Monday, July 28, 2014
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Oct 17, 2006 erinn
this is the coolest dog i have ever seen in my life!!! beautiful eyes.
Oct 17, 2006 PippiMom
I've never seen one before. He is very special! Absolutely adorable.
Oct 17, 2006 ElsaF
Oh, my God! He's adorable!
Oct 17, 2006 Samantha Gee I-m a puppy Lova!
aaw!! hes cute!
Oct 17, 2006 Smoochies
OMG! Those ears! Pico is absolutely adorable and clearly has earned his name of "Mr. Personality". Thank for the history lesson of this intriguing breed. You clearly did your research. ~..~
Pico, you rock!
Oct 17, 2006 Angie
That is a gorgeous little dog!
Oct 17, 2006 Arian
Oh my gods his ears! They're amazing!

And his eyes and wet little nose!
What a love!
Oct 17, 2006 adabee
OMH! This little dog is like about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I have got to check out this breed!
Oct 17, 2006 Gin
What an amazing dog! I've never seen something quite like that. I wonder if I can get one down here in Australia...

And beautiful photos too, by the way.
Oct 17, 2006 Baylee and Cooper-s Mom
This is the first time I've seen this particular breed, but he is breaktakingly handsome! I think it would be easy to fall in love with him! Wishing you more happy days spent together walking...
Oct 17, 2006 dognut
That is one GORGEOUS pup! Love the fuzzy ears and light eyes. I haven't heard of the breed before but Pico is sure a great poster-pooch for it. The pic with him happily trotting around with the garden spade in his mouth cracks me up.
11 biscuits all the way, Pico!
Oct 17, 2006 Sue
He is certainly a handsome guy! Hope he grows into those adorable ears of his! What a great dog
Oct 17, 2006 amelia
What a little imp! He is a charmer. Thanks for introducing us all to the breed.
Oct 17, 2006 Jackie I
I`ll be right there to help you look after him..Love the eyes.
Oct 17, 2006 Terry C
Oct 17, 2006 DogMom
this is hands down the cutest dog ever. He has the most beautiful and soulfull (yet naughty) look in his eyes. I love the photo of him napping. Have great fun with him!!!!
Oct 17, 2006 Joan
What a special gift you have given us to be able to see such a little wonder - he is one of God's masterpieces!!
Oct 17, 2006 Tina Lawson
I love the picture on the couch - so adorable
Oct 17, 2006 Apollo-s Mom
Never seen anything like him - he's gorgeous!
Oct 17, 2006 Lynn in Indiana
He is absolutely beautiful! His eyes look human! Wow...I want one! Very Cool!
Oct 17, 2006 Beth
What a unique breed! Very cute and he sounds like he has a great personality! Have a great time with him!
Oct 17, 2006 lisa
i have never seen a picture of this breed before and never heard of it either. but i gotta! those are the fuzziest funniest cutest ears i have ever seen!
Oct 17, 2006 Bunnied816
What an absolute Love!! I love the close-up with his face turned to the side....I would never be able to deny him anything; putty in his paws! Lucky, lucky you!!!
Oct 17, 2006 flake
must.... have.... him..... iiite quiero pico!!!
Oct 17, 2006 Dogluvver
He's hilarious...we'd have loads of fun together, I can just tell by the picture with the shovel in his mouth. That's my favorite one!!
Oct 17, 2006 Leanne
Thanks so much for the info on this great little Man. Your pics are awesome and now I want one!!!!
Oct 17, 2006 Julia
OH DEAR LORD!!!! PICO!!!! That NOSE!!! That FUR!!! I cannot even believe how amazingly adorable Pico is. The taupe-colored nose with the pale spot just made my brain short-circuit. The fringed ears and shaggy body make me want to just scream. I can't even believe that this dog exists. It's just not possible.
Oct 17, 2006 Lizzie
LOVE LOVE LOVE those ears!!!
Oct 17, 2006 yujismom
i've never heard of a pedango-is it a cross between an westie and a bat? too cute!
Oct 17, 2006 dawn
what a precious baby, looks like a stuffed toy. Too cute for words.
Oct 17, 2006 Mrs. Monsky
Pico has a wonderfully expressive face. And that shovel! When you say he goes to ground, you ain't kidding!
Oct 17, 2006 Miz Shoes
Aiii!! Que cute!! I love this little guy. He looks a little Jack Russell-y, but with a hound personality (doganality?) What a great little dog. I'd love to meet one in person.
Oct 17, 2006 Kendra
Haha!! Those ears are the best things I've ever seen!! And his color is just amazing! I love the soft orange with the green eyes! What a wonderful dog, and you and your family sound like wonderful dog owners, too!!
Oct 17, 2006 Danielle ~ Bug-s Mom
WOW! My Mom has one. We thought he was just a mutt. He showed up on the doorstep one day and after a week, no one had claimed him so we just kept him. Awesome!
Oct 17, 2006 Amy
I love the hair standing up on his ears!! SO cute!
Oct 17, 2006 ilovedogs
Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the pictures of him with the shovel in his mouth.
Oct 17, 2006 Pam
I just want to take a comb to him.

