Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Nov 11, 2006 sugarbaby110
first comment ! lol sorry...

how CUTE!!!! she is just adorable! love her brother too. give pumpkin a kiss on the nose for me!
(p.s. pumpkin is a great festive name especially since its near thanksgiving.)
Nov 11, 2006 PumpkinPie
Why is it so cute when dogs curl themselves into a little ball? I can't stand to look at that picture of Pumpkin. It makes me want to grab thru the computer screen and take a little bite out of her. Of course there is the pic of her laying on her back stretching that is super-adorable. You are so lucky to have this tiny ball of adorableness. It's not fair.
Nov 11, 2006 Samantha Gee I-m a puppy Lova!
So CuTe LoVe HeR So MuCh!
I ToTaLlY wAnT tHaT dOg!
Nov 11, 2006 anon
how cute is she!? I just love those pics with her big brother. What a sweetie he is.
Nov 11, 2006 Nonni
I have the CUTEST granddogs!!!
Nov 11, 2006 sugarbaby110
just wanted to add that i really love the picture when pumpkin and her brother are barking at each other. they are both adorable! one is a great big brother and one is a tiny sweety.
hugs and kisses to them both!
Nov 11, 2006 PippiMom
She's just as sweet as she can be! I have a Smooth Fox Terrier. Aren't terriers the best? All personality!
Nov 11, 2006 Jenn
how cute! I raise rat terriers, never heard of them being called toys though, are you sure shes not a mini rat terrier, or a toy fox terrier?

Either way shes adorable the pic of her growling at the big dog is awesome
Nov 11, 2006 catherine
A really bad day just melted away...these are the best pics ever, especially these two awesome dogs roaring at each other. Priceless, just priceless.
Nov 11, 2006 robbiewp
Beyond Precious!!! What a beautiful little girl!
Nov 11, 2006 yummi600
what a serious little face too adorable for words
Nov 11, 2006 yujismom
love the tummy shot and the teeth shot...good photos, great subject
Nov 11, 2006 Jude
aww look at them i just wanna dunk her in my juice so CUTE CUTIEEEE
Nov 11, 2006 Danielle Bugs Mom
I love the pic of them snarling at eachother! They're both made of awesome!
Nov 11, 2006 DogMom
Cute cute cute puppy. I love the pic of her laying on her back, not a care in the world! I love the last pic w/ her big bro. They are both precious!!!!
Nov 11, 2006 Cass
It's a dogs life. This little puppy is living large! Very very cute.
Nov 11, 2006 Terry C
I'm a little dog person, and I think she is the cutest little thing!
Nov 11, 2006 Terry C
Is the other doggie a Rat Terrier as well?

He's a good looking little dog, too.
Nov 11, 2006 Chip
One of those "So ugly it's cute!" type of dogs.
Nov 11, 2006 Susan in GA, USA
Cute puppy with a very bad attitude. Does he think his brother is a 18lb. rat that needs killed?
Nov 11, 2006 Kristen
Oh my gosh!! I love the picture with all the fangs out! That is soooo cute!!
Nov 11, 2006 StellaismyLady and MiloismyMan
breathtaking! what a darling, i think it's so funny that there's such a big feisty personality tucked into that teeny little package. enjoy her!
Nov 11, 2006 Evelyn Stevenson
This is my kind of gal: Little, but lots of attitude! I rescued a rat terrier (Sadie) once and she was so full of energy and so very smart. You'll be able to teach her more tricks than you can imagine. Good Luck. Evelyn
Nov 11, 2006 Always 11 biscuits!
Pumpkin deserves 11 biscuits!
Nov 11, 2006 gina
how cute!!!!!!!!!! love the pic with the teeth showing. what a doll.
Nov 11, 2006 ame4cat
You are the most precious baby little pumpkin!!!
Nov 11, 2006 Julia
Use instant messaging services to talk, people. Otherwise, it confuses the heck out of people! :)

To the family of this little pooch:

I think you will find that attitude is inversely related to the size of the dog. The smaller the dog, the more bada$$ the attitude. This held true with my dogs. My little poofy girl ruled the house, while my huge boy submitted to her rule of law with alacrity. Similarly, in my neighborhood, the sassiest dogs around are two teeny daschunds. The big dogs are all pretty chill. Interesting trend that I happen to find utterly hilarious.

