Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Oct 5, 2009 jeni18
What a cutie!!!
Oct 5, 2009 pupfanatic
Phoebe, you precious little darling!!!! God Bless you and your people for saving you and loving you. It sounds like your people are totally smitten w/ you...who wouldn't be? You are painfully cute and I love that you display your tummy for everyone:) Maybe you need to go to TRA (Tummy rubs anonymous), since you're an addict!:) A lifetime of love, hugs, and treats for you, little sweetheart.
Oct 5, 2009 lovely latvian
precious little Phoebe, oh how happy I am that you have found a lovely home and can enjoy the life humans are able to give to you sweetie, a big tummy rub from me to you darling.......
Oct 5, 2009 georgia04
What a fluffy, precious baby Phoebe is. Thanks for rescuing her, she sounds like such a doll! She's beautiful.
Oct 5, 2009
Oh My Gosh She's So Beautiful! Special Little Pup! Many Happy Years To The Both Of You! :) And Congrates On Your Daily Puppy! :D Hopfully You'll She Luna Or Cleo On The Front Page Too! Haha! 100000 Biscuits! She's In A Great Home Now! :D
Oct 5, 2009 kady
What a cute puppy.
Oct 5, 2009 2pupsmomma
Pheobe, what a lucky pup you are, but not as lucky as your people. I know I couldn't resist giving you belly rubs and ear scritches either. Your people found a miracle in you. Long happy life sweet one.
Oct 5, 2009 shazice
OMG she is absolutely adorable!!! I want to bring her home with me!!! xxx
Oct 5, 2009 Huskyteer
What a gorgeous girl - I'm so glad she's found a home.
Oct 5, 2009 sunshineangel
He is absolutely darling. I'm so glad he has a good home, now. Bless his heart, he's sweet and beautiful.
Oct 5, 2009 HatterasJack
Pheobe,you sound just like my Vickie, whom we also found wild at 8 weeks! Lots of love and hugs to you, little one, and God bless your people for taking you in and giving you the life and love you deserve!
Oct 5, 2009 ECHOBLIZZ
What a cute pooch pup, and what a great narration! I LOVE it, and there is NOTHING like a smoochy puppy from the 'wild'! OH have some pretty cool 'digs' there, little one! Enjoy your people...let them give ear rubbies, belly rubbies and smooches galore to you! Happy Babe! And lucky too!
Oct 5, 2009 ejay
Phoebe, you certainly deserve to live in a nice "people' house, keep up the toe licking & I'm sure you will get heaps of Tummy Rubs for life. Heaps of Tummy Rubs from me, too!!!XXXOOOOXXXXX
Oct 5, 2009 ursa'smomma
Phoebe is an ANGEL PIE, and a Precious Princess! I am tearing up from her story, a sad beginning and a happy ending. Bless you for giving her a forever home! All the love she can handle, Ursa'a Momma
Oct 5, 2009 kandysmama
Talk about a rags to riches story! I was going to say that you are one lucky puppy, but I think your forever family are the lucky ones! You are one gorgeous baby. Many belly rubs, ear scratches, and biscuits to you!
Oct 5, 2009 Marisa
This is the picture of a happy, content little pup, secure in her loving home. What a beautiful baby Phoebe is. And both she and her family are extremely lucky to have found each other. Many years of belly rubs for Phoebe!
Oct 5, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Phoebe, you're gorgeous! What a rough start for such a lovely little lady. So happy you've found a loving home where you can concentrate on toe-licking, playing ball and getting those much deserved bellyrubs. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Oct 5, 2009 jolieavon
All great pics, hard to decide... But I thought this one of just her adorable face was close to the cutest? So glad you found each other!!
Oct 5, 2009 lucky&babesmom
She's beautiful!
Oct 5, 2009 longislander
Awww how beautiful. And Phoebe is so lucky to have a people home now. She is one gorgeous little ball of fluff, and sounds like she gives back as much joy as you have given to her. Big bunches of biscuits.
