Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jul 30, 2006 Jill Warner
very cute puppy!

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Jul 30, 2006 Connie
how cute, lover the coloring
Jul 30, 2006 Ang
she is beautiful just wanna cuddle her!!!
Jul 30, 2006 Erica
she is so cute i just want to have her for a best friend
Jul 30, 2006 Tess
this is one of the cutest puppys i have ever seen. i can't believe he only has 8.51 biscuits. i gave him 11!
Jul 30, 2006 LOA the kissing lady
i love this littel puppy how can u sey she is not cuite i have never met i pit i did not like this baby is beautifull i gave 11 bis and 1000kisssssssss and a squeeze
Jul 30, 2006 Super Puppy
all i can say is AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
Jul 30, 2006 Chip
It's too bad the pup had to get docked points because the owner just sent in two photo's. "Pup's train your big guys to keep a snapping; this is a puppy shoot" Get ur done!!!
Jul 30, 2006 Tori
My grandma has one.
Jul 30, 2006 Kim
She's ADORABLE!!!! With proper training, she'll be the best companion ever. I own 4 pit bulls, and THEY are the best dogs!!!! They're my babies.
Jul 30, 2006 Julia
At first, I was pretty strongly opposed to the popularity of pit bulls. It is largely the market demand that keeps ambitious breeders selling dogs that are not bred to be companions. I have to say, though, that while it still angers me that there are so many pits who wind up in our local shelter on quarantine or are destroyed because they are unpredictable, I no longer have the same reservations that I do about the breed.

A close family friend has a female pit bull named "Marley". She is, without exaggeration, the gentlest dog I have ever met. She lets visiting puppies eat out of her food dish, even when they push her out of the way to get to it. She allows other animals and children (and adults) to squeeze her nose and lay on her. She is terrified of thunder storms. She doesn't even chase squirrels. :) I LOVE her.

As with any breed, it is important to know the inherent risks involved when anquiring a dog. While it upsets me that many people choose this breed because it looks "tough" without considering whether or not it is the best fit for their families, I have come to see that these dogs can be sweet and affectionate companions. :)
Jul 30, 2006 Charlotte Smith
There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. And I'm sure Princess will do just fine. She is adorable!
Jul 30, 2006 Charlotte Smith
Sorry - Pixie, not Princess! :)
Jul 30, 2006 Terry C.
There is nothing cute about pit bulls.
~ by othostice
So sez YOU - pit bulls have gotten a bad rap. It is NOT the dogs, it is the terrible people who are permitted to own or breed them.

If you don't like the breed, fine - don't own one!

I think this pup is adorable.
Jul 30, 2006 Terry C.
Oh, and I have NEVER met a bad pit bull.

The dogs I have encountered are well trained pets.
Jul 30, 2006 Dawn
As a teen my best friend lived next to a guy who had a pit bull and 2 chichauhau's . I walked past the guy's house when I went to see her. The pit bull (gaty) was the sweetest girl ever. She used come great me and let me pet her. The two chi-chi's where evil little creatures. This cute little pit reminds me of gaty the pit bull. What a sweety.
Jul 30, 2006 Pixie-s Mommy
I sent in about 10 pics of Pixie I don't know why Mike only published 2. I have never met a mean pit bull and my family has had them for years. She is now almost a year old and loves going to the park and playing with other dogs and wants to cuddle all the time. She loves everyone, is (like natural for a Pitty (Nursemaid)) very gentle and loving with small children. For the negative comment about pittys if Pix wan't a pit she'd be adorable then?? I feel sorry for your being so discriminate. Punish the DEED not the BREED!!
Jul 30, 2006 Pixie-s Mommy
Oh yea Pixie's best animal friend is my cat Jawa who chases and tackles her and bites her ears, grabs her head.... she would never hurt anything. If you socialize a pitty and are a responsible owner and you dont TRAIN and BEAT your dog to be mean, they wont know how to show anything but love. I have been bit in the face by a German Shephard Dog, I have been bit by 5 Chihuauahs, a golden retriever, and a border collie. The GSD had been badly abused by his previous owners and when a friend of mine had adopted him we became very close. I was laying in the floor with him one day and he one of her pomeranians bounced on him and he rollder over and bit me in the face, the chis are my father in laws and are vicious even to them (no coubt poor breeding) and the border collie, well thats just thier job, I didnt go where he wanted me to so he was hearding me... but I gave NEVER come across a mean pitty...
Jul 30, 2006 Othostice
Terry C and others:

You are probably right about the owner/breed issue, but pits have become synonymous with violence in a way no other breed has. Intellectually, I might agree, but my dog and I cross the street when we see a pit bull coming.
Jul 30, 2006 Beth
It's so sad when a breed gets such a bad reputation that it makes others avoid them. It's also sad that my local SPCA is full of abandoned pit bulls. I agree with numerous posts that its all in how they're raised. HOWEVER, I also understand completely that opinions about breeds are shaped by what you encounter. If all the pits you encounter are violent, then of course you would think any pit you see is going to be the same.
Nevertheless, I'm sure Pixie will not be raised to be like that - she is a very cute one! And I love the brindle coloring!
Jul 30, 2006 Elit Alice
aaaww! more please!
Jul 30, 2006 jess_hanson
Awww! What an adorable lil brindle girl! And I agree! My cousin has 2 pits and they are absolute sweethearts. They are full grown but they still think they are lil pups that can climb up into your lap and give you kisses. lol! It is all about how you raise them!
Jul 30, 2006 twoblue4me
What a darling little baby girl!

Never mind the naysayers, they've just never been lucky enough to be owned by a "bully" breed!
Jul 30, 2006 Emily Luu
nice color
Jul 30, 2006 Othostice
Sorry for the flippant comment--you all make good points. Unfortunately, my experiences with pits have been bad, probably because I live in a large metropolis amongst folks who use their dogs for fighting, intimidation and "street cred." More rural and suburban locales might not have the same issues. Once again, sorry. I'm sure Pixie is a sweetheart.
Jul 30, 2006 Daisy-s human
Although I look at the site every day, I have never posted a comment but I feel the need today. I have a yellow lab/red nose pit bull mix that I adopted from Animal Control when she was a year old and 3 days from execution. She is the sweetest, most loving dog. She plays well with other dogs, she adores my cat, and never met a person she did not like. Shower your pups with love and they'll love you back.
Ban the DEED, not the BREED. Save the Pit Bulls and vote against breed specific legislation.
Jul 30, 2006 Daisy-s human
and by the way, Pixie is adorable! I wish I knew what my girl looked like as a puppy.
Jul 30, 2006 Pixie-s Mommie
As you can see in this pic Pix was never bought to "look tough" and would make the worlds worst guard dog ever lol Even at a year old and double the size of my cat now, she's still just cute and nowhere near a "scary looking" dog! Thank you for apology, as I have taken it to heart. If you would like to change your views on pitty's please visit http://www.sorryagai :)
Jul 31, 2006 spoiledogz
what cute pics!
Jul 31, 2006 Arian
Aww, a darling little girl!
Jul 31, 2006 Brittany
this is the #1 cutest puppy in the entire world, i gave him 11, your lucky to have a puppy soooooo cute, im jealous!
Jul 31, 2006 natalie
he's kiinda cute
Jul 31, 2006 Gypsy (Janet)
What a sweetie.... It is definitely not the breed. I love to freak people out when they badmouth the breed and point out (for those old enough to remember) that Petey on the Little Rascals (the one with the circle around the eye) was a pit bull... I gave your adorable little cutie an 11 too!!
Jul 31, 2006 Auntie El, Shads & Peasy
I know pits who are Service Dogs and their handlers say they're the best SDs out there. I, personally, like pitties and gave little Pixie 11 biscuits just for being an adorable little girl.
Jul 31, 2006 shawna
omg! this is the most adorable thing i've ever seen. she just made my day!
Jul 31, 2006 Shanghai-s Mom
Absolutely adorable! 11 Biscuits!
Jul 31, 2006 puppyluver
what a QT!!!
Jul 31, 2006 Pixie-s Mommy
Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my Precious little girl! I have read her (almost) ever post she has recieved, and she loves the attention!
Jul 31, 2006 Suzerain
Once it was Rottweilers, it was German Shepherds, it was Doberman Pinschers . . . and now it's Pitbulls. I do volunteer work at a Shelter in Oakland, CA--this area is EAT UP with pitbulls. And yes, I do see the corrupted ones--the ones who never had a chance due to the hideous things people do. But mostly I see the ones whose worse personality trait is high energy and face-licking. Any dog can bite (I was bitten as a child by an English Sheep Dog) . . . "dog fear" has its trends . . . but people remain the same, stupid. Pixie is as cute and cuter than most puppies. And she's going to be a friend for life. Have fun!
Jul 31, 2006 pupluv
Very cute pup. I think people have to remember that if they choose a strong, "gladiator" breed with particularly strong jaws, they must be responsible owners (well, we should all be responsible owners). You have to establish your alpha status early or you'll find yourself being dragged down the street by a very very very powerful dog.
Jul 31, 2006 blues
No reason for people to breed pits when the shelters are overrun with them. People who produce pitbull puppies are irresponsible.
Aug 1, 2006 kyates0702
what a adorable puppy looks like its shy (: (: (:
Aug 1, 2006 SK
Very cute! Pits in general aren't bad, it's an owner that makes a bad dog - hell even a Golden can be made into a bad dog. Pixie is just adorable!!
Aug 1, 2006 Samantha
Oh my goodness, talk about smexie stuff! She is soo cute! Nothing I love more than an adorably misunderstood breed! I own an American Pit Bull Terrier and 2 Dobbies, Pixie looks just like my Pit Bull as a puppy, except mine was tan.
Aug 2, 2006 Bridget
Othostice Im glad you see the other side. I get the same bad wrap for my sweet Odin. He's a blue nosed pitbull and I can't stand when people run up to say hello and then ask what breed and then I tell them American Pitbull Terrier and they jump back. Odin, like this puppy wouldn't hurt a fly. With proper training and exposure to everything and everyone, you can have yourself a WONDERFUL friend. Odin loves children and other dogs. Heck, he was attacked by a JACK RUSSELL. Again, don't judge the breed. Judge the owner.