Hideous but overwhelmingly adorable.
Oct 17, 2006 Evelyn
This guy is the greatest yet......
Oct 17, 2006 ali 7n7
you can see the intelligence shining out from those eyes, almost a good thing he cant talk , but i know he dosnt need words. lovely ali7
Oct 17, 2006 jenniferlea
The most adorable dog I've ever seen! He looks like so much fun!
Oct 17, 2006 Logi
He looks like he's loads of fun to have around. Love the ears.
Oct 17, 2006 eleanor
cute dog.
and btw, there's better pics of our grown-up puppy, karma, from a while ago, that were just added.
Oct 17, 2006 Charlie O
Never saw one of these. I'm gonna look up on the computer wher I can get one. He has such a good home, I'm so happy.
Oct 17, 2006 Evie R.
He is so cute!!! On the cuteness scale, he is off the charts. You can see the personality in his eyes. I'd love to see more pictures of him as he grows. So adorable.
Oct 17, 2006 SueK
One of the things I love about this site is learning about new breeds. What an amazing-looking dog! I want to touch those ears. Are they as fuzzy-soft as they look? Beyond cute; more like cute squared.
I love to see the new breeds that i have not see before...... this is a BEAUTIFUL DOG!
Oct 17, 2006 scobig
Very handsome boy!
Oct 17, 2006 Marie
I also have never seen this breed before, but Pico is one real cutie. Was wondering how big he gets full grown. He does look like he is a lot of fun. Loved the pics, especially with the big spoon.
Oct 17, 2006 minowa
he is very very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 17, 2006 Jess
Pico is so cute!!! I want a puppy like that. He looks like he likes to play. Oh i can stand how cool Pico looks!
Oct 17, 2006 Jane
He is WAY past the legal limit for cuteness!!! Thanks for sharing him with us :-)
Oct 17, 2006 PINKPOLO531 PUP LOVER!!! : )
Oct 18, 2006 catherine
Oct 18, 2006 Diana and Nico : )
Absolutely ADORABLE and GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Lots of smooches for little Pico!
Oct 18, 2006 Puppy-lovin- freak
DANG!!!! That's one sweet little pudding-pop. Can't even form words that come close to... anything... ... ... ear fuzz, liquid eyes, silky tum, pokey tail, curly paws... man, there are no words. And he lives in one of the most beautiful places in the world too - lucky mutt.
Oct 18, 2006 yummi600
you gotta love those hilarious ears!!!!!what a cute pooch
Oct 18, 2006 by lala and panesita
I want one!! this puppy is a bueaty!!! green eyes and all!! I love this pictures I would love to make a calander out of these pictures.too cute kinda looks like my puppyexcept the green eyes I have been trying to find out what breed is my puppy and boy this puppy of yours has same featuresPRECIOUS puppy you have
Oct 18, 2006 Briel
I picture him sneakily infilterating a rabbit warren. He does have the perfect fluffy eared disguise.
Oct 19, 2006 puppyluver
my oh my what a cutie! i love the upside down sleeping pic!
Oct 20, 2006 adabee
I am back today to say I want one of these puppies someday, but it seems they are pretty hard to find in the U.S. Pico is such a punkin!!!
Oct 20, 2006 Faye
WHAT A DOLL! What huge ears! Hehe...and I love the pics of him with the shovel. Sooo cute!
Nov 12, 2006 Cherry
He looks like a plushie toy! So cute! I loved his eyes! Congrats!
Nov 14, 2006 Paulo
This is defenatly the cutest Podengo I have seen so far. I found out about this breed three years ago at Discovering Dogs in London Earl's Court Arena and since then I always wanted one, and being portuguese myself this is my ideal dog. Hopefully by next year I will have one :)
There is a Podengo club in the UK where you can get lots of help about owning one. I will be getting mine from them.
Nov 14, 2006 Mark
He's a real cutie for sure. We are the proud parents of TWO PPPs (Portuguese Podengo Pequenos), one wire hair like Pico and a smooth hair. I have to say, this is the best breed of dog I've ever had the pleasure of owning (or maybe they own us!) Hard to find here in the States as there are only 180 restistered in the entire country. A good web site for info is http://www.podengos. com.
Nov 14, 2006 Mark
sorry..the correct link is

http://www.podengos. com/
Nov 30, 2006 Knate and Charlene
I now have the inspiration for my next children's book.
Gorgeous and plenty of moxie. Thanks to the sweetie, Pico.
Nov 30, 2006 Mary
I have the Wirehaired Medio, if you want to check them out: http://whpodengomedi o.tripo...