Oct 5, 2009 sepuppyraiser
Oh my goodness, little Phoebe deserves a hundred biscuits, and so do her people for rescuing her. What a cutie -- she must be heaven to hug! (And I love her name!!)
Oct 5, 2009 fluffy ears
OMG !!!!! THis IS the cutest husky mix i have ever sean!!
Oct 5, 2009 Dog-Lvr
Safe and sound! She is beautiful!!
Oct 5, 2009 ozzy2975
SHUT UP! I love her! Poor baby, alone & scared! :( Thank you GOD for giving her a wonderful home..... Tons of biscuits & woofs to you. :)
Oct 5, 2009 asiasmum
What a sweet little face, you deserve every tummy rub that comes your way :) Pauline and Asia X
Oct 5, 2009 janeboc
She is so cute it is heart-breaking!
Oct 5, 2009 LapisRose
Phoebe!! You have got to be the most darling little darling I've EVER seen!!!! I'm so happy for you and your people. Brightest of Blessings to you always:)
Oct 5, 2009 spunky
Oct 5, 2009 Candya
Phobe, You are sooooooo beautiful.
Oct 5, 2009 HillCountryGal
PRECIOUS! It sure was hard to pick just one picture. I'm so glad your people made the decision to bring you home. Sounds like you're loved and appreciated. I know you will reward them with years of love and loyalty. Wishing health, fun and daily belly rubs. :)
Oct 5, 2009 kerryllr
Soft and sweet little fluff-bunny. She is beautiful and has an intelligence in those eyes. Absolutely lovely!
Oct 5, 2009 ckendall
How could you walk by this beautiful girl and not scratch those ears & chin!!!!! Phoebe you are just adorable!!!!! Please give her an extra good belly rub for me!
Oct 5, 2009 kdcrazy
Phoebe is absolutley adorable! I'm so glad you rescued her. Where did her other friends go? I hope all is well. She is too cute to be left cold and hungry. She seems very happy to have you in her life, I know I would! Please give her some love, treats, and belly rubs for me. Also some ear scratches and chin rubs! Have a happy, healthy, and overall wonderful life together!
Oct 5, 2009 meganbooth
Phoebe I agree with the person who said you are "painfully cute." What more can I say. So hard to choose a photo but this is one of my favorites. How great to see you sleeping hard, safe & secure after your bad start in life.
Oct 5, 2009 The Fur Gang
My darling Phoebe, If you come to my house I will rub your belly, scratch your ears and anything else you want. You are so adorable. You look like a little puff ball. God bless you, litle girl. Have a happy, healthy and very long life.
Oct 5, 2009 perky
What a beautiful little guy. What happened to the other dogs?
Oct 5, 2009 TracyThies
She is absolutely beautiful and I'm very happy you found her! (:
Oct 5, 2009 amyliz
Phoebe, you are completely adorable! You look so safe and content in this picture!
Oct 5, 2009 laurielloyd
That is one cute doggie ya got there! Thanks for saving her :)
Oct 5, 2009 loveheals
Phoebe is adorable and beautiful! Thank goodness she was found by her wonderful people. Wishing you all many years of love and joy together!
Oct 5, 2009 sammynyc
she is tooo adorable!!! god i want s puppy!!!!!! oh i just wanna smush her and kiss her all over
Oct 5, 2009 w102663
Phoebe, you are beautiful! I am so happy that you have a loving more hunger pangs and feeling frightened. You have the *good life* now as well you should....hugs,kisses and tons of those belly rubs you love so much!:) ooo xxx P.S. I hope your siblings found their forever families too.
Oct 5, 2009 w102663
Oct 5, 2009 elliel
What a beautiful fluffy puppy. We had a husky years ago. High energy and love to run. Also very loyal. They need lots of grooming especially in the spring and summer when that winter coat comes off. What an awful way to start out life. So glad this one found a home
Oct 5, 2009 kiljey
Congrats some one won the grand prise when they took this beautiful baby.
Oct 5, 2009 journalgirl
What a sweet face! He looks like a smart dog.
