Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Apr 3, 2007 daddy's girl
Apr 3, 2007 hetzlerl
Awww, what a precious pup!! Sooo gorgeous!!! And what a cute name! Kisses to Piggy! 11 bones, paws down!!
Apr 3, 2007 hetzlerl
By the way, these are wonderful photos - they look very professional!! What an amazing photographer you are!
Apr 3, 2007 jade007
So cute and beautiful eyes!! Pit Bulls are the best dogs and not what the press or bad dog owners make them out to be. How can you stand it? I would melt everytime he looked at me.
Apr 3, 2007 seeress83
What an adorable puppy...I especially love the last picture, it looks like he's smirking!
Apr 3, 2007 sigh85
He's gorgeous! And I could stare into his eyes all day. I don't think he looks like a piggy, though, in the second picture he looks almost feline.
Apr 3, 2007 sue
he is adorable
Apr 3, 2007 dallas0312
OMG!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. 11 biscuits for him!
Apr 3, 2007 yujismom
that is one big adorable smile-what a "lil rascal"!
Apr 3, 2007 DogMom
All of the pictures are adorable, however the rear view of his little butt made me really smile! He is gorgeous coming or going! Enjoy your little piggy boy! Lovely eyes......
Apr 3, 2007 GeniaNC
What a handsome little man! I love the stairs shot too. Your pictures are amazing! Do you mind if I ask what kind of camera you have? My camera never catches my blurring puppy that well! Big sloppy kisses to Piggy.
Apr 3, 2007 tish
What a happy fellow! And the way he looks into the camera suggests that he adores the photographer.

I can see how 'Piggy' would fit, especially when he was tiny, but this guy has such beautiful eyes and handsome markings - I'd have to call him something like Bond, (Pig Bond.) Or Casanova.

PLEASE send on grown-up-pup pix!
Apr 3, 2007 Hogan'sMom
What a cutie. I love the snapshot of the one side of his face... And the quality of these photographs is spectacular. I'd love to know what type of camera you have.
Apr 3, 2007 ANNAfoxlover
Apr 3, 2007 dogsrule
You got a grrrreat pup there! Wonderful eyes. He's very intelligent and probably will make an excellent watch dog.

11 biscuits! :)
Apr 3, 2007 dogsrule
You got a grrreat pup there! Wondeful eyes and he looks very intelligent. He will be an excellent watch doggie!

11 biscuits for you, Piggy. :)
Apr 3, 2007 Doxyluvr
Dear Piggy,
You are such a little ham ball. Stay true to your family little one. Eats lots of grass and chase your tail. Much luv Piggy!!!
Meskan Kids
Apr 3, 2007 Emily
the picture with his paw and one eye is perfect. makes me want one.
you're a really good photographer.
Apr 3, 2007 Zoe's_mama
Piggy has absolutely amazing coloring - such perfect brown and white patches! And those turquoise green eyes - what more can I say? SO HANDSOME! Enjoy your little guy!
Apr 3, 2007 kitani182
He is PRECIOUS! I LOVE the green eyes! I LOVE pit bulls to PIECES!!! We have always had them in my family, and seeing Piggy makes me wanna go out and get another one!!!! SUCH A CUTIE!!!
Apr 3, 2007 trendypuppy
His gaze looks so thoughtful and like he is in deep thought about something. He is quite the sweetheart!
Apr 3, 2007 Frogfaerie
He's GORGEOUS! I looooove him very much. : ) xx
Apr 3, 2007 NatalieG
what a cute doggy.

These are beautiful pictures - what kind of camera are you using?
Apr 3, 2007 bulldogmom
Piggy- you are precious. I hope you have lots of love, and don't forget, eat all you want and get as dirty as you possibly can...
Apr 3, 2007 dkritter
What a GORGEOUS puppy! I LOVE those eyes! Piggy is such a cute name...
Apr 3, 2007 Lydia
What an adoarable little puppy! I love his eyes, they are just gorgeous. He looks so sweet!
Apr 3, 2007 BrightRedScream
What beautiful photos!!!
Piggy is a stunning little pup and I want to squish him to bits <3

11 bones for Piggy - I love my bull breeds ;)
Apr 3, 2007 liz
So cute. He'll be a very handsome boy. I love pic 2 with his ears sticking up - perfect tiny triangle ears. Oh what I would give to bury my face in his little neck.
Apr 3, 2007 puppyluv
This puppy could change anyone's mind about Pits.
What an unbelievably cute/soulful/funny little Piggy is.
I hope that "Bad to the Bone" collar isn't a sign of poor handling to come - keep this dog as sweet as he is now.
Apr 3, 2007 melwri0881
he is adorable
11 biscuits
Apr 3, 2007 mxdbreedsrule
to be honest I really dont like pits but this is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. His eyes are absolutely stunning! If ever a dog to change my mind about pits - Piggy is it!!! 11 biscuits
Apr 3, 2007 miss_janey
Wow, he's got gorgeous eyes!
Apr 3, 2007 PuppyLover11
He is so adorable. Those eyes look deep into everybody. Hope he brings lots of love to the family and I hope the collar doesn't mean anything bad to come.
Apr 3, 2007 boxergal
He is so adorable! I just love him!

