Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Oct 26, 2009 caraschotch
What a beautiful little girl Piper is! I am sure she will bring a lot of joy to your life. Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Oct 26, 2009 suelill
Awwwwwwwwwww Piper you're such a little cutie - big hugs.
Oct 26, 2009 caleal
Too, too cute!
Oct 26, 2009 Softpaws
What a gorgeous, gorgeous baby!!! Love the EARS, love those paws, love that mane, love that tail, love that face.. LOVE THE PUPPY!!! Many many many many kisses to Piper! Many many many many years of love and life together too!
Oct 26, 2009 Softpaws
Oct 26, 2009 Softpaws
Hehehe... What interest and examination! :D Love the expression!
Oct 26, 2009 Koa♥
So Cute!!
Oct 26, 2009 lady_illusionitst
This is one beautiful puppy. I love her name. My westie is Skye Piper. She looks to be very very happy with her new family. HUGE PUPPY HUGGS little one.
Oct 26, 2009 ECHOBLIZZ
Wow~Wait ...don't blink! She will be able to climb these stairs in no time!(Before you know the 'blink' of an eye...YIKES) What a precious pup! Lots of smooches & ear rubbies...treats too!
Oct 26, 2009 monkeynbubba
Oct 26, 2009 HillCountryGal
What a cutie. Piper looks happy, healthy and loved. Nothing better than that!
Oct 26, 2009 longislander
Piper is a beauty! A very sweet looking girl. So nice that she's friendly in addition to looking so good. Have a long happy life with her. Sending hugs and belly rubs and lots of biscuits.
Oct 26, 2009 Estralita
I absolutely love piper's ears. One up, one down,both up, both down!!
Oct 26, 2009 horse_rider
What a sweetie, and what beautiful coloring. Give that dear thing lots of belly rubs and biscuits from Willow, Ivy and Max!
Oct 26, 2009 squishy_lea
How beautiful! Piper looks absolutely gorgeous, and is well deserving of being todays daily pup!
Oct 26, 2009 doggieaunt
Adorable!! Piper looks as though her "other part" might well be Cardigan Welsh Corgi, particularly b/c her ears started floppy, moved on to "undecided" (as in this incredibly cute photo), and are now huge and upright! Whatever she is, she's fabulous! Lots of scritches behind those wonderful ears.
Oct 26, 2009 fluffy ears
OMG!!! Piper you are one of the cutest collie (Mixes) ever!
Oct 26, 2009 daphne's mom
Piper is so cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Piper!
Oct 26, 2009 DoglessInZurich
Haha, holy smokes, it looks like someone just took the blueprint for "cute puppy" and made this little girl! What a treasure, enjoy her!
Oct 26, 2009 fritzy
Oct 26, 2009 kiljey
Oct 26, 2009 CollieMom
CollieMom is in love.
Oct 26, 2009 kerryllr
So sweet!
Oct 26, 2009 meganbooth
This pup is so photogenic! What a darling girl. Please give her a hug & kiss for me.
Oct 26, 2009 ckendall
Now this is total concentration!!!! Great shot and adorably cute puppy!!!!!!!
Oct 26, 2009 amyliz
Holy cow, how much cuteness is one puppy allowed to exhibit? I think Piper has exceeded the limit!
Oct 26, 2009 dogmom
Gorgeous girl dog!!! WOW. Beautiful puppy -- sounds like she is a sweetie pie too! Lucky you.
Oct 26, 2009 leia kelly
She is so pretty! Look like a living doll.
Oct 26, 2009 sarl6618
Piper is gorgeous. So cute !
Oct 26, 2009 Coinshop
Oh boy! Piper is too cute for words!
Oct 26, 2009 djmc
oh Piper how cute you are , a sleeping baby cute cute. hygs and kisses
Oct 26, 2009 barbarab
Don't move! Just don't move! Amazing pic :)
Oct 26, 2009 toddycat
Piper, I am very much in love with you. You are so beautiful. I love your markings. You sound like the perfect puppy. Have a wonderful life. Tons of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, and bikkiies for you sweetie.
Oct 26, 2009 loveheals
What a cutey pie Piper is! Wishing you many years of joy together!
Oct 26, 2009 degismama
Look at that face! she is adorable :) and I love that ear!
Oct 26, 2009 sugar bear
piper is so precious - love her little face! LOts of fun & love with her!