Oct 5, 2009 Chey44
I'm having a real hard time understanding how anyone could dump such beautiful babies. I am so glad they were rescued and you have her. Phoebe is such a gentle looking beauty, she really is a pretty mix.
Oct 5, 2009 dogmom
Oh my goodness, Phoebe. You are adorable. Wow.
Oct 5, 2009 daphne's mom
Phoebe am so glad you have a forever home! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Sorry for the rough start sweetie! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles sweetheart!
Oct 5, 2009 PrincessLorie
She looks so content now that she lives in a people house. You are so wonderful to have taken Phoebe in, thank you for saving such a beautiful puppy!
Oct 5, 2009 fritzy
Oct 5, 2009 toddycat
Phoebe, you are so precious. Beautiful too. I'm so very glad that you found a forever home and are now healthy and very loved. Have a wonderful life. Ton of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, andbikkies for you sweetie. I'd love to spend hours rubbing your tummy.
Oct 5, 2009 djmc
God bless you , your a sweet baby. Now you can take a nap and know you are cared for and never have to be alone. And God bless the family that gave you your forever home. Hugs and kisses
Oct 5, 2009 Seanette
So glad your humans found you and took you home!
Oct 5, 2009 TedsMom
What a darling girl - and beautiful, too! Thank you for giving her a loving home where she can sleep and dream about wonderful joys.
Oct 5, 2009 molly's mom
Many belly rubs for you...sweetie pie!!!!!!
Oct 5, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Phoebe is such a beautiful, cuddly baby. I'm so happy she's been rescued by loving, caring people. I hope the wild pack has also been rescued. Lots of treats and tummy rubs for Phoebe, and wishes for a long, healthy and happy life.
Oct 5, 2009 wheatie mom
Phoebe you are cuter than cute! So glad that you found someone to love and appreciate you. Have a great life and remember, there are always people to rub your belly for you.
Oct 5, 2009 Brook
Oct 5, 2009 Sunday2009
i love the ears !
Oct 5, 2009 sputnik
AWWW! Cuteness overload... sleeping puppy! Phoebe, I'm so glad you found a nice home after that rough start... long life to you sweetie!
Oct 5, 2009 TummyTickler
Sleepy beautiful little Phoebe!!! Your story warms my heart because you have ended up in a loving home where you can grow to your potential with your family. Thank you for rescuing this precious angel, she sounds wonderful! We're sending her lots of biscuits, cuddles, kisses & tummy tickles. Love Zoey.
Oct 5, 2009 ckcspanielluver
wat a sleepy little fellow!! with a fun filled day u gotta have a NAP!!! SUCH a cutie!! u seem like a sweet doggy!! u r so lucky 2 have such a good dog around all day!!! hugs and kisses from Hermes!!!! xoxo, Hermes!!! :DD
Oct 5, 2009 Teeny83
Phoebe is just so cute!! I am so glad you were able to save her life and give her a home, 11 Biscuits for her and lots of belly rubs from Daisy and her Mom
Oct 5, 2009 tink'smom
Oh, what a dear, sweet, adorable puppy. What kind of monster could abandon these gorgeous creatures. Thank God this precious girl was rescued. No wonder she loves her forever home. I love her people, too, for adopting her. Thank you, thank you! Biscuits for her and filet mignons for her owners. God love you. XXXX
Oct 5, 2009 gryt
Om my goodness... Could she be ANY cuter? Eep! She's like a little stuffed bear. Wow, I think I'm in love. Extra plus for the little pink tootsies. :)
Oct 5, 2009 remichloemom
Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Hard to imagine what would have happened if you hadn't found her and taken her into your hearts and home.
Oct 5, 2009 gryt
I love this pic too. What a great little face! Xoxo precious princess.
Oct 5, 2009 sdv in slc
What a lucky little girl! Phoebe you are adorable. I would pet your belly all day long if I could.
