Pepper.
Mar 4, 2009 Piscosco aka Roscoe
Your dog has to be one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen. Touche!
Mar 5, 2009 BRNRPM
Mar 6, 2009 rolyatyelhsa206
this dog is sooo flippin adorablee!!! Pepper you are an adorable puppy. :)
Mar 7, 2009 Dominospup911
Now I will want one forever and ever.
Apr 14, 2009 Sladesmaid
omg if this little guy doesn't belong in pictures !! Pepper is unbelievably adorable!! Love is just all over him, wow good luck!!!
Apr 29, 2009 jenjessup
This looks just like my dog!!! It is like looking at his puppy pictures. Mine is a boxer/Australian shepherd mix. He is 9 now. He is very cute, and best wishes with him!
Jul 5, 2009 springlion
luv the nose!!!
Jul 14, 2009 MNIJ
Aug 20, 2009 Applegirl
OH MY GOD, you are ADORABLE, you little cuddlebug, you
Aug 27, 2009 meow139
your nose is so cute!
Sep 21, 2009 iluvmypuppy101
Boy do Those blue eyes stand out! So cute!!!!
Oct 29, 2009 Brindle_Bostons
so cute!!!!! my baby boston has a nose like that too!
Nov 7, 2009 TriciE8
look at those eyes, and those ears!! you are the cutest puppy ever!!
Dec 24, 2009 COUNTRYGIRL013
i love her big blue eyes..they just pop....her ears are so they match her personality???as in wild..or something like that..NOT intended in a bad way at ALL!!
Apr 15, 2010 jawoosley
What a beautiful, unique puppy! Those blue eyes are stunning! So cute!
Jan 7, 2011 ayache09
What a stunning puppy!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER AND HER EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! She is a unique puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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