Now - about this little one -- SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! I remember when Odin was that small. Now he is 9 months and 90 lbs.!!!!!
Aug 3, 2006 Bridget
BLUES -- pitbulls aren't the only puppies found in shelters. God, I hate when people bad-mouth this breed!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 3, 2006 Faith
For the pitt bull haters:
They are just dogs. They cannot help it if people abuse their race or train them to be mean.
Pitt Bulls, themselves, are no more vicious than a weenie dog and can be nurtured and treated as any dog should be, not with hate or scorn.

This puppy is beautiful.
Aug 6, 2006 allie
how sweet are those eyes!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 8, 2006 Jeanie
pixie is a real sweety,I have a brindle pit bull too!
Aug 9, 2006 puppy princess
she is adorable!!! it dosnt matter what people like othostice think because she is SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! :) @>-PP-
Aug 10, 2006 Jenny
Oh my god, I bet she will grow up to kill people like every other Pit. She should be banned with the rest of those monster in Denver!!!!!!!!
Aug 10, 2006 Chad
Why are we producing more Pits? There are plenty of homeless Pits and other breeds that need rescuing.

How irresponsible!
Aug 10, 2006 Rio
Jenny, I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or if you're just breed racist. Before I fly off the handle and start getting more vicious than any Pit Bull that's been wrongfully abused, mistreated, and bred for fighting, I want to make sure that I'm not misunderstanding your comment.
Aug 11, 2006 Kayleigh
i love pitt bulls i dont think they should ban them anywhere and your puppy is very cute
Aug 12, 2006 Jenny
Haha, Rio, im sorry, I was being sarcastic. I should have been more descriptive. I personally own 2 American Pit Bulls who I rescued from a sewer. They were only 2 weeks old, and were cut up, starved, and freezing, yet they are the most loving dogs now. They are both brothers, Cheech and Chong!

I think Pixie is beautiful. She has huge eyes, so lovable!
(And sorry that I got you so flustered, was planning on adding that story to my comment)
Aug 12, 2006 irma
this is very cute puppy we from holland love him
we want also pitbull puppy''s
they are not allowed, shit gouverment they allow drug but nog nice dogs
Aug 19, 2006 Lovely Lady
I LOVE the Brindle coloring. She is going to be one heart throbber!
Aug 23, 2006 Rachel
okay your dog and mine are twins! this is insane! you have no clue!
Aug 26, 2006 Brittany
Why hate pitt bulls when it's the owner who trains them that way. i love pitt bulls.good luck with training Pixie to be a good girl
Oh ya,she's so cute
Sep 3, 2006 gracie
Sep 21, 2006 tina
those puppy dog eyes just kill me!!!! (:
Oct 2, 2006 A Pitbull Grandma
Pixie is just darling!! Yeah for Pitbulls, Rotti's, and German Shepards! They are all awesome. I have "grandchildren" of these breeds and they are all very sweet, loving, trusting dogs. It is how they are raised. Love them all. And yes, all have human babies they live with and love.
Oct 4, 2006 Tov
What a sweetheart. reminds me of my puppy. she's a pit bull mix. wants nothing more than to be a lap dog (40 lb lap dog but i don't mind)
Oct 13, 2006 Jim
Pits are some of the gentlest and sweetest dogs I've encountered. The only two dogs that I've personally known that have bitten someone were a lab mix and a lab/beagle mix.

