Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Sep 21, 2011 caraschotch
Oh Pippa, what a beautiful girl you are!! I hope you have a long and healthy life with your people, and many happy tugs of war! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Sep 21, 2011 pupfanatic
Oh my God...Yes, God, how do you make em like this??? Look at lil Pippa. One ear doin it's own thing w/ that face. Look at her sleeping w/ her best pal the elephant. Pippa, good thing you already have a home, cuz I would do some serious dognapping.
Sep 21, 2011 SavvysMom
Oh, the CUTENESS FACTOR is OFF THE SCALE here!!! Pippa, with those eyes, you could get away with ANYTHING, you little sweetie :)
Sep 21, 2011 Lynxun
OMG I love Her and that ear I lobe it !!!
Sep 21, 2011 Lynxun
Couldn't Choose what picture this one is so precious too Awesome Pup Pippa is (hug)
Sep 21, 2011 ebead
Just a beautiful baby, enjoying a wonderful life!
Sep 21, 2011 cutiepants26
Awww little Pippa! I honestly think you are the CUTEST little thing!!! From your first photo I thought your owners were lucky to get an awesome shot of your ears like that until I noticed that: that is your special look! AND I LOVE IT!!! You are SO ADORABLE and I just want to give you a BIG CUDDLE!!! You are such a cutie-pie! Have fun cutie and you will have many more awesome adventures!!! Lots of love from me and my 2 pups, Saffy & Pingu, BYE PIPPA!!!
Sep 21, 2011 cutiepants26
ALSO- I know my 2 pups would definitely go on a date with you!!! ;)
Sep 21, 2011 dachshund luva
if i owned you i woud love you with all my heart. she is such a beautiful, beautiful colour and such a gorgeaus little darling! have a fantastic life growning up!
Sep 21, 2011 longislander
Oh Pippa, if only I were a boy dog, I would make you my own. A beautiful blond with those gorgeous dark eyes, your ears, chicken and cookies, what more could a boy want. I would take you out to the flower field for some nice smelling and then let you win at tug of war. You are one amazing girl, Pippa.
Sep 21, 2011 princelover
Gotta love that antenna ear! It is up in every shot. So very delightful. What a cutie pie.
Sep 21, 2011 joolie boolie
No wonder your're smiling Pippa. Sounds like you're having a great life! And you so deserve it after being rescued. Keep enjoying yourself sweet little thing, you!
Sep 21, 2011 Bears...just b-claws
Oh Pippa, you precious little baby. Have a wonderful life with your forever family. Hugs
Sep 21, 2011 Bru-Tay
I. Love. You. I really do. I would snatch that puppy up in a minute if she needed it. Every once in a while a puppy gets to me beyond just the cute factor, and Pippa is one of those. Happy life baby girl.
Sep 21, 2011 goldenlover
Cute cuter cutest !! I'm guessing the mixer may be shepherd ?? I'm also guessing where the name came from ?? Great puppy. Good story.
Sep 21, 2011 Jtrenier
OMG! Too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 21, 2011 BeLoud
Oh Pippa! Your one ear sticks up so cute! :)
Sep 21, 2011 WangErin
Pippa, you really deserve to be Today's Puppy, you are so photogenic! I love how one of your ears stand up and the other flops down, a million biscuits for you :)
Sep 21, 2011 dogluvr857
How adorable, with that one ear up! And what a sweet face. Pippa, you are precious.
Sep 21, 2011 ibkathy
This adorable baby is either lab or retriever and she is beyond adorable! I have 2 rescue labs and I would take you in a heartbeat. My neighborhood is like pet camp. Come visit in Dallas sweet girl :)
Sep 21, 2011 mattysmom
Gosh Pippa, it is hard to pick one fav pic. Love your self description, very cute! So glad you were rescued and have such a great home :) How can anyone resist you and that face and THAT EAR!!!OMG beyond ADORABLE!!!