Oct 5, 2009 luvlabsluvlife
Oh Miss Phoebe! i am so glad you and your brothers and sisters were rescued and that you now how a forever home. You are so precious and so beautiful. Wishing you many bisquits and belly rubs. And many belly rubs to your humans for loving you.
Oct 5, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
What a sleepy puppy!!
Oct 5, 2009 stirwise
Oh my goodness what a wonderful puppy! Love those giant ears and the little stripe down her back. You're so lucky to have each other. Biscuits and belly rubs for Phoebe!
Oct 5, 2009 KUI'S MOM
Oct 5, 2009 navci
There is only one word to be said: AWWWWWWWWWWW
Oct 5, 2009 acj
What an ANGEL! And such a heart-breaking way to begin her little life. So very happy she now has a loving forever home. Billions of biscuits and belly-rubs! Wish I was there so I could pick her up and cuddle cuddle cuddle!
Oct 5, 2009 Neito
Baby you are so adorableeee! muack
Oct 5, 2009 Neito
Oct 5, 2009 Neito
Absolutlely gourgeous!!! look that little face ohhhhhhhh
Oct 5, 2009 Muzzlenuzzles
Oh no! That little Phoebe is way too cute! I'm so glad she found a loving family to cuddle (but I wish she'd found mine).
Oct 5, 2009 pitbullsrock
look how peacefull she looks, thank god for people like you who give these poor babies a chance!!! good for you!!! and good luck with this darling!!!
Oct 5, 2009 DobieLove17
***Phoebe you cannot get any cuter! I'm so glad your owners picked you up before it was too late ~ how did you come to roam the streets?! I'm very happy that you have a nice home now. Hugs & treats from Pippin! Come check out my dogs, and please leave lots of comments. Thanks!***
Oct 5, 2009 livpup
Oct 5, 2009 BleuUnicorn
She's just too cute.
Oct 5, 2009 livpup
Pheobe you are adorable! I want to cuddle you and give you a tummy rub, you're lucky to have such a nice family!
Oct 5, 2009 guerrero's grandma
Biscuit? Did you ask me if I want a biscuit? Heck yeah I doo!!!!! rrr :-) Phoebe, I love your sweet smile :-) God Bless you & your people for rescuing you... a big thumbs up there :-) If it weren't for the fact that my boy is 6 years old & you have lots of fur, I'd think you were just alike in that he too is a belly rub addict & also likes head skritches & chin rubs too... may you have lots & lots of all of the above & a long & happy life with your people family
Oct 5, 2009 fluffypup
Such a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Oct 5, 2009 piobaire
Phoebe, you are lucky that you got such nice people. They are angels in disguise. And they probably know you are an angel too. You look like one in this picture. I hope you live a long time and continue to have a good place to eat and play and people who love you.
Oct 5, 2009 piobaire
Phoebe, you are lucky that you got such nice people. They are angels in disguise. And they probably know you are an angel too. You look like one in this picture. I hope you live a long time and continue to have a good place to eat and play and people who love you.
Oct 5, 2009 lady_illusionitst
Bless your sweet heart little Phoebe. May St. Francis watch over you and all little puppies who have had such a life. Your safe now little girl. Im so glad your mum and dad have you in a warm safe home. You keep after those toes little one! HUGE HUGE HUGE puppy *hugs*
Oct 5, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
Well, tummy tickles to you, Miss Phoebe! You are just gorgeous! I am very happy you found a wonderful human family, even though I bet your canine family misses you. Lots of love, and kisses on that beautiful nose, and a virtual BILLION biscuits for you to share with your furry friends.
Oct 5, 2009 Nileska
Thanks for rescueing Phoebe,she is a cutie. Huskies are very adaptable and she seems to be settleing in now. Wishing you and Pheobe a long and happy life!
Oct 5, 2009 sarahpanda
What a precious story!! Thank you Phoebe's people for rescuing this precious little girl!!
Oct 5, 2009 chicka
You are so cute! I would go 4 u anyday! :)
Oct 5, 2009 chicka
He is adorable! I would take him home anyday!! Gus, you sold me on this one!!!! :)
Oct 5, 2009 DebforNow
what a face! Tell your people to give you a good belly rub from me
Oct 5, 2009 DebforNow
what a face!