Oct 26, 2009 sudi54
beautiful pup...she looks like my sheltie pup
Oct 26, 2009 molly's mom
What a pretty little puppy!!!!!
Oct 26, 2009 LapisRose
Whatcha got there Piper??? Is is a peanut? I bet it's nummy!!!! You're too adorable for words:) You look like you have some shepherd in you as well as your collie breed. Beautiful girl!!!
Oct 26, 2009 PamVTX
OMGosh--could you be any more precious? Love the side-saddle pose. Biscuits galore for you!
Oct 26, 2009 Sunday2009
taking a left turn? lol
Oct 26, 2009 jennie0128
WOW! Whatever the mix, it should be patented for perfect cuteness...The ears, posture and alertness...I'm thinking maybe Sheltie?! But, whatever...she is simply awesome.
Oct 26, 2009 wheatie mom
Piper, we love your up and down ears - and all that white on your chest and feet. Cuter than cute! You might have a little Siberian husky in you but who cares...
Oct 26, 2009 LoLo_Ann
She looks just like my Shelties did when they were puppies. What a cutie!
Oct 26, 2009 theheaddog
Piper looks just like my dear Maggie right down to the one folded ear. I was told upon her sudden death that Maggie was a German Shepard/Golden Retriever mix. I hope you have MANY years of love with Piper she is a real cutie!!!
Oct 26, 2009 ssmmtm
What a sweetheart. Adorable. Cookies and biscuits for you.
Oct 26, 2009 lovely latvian
Oh Piper you are just perfect, love those ears, and your colouring is sooo pretty, big smoooooch.....
Oct 26, 2009 gabby.5455
Your dog is so cute! :D
Oct 26, 2009 rubysmama
PIPER!!! You are sooooo pretty!!!!!! I love how one ear goes up and the other falls down! This pooch is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care of her!!!
Oct 26, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
Piper is just adorable!
Oct 26, 2009 tink'smom
Oh, hello you little expressive-faced, compact-bodied, chubby little buttocked, hocked, and white socked little darling. The ears kill me too. You are going to grow up to be one beautiful little companion to your lucky owners. Crates of doggie treats! XXXX
Oct 26, 2009 Hendryx's Mom
Adorable puppy! Almost looks like she's mixed with some sort of shepherd. She is beautiful!!
Oct 26, 2009 CharlietheCorgismom
She is too cute for words! I love her colors! I wonder if there is some corgi in her?!
Oct 26, 2009 TummyTickler
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW sweet little Piper climbing up for a treat from Mommy!!!! Every one of her pix are sooooooooooo good and this wee girl is just an absolute doll. I love her markings and that tail that curls over her back, so darn cute!!! Pls. give her lots of cuddles, kisses & tummy tickles from Zoey and I.
Oct 26, 2009 Malimom the the ears.. love you. Your family is very blessed to have you. I can tell your going to be a very fun dog(not to mention very beautiful one at that)Congradulations,Piper
Oct 26, 2009 Candya
so magnificently beautiful
Oct 26, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
What a precious little face!!!! I love the can do attitude in this picture. Piper looks as though she KNOWS she can get there! Lots of tummy nuggies and nose kisses for this little angel. Sending a virtual billion biscuits for her.
Oct 26, 2009 Beth1226
She is just gorgeous! I love the floppy ear! I'm sure she will bring lots of love and fun to your family.
Oct 26, 2009 lizanne
Piper, You are a sweetie. I like this little pose. Hugs to you from Cooper and Katie in NY~& Mom Elizabeth~XOXO
Oct 26, 2009 piobaire
Piper, what a cutie pie. It doesn't matter what your breed is, you are very, very cute. And sounds like you got yourself a great family too!
Oct 26, 2009 mydexy
Awwwww! Piper is sooooo adorable!
Oct 26, 2009 mydexy
Awwwww! Piper is sooooo adorable!
Oct 26, 2009 Jill Hay
how cute can this puppy get????????!!!!!!
Oct 26, 2009 elliel
So glad you gave him a good home. I hope you don't give up in the training process. Looks like your going to have a lively pet.
Oct 26, 2009 lucybee
This is one pretty baby!Each picture is cuter than the one before. I can see the sweetness in her eyes.She's going to be a wonderful companion.Congratulations on finding her!
Oct 26, 2009 w102663
Cute pose ~ pretty girl!!!
