Reagan the English Springer Spaniel

Puppy Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Hi, my name is Reagan! I'm the highlight of the 12th anniversary trip my parents took to San Diego this summer. Mom says she fell in love with me at first sight. Daddy's hoping I will be a good hunting dog some day! I love my three-year old big brother, Cody who is a Mastador. I had a tough time sleeping until I was allowed to bunk with Cody and then it was smooth sailing. He's been showing me the ropes in our big back yard. I love to run, explore, wrestle with Cody, help Mom with the gardening, chase flies and play, play, play! When you have a great imagination like I do, everything's a toy! I can be very dramatic (I do a great sigh and flop in the grass). Mom thinks I'm a genius and who am I to contradict her? I'm picking up the fetching game (good training for hunting trips with Dad) and I know that to get a treat, I need to sit like Cody does. He makes it all look so easy! I love the sprinklers and getting wet, but baths make me howl. The best part is snuggling with Mom and Dad afterwards. Home, sweet home!