Oct 5, 2009 rosie1960
All I can say is God bless Phoebe .And God bless your people forever.God let them find you,so they would love you forever.Kisses,hugs and belly rubs forever.
Oct 5, 2009 tazzysmom
Phoebe is so sweet. I love her grown-up pictures in the snow, too.
Oct 5, 2009 iluvk9s
Thank goodness you are happy and safe now precious sweetheart. I hope the rest of your pack found homes too. Zillions of cookies, hugs and kisses!!!
Oct 5, 2009 vreddin
what a sweet beautiful fluffy girl! thank you so much for taking her in and caring for her so well:) i hope her siblings fared just as well:)
Oct 5, 2009 pandrews-4
So precious! Just like a little stuffed animal but a living, breathing one!!!! Enjoy this darling girl!
Oct 5, 2009 Silv3rT3ar
Wahhh You are so beautiful and cute, Pheobe!
Oct 5, 2009 tape33
oh my god, is she a cutie or what?i just want to cuddle that bundle of fluff! a hug and kiss from me!!!
Oct 5, 2009 HayleyNZachsMommy
She is so fluffy and cute. I wonder if she has chow in her. :)
Oct 5, 2009 Tassiaw
I'm in love.
Oct 5, 2009 JenniO
What a precious baby! She's a mix of my 2 favorite breeds, and boy, is she gorgeous!
Oct 5, 2009 missielb
TOO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 5, 2009 tuxmypuppy
So cute! I love your face and fur! Your a really cute mix too! It's good that you found a loving home! Belly rubs for you!!
Oct 5, 2009 i[heart]jasper
What an absolute fluffball!!!! The cutest! Smoochy Smooch!
Oct 5, 2009 jlmcleod3
Absolutely one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen. God bless you for giving her a great home and hope all her siblings were as lucky.
Oct 5, 2009 allmyshelties
It was so hard to choose just one picture of this fluffy little angel, but I chose this one because it warms my heart to know that she can sleep secure in the knowledge that she is safe and loved, as all puppies should be. Phoebe, you have stolen my heart!
Oct 5, 2009 3dognight
This has got to be the cutest puppy that I've seen in a long time, she is just adorable, looks like a stuffed animal!!!
Oct 5, 2009 degismama
One of the CUTEST and most beautiful puppies I have EVER seen - I just want to snuggle her forever!!!1
Oct 5, 2009 kodasmom
To a girl who obviously doesn't take a bad picture, Phoebe you are adorable. I picked this pic because of the intent look on your face but the 'nap' shot is sure a sign of a happy and relaxed puppy. Her humans probably think they picked her, but some times I wonder if a power just a little higher brought her to her forever home. Tons of snuggles and biscuits, little one.
Oct 5, 2009 bliss
Oct 5, 2009 papajoe
An awesomely beautiful puppy & a wonderful story!
Oct 5, 2009 papajoe
An awesomely beautiful puppy & a wonderful story!
Oct 5, 2009 papajoe
An awesomely beautiful puppy & a wonderful story!
Oct 5, 2009 Limmyluver
Omg Omg Omg! What a little fir ball! Your story is so great and you are too! I am so happy you found a great home, Phoebe. You deffinatly deserve one. :) Have a great life and Luvs 4 U! I just can't get over you!
Oct 5, 2009 taniamorse85
I am too much of a sucker for a sleeping puppy! Phoebe is gorgeous, and I am glad she is no longer having to roam the streets. I hope she has a wonderful time in her forever home!
Oct 5, 2009 puppygirlover
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, he is so cute! I love that kind of Huskey breed/mix!
