Prefontaine the Brittany

Puppy Breed: Brittany

Prefontaine's mom says: Prefontaine was named after Steve Prefontaine, one of America's greatest distance running legends, who, at one time, held every American track and field record from the 2,000 to the 10,000m. We wanted a dog that we could run with, as we both enjoy distance running. We chose a Brittany because of their ability to run and found a breeder about 3 hours from where we live. When we arrived to look at the 7 week old puppies, Pre was the first puppy to greet us- he ran up and promptly sat at our feet looking up at us and never left our side. He chose us! We took him home the following week, introduced him to sister Belle, the Beagle and life has never been the same! Pre plays hard during the day and sleeps just as hard at night (we call it PREcharging!). He loves to curl up and fall asleep in our lap each night. Every morning he has puppy school where he brushes up on his commands and tricks. Pre can sit, stay, "touch it", shake, lay down and come when called -all for treats of course! "Kennel up!" is his favorite command because he knows it is breakfast time! He loves going for a drive to the park, sunning in the backyard and taking Daddy for his daily walks. Pre will even walk his own leash or sister Belle's leash. Chasing butterflies, spiders and his own nubby tail has become a recent favorite. Pre is part water buffalo- he will drink/spill an entire bowl of water in one standing, wait for the bowl to be refilled and continue drinking! He has eliminated the need for mopping the floors because he spills so much water! Pre is quickly learning to swim and will fetch sticks and his tennis ball when thrown in the pond at the park. Everyone Pre meets is an immediate friend and if his nubbin tail weren't secured so tightly, it might wag itself off! We are amazed at how smart Pre is and how fast of a runner he is becoming! Pre has become a wonderful addition to our family and every day is a new adventure with him!