Congrats on fostering him and his siblings! So many people are having unwanted litters because they won't have their dogs spayed or neutered. Working with rescue is a wonderful thing! Way to go!
Apr 3, 2007 Geenie
[b] awwwwwwwwwwww [/b]
Apr 3, 2007 spaghetti130
OH MY GOSH. this dog makes me want to OBSESS over pigs!

i just love him!
Apr 3, 2007 jmjmj57
What a beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 3, 2007 scobig
I LOOOOVE Piggys green eyes! He is a doll! YAY to your fiance for fostering, foster parents are worth their weight in gold. There are so many homeless animals, I wish they could all get fosters like you. Kisses to Piggy, he is adorable!
Apr 3, 2007 straysavior
Absolutely beautiful animal!
Apr 4, 2007 ezrinjaz
You are such a wonderful baby!!! Mommy and Daddy should definitely be proud. Your parents are wonderful photographers and you are very photogenic. Take very good care of them.
Apr 4, 2007 night.prose
Proof that all puppies are sweet and innocent.
What we instill in them as puppies
is what they will reflect later as dogs.
Apr 4, 2007 kathy
I have a pit bull myself. I just love her, she's one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Yours is lovely with beautiful eyes. I would love to play with him, he is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee
Apr 4, 2007 My Dog's Spot
Absolutely adorable! This lil piggy has it all!
Apr 4, 2007 Anouk
I love his eyes!!!
Apr 4, 2007 feedthedoggies
I am 54 and have 8 dogs. Gracie is our little Pitt Bull Terrier and she is wonderful. She is the sweetest dog outside of Lucy our Boxer, that I've had the honor of being guardian over. Piggy is a jewel. I'm writing a children's book about a Pitt Bull... and one of the sentences, is..."Are you sure that is a dog, it sure looks like a little piggy!"
Apr 4, 2007 Julia
Hahahahaha! PIGGY!!! That collar is HILARIOUS. You are not bad at all. Just look at your toes and your speckled nosie. If these are not enough to convince you, look at your sweet tum-tum. See? I told you you weren't bad.
Apr 4, 2007 Nosilla
awwwww I also have a pit bul .. arent they just the sweetest things!!! VERY CUTE!!!!
Apr 4, 2007 franzie99
Bullies are the best and your little Piggy is just amazing!
Apr 4, 2007 soshyviolet
What a cutie pa-tutie - I have a blue nosed pitbull and with a lot of work and training, he has become a wonderful social dog. Good luck!
Apr 4, 2007 buckeye_veggie_girl
WOW!!!! What a fantastic looking dog. Once again, I am very glad they are featuring pits along with all the other dogs. They have gotten such a bad reputation. And the photos were amazing. Great quality.
Apr 4, 2007 werleybird
awwwww! So Cute!! I love the picture of him yawning!
Apr 5, 2007 Dan76
what a sweet face he has.
Apr 5, 2007 cookies176
very good pictures!! so precious!!
Apr 6, 2007 tasha bella
oh my goodness lol i love his lil face.. im so happy to see a pit on here :)
Apr 6, 2007 savon19
My brother turned me on to this site. Problem is, I just CAN'T have a dog since I work all day and live in condo. Seeing these pics makes me SO yearn for a pup. (Although I DO have a sweet kitty!)

I don't think I've EVER seen a dog with those color eyes! Remarkable. He's obviously... SPECIAL in so many ways!!

(NOTE to self: Must find rich man to buy me house in country so I can have MANY adorable pups. I'm sure my kitty would... adapt?)
Apr 8, 2007 Dogspeed52
One looks like he's laughing. I have to admit that I don't know any pit bulls, though.
Apr 8, 2007 Dogspeed52
Maybe he's just seen "Godzilla." That's a funny movie.
Apr 9, 2007 nancy_4_dogs
awww adorable!!! xx
Apr 9, 2007 Hawklight
The camera used is a Nikon D50 SLR. You can view more photos as well as future photos of Piggy at: m/photo...