Also, the photo of the pup lying nestled into her big "brother's" belly made me squeal at a pitch inaudible to humans. Goodness.
Nov 11, 2006 japanese spitz luver
"i love you julia"????
Nov 11, 2006 daf
i meant to say comment julia!!!!!!!!!
Nov 11, 2006 daf
Nov 11, 2006 japanese spitz luver
"i love your comment julia"?

Nov 11, 2006 laurie
how sweet the pic of the two if them is nice love them lots
Nov 11, 2006 Jamie
This is the dogs mommy! To answer questions, her big brother is a rat terrier/pomeranian mix. And yes, he completely submits to her. He won't accept a treat until i give hers to her first! They're both great and so different. Thanks for all the good comments.
Nov 11, 2006 Animefreak
Awwwww! Very cute!
Nov 11, 2006 Lucy-s Colleen
Very cute. They look like they love each other so much. Love her coloring.
Nov 11, 2006 Debra
One of the cutest puppy I've seen, Pumpkin is truely presious. I just love the shot of Pumpkin & Amlet playing lion!!
Nov 11, 2006 The Terrier Terrors
Jamie, your little Pumpkin is an adorable little pumpkin! Since you already have a terror, erm, I mean, terrier, you know that terriers CAN be terrors. Enjoy her :-) BTW, we LOVE the pic of him and her showing teeth to each other!
Nov 11, 2006 cassie
Dang!! Too much cuteness! I love dogs with attitude! They make life so much more interesting!
Nov 11, 2006 japanese spitz luver
im glad that no one is mad at me for haveing a chat with daf,hes really my friend david,from school.sorry
any way hes really cute,hmmm....
9 treats for him,i say.
Nov 11, 2006 BRITTANY
Nov 11, 2006 japanese spitz luver
oh!now i see!no duh david liked him,he looks like a chihuahua!david LOVES chihuahuas!
Nov 11, 2006 Chihuahualuver
Japanese Spitz Luver is right, she looks exactly like a Chihuahua. As a matter of a fact, I am a complete Chihuahua LOVER!!! Give Pumpkin my LOVE!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!
Nov 11, 2006 Winnie, and Brie-s Mommie!
She looks much tougher than a Chi! She is a real cutie, nothing "appleheaded", about her, she is all rattie! Even tho Amlet is part Pom, he still looks mostly Rat! Love them both, as I do all the ratties, including my two!
Nov 11, 2006 Lucy-s Dad from RT
I think tht Pumpkin and Amlet are BOTH totally adorable!
Nov 11, 2006 Abby-s Mom from RT
OMG!! This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Every picture made me smile if not laugh out loud!! Kiss both those babies for me!!
Nov 11, 2006 Milk Chocolate Nuggets
Pumpernickle is SOOOOOO cute~~~
Nov 11, 2006 Sassie-s Mom for RT...
How adorable is this family....I just love the pics...
Nov 11, 2006 me
wanted to add to russ, that he is pathetic and doesnt know what a cute dog looks like. pumpkin is adorable and your face probably isnt
Nov 11, 2006 Mollie
I had a rat terrier puppy who looked identical to yours! His name was rocky, he was so tiny and cute and funny! Hope you receive the love and devotion from your puppy as I did!
Nov 11, 2006 Brandy
pumpkin is absolutely adorable...but then again aren't all ratties!!! She's lucky to have such a great mommy and brother!!
Nov 11, 2006 Krysia
Pumpkin is just your typical annoying little sis! They're really cute together, though. ;)
Nov 12, 2006 Oaktown Girl
What a wonderful pair these two are together! The snarling playful pic is the best!!! What a great photograph!
Nov 12, 2006 Bob-s Mom from
Pumpkin is a cutie patootie and Amlet is a great big brother!
Nov 12, 2006 Lin
I have to stop here for today because I have already had the cute allotment for my weekend!!
Pumpkin! You are a little Pumpking! What a sweet and feisty girl. I'm glad you are with us and you should get 11 biscuits (very small biscuits, that fit your wittle mug) CUUUUUTTTTIIIIEEEE :)
Nov 12, 2006 Ronin-s mommy
Awww, I love the picture of them growling at each other. Hopefully they were playing...
Nov 12, 2006 Chris Frost
OMG how adorable
i love the pic of Pumpkin and her brother barking at eachother, how cute
Nov 12, 2006 Chance-s mom Bonnie
Omg she is sooooo cute. I love the teeth showing pic lol....I love the name also, what a unique name. Give her huggs and kisses for me pleez.....
Nov 12, 2006 revclaire
that made my day
great pics
shes a doll
they make a nice pair of siblings
god bless you all
Nov 13, 2006 jenniferlea
Adorable! I have a rat terrier as well...they have the best personalities...a great mix of attitude and sweetness. Congrats!
Nov 13, 2006 TikaLayne
absolutely too cute for words...she reminds me of my 1st Rattie...I miss my sweet girl.
Nov 13, 2006 hilary
Nov 13, 2006 Bunnied816
OMG!!! I can't stand it!! Absolute cuteness overload!! I just love the little ones like Pumpkin - and Julia's totally right, too! The smaller the dog, the bigger the 'tude! Every pic is magnificent: I love that tiny curled up napper; snuggled into Amlet's belly is just heartwarming; the growly standoff is hilarious, but; PUPPYBELLY!!! I can't resist puppy bellies...11 biscuits for sure!
Nov 13, 2006 ilovedogs
Pumpkin is just a cute name!!!!!! She is sooooooooo adorable!!!!!! Love the teeth pics with her and her brother!!!!!! She has a cute puppy belly!!!!!!! I just want to give her a great scratch!!!!! I love the photo of her next to her brother it is sooooooooo fabulous!!!!
Nov 13, 2006 francine
That is the cutest dog I've ever seen. Pumpkin is so cute, I am compelled to comment for the first time at this site. Why not the full allotment of cuteness biscuits?
Nov 14, 2006 Scott
So cute. All pics are great Love the pic of the two playing and showing their teeth, And Russ needs to keep his opinion to his self or not give one at all.
She must be the cutest puppy ever. i love you pumpkin! Can i have him? LOL=)
Nov 15, 2006 Ali
The photos are just amazing! Especially the ones with the mother dog in them. Can i please have the origial photos of those that has mother and puppy dogs in? my email is:
Thank you so much!!!
Nov 15, 2006 GoPups
!!!!!!!!!!!!!Russ,if u go on this site to call other peoples dogs ugly,then BUG OFF!!!!!!!!!
Nov 15, 2006 Redhead10
I love her and her brother's pictures! super cute and awesome
Nov 18, 2006 taelar
so...when...and...ah...i cant say any thing because your so cute! and that is awesome!
Nov 21, 2006 Grace * I love doggies!!!
I LOVE rat terriers!!!! I have one for my self, her name is Lucy.
Nov 21, 2006 suzy
omg sooo cute i love the one with her and her brother growling at each other
Nov 22, 2006 pumkin luva!
oh my gosh!she is sooooooooooo cute!i cant believe how cute that dog is!i love looking at puppies on the internet lol!that puppy is the cutest thing!
Nov 22, 2006 pumkin luva!
i just have 2 say 1 more comment about that adorable puppy!im in love with puppies!especially that one!
Nov 22, 2006 pumkin luva!
uhhhhhhh!i just have to keep making comments!i luv the 1 with them growling at eachother!that was soooooooooooooo cute!