Sep 21, 2011 Mmmousemaid
Pippa's eyes could melt an iceberg. What a beautiful dog. I love her floppy ears and her snout. Her expression is beguiling. I'm so glad she was adopted.
Sep 21, 2011 poochies=love
I am completely smitten with Pippa! What personality and I love love love those ears!! Your pictures are really cute. Rescues are just the best! Bless you for rescuing this adorable baby. And blessings for a wonderful life together!
Sep 21, 2011 Abiglen
What a cutie you are Pippa. You have the most adorable ears ever:) Hugs and kisses
Sep 21, 2011 Marisa
Kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses - I would not be able to stop giving this little girl kisses. Pippa you are seriously cute with that little face and your ear popped up. Love your bio. Have wonderful, happy life sweetie.
Sep 21, 2011 Sukie
It was so hard to select a photo b/c you are such a cutie. Pippa I love your eyes and ears and you are such a sweet, sweet girl! Thanks to your owners for rescuing you, I wish you a lifetime of happiness.
Sep 21, 2011 Missy's Mom
Pippa I just love your ears-You are total perfection and I'm so happy you were rescued!! I wish you many years of happiness and contentment
Sep 21, 2011 Kylie&Ollie'sMom
Such a sweet baby girl!
Sep 21, 2011 amyliz
Pippa, you are delightful, from the tip of your silly ears to the tip of your tail! Great personality, too! Many happy and healthy years to you!
Sep 21, 2011 Averydka will always have your ear to the world....too cute!
Sep 21, 2011 meganbooth
Oh good heavens you are too cute! and what is up with the ear! Loves it!!!
Sep 21, 2011 pamfontainepeters
Pippa definitely wins the "Cutest Ears" award! What a beautiful girl! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Sep 21, 2011 janet weir
You are a sweetie Pippa! Love the way that one ear sticks up - so cute!!!!!
Sep 21, 2011 gem1945
Pippa, you are just adorable!!! Good morning to facebook. I can't stay on facebook, so posting my quote here. "The hardest thing is to take less when you can get more."... Kin Hubbard. Back to Pippa, we wish you all the best. Have a wonderful life in CA with your family. xxxxoooo from our critter gang and me
Sep 21, 2011 imissjess
If that ear situation isn't the cutest thing ever! What a doll.
Sep 21, 2011 spunky
"I hear you"! Pippa, you are quite an adorable puppy! I Hope that you have a happy life with your owners!! Lots of cuddles & belly rubs for you!
Sep 21, 2011 molly's mom
What a sweet picture!!!!
Sep 21, 2011 virgilsmama
Pippa and family, thanks for letting us see this absolutely adorable photo. Pippa, we are happy you are in a loving home, you deserve it, you are so cute. Best of life to all of you.Virgil, Daisy and their mama.
Sep 21, 2011 Kemi82JP
OMG this is my dog to a T!!! We always wondered what he looked like as a puppy (since we found him as a stray) and this has to be it. ADORABLE!!!
Sep 21, 2011 little_v
oh, Pippa is just precious. The ears are killing me! So cute!!
Sep 21, 2011 gryt
What a sweetheart, awww... She's so cute. I love her up-n-down ears. :)
Sep 21, 2011 doxiethedoggy
Pippa is one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen at the Daily Puppy, and that is saying a LOT! I absolutely love her ear!! She looks a lot like my Dachshund/Jack Russell mix pup.
Sep 21, 2011 47sandy
Pippa you are absolutely adorable. Also look like a little trouble maker but isn't that what puppies do. Love your ear!
Sep 21, 2011 cricket92429
love the way the one ear is standing at attention in all pics:)
Sep 21, 2011 jolieavon
Yes, the one ear up, one ear down definitely gives Pippa her charm! Wonder if they'll stay like that... She sounds like a lot of fun.
Sep 21, 2011 wallysmom
Impossibly cute!!!! The ear!!!!! Oh how adorable!!!!!