Oct 5, 2009 vorner
This is a little angel, and thank God you were able to save her. I hope the other pups all found wonderful homes too. It's sad that something so magnificent and sweet could be just thrown away. Phoebe is a beautiful puppy and I wish you all, long, happy, healthy lives filled with love and fun. XOXOXO
Oct 5, 2009 vorner
Can't resist commenting--look at the intelligence and sweetness in this little face! Magnificent!!
wow my two fav type of dogs in one!!! go phoebe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 5, 2009 LRM
Oct 5, 2009 ruthie
Well aren't you just gorgeous! So glad you were found and loved by your forever people...wishing you all many, many happy, wonderful years ahead.
Oct 5, 2009 Buffs54
Oct 5, 2009 sac4563
Phoebe you are just a beautiful looking puppy. You are a real sweetheart and a real cutie pie! You are so lucky that you found such wonderful people to take you home. Best of luck sweetheart, you deserve 11+ biscuits.
Oct 5, 2009 ZOIEnTweeeters
what an adorable lil glad you found her and gave her a home!
Oct 5, 2009 iluvmypuppy101
i luv puppies sleeping they r always sleeping so cute
Oct 5, 2009 Karisoo
Phoebe, if you only knew how many people rescue a doggie like you and in turn find they have been rescued. Have fun sharing the love.
Oct 5, 2009 Dog~Breath
God bless you you pretty baby!
Oct 5, 2009 malawi
Beautiful and adorable Phoebe I am so glad you were very awful to be lost and so young and left to be wild. Hope the rest of your pack made out oK too....xxxx0000
Oct 5, 2009 gail koup
Phoebe I can't get over how sweet and precious you look! You are one cuddly bundle of fur! I am so glad you were rescued by a wonderful and caring family! Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Oct 5, 2009 KatheyAnnfilly
omg i love huskeys the are my favorite add me
Oct 5, 2009 keiko
Phoebe..this is a great picture to celebrate the fall season.
Oct 5, 2009 buddyzmama
what a lucky and adorable girl you are!! lots of bikkies and kisses for you-and enjoy your family!!
Oct 5, 2009 keiko
Sleeping beauty!!! Thank you for giving Phoebe a people home, what became of the litter did they find a homes? Give her lots of hugs and kisses
Oct 5, 2009 PhoebesMum
Hi everyone - thanks so much for your comments! For those of you concerned about her litter-mates, we heard of one other who was also rescued :). But she was not with them when we found her - she was with only adult dogs up north, and the pack itself was wild, living on the edge of a town. Nobody abandoned Phoebe, she was born into a wild pack and had been weaned recently. There is an organization nearby that is trying to help the adult dogs, too (although not all of these could adapt to life in a home). Thanks for your interest!
Oct 5, 2009 stitch967
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! How cutest! Many biscuits and belly rubs!
Oct 5, 2009 mydexy
Awwwww! Pheobe is sooooo adorable!
Oct 5, 2009 wolfgirl66
Phoebe is a beautiful bundle of sweetness and I hope ya'll enjoy many happy years together full of patience, trust, love, good health and endless fun!!!!!!
Oct 5, 2009 Brandy_girl
Phoebe is the cuttest little pup I have EVER seen! I just want to hug this little bundle of joy!
Oct 5, 2009 z0e455
so cutee
Oct 5, 2009 drakes' granny
Thank God you found that beautiful innocent baby. Hope all that were out there with her did as well to find a forever home. Phoebe is such a furry bundle and it wouldn't take much to spend plenty of time rubbing her belly. So sweet!
Oct 5, 2009 hmirkin
I'm speechless! ho could such a cute puppy even exist?Phoebe is unbelievably adorable!
Oct 5, 2009 bubblebug123
your sooooooooooooo cute!
Oct 5, 2009 goldendoodle11
I'm glad you saved her and best wishes for you and your puppy along with he adults they're trying to rehilbilitate(I think I spelled that right):):):)
Oct 5, 2009 lalamcgoo
So adorable, what a precious little child! What a wonderful family to save you like that. :)
Oct 5, 2009 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwwwwwwww no way this is your dog ho0w do we now its fake jk its just to adorable and nice name i cant really pronouce it Phoebe.Soooooooooooo cute especially when she is a husy and a n adorable one you can be a pillow xause your fluffy like one.That picture got to be the best you napping to adorable.Ofcourse evry puppy is edicted tobelly rubs.Always live a good life owner and Phoebe :).