Pico (above) is a Wirehaired Pequeno. All three sizes have different temperaments.
Dec 6, 2006 Lizzie
The Portuguese Podengo Club of Great Britain has a [url=http://www.podengos. org]website[/url]
The best person to contact for a small Podengo is the person that brought the breed into the U.K., she has the best in the world. I think she bred Pico.
Dec 6, 2006 Lizzie
Oh! I forgot her name is Betty Judge.
Feb 14, 2007 PorchPuppy
precious fuzzy thing! I luve the 'ear fringe' too! hee hee!
Mar 14, 2007 Loizhanne
i love love love this dog! he is adorable! pico looks like he is a lot of fun. thank you so much for sharing him with us! i had never heard of the breed before, and just HAD to find out what it was. thanks, michael, for educating us with unusual pups to delight over and enjoy.
Mar 15, 2007 cutie
omg! hes so cute
Apr 20, 2007 betty2dogs
Thank you for sharing Pico's pictures. I have been interested in this breed for some time, but they are rare in the US. Thanks also for the link.
Apr 20, 2007 ran
Pico is the cutes Puppy I think I have ever laid eyes on! What a darling little boy. What a sweet tummy to kiss. He looks like he plays hard and then crashes and sleeps hard! I have just started to read about this breed. Would he get along with a 5 1/2lb hyper Papillon who thinks she is a fuzzy Pit Bull and stays up all night playing with toys and terrorizing the cat? (They really love each other.) I’m really interested….
May 10, 2007 sylvanbliss
So interesting to read! With over 400 breeds of dogs in the world, I shouldn't be so surprised to come across one that is new to me. I admire the ancient, natural types so much. Perhaps part of my surprise comes from the back lit ear fringe of "Pico, the magnificent!"

Truck loads of biscuits in thanks for the sweet sleeping on his back picture!
May 16, 2007 therealbean
Oh my goodness, I've never seen a dog quite like Pico before! He's gorgeous. His ears remind me of something you'd see in the deep ocean--sea anemones or something equally feathery and whispery! They seem to have a life of their own. His eyes are so clear and such an unusual color for a pup! I'm glad you shared his pictures with us--so interesting to read about him, too!
Aug 11, 2007 Mummm
Pico is GREAT. I have never seen this kind of dog before either and I love him. The photos are wonderful.
Aug 23, 2007 liz
Oh he's adorable alright. You just stick to killing toy rabbits, Pico (pic 6=cute), and not the real ones (NOT cute!) as your ancestors did.
Sep 15, 2007 webbcues
I LOVE this dog!
I'll be thinking of getting one of these for my next attachment! :):):)
Sep 28, 2007 cookiebaby
Beautiful boy!
Apr 30, 2008 s & w's mom
OMG! Every picture of him is just adorable. But this one is just too cute & funny. I love this dog.
Apr 30, 2008 s & w's mom
I luv this one too.
Dec 11, 2008 I-Love-Dobermans-08
he has really cool eyes!!!
Mar 27, 2009 tobyslattery
Love this picture
Mar 27, 2009 tobyslattery
He looks like he's smiling in this picture.
May 3, 2009 Myghin
OMG...are you kidding me with these photos?? You're obviously a professional, I just wanna know when you can come over and take pics of my pups?? Bring Pico...I'll provide the biscuits!! LOL Seriously, nice work. And most importantly...gorgeous dog!!
Apr 8, 2010 eddievonpuppers
Our Eddie looks just like Pico! Does your puppy howl?
Apr 20, 2011 pelligrino
As soon as I saw Pico I oooed and awwd! What a cute puppy dog face! I would want to cuddle with him all the time.
Aug 11, 2012 Dulce Rodrigues
I love dogs, and so much so that I've created a kids website to honnour one of my pet dogs. I'm particularly crazy about the Portuguese Podengo since I saw a few puppies at a breeder in Portugal. But Pico is the cutest I've ever seen. I put a link to Pico's page in my kids website ( hecer_racas_podengo_uk.html). Dulce Rodrigues
Sep 29, 2013 JoyceAlice
This little guy is absolutely ADORABLE! I LOVE him! He is JUST SO CUTE !!!!!
Sep 29, 2013 JoyceAlice
And I mean REALLY cute!
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