Sep 21, 2011 curly#1
Pippa you are a real cutie! Many hugs and biscuits to you!
Sep 21, 2011 phoenix2b
Wow, I love this little cutie Pippa! Pippa is a pip! So vibrant and full of puppy energy. And the way Pippa's one ear stays up... that is so so precious. I would have to rescue Pippa too.
Sep 21, 2011 cfraire
Pippa, I have a fond memory of a puppy I once had, (well my parents had him, his name was Sam, he look just like you, right down to 1 ear up and 1 ear down. I hope that you bring as much joy to your family as Sam did to ours.
Sep 21, 2011 JanW
Everybody else loves that one ear up and one down...and I do too! Pippa, you are one really cute little pup. Thank goodness for your 4ever family that rescued you ...they must love you very much! Love and lots of tummy rubs to you, pretty girl!
Sep 21, 2011 memberume
Lucky Dog!! Pippa wants to be sure that she hears EVERYTHING that her new family is saying. So by crooking one ear, the right works better, she take in all the good gossip. Miss Pippa, I want you to have a long happy and healthy life with her new human pack.
Sep 21, 2011 chelsearosebud
Sweet Pippa, It is difficult selecting just one photograph of you ... you are very photogenic, sweetheart. Your smile telegraphs happiness and love, which is what I wish for you. xoxo Thank you for rescuing this sweet girl.
Sep 21, 2011 gouldkb
I love your ears! So cute and such a precious face. I'm so glad you were rescued.
Sep 21, 2011 cane corso
Another precious life saved! THANK YOU!!!
Sep 21, 2011 DogLover in Canada This is just the cutest puppy. I love her sweet face, colour, little white puppy toes and of course those ears. Those ears! They are the best. I also loved the bio, very funny. Congrats on the wonderful rescue and please give Pippa a big snuggle for me!
Sep 21, 2011 TooeyandBumble'sMom
This is a face you'll get to enjoy, love and kiss for a long, long time!!
Sep 21, 2011 The Raven
Pippa, the are indeed the cutest little puppy. The Queen of Licks. I just love your ears.... You now live in the capital of the state of CA, are you going to go into politics? You can hear your constituents, with one ear or not hear them with the other ear. I love your perfect date. You have the most intense look. You are the GREATEST!!!! and your family is soooooooooo lucky to have you. A long and happy and run and lick and tug filled life.
Sep 21, 2011 Grusinskaya
Sweet angel baby, you remind me of my doggie. I would love to scoop you up in my arms right now and give you lots of kisses and cuddle you. Bless your owners for rescuing you and may you bring them continued love and happiness, little one.
Sep 21, 2011 vorner
Oh Pippa, you are absolutely gorgeous! And that one ear is a crack-up--love it! Long, happy, healthy life to you and your lucky family, sweetheart. XOXOXO
Sep 21, 2011 vorner
And I HAVE to comment on this one of you snoozing with your fuzzy elephant. Precious beyond words! XOXOXO
Sep 21, 2011 theheaddog
Super Duper Jealous.....What a dog!!
Sep 21, 2011 GusandTuckersmom
Pippa, you are adorable,your eyes, and loppy/straight look like your just overflowing with personality:> I wish you many rousing games of tug-of-war with your loved ones..
Sep 21, 2011 ssmmtm
The ear, the stick, the look on the face. OMG. Pippa, you are precious.
Sep 21, 2011 Luckypooch
What a beautiful pupster! Have a great life with your family! Be a good girl.
Sep 21, 2011 Greylyn
Absolutely adorable! You are just beautiful. Long life little Pippa with tons of biscuits and belly rubs.
Sep 21, 2011 LATaurus
Love, love, love the mismatched ears... :-)
Sep 21, 2011 leia kelly
Such a cutie! Lucky dog! Lucky owners!
Sep 21, 2011 dogcopper
Pippa, you are WONDERFUL!!! Classic example of why rescues are so great! Enjoy a great life in a wonderful home!