Right now the most aggressive dogs in my neighborhood are some dachschunds and a small terrier mix.

If you think that all pits are bad then you are only showing the ignorance that gives pits this so-called bad reputation.
Nov 23, 2006 marcelle and mama
it's sooooooooooooooo cute!
Dec 4, 2006 Tyra
pitties are the best dogs in the world. it's too bad there are so many bad owners out there. ANY dog can bite.
Feb 7, 2007 janetpetrone
I have 2 pits and they are the absolute most lovable dogs I have ever had. It isn't the dogs, it's the people who shouldn't own them.
Mar 20, 2007 millahnna
Statistically speaking, Pit Bulls are overwhelmingly the highest scoring breed on the "Doggie Good Citizenship Test" which is required for any dog going into any kind of public service (therapy or guide dogs, search and rescue, etc.).

Dog bite breed statistics are privided by the CDC. On the CDC's website, it is stated that in most dog attacks, the breed is determined by "eyewitness accounts, often the victims'" and that the accuracy of such data is highly doubtful, as it is extremely rare to get any kind of expert witness to weigh in on the breed.

There are many breeds that resemble "pits."
Can you find the pitbull? tek5

Pix is so cute I can't handle it.
Apr 27, 2007 mlawler214
people that think that all pits are mean or aggressive are ignorant. i have a pit mix and she is an absolute doll. she is sweet and gentle and i have never met a pit who is not. actually, a golden retreiver attacked HER when she was a baby, not the other way around. people should criticize the irresponsible owners who give pits a bad name, not sweet little pups like mine and Pixie. Pixie is BEAUTIFUL. what a face. Muah! love her.
Jun 16, 2007 CareBear
'othostice', who says there is nothing cute about pitbulls, is obviously one of those people who should be exterminated instead of the pittbulls they want to exterminate in California. Dogs aren't born mean...there are no "Mean breeds"'s the idiots who buy pitbulls for dog fights that give the breed a bad rep.

Your puppy is absolutely gorgeous. Have fun with her...pitbulls can be just as sweet and loving as your everyday Goldenretriever.
Jul 27, 2007 puppypac
Pits are intense - so they will fight intensely - BUT - turn that around and treat them right - they love intensely! I had an Am.
Staff/ Dane boy for over 16 yrs. I will never have another quite like him. The best, and, of course, I love brindles.
Your Pixie is very very sweet
Oct 24, 2007 Mummm
Pixie is certainly a little cutie! It's a shame that her breed has such a negative reputation.
May 30, 2008 wolfgirl66
Jul 24, 2008 jackspal
This is a very cute puppy! I would love to see pics of what a fine lady she has become.
Sep 27, 2008 xiomara1
She is a beautiful puppy I think I have her twin but the male version.
Dec 2, 2008 Puppy Tummy Vet
Feb 17, 2009 georgia04
Baby Pixie is one beautiful little morsel of puppy love! I am so glad you gave her a forever home. I am always angered by ignorant people who condemn this breed as vicious attackers. It's ridiculous. I've volunteered at my local humane society for two years, and some of the sweetest, most gently dogs I played with were pitbulls. If only more people would open their hearts to this breed and treat them with love. Thank you for not holding Pixie's breed against her. And with that kissable face, how could anyone?
Jul 25, 2009 BlazerandmE!
I wanna cuddle with her!She is so so cute!
Aug 14, 2009 pandalou
WOW. she's is very pretty. my boyfriend and i are going to get two pitbulls when we move into our new house. my baby girl's name is going to be lucy. you're very lucky to have such a beautiful dog.
Sep 17, 2009 littlebitty
very beautiful puppy. i love pit bulls.
Sep 29, 2010 pelligrino
What a face! Pixie would get what ever she wanted from me.
Nov 16, 2010 cutiepants26
This absolutely reminds me of my new puppy Saffy! They really look alike, but Saffy isn't a pit bull she's a Stafford-shire Bull Terrier (staffy). Anyway she's a cutie who looks like she's in good care. You can't say no to that chubby cute face! :D
Jan 5, 2011 AvanteWaring
AAAwww so cute... I love baby Pit Bulls!
Jan 14, 2014 kmv5020
She is absolutely beyond adorable!!!! LOVE pit puppies! (and grown ups too
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