Pepper the Schnoodle

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Pepper's mom says: My boyfriend and I searched far and wide for a Schnoodle pup, and were finally lucky enough to find a wonderful and loving breeder of Schnoodles. When Pepper was 8 weeks old, she bravely made the long journey, all the way from Manitoba to Newfoundland, Canada. From the moment we met her at the airport until today, she has been the happiest and most adventurous puppy we've ever met!! Pepper loves everyone she meets......and she knows how to attract attention. She has recently discovered that no pedestrian will pass by without stopping if she does her "sit" as they approach! Pepper's favorite things in all the world are socks (preferably not laundered!), and she will search though the laundry basket until she finds one. Her second favorite is Cheerios cereal, and she is quite happy chasing floating Cheerios while getting a bath. In fact, she has come to love bath-time so much that the sound of a filling bathtub sends her running to investigate, beware that the bathroom door is closed all the way, or you'll have a frolicking puppy as company in your bath!! We're curious to find out if Pepper will like swimming , but it will be a long time until the weather is warm enough to find out! With our weather so far this winter, it's lucky that Pepper has taken such a liking to snow! She has learned to jingle wind chimes dangling near the door when she needs to go outside, and during snowstorms, we?re kept busy with her very frequent ringing to check the weather and play in the snow. And when she finally tires of the cold, she can't wait to come back inside for another cuddle on the couch. Pepper has an unlimited amount of kisses and snuggles for everyone, and nothing makes her happier than to share her affection with us ? and she will always get the same in return. We?re all very blessed to have each other!!