Sep 21, 2011 untbunny
I see you have been blessed with a permanent turn signal (only one ear standing up). How adorable are you sweet girl! Continue being your amazing self.
Sep 21, 2011 mollyG
So hard to pick a picture as they are all so wonderful. The face on this pup is priceless. And so intelligent looking too! But the sleeping with the elephant just slays me. So cuddly. I am so happy you were rescued!!!! xoxoxo
Sep 21, 2011 lucybee
You sweet gorgeous girl! I love that wayward ear!
Sep 21, 2011 Scamp's Grammy
Pippa, you are one adorable pooch! Love one up & one down ears and the lovely color of your coat.Hope you have a happy, healthy life with lots of cuddles and many games of tug-of-war from Scamp's Grammy.
Sep 21, 2011 Bunmi
Pippa, you are too darling for words -- such a cutie!!
Sep 21, 2011 madeline
Too funny and sweet....Darling "chérie"....
Sep 21, 2011 Reenah
Pippa you are a darling! You look just like my Lily, raised ear and all. Lots of belly rubs to you little one.
Sep 21, 2011 megatha427
Pippa! That ear! Those eyes! Your sweet snuggle next to the elephant! I'm so smitten!
Sep 21, 2011 Kelsey's mom
Pippa you are a lovely girl and I love your ears! I am so happy that you were adopted by very thoughtful and intelligent humans who recognized your potential. All the best to you ~
Sep 21, 2011 DebforNow
I love the ears, one standing up and one floppy - it's the best of both worlds.
Sep 21, 2011 luvrescuelabs
Every picture of this angel is beautiful. Pippa is gorgeous and deserves all the love she can get. I'd take her if she didn't already have a wonderful home. May you have many happy years with this angel.
Sep 21, 2011 val1308
This is one sweet dog - I love her ears. Enjoy her - what a lovable face!
Sep 21, 2011 jerryballew
Pippa, I'm so glad you were rescued and found a permanent home. What a face. Cute puppy you.
Sep 21, 2011 gypsysoul68
Sep 21, 2011 WendyCR72
How adorable is the one floppy ear/one ear that stands up? What a sweetheart Pippa is. Gorgeous! May she live a long and happy life!
Sep 21, 2011 sheila
Oh Pippa, I love those ears and that sweet face and what a pretty color. You and the sister of the future Queen of England have the same name. Are you royalty too? I bet your humans think so. Thank you to your humans for rescuing you. Long and happy, happy life to you Pippa and your humans.
Sep 21, 2011 daphne's mom
Pippa you are adorable! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles sweetheart! So hard to choose one pic!
Sep 21, 2011 cherokeewoman
how lucky is your mom?
Sep 21, 2011 pandrews-4
What a sweetheart! Thank you to your human parents for adopting you! Enjoy your new forever home!
Sep 21, 2011 TheosMom
Oh my gosh! That ear is just too precious. What a sweet little girl. Enjoy her!!
Sep 21, 2011 ctdoglover
Your humans are very lucky you all live in Sacramento - because if it weren't so far from CT, I would come and dognap you! You are tooooooooooooo cute and I would love to kiss your sweet little face.
Sep 21, 2011 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Sweet Pippa! I normally comment and then read what everyone else wrote, but today I read the comments first. I am surprised that no one has mentioned just how much love shines forth from those beautiful eyes of yours! Both my son and I noticed that immediately. While your ears may change as you grow, those loving eyes will always remain. I know two little boys here who would love to take you on a date. Your white tipped paws also add to your already gorgeous looks. Long may you run, sweet Pippa girl! Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Sep 21, 2011 phineas.phogg
I love your ears. And you are just adorable.
Sep 21, 2011 RosieMom
Pippa, I love your wonderful ears! You are just about the cutest thing ever!!
