Remi Bella the Italian Greyhound

Puppy Breed: Italian Greyhound

Remi's mom says: Remi Bella was my first puppy. She has brought such joy to my life that I wonder why I waited fifty years to start a family. She arrived in March 2007 when she was twelve weeks old and never once cried, barked or growled. She loves to lie in her bed in a sunny window and cuddle with Mommy in "our" bed. Remi is a great communicator...she points, taps, and leads to me the things she wants or needs. Because she's an Italian Greyhound, she has transformed our home into a race track. It's amazing to watch Remi Bella and her baby sister, Chloe, fly like bullets from room to room, using the bed, toy chest, and chair arms as hurdles. She may look delicate, but her athletic abilities, agility, and flexibility are incredible!