(p.s. y r ur dogs so cute?)
Nov 22, 2006 pumkin luva!
suzy i saw the picture of ur dog. real cute!
Dec 5, 2006 Sara
where did you buy her at?
Jul 16, 2007 superbunny
so cute and the pic of the mom and the baby growling is my fav.
Jul 16, 2007 superbunny
so cute and the pic of the mom and the baby growling is my fav.
Oct 10, 2008 eprotzma
they look like the cutest duo of puppies! they must have so much fun together!
Jan 12, 2009 Michelle Chalupa
wow this is the cutest thing i have ever seen
Jan 18, 2009 georgia04
What a darling pair. It was hard for me to choose a favorites from along these pictures, they are all good! Give these cuties cuddles and kisses for me.
Apr 21, 2009 twotoyfoxterriers
Very cute. Reminds me of our Toy Fox Terriers! Coloring and all...
Sep 10, 2009 Ginnysmama
I love pumpkin she is the same color as my Ginger, Ginger is now 22 months old an she is such a mamas girl, our daughter got a yellow lab this past christmas and they are the best of freinds
Nov 17, 2009 TriciE8
they are too cute!!
Mar 27, 2011 twotoyfoxterriers
Hey there cousin! Lots of love.
Apr 21, 2011 iluvdawgs
You can tell they're related! Look at those ears!
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