Sep 21, 2011 mychiensr1
Pippa's eyes are so beautiful. We loe everything about you. Your humans are very lucky to have you:-). BTW, you can lick us anytime:-). Love and kisses from 5 Musketeers.
Sep 21, 2011 ttodd
I love your elephant and I would go on a date with you any time.
Sep 21, 2011 WATERDOG
Are you sure you don't have time for just a little fetch? Something tells me Pippa gets what she wants, eventually, Cheers!
Sep 21, 2011 Bevy
Gorgeous baby girl! Lots of love & ((HUGS))
Sep 21, 2011 wolfgirl66
Hello Sweet Pippa! You are 100% ADORABLE+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
Sep 21, 2011 AnnM
If this dog was any cuter.....I'm not sure my heart could handle it...thank goodness there is a warning...
Sep 21, 2011 tzumom
I'm in love, what a cutie...such a lucky forever family. Lots of love and tummy rubs.
Sep 21, 2011 kgpayne13
Is there anything cuter than the one-ear-up-one-ear-down look? Pippa, you are just adorable.
Sep 21, 2011 wolfgirl66
I love this pic! TOTALLY CUTE!
Sep 21, 2011 MartsandGriff
LOVE YOUR EARS! We crooked-cocked eared mixes have to stick together!
Sep 21, 2011 dailypuppyfan
Oh Pippa, you have captured my heart. What a face! Count me among your many fans. Have a long life filled with love, sweetie.
Sep 21, 2011 rinch4n
Pippa`s ear is so cute ^^
Sep 21, 2011 Jose
Pippa your sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope that you have a great life. Hugs and kisses to you.
Sep 22, 2011 minkiesmum
Always 11 biscuits in my book for rescued babies and you're a cutie !
Sep 22, 2011 bruiseechic
pippa!! you are precious!!
Sep 22, 2011 pelligrino
OMG, somehow I missed beautiful Pippa yesterday! Like everyone else, I love the ears and that adorable face! Horray for rescue dogs, they are the best!
Sep 22, 2011 talmagelisabeth
Seriously Pippa you are one of the cutest pups I've ever seen! Mixed breeds FTW!
Sep 22, 2011 guerrero's grandma
Pippa, you are 1000% adorable! There is none cuter than you! & this pic gave me my morning giggle! I love you to pieces! You are a beautiful lady! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you pretty girl
Sep 22, 2011 drakes' granny
Pippa is so cute. What a sweet expressive the ears and loving eyes. Keep Pippa safe forever ... such a sweetie!!!
Sep 22, 2011 Nias Mom
Oh My Gosh, adorable!!! You cant find too much sweeter than this pic.... I wish you a long and happy healthy life together... Pippa looks like a great puppy!!
Sep 22, 2011 Critter Crazy
Oh, my! What a happy, charming, delightful, cute and sweet furgirl you are! Wishing you years of love and smiles with your humans.
Sep 23, 2011 piobaire
Pippa your two fun ears just add to what a darling little pup you are!
Sep 23, 2011 KATZ613
OMG,Pippa you are just adorable. Love the ears...just wanna give you dozens of kisses & belly rubs. xoxoxoxo
Sep 24, 2011 southpuppydays
oh ur such a beauty ur white little stockings is soo like my dog and ur cought ur one of the cutest pups ive seen hope u live a fun life with ur family
Sep 25, 2011 jasper1
OMG!!!! Precious peanut!! What a description of a wonderful life for an absolutely ADORABLE puppy!!! Pippa! I love you girl!!!
Sep 26, 2011 ScallysMam
I lurve you! Your ears are fab, do you think you'll grow into them :-)
Oct 1, 2011 blazelover9
I love that ear of yours! Pippa you are soooo cute
Oct 4, 2011 christinkies
those ears!!!
Nov 2, 2011 MomDog
Please take good care of this baby!!!!!
Jan 26, 2013 rotti lover
Pippa is CUTE x 10!! I love the one ear standing up. It looks like it even stays up in her sleep.
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