Oct 26, 2009 luvlabsluvlife
OMG! Piper is SO adorable! And weove, love, love her name! piper looks and sounds to be the best puppy and we are so glad her parents adopted her and brought her to her forever home. Lots of love and bisquits, the retreivers, Riley, Zack and Meah
Oct 26, 2009 pupfanatic
Well her ears tell lots of stories, don't they? I LOVE when they are flopped over: so adorable!!!!! Piper is so dang cute in every pic, it hurts. God Bless her and a trillion biscuits for your little wee one.
Oct 26, 2009 doggone1973
Piper is so very pretty, she looks so adorable. lots of love
Oct 26, 2009 kady
What a pretty dog.She looks so gentle for a pup
Oct 26, 2009 tape33
your soo cute! many hugs and kisses!! AWW!
Oct 26, 2009 weaverpup
OMG soooooooo cute...i want 10 just like her :-)
Oct 26, 2009 RobbieLea
Pretty girl! My guess is Shepherd mix? Beautiful coloring and coat and SWEET face. Puppy kisses, Piper!
Oct 26, 2009 Codydog
Piper, you are a beautiful little lady. Live long, and prosper. xxxx
Oct 26, 2009 lalamcgoo
Oct 26, 2009 pandrews-4
OhOh! Guess who got caught chewing? LOL! What a little sweetheart you are!
Oct 26, 2009 ruthie
Piper is a very beautiful little girl! Love her expressive face, her adorable ears, and the wonderful colors of her coat. Wishing you all many, many, happy, love-filled years together.
Oct 26, 2009 lilyb
Piper is a beautiful girl! Love her ears and her name.
Oct 26, 2009 Limmyluver
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! Someone calm me down! You are the cutest little collie ever. I deffinatly added you to my favorites. :) You make a perfect Daily Puppy. Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U!
Oct 26, 2009 drakes' granny
Oh my goodness, what a little beauty. She is so precious. Just beautiful!!! Love the sleeptime picture too. Little angel. Give her cuddles and kisses from us too. xoxo
Oct 26, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Gorgeous girl indeed! I just love the floppy ear and the puppy sit. Hugs from Oliver & Henry and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Oct 26, 2009 Brooki1597
BEYOND cute!!!i have fallen in love with her already i want one of these dogs when i get the money.OMG!!!:) cant get over her.
Oct 26, 2009 lovinghammy
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!shes so adorable.
Oct 26, 2009 wellie'smum
I grew up with a shepherd /collie mix who looked so much like Piper! Wishing you amny happy years with this little beauty!
Oct 26, 2009 Applegirl
She's magical! What a sweet bundle of love! My heart just melted when I saw her! Many years to Piper, and many hugs, kisses, and cookies too :)
Oct 26, 2009 taniamorse85
Oh, those ears! Piper is so pretty, and I wish I could cuddle with her! Millions of biscuits and belly rubs!
Oct 26, 2009 milton's mom
I would love to gift each dog in the universe with one of these silly toys. Makes pictures like this all the more precious!
Oct 26, 2009 iluvk9s
Totally adorable fluffy cuddly puppy!! Piper is so cute it was hard to pick just one picture! Trillions of cookies, hugs and kisses!!
Oct 26, 2009 lagnaf853
She is beautiful!!
Oct 26, 2009 xoRUFFYxo
SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Oct 26, 2009 kian
That is a very cute pup!
Oct 26, 2009 Saptember
what a little cutie :)
Oct 26, 2009 MY YAHOO
you are 100% a~d~o~r~a~b~l~e. ; ; ; ;
Oct 26, 2009 sophiedietrich26
cute dog :)
Oct 26, 2009 doggie9
sooooooo cute i hope you love her cause i do. I love how cute she is!
Oct 26, 2009 LexiThePup
*GASP* She's so small and so cute!
Oct 26, 2009 malawi
Piper is a real little beauty...what a wonderful face she has :-)
Oct 26, 2009 mymovieman was difficult to decide on a picture. Every one is so cute. You are one darling puppy, and you look very content and well-loved. Enjoy a long and happy life with your new family. And a zillion biscuits for you!
Oct 26, 2009 zoegirl
Ohhh so cute!
Oct 26, 2009 caroleanne
Hi Piper. I know another dog named piper. She is 19 years old. May you live as long as the other Piper.
Oct 26, 2009 georgia04
Cuddled next to her Bobo....what could be cuter? Little Piper is beautiful!
