Pico the Portuguese Podengo

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Pico's dad says: Pico is a Portuguese podengo pequeno, or warren hound. Podengos come in three sizes: grande, medio, and pequeno. They are an ancient breed and related to a variety of unique dogs like the Ibizan hound and pharoah hound. They have been kept for thousands of years as rabbit hunting dogs, bred for function rather than form. This has resulted in a family largely free from genetic diseases and with a good temperament. Pico is about eight pounds and ten inches tall and 17 weeks old. He lives with me, my wife, and two teenage kids in England. He is “Mr. Personality” -- wants to be close to you and do everything with you, particularly if it involves gardening. Pico loves children and we can never get far without being stopped when we are doing socialization walks. He has just finished his first puppy party group and we now move on to puppy training classes. He loves class mainly so he can play with the other dogs. We are now getting out in the countryside for longer walks and we are finding that he is a real hound despite the small size. His nose goes to the ground and off he goes. However his instinct is to stay close and recalls are good.