Poppy the Blue Merle Collie Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Poppy's mom and dad say: We first saw Poppy on December 22 at the local cat-and-dog home and knew we wanted to take her home with us. Unfortunately they close over Christmas, so we, very sadly, had to leave her there and go back on January 4. After driving there without the necessary ID, and having to then race home and back again, we were panicked that someone else would have already taken her. But we were in luck! She is our first dog and we are very lucky to have her. She is good with our two cats and is full of exuberance for life. She loves the beach, playing with other dogs, and especially snow! Even when she is sleeping she likes to be near her humans. She is very possessive of us and doesn’t like us stroking other dogs! If we stand apart in the park, she spends her whole time trying to herd us back together. She is a blue merle smooth collie cross (we think with about a quarter greyhound in her) who was 12 to 14 weeks old when we got her and is now seven months. We think she is just gorgeous!