My fiancé works for a veterinarian and actually delivered Piggy along with his brothers and sisters herself. I assure everyone we are responsible pet owners.
Apr 10, 2007 naomimoore
the second picture is SO cute! Piggy's a great name, too.
Apr 13, 2007 jolimejias
Apr 24, 2007 puppydogluvr
Apr 24, 2007 mlamb is sooooo handsome!! I wuv him!! :D
Apr 27, 2007 mlawler214
he's so cute! i love pit mixes
May 8, 2007 sandi
That face!!! cute as a button. Even his butt in cute! What a beautiful little piggy!. I love the 7th picutre when you can see how well he is built- what a knockout!
May 22, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
What beautiful, expressive eyes he has! His eyes truly are the windows to his sweet soul. You're very lucky!
Jun 3, 2007 GOLDENPUP
Piggy is soo cute !
Jun 8, 2007 irisphoenix
I LOVE PIGGY. I especially love the eyes! I have a Pit/ Lab mix and she has the human eyes like yours does. I wonder where you are located because I would love to have photos taken of my puppy like you've done here. WOW!!
Jul 5, 2007 sylvanbliss
Oh-my-goodness-gracious-sakes-alive ! Piggy makes me feel all wiggly inside...adorable.
Jul 8, 2007 mling
He is so beautiful!! His eyes are quite charming!
Jul 21, 2007 thetopazsmurf
HeHe.. Piggy looks like a cat in the second pic..So Sweet...
Jul 29, 2007 dogluvr234
piggy is the perfect name for him!
Aug 8, 2007 jenaltman
Does Piggy have any brothers or sisters that need a home?

PLEASE let us know!! :)
Sep 4, 2007 kukie
Piggy is super cute... his eyes are soooo full of life and soulful...what a handsome fella
Nov 26, 2007 dogsrule
Very cute little pup! :)
Nov 28, 2007 Naeliah
what a cutie! love the pics! beautiful eyes! i love pitt bulls!

- naeliah
Dec 3, 2007 kellymarie
oh my goodness, there is quite a soul behind those BEAUTIFUL eyes!
Dec 14, 2007 Delilah_Carroll
Awww... this was the first puppy I saw when I found the Daily Puppy, it's no wonder it caught my interest. It's full of adorable pups like this one! 11 Buiscuts!
Jan 17, 2008 Daa_of_Night
Dew claws! That's it, I'm in love. My big drooly baby and two of his accidental offspring (I PAID to have him neutered, darn it) have double dew claws, for a total of 22 toes each.
Feb 3, 2008 ian793
i want to buy this dog or its puppys
Feb 14, 2008 HorseGirl
He is so cute! I love Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes. And I just love his markings!!
Feb 22, 2008 Glorybe
What a CUTE baby you have!!! And the pictures are beautiful. I'm glad I found him in "Pot Luck Puppy" because I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite. He is just stunning.

I pray all is well with Piggy and his mama and papa. Many happy love-filled year wishes to Piggy and his family.
Feb 24, 2008 clou929
Where did you get him?? He is gorgeous!!! I have been looking for a handsome or beautiful pup to call my own.
Mar 11, 2008 zoeae
he is beautiful. the shots are amazing.
Apr 8, 2008 E. Lab
What a sweet-looking boy, and what gorgeous green eyes. Wonderful photography, as well!
Jun 24, 2008 Chance551238
ur dog is so cute love the green eyes,so pure
Aug 18, 2008 Tutternutter
OMG those eyes are precious i just want to kiss hm on the nose hes sooo cte
Aug 21, 2008 honeycaves
omg what a cutie
Oct 1, 2008 doggies4ever
What a gorgeous pupper! Piggy's eyes are mesmerizing.
Oct 22, 2008 soullessbunny
Just adorable. Love the expression :)
Apr 28, 2009 xx00lilalaine00xx
Apr 28, 2009 xx00lilalaine00xx
he reminds me of my dog!!! Looove it!
May 9, 2009 taterfriggnsalad
sooo cute! any idea what he is mixed with? i would loveee a dog like this :)
May 10, 2009 ilovelagottos
HOW BEAUTIFULLL! !!!!!!!!!!!!! he has the prettiest fur and green eyes!! aww i have fallen in love!!
Jul 14, 2009 Cartoonification
OH my god so precious! i was never really fond of pitbulls but i love this puppy!
Feb 6, 2010 lalamcgoo
oh my goodness Piggy is an amazing little critter, you will be stopped constantly, he's gorgeous.
Sep 25, 2010 pelligrino
It sounds like Piggy has a very loving home. He is so sweet and I love his coloring. have a happy, healthy and long life sweetheart!
Feb 20, 2011 Madi P
Oct 30, 2012 ebead
This is one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen. Congratulations on finding each other!
Feb 1, 2014 breannah_bug
what kind of pitbull is that? it is ADORABLE!
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