Oct 5, 2009 aspengirl
Oh so tired! She's so adorable. Hugs to Phoebe!! I'm glad you saved her. Lucky doggy!
Oct 5, 2009 Marvelous_Things
Phoebe is such a cute girl! It's so good that you rescured her and gave her a good home. I wish you many happy years together.
Oct 5, 2009 lucybee
You certainly had a guardian angel looking after you,sweet girl.Bless your family for taking you to a loving home.You will bring joy to their lives every day of your life.
Oct 5, 2009 Applegirl
I love the mix! she's a darling gorgeous girl!! I LOOOVE IT!
Oct 5, 2009 daliagarwal
aww sweetie, dont every cry again, you have so many people to love;s a belly rub and cuddles from me too
Oct 5, 2009 swarna
your face is look like a moon, sweet baby girl you so sweet and cute i love you, long life to you......
Oct 5, 2009 suelill
Too cute - awwwwwwwwwwww
Oct 6, 2009 Beagle109
She's so beautiful, and I'm so glad you saved her!
Oct 6, 2009 muttlover
What a lovely little girl. Thank you for rescuing her. What happened to the other pups in the litter? I'm sure you took then to a shelter or something. Phoebe is gorgeous. I love the fuzzies around her ears. 11 biscuits for Phoebe and some belly rugs from me.
Oct 6, 2009 ocean
hes super cute!
Oct 6, 2009 cookie*
aw she is so cute!!
Oct 6, 2009 slipjigchick
omg! so adorable!
Oct 6, 2009 tambore
What a darling little dog. I can't imagine anyone being so horrible, but Phoebe is truly one of the lucky ones. May you share many wonderful years together!
Oct 7, 2009 Mutt_Lover
Oh Phoebe, so glad you have found a loving family. Lots of belly rubs to you.
Oct 7, 2009 Saptember
what a little cuties :)
Oct 7, 2009 Portygirl845
ohhh.... you are a sweetie
Oct 7, 2009 midnight345
omg! sooo cute! oh so tired. are a sweetie.
Oct 7, 2009 welshcorgi
I LUV HUSKIES AND GOLDEN RETRIVER GREAT MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
Oct 8, 2009 locococo918
what an angel!!! thank goodness for people who care about babies like this!!!
Oct 8, 2009 rubysmama
Phobe is SUCH A PRECIOUS baby!! you are soooo lucky to have such a beautiful puppy!! Hope she lives a long, happy life! :)
Oct 8, 2009 Reenah
Phoebe I am so glad you have a forever home. Wish you many happy years with your new family.
Oct 8, 2009 lynetz2
well phoebe, i would be glad to give you belly rubs every day! come and visit me, you cute little girl! i am so glad your new family picked you up from your wanderings - no puppy should be so alone - take good care of your family and keep everyone happy with your kisses!
Oct 9, 2009 Beth1226
Phoebe, are you the cutest puppy ever??? Why yes you are!!!! I hope the rest of your doggy pack found such a wonderful home as you did! Have lots of fun growing up and being loved.
Oct 9, 2009 Cwaly Moo
Aww... Phoebe's story was sad! You're a graet person to come and give her life some light!
Oct 9, 2009 puppy express
AWWWWWW!!!!!!! H ow adorable!!!!!!
Oct 9, 2009 lovemypom
What a precious little face!!!
Oct 9, 2009 shortyww22
Awww!!!! what a sweet sleeping lil girl...I love her and I'm glad to hear you rescued her and gave her a wonderful loving forever home...hope her sibblings got great homes too..kisses n hugs for phoebe....she is gonna be a knock out as an adult .as she is cute as can be as a puppy now...oh!! what a beautiful girl....come see my dogs n comment please......sadly casper and chaute are no longer with me....long story short....they got out ended up in a kill shelter.when I went to rescue them they had already put them down.....I'm sooo sick over this...