Oct 26, 2009 wolfgirl66
Sweet and adorable Piper is super BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! GO PUPPY GO!!! PUPPY POWER!!!! I hope she has a long and happy life full of TLC!!
Oct 26, 2009 sandee
what an amazing pic !!! # 1 xoxo
Oct 26, 2009 swarna
soooooooooooooooooooooocute little angle lot of hugs and long life to you....
Oct 27, 2009 ILoveBina
Cute dog it kind of looks like a Corgi Mix and a Collie Mix Stay cute Piper
Oct 27, 2009 asiasmum
just look at this sweet little face:) I bet she has you wrapped right around her little paw ;)
Oct 27, 2009 jolieavon
This pic should be on a Calendar!! What a Beauty...
Oct 27, 2009 guerrero's grandma
you want me to bring THESE slippers to you? My mouth isn't big enough yet... Piper, you are a very lovely young lady. I just love your coloring, you're adorable. Enjoy a long life with lots of belly rubs
Oct 27, 2009 Dogaholic Gal
How fun to watch the progression of Piper's ears going up!! She is just a sweetie!! Hugs and love and biscuits to her!
Oct 27, 2009 tildalovespuppyz
awww hes so eager and cute.. umm marisa? did anyone ASK if u were gonna put him down.. i didnt know the option was going through ur head..
Oct 27, 2009 tildalovespuppyz
awwwwww what a sweet wittle puppy! pipers a cutie...
Oct 27, 2009 jsewell51
Piper - You are gorgeous!
Oct 27, 2009 rainbow62
Piper you are so cute!!
Oct 27, 2009 mimis girl
what a cutie..she looks like she's part Bernese & part German Shepherd to me.. bet she's smart as the dickens too! many years of happiness with her :)
Oct 27, 2009 keiko
She is adorable!!! visit my page and meet my Piper.
Oct 27, 2009 robinatthedailypuppy
OK, this is the cutest and most photogenic puppy in the known world!!!!!! Has she been adopted? What a charmer!!!!!
Oct 27, 2009 Gert&Duke
I wanna come up there, too!! Wait on me!!!
Oct 27, 2009 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww these are my favorite breed looks like mix with pemrboke or corgi or wlesh corg.I almost cried by seeing all these pivtures of lovley Piiper.And wat an interesting name.
Oct 27, 2009 susannablues
I am totally convinced by the suggestion that she is part Corgi. I had a Pembrokeshire tricolour corgi who looked rather like this photo especially. Those enormous ears are indeed the clue, also the longish back. What a gem you have there. Take good care of her - I am sure she will reward you with her undiluted love. Susanna
Oct 28, 2009 LILLY 66
Oct 28, 2009 lisalisa
Piper is one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen! What beautiful coloring! He's so gorgeous and looks like he'd be so sweet and cuddly. I bet it's no time at all before he starts herding you around! He's definitely being added to my "favorites". :)
Oct 28, 2009 Bunny_Boo
How adorable!! if you could ever find out what breed she is (other than colie) that would be great and mail me asap at :
Oct 29, 2009 TedsMom
This orange grinny thing is good for snuggles, but I hafta put it behind me so I don't get ascared when I wakes up and thinks I being attakd by orange monster!
Oct 29, 2009 emily13h
Aren't they so cute when they are sleeping? My puppy had the same toy.. tore it to shreds in about 1 day!! haha. But piper is absolutely adorable.
Oct 29, 2009 glyn
Piper is a gorgeous pup. What a little sweetheart. Beautiful markings. Glad that she has found a wonderful home. Enjoy.
Oct 30, 2009 achima
i bet the other part of his breed is a papillon cuz he looks just like my puppy!
Nov 3, 2009 Beagle109
What a doll baby you are, Piper!
Nov 17, 2009 Animal Lover 4 Ever
Piper your a cutie!!!!
Nov 22, 2009 sadie52
You have such a cute dog! I love the pictures!
Nov 24, 2009 2pupsmomma
What a stunning puppy, just awesome.
Dec 4, 2009 21kaitie
Too cute! I love her name! It suits her well.
Dec 22, 2009 HIMcrazy12
piper is so adorable she looks so sweet she sure does look like a collie mix. she looks like she likes you
Nov 12, 2010 savvidavvi
AWWWWW...Piper is so cute! I love Collies, and just look at those ears! Please leave a comment for Ziggy, Thanks!
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