Oct 10, 2009 Olivia Horman
Phoebe you are soooooooo CUTE!!!!
Oct 10, 2009 boxer1234
Phoebe seems to know how cute he is!*!
Oct 10, 2009 doggys are cute
this pic is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooo cute
Oct 10, 2009 lolsmile78
can i have her lol :) too cute to be true
Oct 10, 2009 jrandkellerrock
Wow, that is very very cute
Oct 10, 2009 misspiggy
Life is good little Phoebe. You count your blessings everyday and love your human pack more each day!!!! I wish you a long happy life Oh beautiful fluffy girl!
Oct 11, 2009 chloe 2000
pheobe is soooo sweett! I love this pic of her.......
Oct 11, 2009 rainbow62
AWWW what a precious puppy! She is beautiful!
Oct 11, 2009 msorlien
Hey there! I see your little guy is cute and fluffy and loves leaves too! Our cute fluffy leaf-munching cutiebutts have so much in common :-)
Oct 12, 2009 TatTee
I love her coloring!
Oct 15, 2009 xoRUFFYxo
What a cutie! Look at those beautiful eyes!!!!
Oct 16, 2009 mollierivers
I am so glad you found a loving home! I could anyone just leave such an innocent baby to fend for themselves. SHAME ON THEM!
Oct 16, 2009 Natalie!
Oct 17, 2009 T3ZZY
she reminds me of a little fox!
Oct 17, 2009 MyPuppyWorldCares
Wow she is such a beautiful and adorable puppy!! If she was up for adoption I'd grab her in a second!! You're super luck to have her!!
Oct 18, 2009 LukesPrincess
She is so gorgeous!!!! We have 6 huskies so they are near and dear to my heart!!!
Oct 19, 2009 tildalovespuppyz
aww poor baby! well im glad she got a happy ending!
Oct 20, 2009 suzie_elias
Phoebe you are so cute I wish I could play with you, I would share all my treats with you! Have a great doggie day, love Maddy... woof
Oct 21, 2009 kaylawynne
Looks just like a little stuffed animal!
Oct 22, 2009 Icyana11
This is sooooo cute
Oct 22, 2009 ninasapuppyluva
o my goodness she looks soo sweet and adorable.=)
Oct 22, 2009 Icyana11
Oct 22, 2009 Icyana11
Oct 26, 2009 Brooki1597
AWWWW!!!:) she is so cute. Treat these puppy stages great they dont last forever you know. I remember when Brownie was a puppy.(tear)
Oct 27, 2009 Brooki1597
Oct 27, 2009 Brooki1597
one of my favorite dogs i have her bookmarked she is so cute
Oct 27, 2009 emmynb1499
Pheobe is THE CUTEST DOG!!! I love the pic when he is sleeping! SOOOOOOOO adorable!
Oct 29, 2009 emily13h
adorable! i love how fluffy and soft she looks!! very cute.
Nov 7, 2009 swimmer4life1213
OHHHH MYYY GODD! Pheobe is sooo adorable!her eyes look so sweet.Her fur is sooo precious i just want to squeeze her. You are so lucky to own such an adorable puppy
Nov 10, 2009 Tutternutter
i just want to hug her!!
Dec 31, 2009 Pupstar88
SUCH an adorable puppy! I'm glad she found a great home to live and play in XD
Jan 4, 2010 tweetybird98
he is so cute when he is sleeping.
Jan 4, 2010 tweetybird98
he is so cute in this picture.
Mar 5, 2010
I LOVE him :)
Jul 1, 2010 puppyluver04
awww he looks like an angel sent from heaven :)(:
Jan 30, 2011 tezzpike
so adorable!! she looks so cuddly!! i was just to snuggle up with her.
Dec 31, 2011 sharlene44
Nov 2, 2012 kristin0929
Soooo very cute!
Jun 10, 2014 /joody.joi
God protect it aw how cute
Jun 10, 2014 /joody.joi
God protect it aw how cute
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